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Eva Herman (Eva Herrmann, born 9 November 1958 in Emden, Germany as Eva Feldker) is a German TV host and author. She worked as an anchorwoman on the nationwide Tagesschau program from 1989 to 2006 and also presented various other TV shows for Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) until September 2007.

She is active in charities against breast cancer.

She has published two books about her concept of male/female roles and family policy.Feminists heavily criticised her books as backwards-looking and overly conservative. In the public debate that followed, Eva Herman gave a public comment in a press conference where she stated that the esteem for motherhood had been abolished by the 68 movement along many values after they were abused by the Nazis. She explicitly distanced herself from every praise for the Nazis, but criticised the 68er's iconoclastic attempt to redefine values and traditions. On grounds of this statement she was subsequently accused of promoting Nazi ideals.

In October 2007 she was invited to the German Talkshow "Johannes B. Kerner" to be interviewed about the controversy caused by her books. When the presenter brought up the controversial Nazi statement and urged her to apologise, she maintained that she could not possibly apologise for something she had never actually said or even meant. She was asked to leave the show when other guests chastised her statements as unbearable and questioned Mrs Herman's authority as a critic of the 68 movement. This led to a media outrage and to a polarised debate about political correctness and freedom of opinions. The show (which was aired only some time after recording, uncut) and the presenting-style was comparedto a witch-hunt and described as a "media execution" by some who believe Mrs Herman was deliberately misunderstood by the moderator who pressed for the effect. Others voiced support for the moderator and pointed out that someone as experienced with the media as Eva Herman could and should have made his position and opinions more clear, without Nazi undertones.

Her employer, the North-German Broadcasting Station NDR, laid her off afterwards; the programming director of the NDR, Volker Herres, commented: "Mrs Herman is free to continue her Mutterkreuzzug (neologism from Kreuzzug, crusade, and Mutterkreuz, a Nazi medal for women with four children or more), but this is no longer conformable with the role of a NDR TV anchorwoman."

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