Everybody Loves A MILF

"Everybody Loves A MILF"

By The Rated-R Superstar

Starring Patricia Heaton

Codes:MF, oral, cons, slut

Disclaimer:The follow story is a work of fiction. None of this ever really happened. If it offends you, then LEAVE THIS SITE. This story is in NO WAY a true indication of the sex lives of those mentioned. It is only fantasy. Also if your under 18, then leave now, this is an adult story. For the rest of us, hope you enjoy.

It was a normal day on the set of Everybody Loves Raymond. The cast was getting ready to do a scene in the bedroom. Patricia already had on her nightgown. She was sitting on the bed while they were going through some last-minute details before shooting the scene. Then, for some reason, they all walked away, leaving her by herself, on the bed. A few minutes later, a stagehand walks by the set.

"Hey, you", she yells to the stagehand.

"Who, me", he asks.

"Yes, you" she replies, "come over here".

"Alright, Mrs. Heaton", he says as he walks over.

"Call me Patricia", she tells him.

"Alright, Patricia", he responds. And so, he sits down on the bed next to her.

"So, what's your name", she asks him.

"Rob", he answers.

"Well, Rob, I have a feeling that I'll be able to remember that name", she says, "because I think you've already robbed me of my heart." He gives a weak smile in response.

"So, do you like females", she asks him.

"Um, yes I do, Patricia", he tells her.

"Do you prefer younger girls or older women", she asks him.

"Well, sometimes the younger girls get my blood pumping", he starts, "and, sometimes the older women really know their way around. So, it depends on the situation and my mood".

"Well, I think it's about time I gets the odd in favor of the older women", she tells him. And so, she starts to gently kiss him on the lips.

"In fact, maybe I can teach you some things about making love to women", she tells him. So, she kisses him some more.

"Do you know how to french kiss", she asks him.

"Um, no I don't", he tells her.

"Well, would you like to learn how", she asks him.

"Um.....sure, why not", he replies.

"Alright, well, all you do is that when you're kissing someone", she begins, "you gently place your tongue inside the other person's mouth. Then, you use your tongue to "explore" the other person's mouth. Also, you let them place their tongue in your mouth. When they do that, you suck on their tongue. Here, let's see if you can do it" So, she moves in to kiss him again. During that, he proceeds to french kiss her by placing his tongue inside her mouth and "exploring" it. She closes her eyes and enjoys the sensation. She proceeds to suck on his tongue. Then, she french kisses him back. He proceeds to suck on her tongue. They continue this for a few minutes. After a while, they stop.

"Well, I must say, you're a fast learner", she says, "I've never had anyone french kiss me like that before."

"Well, I'm eager to learn new things", he tells her.

"Well, you're going to be learning a LOT of new things today", she tells him, "in fact, I haven't had any sex or foreplay for a while. So, I guess you're going to be my sexual tension outlet for today". Then, she gets up while he's still sitting on the bed. She stands in front of him. Then, she leans down to unbutton his pants.

"Wha...What are you doing", he asks.

"Don't worry about it. Just relax", she tells him, I know what I'm doing". Then, she proceeds to unzip his pants. Next, she slides his pants off. Then, she kneels in front of him.

"I'm going to give you an experience that you'll NEVER forget", she tells him. Then, she slides down his underwear, exposing a large cock.

"Well, well, I'm in for a VERY.....VERY good time", she says. And so, she starts licking his cock. Then, she begins by placing the head of his cock in her mouth. Then, she begins to give him a blowjob. During this, he moans quite loudly.

"Oh, Patricia.....mmmmmmmm.......yeah, just like that", he says. Then, he starts running his fingers through her head of red hair.

"Oh.....damn, Patricia.....you give the best head.....ever", he says. Then, she takes his cock out of her mouth, only to lick and suck on his balls.

"Mmmmmmm......you must really love balls", he says.

"Balls are my favorite", she says. And so, she goes back to sucking his cock. After a while, she can sense that he's going to cum soon, so she starts milking his balls. After a while he tells her, "Patricia, I'm gonna cum", and she deepthroats his cock. He shoots a hot load into her mouth, spraying it against the back of her mouth, it dripping down her throat.

"Mmmmmm.....there's nothing like tasting some hot, young cum in my mouth", she says, "There's aso nothing like tasting a young cock in my mouth. Now, I'm going to teach you how to eat out a woman. After you're done, you'll have every women begging for you." So, she gets on the bed. Then, she lays down, pulling her nightgown up, revealing her pussy opening. She has a very neatly trimmed bush.

"Alright so, what you do is you stick out your tongue. You use it to explore me", she says, "Aside from doing that, you can also use your tongue to play with my clit while you're using your finger to fingerfuck me. If you want, you can suck on my clit. Trust me when I say that if you can do all this the right way, you'll NEVER have to worry about attracting a woman ever again". So, he lays on his stomach and proceeds to eat her out. During this, she starts moaning loudly.

"Oh.....Rob, you know just what to do", she says. While's he's eating her out, she grabs his hands and has him grab her breasts. After a while, she orgasms, squirting her juices into his mouth. As this happens, she has him squeeze her breasts. Then, she motions for him to get on top of her. He sits on her stomach.

"I want to feel you between my tits", she says, "I want to feel you sliding between my tits." So, he lays his cock inbetween her breasts. She squeezes her breasts against his dick while keeping it between her breasts. Then, he starts sliding back & forth on her, sliding his cock between her breasts.

"Rob, I want you to cum on me", she tells him, "I want you to shot your load all over my face." So, she continues to titfuck him. After a few minutes, he orgasms, ejaculating cum onto her face. She uses her hand and wipes the cum off her face, licking the cum off her hands.

"Rob, I must say, you taste good", she says, "now, I want you to put that big dick in me and fuck me good". So, he moves to inbetween her legs. Then, she removes the nightgown, exposing her nude body.

"I want you to masturbate, so that you're good & hard when you fuck my pussy", she tells him. So, he starts masturbating. Once she sees that he's hard, she opens the mouth of her pussy.

"OK, Rob, now, I want you to pump me really good", she tells him, "Fuck my pussy nice & hard." And so, he proceeds to slide his cock head into her. At first, she winces a little in pain. Then, he slides the rest of his cock into her. Then, he slowly starts pumping her pussy with his cock. She starts moaning in pleasure. Then, he proceeds to pump her old, mature pussy faster. She begins to moan more & louder. During this, he grabs & gropes her breasts. He licks her breasts and sucks on her nipples. As a result, she moans even more. Then, he proceeds to french kiss her. She french kisses him back. They french kiss for some time while they're fucking. While they're french kissing, he gropes her breasts, grabbing her nipples. After a few minutes, they both orgasm at the same time. Then, they switch positions, with him laying on the bed. She gently & slowly lowers herself onto his cock. They proceed to fuck some more. During this, he sits up and they french kiss some more, with him groping her breasts and grapping her nipples. Then, while he's grabbing her breasts, he licks her breasts, sucking on her nipples. He goes back to lying down. Then, she bends over to french kiss him some more. While they're french kissing, he lifts her ass up some and proceeds to fast fuck her. When they aren't kissing, she's moaning loudly in pleasure. After a short time, they both orgasm again. Then, she gets off his dick.

"Rob, I want you to ride me from behind", she tells him. So, he gets behind her. Then, she reaches behind her and grabs a hold of his cock and starts to stroke him some.

"I want to get one last feel off you before you ride me", she says. Then, she positions his cock so that it slides right into her. Then, she grabs his hands and places them on her breasts. She has his hands squeeze her breasts.

"Now, fuck me. Ride me hard. I want to feel your dick inside me", she tells him. So then, he starts fucking her from behind. During this, he squeezes her breasts, pinching her nipples. When he pinches her nipples, he can feel her pussy getting wetter. He proceeds to fast fuck her from behind. As he does, she moans often & loudly. During this, she turns her head to the side and they french kiss. After a few minutes, they both orgasm once again. Then, he removes his cock from her and shen turns around. Then, she lays down on her stomach, laying on her breasts, and starts to jacking him off. She strokes him fast and, after a few minutes, she opens her mouth and he shoots a load into her mouth. Then, he lays down and she gets on top of him. She positions her pussy on top of him and positions her head above his cock. She slowly descends, putting his face into her pussy. He proceeds to eat her out. Then, she starts giving him a blowjob. After only a few minutes, she deepthroats him, him spraying cum inside her mouth. A short time afterwards, she orgasms, squirting her juices into his mouth. They continue to do this for some time. They both cum into each other's mouth a few times. Then, she starts to suck him off again. Meanwhile, he proceeds to fingerfuck her pussy. He also proceeds to fingerfuck her ass. She moans while she's sucking him off. When she senses that he's getting close to orgasm, she starts milking his balls. Then, she deepthroats his cock, his shooting another hot load into her mouth, the cum sliding down her throat. During this, she cums a few times on his hand. Then, she grabs his hand, sucking her own juices off his hand. Then, she gets off him. He goes to sit on the edge of the bed. She gets off the bed and kneels on the carpet. She proceeds to suck him off again. While she's doing that, she proceeds to milk his balls. As a result, he cums in her mouth a few times. Then, she has him stand up and turn around. She proceeds to tongue his asshole while jacking him off with her right hand. He places his hand over hers and jacks him off faster. After a while, she stops jacking him off. Then, she tops tonguing his asshole. She places her middle finger inside his asshole and then comments, "Oh my, I think it's time for someone to cum again", and so, she proceeds to suck him off again, while milking his balls. After only a few minutes, he cums in her mouth, shooting his hot load down her throat. She continues sucking him off, with him cumming in her mouth a few times. During this, he can feel his cock throbbing in her mouth. Then, she gets up and places her breasts near his mouth. He starts to suck on one breast while groping the other. Then, he switches breasts. Then, they get back on the bed and fuck some more, first with him on top, groping and sucking her breasts, then french kissing while he's groping her breasts, then with her on top, him sucking her breasts, then them french kissing while he gropes her breasts. Once again, she bends down while kissing him. He raises her ass up and bit and fast fucks her. They both end up cumming a few times.

"My, Rob, I've never had love like this with ANYONE before", she says, "maybe I ought to leave my husband and marry you".

"Well, Patricia, I definitely wouldn't mind it", he replies, "I'd be willing to fuck you any day you want, any time you want, just as long as you give that great head and keep your breasts good & perky".

"Well, Rob, I'm glad you like how my breasts look", she says. And so, he goes and sucks her breasts some more. She moans a little in pleasure.

"Alright, well, before we end this for now, I'm going to give you two going-away gifts", she tols him.

"Um.....sure, Patricia", he responds. First, she leaves the set, goes to her dressing room, picks up the bra and panties she wore today, and returns to the set.

"The first is this", she says, as she hands him the bra and panties she wore today. The panties still have the scent from her pussy.

"Thanks, Patricia", he says. Then, she kneels down in front of him.

"And, here's the second", she says, as she proceeds to suck him off. While doing so, she milks his balls, causing him to cum in her mouth a few times. While that's happening, he leans down and gropes and caresses her breasts. After a while, he cums in her mouth again and again and again. Then, she stands up. She walks over to where she dropped her nightgown and puts it back on. Then, he leaves for a few minutes and comes back.

"Patricia, I have a gift for you", he tells her and shows her a pair of underwear.

"I masturbated to the thought of you earlier today and came in my underwear. I thought I'd give them to you as a present. Whenever you feel like masturbating, all you have to do is smell them and you'll smell my cum, which should help you get off easier".

"Why, thank you, Rob. That's very thoughtful of you", she says, "well, I definitely know I'll be using these quite often. In fact, when I get a sexual urge, I'll lick these, to get the taste of your juices in my mouth. Then, I'll smell the cum to get me really horny and wet. After that, I'll masturbate with them, imagining that I'm having sex with you."

"And, whenever I start having sexual thoughts about you, Patricia", he starts, "I'll smell the pussy juice on your panties to get me hard, then I'll jack off with the panties and bra, pretending that I'm having sex with you."

"In fact, Rob", she starts, "you can give me your number and every so often, we can have phone sex, while we're using each other's underwear to get us off."

"That sound fine with me, Patricia", he says. So, they both finish getting dressed. That's when the crew comes back. They seem to have worked everything out.

"Alright, everyone, places", the director says, "let's try not to screw this up too much". And so, everyone takes their places. Then, the director sits down in his chair.

"Is everyone ready", he asks. Eveyone says yes in response.

"Alright then. Lights.....camera.....aaaaaaaannnnnnnnddddd...ACTION!"


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