The Domynation of Chyna

The Domynation of Chyna By High-Heeled Jill & Spring-Heeled Jack -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *** Warning: This story is for the entertainment of adults. It contains detailed descriptions of Female Domination, Blackmail/Non-Consensual sex, Humiliation, Watersports, and Bestiality. If you don't think you would enjoy that, then don't read it. *** *** This story features the Characters of Chyna, Linda McMahon, and Debra McMichael, and takes place during the Spring of 2001. It is not intended to portray the people that play those characters or their attitudes or sexual habits. *** The story thus far . . . It is 15 months after Chyna and her then lover Miss Kitty were kidnapped by the four WCW girls. After Chyna's escape she exacted her revenge on her captors, humiliating and violating all of them far beyind what she had been forced to endure, before destroying all the photographic evidence of her own ordeal. Or so she thought . . . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 1 - Blackmail Please, Sit down Chyna. The Ninth Wonder of the World stood just inside the doorway of Linda McMahons temporary office at Madison Square Garden where RAW was due to be broadcast later that day. The world famous Diva and Playboy model was wearing a leather coat over plain jeans and a low-cut crop top that left her breasts virtually exposed. She crossed the room and lowered herself into the heavy wooden chair, twisting her hips slightly on the soft cushion as she raised one leg to cross the other, and stared at the woman opposite her with some concern. Linda McMahons stern face seemed even more stony than usual, with her lips pursed in an expression of disapproval. Chyna suspected that this sudden summons so early in the day was not going to be a meeting that she would enjoy. She was in the middle of negotiating a new contract with the World Wrestling Federation but between Vinces acquisition of WCW and the hostility of Stephanie McMahon to her husbands ex-girlfriend, talks had not been going well. Chyna, as you know weve recently purchased WCW and as Im sure all of you in the back must have realized, the wrestlers and performers from that failed company are very eager to transfer their contracts and continue their career in the WWF. Chyna gazed back at Lindas unreadable poker face, famous around the world for her wooden performances on the few occasions that she appeared on WWF programming. She had suspected that Linda would try to use the WCW talent as a threat. As though any one of them could replace her! After all that Chyna had done for the WWF there was no way she was going to take the paycut they were demanding from her. It was not as though she didnt have other options. Playboy were offering her over a million dollars to do another spread for them; an offer that the WWF were blocking with the veto power they held in her contract. She didnt need to think hard to realize which jealous and insecure Billion Dollar Princess was responsible for that decision! Just as she knew full well who had been responsible for pulling her off TV once the phenomenal sales figures for the issue came through; and for keeping her off while her book was published; and for moving her to the Womens division, where she so far outclassed her opponents that it wasnt even funny. Stephanie had being trying to sabotage her career for the last six months, and it was going to take a remarkable offer to convince her to stay in the current circumstances. No, shed already decided that the time had come for her to move on. There was nothing left for her to do in the WWF. She would do another Playboy which ought to see her financially secure, especially as the WWF wouldnt be getting a cut from it this time, and then perhaps acting, or she might take up the generous offer shed had from Inokis New Japan promotion. For the last few weeks Ive been interviewing all of the women from WCW to decide which ones we will want to keep and which ones to drop. Now as I said, they were all very eager to work here, but one in particular seemed absolutely determined to make amends for . . . previous difficulties that we may have had. She could only be referring to Madusa. Chyna suddenly had an unpleasant sense of foreboding. She was so determined in fact that she told me a little story about you. A little story that I found very difficult to believe. Ive heard a few rumors about your, shall we say, unusual proclivities in the past but this went far beyond anything I could ever conceive of. Knowing this woman as I do and knowing how spiteful and vindictive she is, I might have dismissed the whole thing an outrageous lie if she hadnt had proof. Chyna opened her mouth to deny any and everything that might have been said, but before she could utter a word Linda pushed a photograph across the desk. With one look at it Chynas mouth dried and her heart felt like a lump of lead in her chest. She looked up into Lindas cool blue eyes in horrified disbelief. There, on Lindas desk, was a picture of Chyna on her knees being mounted by a huge black dog! Linda placed another photo next to the first, this one from a low angle and clearly showing the hounds massive prick penetrating Chynas distinctively tattooed pussy. And then a third photo, this one of Chynas cum-splattered face stretched around a giant dog-dick. A little over a year earlier Chyna and her then-girlfriend Miss Kitty had been kidnapped by four of WCWs divas and subjected to every form of rape and sexual humiliation that those twisted women had been able to imagine. Chyna had eventually escaped and turned the tables on her captors, subjecting them to every perversion they had inflicted upon her and much, much more, but not before she had been raped by dildos, fists, baseball bats, dogs, and even horses! The WCW Girls had photographed everything, but Chyna had not just deleted but destroyed all of the camera memory cards. Could she have missed one, or had it been hidden by Madusa for some reason before Chyna had escaped? However these pictures had eluded Chynas elimination of the evidence didnt matter so much as the fact that they very clearly had. If they ever came out Chynas reputation would be ruined beyond any possibility of repair or rebuilding. There simply would not be a single publisher or producer or promoter that would ever consider her for any kind of work once the public saw her getting fucked by an animal. With those pictures Linda McMahon held Chynas entire future and career in her hands. Needless to say, I think that this changes things a bit. Wouldnt you agree? What do you want? Chyna asked hoarsely. Linda pressed the intercom and said, Come in now. Chyna turned as the side door opened and the WWFs Commissioner entered the office. Debra McMichael was a slender woman who may have been forty or more, but could almost pass for as little as thirty when she smiled, as she was at that moment. Her long platinum blonde hair was pulled back into a high ponytail and her navy blue business suit was cut in such a way as to emphasize her ample cleavage. She pulled a chair to the side of Lindas desk and sat down. She crossed her legs slowly, her usual micro-length skirt giving Chyna a good view of her lacy red panties. Debras been looking into the situation, to determine how much risk we, the WWF, would be taking if we opt to cover up for you. Linda spoke in her acting voice, which was marginally less monotonous than normal, On the basis of her assessment, we will then have to decide what sort of deduction would be required to make it financially worthwhile to accept that risk. Because if it came out while you were an employee of this organization, the scandal would hurt our entire business. Debra picked up one of the pictures in her long-fingered hand. These pictures are potentially dynamite. Its going to take quite a while to work out all the potential, ah, ramifications of any revelation that the WWFs most famous Diva a dog-fucking slut! Chyna was fuming but she could tell by the twinkle in Lindas eye, which normally were as expressionless as the rest of her, that there was still more to come. We give you a job, a home, we give you money and fame, we make you a star, we allow you to cavort naked in the pages of Playboy, and this The Commissioner brandished the photo in front of Chyna, is how you repay us! Hearing that from Debra, who was no more than a past her prime Diva who had fucked and sucked her way to the top, was tough for the proud amazon to take. This sort of wanton behavior is clearly unacceptable. Linda intoned, As one of our most famous and recognizable superstars we believe that Chyna is still an asset worth keeping, but were going to have to insist on some sort of penalty for the potential damage you might cause us. It could be that it would be better for us to fire you with immediate effect and publish the pictures ourselves, proving that this sort of thing will not be tolerated by the WWF, and with a straight face she added, which as you know, is known for being clean and wholesome family entertainment. So it was to be blackmail. Accept their offer or they publish. Obviously I think that youll want to instruct your agent to agree to the terms that we will be presenting in your new contract shortly. Debra said with a smirk, Im afraid they wont be quite as generous as our original offer, but Im sure that you understand. Debra stood up and walked slowly around to perch on the edge of Lindas desk just in front of Chyna. But in the meantime, perhaps youd like to try appealing to our better natures? the Texan blonde said as she began hiking her tiny skirt up. Chyna stifled the stirrings of alarm as she realized that they didnt just intend to use the photos to screw her over financially. Debras smooth milky white thighs were as slender as the rest of her slim yet surprisingly fit body and Chynas eyes followed the hemline of the pinstripe skirt as the WWF Commissioners pussy came into view. Debra slid her damp panties down her long legs and kicked them to one side. Im sure you wish to explore every possible angle to convince us of just how much you are worth. Debra said as she spread her legs wider, exposing every detail of her part shaven pussy. The amazon was fuming with rage. Her first instinct was to crush these two women like the insects that they were and force them to submit to her superiority, but she could not afford to do that. She couldnt take the risk of those pictures reaching the public. With obvious reluctance Chyna slid from the chair onto her knees in front of her blackmailers exposed crotch. Her pubic hair was dyed the same platinum blonde as her hair and shaven into a neat v just above her prominent clit. Her pussylips were fat and fleshy, looking bloated on such a slim woman, with long-lipped labia and a large protruding clitoris. Yes Chyna, lets see what you can do to convince me. Chyna kissed Debra as high up on her exposed skin as she could before slowly drawing her tongue down her firm lower belly until she reached her pubic hair. Chyna nuzzled the neatly trimmed fur and tugged gently at it with her teeth. Debra gasped and Chyna lowered her head, very slowly and gently drawing her long, talented tongue along the crack of the older womans slightly parted pussylips from the back to the front. Aaah! Debra gave a loud gasp and shuddered. The bitch was really getting off on humiliating the most successful female superstar in wrestling history. Chyna could see her long-boned hands bunching tightly, clutching the edge of the desk so forcefully that her knuckles turned white. Chyna began to lick the outside of her cunt-lips, along the edge where her thighs began. Debra gasped once more, as much in surprise as arousal. Shed never realized before just how sensitive the skin there could be. The Ninth Wonder circled her tongue across the Commissioners inner thighs before returning to the blonde furred delta. She slipped her tongue between her pussylips and prized them apart with quick flicks from left to right. Then the amazon ran the tip of her tongue up and down the quivering slit. Linda McMahon got up from her desk and circled around it to get a good view of the action. She sat on the edge of Debras chair and gazed raptly at the sight of Chynas raven-haired head buried between Debras milky thighs. Debras juices were flowing freely, and the sweetness of the flavor surprised Chyna. The blackmailed Diva pushed her tongue deeper into her Debras cunt and pressed her lips fully against the older blondes sex. Chyna thrust her long tongue as far up into her hot vagina as she could reach and sucked deeply. OOOoooaaahhhhh!!! Debra gave a loud hollow moan. Chyna slowly withdrew her tongue and began to gently lick her delicate inner lips. Every few seconds she would stab the tip of her tongue into Debras vagina and swiftly remove it to lick again at the unfurled petals of Debras sex, all the time moving closer to the bud at the front. Debra had one of the biggest clits that Chyna had ever seen, which was saying a lot! Chyna swept the tip of her tongue along the inside of the blondes right labia until it reached the protected nub of her clitoris and swirled around it, before sweeping away along the left labia until she could thrust into Debras pussy again. The older blonde jerked as though she had received an electric shock at the first contact on her clit. Do it again! Debra demanded. Lick me out Bitch! Chyna ignored the contradiction in the orders and concentrated on Debras clitoris. She began to gently suck on it, pulling on it lightly with her lips. The nub of flesh expanded, fully emerging from beneath its hood and swelling to almost an inch in length, thicker around than Chynas thumb. The Ninth Wonder increased the suction and brought her tongue in on the action, flicking the tip of it across the tender bud. Ohhhhh... yessss! Debra watched through half-closed eyes as Chyna parted the blondes pussylips with her tongue and then used her fingers to open her wide. Her tongue flicked out and teased the hypersensitive little bud and the older womans body shuddered with pleasure. The physical sensation was multiplied by the mental satisfaction that Debra felt at having the great Chyna service her. The Ninth Wonders tongue licked deep inside Debras vaginal opening before being replaced by a long finger. Thats it Chyna, make me cum! Resentful but compliant, Chyna attacked Debras sex. She forced her thick tongue deep into her hole alongside the penetrating finger, pulling back every few seconds to bite and suck on her smooth-shaven cunt lips and her red swollen clitoris. Debra closed her eyes and gave herself over to Chynas talent. She floated on a cloud of sexual joy and ecstatic power as the Commissioner climbed toward orgasm. Unnoticed by the Commissioner, Chyna shucked off her leather coat and removed her wristwatch. The older blonde had her eyes closed as she enjoyed the pleasure that was emanating from her pussy. Debra gasped with surprise, and delight, as Chyna pushed a second finger into her hot pussy. And then another. Working digit after digit into the opening of her sex, Chyna opened the older womans fat, dripping pussy wide enough to accept her hand. As her fingers probed at the blondes syrupy depths, the discomfort gave way to wild pleasure and Debra pushed her hips forward onto the invading hand. Chyna pushed and Debra squirmed as more and more slipped with difficulty into her body, until the whole of Chynas hand was in to the wrist. Debra could not believe it, and she screamed as her first climax struck. WWOOOOOOoooaaaaAAAHHHHHH!!! Chyna continued through Debras thrashing and moaning, managing to push her entire hand into Debras fucked-out cunt while simultaneously sucking on her hypersensitive clit. Inside Debras vagina Chyna balled her hand up into a fist and began forcing it in deeper. The slut Divas pussy had never been stretched so far. The long-haired blonde screamed through multiple orgasms as Chyna fisted her, while the short-haired CEO slid her hand into her own skirt and began stroking her furry pussy. Debra slid off the edge of the desk and her body travelled further onto Chynas impaling forearm! The amazon was forced to release her liplock on the Commissioners giant clit, so she ripped open Debras blouse with her free hand and bit her nipple through the red lace of her bra. AAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!! Debra shrieked and spasmed wildly as she came like never before. Nothing in her life had prepared her for such intensity. Her husbands lovemaking was passionate and brutal but he had never made her feel like this! Chynas tongue and fist, combined with Debras own arousal from her power-trip, had the WWF Commissioner cumming like the common slut that she was! It hurts, god, stop, please noooo moreeee! More! Ohhhhh yesss! NO! YES! Harder! Feels sooo good. Fuck meeee! Thats it, fuck meeeee! Fuck me! HARDER! Chyna slammed her fist into Debras sopping cunt as the Commissioner screamed for more and more. The blonde shrieked as her pussy was stretched even wider by the bulging muscles of Chynas forearm until the amazons biceps were slamming against Debras bloated clitty. Debra squirmed and squealed as she took Chynas arm right up to the elbow! This wasnt been what she had intended, shed wanted to humiliate the Ninth Wonder of the World and yet she felt that Chyna had somehow turned their roles around halfway through. But she didnt care. This was the best multiple orgasm of her very, very experienced life. Chyna wrapped her strong arm around Debras waist and across her back, supporting her weight when her body eventually went limp so that she could continue to fist-fuck the ageing beauty. The Ninth Wonder grinned wickedly as she started fisting Debra harder and harder, biting her rigid nipples and eliciting yelps and groans from the almost unconscious Diva. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay Chyna, thats enough. Linda barked, her face flushed with excitement. Chyna pulled her arm out of Debras slick, gaping pussy with a wet popping sound and dropped her slender body carelessly onto the ground, like discarding a piece of trash. The blonde Commissioner twitched feebly and slowly slipped one hand down to cup her stretched pussylips protectively while the other stroked her tender teats. While Debra relaxed in the warm afterglow of her pleasure, Linda was hiking up the skirt of her sober business suit, exposing the golden furred delta of her sex. Now its time for you to convince me not to fire you immediately. And you just use your mouth. Dont even think of trying to stick your fist in me! Chyna moved between Lindas spread legs and placed her hands on the older womans thighs. Lindas skin was soft and dry, hot to the touch, and Chyna stroked her fingertips up and down the inside of the blondes slender legs. Linda quivered in response, shocked by the sensitivity of her skin. Then Chyna started raking her nails lightly across her inner thighs, and Linda moaned. Get on with it! She urged. Chyna lowered her head and inhaled her female fragrance. Lindas aroma was subtle, lacking the muskiness of a woman in heat but the freely flowing juices that soaked her pubic hair and the fabric of the chair gave evidence of Lindas arousal The Ninth Wonder of the World opened her mouth and licked the length of Lindas pussy. The older womans blonde curls were wet with her juices, and their flavour was sweet and as subtle as her scent. Chyna pushed her face deeper between her bosss thighs and plunged her tongue deep into the older womans pussy. Linda gasped as she was penetrated. Lindas pussylips had been stretched by bearing children, but her neglected cunt was as tight as a teenager. Vince obviously spent so much time chasing after the young, blonde Divas, PAs and other female employees that he wasnt giving his wife what she needed. Chynas tongue took on a life of its own, licking and stabbing between her thick furry lips. Driving into the pink depths of her cunt to lick at the source of her nectar. Linda was moaning and her ass squirmed on the chair as Chynas oral assault continued. And then she screamed when the tip of the amazons amazing tongue brushed her G-spot. Chyna thrust her nose between Lindas dripping labia and pushed it up to rub against Lindas clit. Lindas body twitched and spasmed as she built up toward orgasm with remarkable speed, so Chyna pulled back started licking the pale skin of her inner thighs. The CEO of the WWF lay panting and gasping as she drew back from the brink. Slowly Chyna worked her way back toward Lindas yearning pussy, lapping her thighs and nipping the skin between her teeth, until she reached the wet, golden-furred delta. Her agile tongue traced its way around the edge of the blonde curls, stimulating the sensitive nerves where the skin had been shaven to shape her pubic hair. Then Chyna set to work on Lindas clitoris. Gently she kissed the hooded fold of skin that protected it before sucking it between her lips. In stark contrast to Debras huge clitoris, Lindas clitty was tiny, the vulnerable nodule of flesh was little more than a bud. It gradually swelled as Chyna lapped at it, stimulating it with her tongue and her teeth. Chyna nibbled at her clitoris and Linda screamed in pleasure, Chynas tongue strumming her clit like a harp,. Licking, sucking, nibbling and biting at her sex, Chyna brought the mature blonde to the brink once more, and again backed off before Linda could climax. When Chyna returned to Lindas pussy she concentrated on probing her sopping pussy until Linda was about to cum and then withdrawing. Chyna alternated between pleasuring clitoris and vagina as she repeated the process of stimulation and denial again and again. And so it continued for the next ten minutes until Linda could bear it no more. The CEO grabbed her blackmailed employee by her raven-black hair and pulled her deeper into her cunt. Ohhhh, yesssssss bitch! Lick my pussy! Bitch! Slut! Whore! Ohhhhhhh, yesssssss. . . Im cumminggggg. . . CUMMINGGGGGAAAARRGGHHHHH!!! Lindas thighs clamped around Chynas head and her hips bucked wildly. Sweet girl-cum squirted over Chynas face as Linda climaxed like crazy. Once the orgasm passed Linda lay panting with her legs spread wide, weak from the power of her climax. It was the first time that Linda had ever been licked out by a woman, and Chynas skilled mouth, in combination with the circumstances of being forced to perform for her employers pleasure, had driven Linda to the best climax of her life. Now in the aftermath, Linda almost felt ashamed that shed so enjoyed abusing her power, but now she understood some of what her husband got from his affairs. Lindas guilt was passing quickly though, lasting only as long as it took her to recover. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Debra had come back to her senses in time to see Lindas orgasm. She stood at the far end of the desk gazing at Chynas sexy denim-clad butt and idly rubbing her sore nipples. She still wore her miniskirt and she had pulled her firm round breasts out of the cups of her red lacy bra. Despite the multiple orgasms that she received from Chyna the long-haired blonde was feeling quite angry toward the blackmailed Diva. Debra was supposed to be in command and yet she knew she had lost in some way. She didnt understand it, but while she was humiliating Chyna the Ninth Wonder had somehow taken control away from her. What she failed to realize was that Chyna had only taken control of the sex, not the situation, and that was because she was so talented in the giving and taking of pleasure. It was hardly Chynas fault if Debra had been unable to handle that pleasure and fainted. But even if she had understood why she felt the way she did, it wouldnt have changed her desire to pay Chyna back for the slight, and humiliate her further. Get over here Chyna! Debra commanded in her most imperious tone, her southern drawl making it sound slightly absurd. No! Dont get up. Crawl on your hands and knees! Chyna obeyed, fuming inwardly at the humiliation she felt, until Debra ordered her to stop and kneel before her. You are going to be much more malleable to the . . . needs, of the World Wrestling Federation in future, arent you Chyna? Debra said as she stroked the angry amazons lustrous black hair. Youll take whatever we decide to give you, and youll be thankful for it, wont you Chyna? The last was said in a much more insistent tone of voice that made it clear that the question wasnt rhetorical. Yes. Chyna almost growled her reply. Thats good, because I want to give you something now, and I want you to take it all! Debra hiked up her tiny skirt and straddled Chynas face. Im going to demonstrate just how worthless you are. Im going to piss in your mouth, and youre going to drink every last drop! Chyna glared up at Debra, compressing her lips and grinding her teeth as she suppressed the urge to attack and rape Debra for the indignities she was forced to suffer. But suffer she must. She could not afford the risk of those damning photos ever being published. Debra could see the disgust on the Ninth Wonders beautiful face, and it fueled her desire. Shed been a slut her whole life, playing the submissive in order to get what she wanted, and having the power to compel another person, especially a famously natural dominant like Chyna, excited her. Open your mouth Chyna! Open it wide! The Commissioner smiled smugly as she spoke, I want you to hold it open until I fill your mouth full, and then you can swallow it. You understand, Chyna? Debra exulted at the flashing anger in Chynas eyes as she parted her girl-cum smeared lips and tilted her head back. The blonde spread her fat pussylips apart with the fingers of one had and thrust her hips forward, giving Chyna an obscene view of every detail of her fucked out cunt. Debras urine came out not in a stream but a spray. Most of it landed in Chynas open mouth, but piss splattered all over the Ninth Wonder of the Worlds humiliated face as well. Chyna gagged slightly, unwittingly swallowing a little of the acrid fluid. In moments her mouth was full of the hot golden piss. The Ninth Wonder grimaced as she realized that she had no choice but swallow it. She swallowed all the piss in her mouth in one gulp, and felt nauseous as she felt the disgusting liquid enter her belly. Within seconds her mouth was full to overflowing with piss again and she was forced to swallow yet another revolting mouthful. Dyou like that Chyna? Do you like drinking my piss? Urine sluiced down her cheeks and jaw, running down her neck to wash over her breasts, soaking her crop-top and forming a river between her breasts. Debras piss was funneled by Chynas massive tits to pour down her washboard abs to her jeans where it formed a dark blue stain, expanding out from her crotch. Youre gonna be a good little girl from now on arent you Chyna? Youre gonna take whatever we give you and like it, arent you Chyna?! With her mouth full of Debras golden urine there was no way for Chyna to answer. Eventually Debras bladder was emptied, but not before Chyna had a belly full of her piss. Debra wiped the last couple of drops from her pussy with the panties shed taken off earlier and then stood back to look at the state of Chyna. Linda joined her and they both enjoyed the sight of Chynas piss-drenched body. Her face glistened with the Commissioners urine and bore an expression of absolute hatred and repugnance. Her wet top clung like a second skin, with Chynas hard nipples showing like bullets, and the way her jeans were stained made it look as though Chyna had pissed her pants. You look like a mess Chyna. Said Linda, Get those wet clothes off and tidy yourself up. Dont you have any self-respect? Debra smirked as Chyna complied. The amazon cringed slightly as she pulled the crop-top off over her head, and while the two blondes admired her perfect tits she removed her jeans and used the dry parts of the material to wipe the piss from her face and body. And the panties. Its not as though you havent shown your tattooed pussy to everyone in the world already! Said Debra. Chyna peeled off her last item of clothing and stood naked in the middle of Lindas office, with the taste of two womens pussies and Debras piss in her mouth -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And now Chyna, its your turn to get your pussy licked. Linda said with a smirk. Debra left the office through the side door while Linda ordered Chyna to sit on the edge of her desk and spread her legs apart. Debra returned moments later, but she wasnt alone. With her came a giant guard-dog! The animal was enormous, at almost five-feet tall it was the size of a pony, with the muscular lines of a mastiff and the sleek, short black fur of a doberman. The Ninth Wonder of the World didnt say anything, but her heart began beating so hard in her awesome chest that she was sure it was actually audible. A terrible sense of dread washed over her, but with it came an intense anticipation. Somehow, when Chyna was fucked by an animal she seemed to lose her finely crafted control over her own body, as though bestial cocks cut straight though her resistance to strike at the heart of her sexuality in a way that she was powerless to resist. She feared and desired what was to come. This is Samson, and hes going to be your new boyfriend! Debra declared. The huge dog wasted no time in investigating Chynas pussy, sniffing and lapping at the human womans hairless crotch. Samson buried his head between her thighs and started licking the length of her dripping slit, lapping at it over and over again. As he licked her quim, Chyna gripped tightly on the edge of the desk and struggled not to collapse from the pleasure as her thighs weakened. The beast probed deeper, nuzzling between her fleshy lips and sending his tongue into the welcoming heat of her juicy cunt. Chyna spread her legs wider involuntarily, encouraging Samson further. She wanted as much as his tongue within her as she could get. Then Samsons tongue struck Chynas G-spot and sent her off on a fabulous orgasm almost instantly! Oh God! OOOOooooooooohhhhhhh!!! The Ninth Wonder moaned loudly, unable to deny the ecstasy that wracked her body. She writhed and squirmed in unwanted pleasure as the dog licked her to a long and powerful orgasm. The massive guard-dog did not stop, licking fervently at her cunt to lap up every drop of Chynas streaming pussy-juices. The WWFs CEO and Commissioner could not believe what they were seeing. After only a couple of minutes Chyna was actually cumming on a dogs tongue like a real beast-slut! By the time Chyna came down off her first orgasm of the night the big beast sent her off on another, and then another. He made her cum four times before Debra pulled him off. The Ninth Wonder was breathing hard, her breasts heaving and shimmering under a sheen of sweat. Looks like youve got him all excited, said the Commissioner, indicating the emerging length of the hounds impressive penis. So why dont you show him that your tongue is just as talented as his! Chyna sat on her knees and reached beneath the giant guard-dog with one hand. She moved it along the animals lower belly, stroking the short fur as she approached the dogs dick. Samson immediately moved close to her, turning to the side and giving Linda and Debra and perfect view of Chynas fingers when they slipped around the emergent head. Fascinated they watched her fingers, sliding along the pointy tip of the dogs cock. As the spear-like organ began to emerge from the hairy sheath, Chyna carefully stroked it and it continued to swell. She felt a wave of anxiety fill her again as it continued to slip out of the sheath. She could not believe what she was about to do to keep her job, her reputation, and for the entertainment of these two bitches. The beasts cock swelled and fattened as she stroked it, becoming a monstrous club of rampant, scarlet dog-dick. Her heart was pounding in her chest as it became apparent how large this animal was. As soon as it was fully emerged, it began to drip a steady flow of clear liquid from the tip. As much as she wished it didnt, the sight of the beasts enormous cock was arousing Chyna intensely. The thing was massive in comparison to any human cock, but it was just about the ideal size for the Ninth Wonders tastes. It was bright red in color with a vivid network of purple veins near the base, almost 3- inches thick and about 14- or 15-inches from the sheath to the pointed tip. Chyna could already see that it was going to fill her pussy completely. She licked her lips. Her mouth was salivating with anticipation. Why couldnt she control herself? She didnt have any choice about going through with this depraved act due to Lindas blackmail, but she should not be submitting to it so easily. So enthusiastically. Her own reactions, her desires, were betraying her. Chyna crawled under the big dog and began to lick the tip of his dick. Chyna could taste the disgusting pre-cum leaking from the tip, and the flavor turned her on. The powerful scent of the dogs raging sex tool made the Ninth Wonder quiver with excitement. She wrapped her lips around the huge inhuman phallus and teased the end, moving her head back and forth a few inches at a time while holding Samsons furry thighs to prevent him fucking the full length into her throat in one go. The dogs legs trembled with his urgency, but Chyna took her time, savoring her humiliation as she swallowed dog-dick, slowly slipping further and further down the scarlet shaft. Then finally, Chyna had the entire length down her throat. The Divas nose was pressed into the fur of the animals crotch and his large furry balls hung against her chin. Samson began to hump her face like he would the pussy of his bitch. The Ninth Wonder passively allowed the animal to use her gullet for his pleasure, spurting jets of pre-cum into her mouth and throat that she allowed to leak from the corners of her mouth and dribble down her chin. Linda and Debra watched as Chyna sucked on the big dog cock stuffing her mouth. Each of them spreading their legs wider to finger their hot pussies as the scene turned them on more than they had expected. The amazon began to actively pleasure Samsons big dick. Her cheeks hollowed and hugged the shaft while she sucked it back into her mouth, and then they bulged as she twisted her head and her tongue whipped around the impaling shaft. The dog gave a little moan of excitement and began to piston his cock faster. Chyna sucked eagerly, gulping occasionally as the warm tangy pre-cum flowed into her waiting mouth. The knot at the base of the dogs cock began to swell as his climax approached. A ball of cock-meat larger than a baseball inflated before the Ninth Wonders eyes and banged against her lips with each thrust. Wet, gooey ropes of mingled saliva and sperm hung from the dogs cock, Chynas chin, and the corners of her mouth. Samsons thrusts began picking up speed, faster and faster the beast slammed his massive maleness down Chynas hot gullet. She gagged and choked continuously as the savage dog power-fucked her throat. After a few minutes dog finally climaxed and started squirting his cum into Chynas mouth and down her throat. The Ninth Wonder of the World gulped and swallowed lustily, everything forgotten in her immediate need for the dogs thin, metallic tasting spunk. She tried to drink it all, but there was just too much. The cock was erupting continuously, not giving Chyna the time she needed to swallow the torrent of sperm, and dog-cum spurted from between her lipsticked lips and the scarlet dog-dick. Chyna slipped her mouth up and down the shaft and stopped, sucked and then slipped her lips back and off the dogs cock, which popped wetly from her slimy lips. Chyna pulled back and a jet of watery looking spunk sprayed on her cheek. She opened her mouth wide to try and catch the last few spurts of Samsons climax but the beasts cock was bouncing wildly as it panted above her and the jets of thin sperm painted her face. Linda and Debra seemed to sigh in unison, as each brought herself to climax at the sight of Chyna getting her face splattered with an animals sperm. Once the dogs orgasm ended Chyna rose up to sit on her heels, suddenly acutely aware of the fact that she was naked, helpless in the power of others, with a belly packed full of piss and dog-cum and her face decorated by more dog-cum that was now dripping onto her magnificent tits. Worse, she was enjoying it. You know what we want you to do next, dont you Chyna? said Linda McMahon. Fuck your new boyfriend for us. Cried Debra, Show us what a hot little bitch you are! Chyna looked at the guard-dog and his enormous cock, struggling to control the desire within her. The black beasts tongue was lolling and his tail wagged happily. The long pointed shaft of his cock was softening slightly, but the massive knot was still fully swollen. Grasping the flaccid organ in her hand, she lowered her head to take it into her mouth once more, determined to bring it to full hardness again before fucking him. The Ninth Wonder began noisily sucking on his big, semi-erect dog-dick again, bobbing her head up and down the entire length. Her free hand came up to fondle the beasts big furry balls. She weighed them appreciatively, estimating their sperm carrying capacity and reaching a favourable conclusion. The animal's huge testicles still had plenty more cum to pump into her. Before long Chyna felt his impressive cock reach full erection once more. She pulled the dog-dick out of her mouth and got on all fours in front of her new boyfriend. The muscular amazon stuck her ass as high as she could and shimmied her hips seductively. The hound needed no further encouragement, and jumped up onto her back. OOOHHF! Chyna grunted, the wind nearly knocked out of her. The huge animal locked his forepaws around her waist and Chyna almost swooned at the erotic sensation of his short fur pressing against her naked, sweaty skin, the power of his inhuman body as he hugged her tightly. He jumped forward slightly to get a better grip on his bitch, and his shoulder butted the back of her head. The giant hounds head was suddenly next to Chynas face and she could feel the heat of his breath on her cheek. Samson was already trying to hump her, but he missed the target and his cock slid up into the cleavage of Chynas sexy ass. The Ninth Wonder of the World reached down between her legs and grabbed hold of the dogs cock to guide to the entrance of her pussy. That was all Samson needed, and with one thrust he rammed his enormous cock into her tight pussy. Chyna had to bite her lip to keep from crying out. The large dogs pointy cockhead invaded the Ninth Wonders pussy, stretching her wet cunt to the absolute limits. The dog wasted no time in claiming his bitch. Chyna groaned as the thick hot rod filled her sheath. It shoved deep, knocking against her cervix and began to hit into her deeply with fast, short pumping strokes that rocked her body and sent her huge breasts swaying beneath them. She felt an ache and then a sense of relaxation as the animal thrust into her relentlessly, her incredible vagina stretching to accommodate his awesome size. AAAAHHH! OH YES! The Ninth Wonder wailed as the pointed cockhead battered her cervix. She could hear the cock slurping in and out of her pussy. Chynas juices and Samsons pre-cum flowed freely, filling her passage and dripping down the insides of her thighs. She arched her back a little as the dog grasped at her ribs with his forepaws, scratching the sides of her tits with his claws. He hooked his head on her shoulder and licked at the side of her face between pants. The WWFs Womens Champion looked up at her employer and the WWFs Commissioner and felt her pussy spasm in response to the intense lust she saw in their eyes. Deliberately, she turned her head toward Samson and parted her lips. The dogs tongue slid into her mouth and she kissed the beast like a lover. As his giant cock plundered her gripping pussy, his long tongue plundered her mouth, licking his cum from the back of her throat. Samson kept licking and probing the wrestlers open mouth for quite some time. Her mouth was filled with the taste of the dogs cum and drool, his slimy tongue covering every available bit of space within her oral cavity, before moving on to lick the cum from her face, covering her in with his slobbering. And all the time his massive cock hammered her cunt relentlessly. A full foot of dog-dick plowed in and out of her, filling and stretching her vagina to the full. But it wasnt enough for The Ninth Wonder of the World. She began thrusting herself forcefully back onto her bestial lover, so hard that the impact of his cock against her cervix was bone-jarring, until eventually the entrance to her womb was forced to part under the brutal assault. AAAOOWWWW!!! Chyna screamed. The pain was incredible as the huge member speared through the tiny opening into her womb and stretched her inner recesses. But for Chyna such pain had always been the sweetest of pleasures, and only now, with Samsons monstrous dog-cock punching brutally in and out of her womb, did she feel like she was truly being fucked! The thick shaft rammed in and out, sliding slickly through the wetness of her cunt, her cervix gripping so tightly that it was dragged several inches back and forth within her with each thrust. 14-inches of scarlet dog-dick were inside her, all the way down to the base where the cock-knot smashed into her pussylips, his furry balls swinging forward to strike against Chynas swollen clit. She could already feel another orgasm gathering in her pussy. The stimulation inside her and of the big furry balls striking her smooth, slick sex was greater than anything she had felt before. His cock continued to move into her unabated. It was unrelenting, even as she shivered and wiggled through her orgasms. She loved it! She surrendered to her fate, not simply enduring being fucked by an animal as she had when she had been raped by the WCW Girls, but embracing it. She was this dogs willing bitch. Never before had she been fucked so aggressively, taken so fully, dominated so totally by a cock. The monstrous scarlet dog-cock was her entire universe and the exquisite pleasure and pain it gave her was all that she could think about, all that she desired. OOoooouuuuuaaaaAAAAAAHHHHhhhhhh!!! Chyna cried out as her climax overwhelmed her. Samson grunted as the amazons pussy seized tightly around his pumping tool, but he continued fucking as her hard as ever, gliding through the copious lubrication of Chynas girl-cum. Linda McMahon could not believe what she was seeing. Chyna was really having an orgasm! On an animals cock! Debra couldnt believe what she was thinking. She watched Chynas obvious ecstasy while being dog-fucked and her reaction was one of jealousy! Chyna could barely believe her own depravity. She was being fucked by a dog, a slavering beast, and she was cumming like a whore! AAAAAAUuuuuuwwwwww!!! Samson hammered harder, his cock-knot pounding relentlessly against the amazons straining pussylips. The smooth shaven lips throbbed with a dull, painful ache. UUUHHNNNnnnn!!! Chyna grunted as she felt her pussylips stretched by the fleshy lump at the base of her canine lovers cock. The Ninth Wonder thrust back, forcing his bulging knot into her hot, wet opening. Her pussy hurt from the stretching at her entrance, the knot was at least four-inches across, and she had to concentrate on relaxing her well-trained quim to accommodate the larger shape inside her. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Debra, get down and lick me out! Linda demanded, her finger still strumming her golden-furred pussy. Wha . . . what? You heard me! Lick me out! Make me cum with your tongue! The CEO ordered. Debra looked at Chyna getting fucked and then back to her boss. She was the Commissioner of the WWF! She shouldnt have to do that! Not when they had Chyna to use as their slut. But Chyna was busy and Debra only had to position of Commissioner for as long as Linda allowed her to hold it. Debra glared back at Chyna as though it was all her fault, which in a sense it was. Blackmailing Chyna had awakened Linda to the possibilities of her power. OOOoowwww!!! Linda grabbed Debras long platinum hair and pulled her head down toward sopping pussy. Debra obediently knelt before her boss and kissed the furry cunt. Then she stuck out her tongue and tasted the older womans juices. To her surprise she liked the flavor. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sweat poured of the amazons phenomenal body with the effort of taking every last inch of the giant hounds monstrous penis. Samson increased his efforts, humping even harder, furiously pounding his cock into his bitch and making her scream. Each impact of the massive cock-knot was slowly but surely splitting her cunt wider and wider. Eventually there was an almost audible wet sound as his whole knot popped inside her elastic pussy. AAAOOWWWW!!! Chyna moaned with pleasure. The beast paused for a moment and Chyna savored the feel of his huge hot dick inside her, penetrating her womb and stretching her cunt with its incredible size. They were tied now, locked together, and dog and woman panted in unison. Silence filled the room. Only their heavy breathing could be heard as the dog stayed locked tight in his bitch. After a minute or so, Samsons haunches began moving again. He began fucking Chyna with short, rapid thrusts that made her cry with delight. He could only move a couple of inches, but as it pulled back the massive bulge of his knot stretched her lips painfully and when he drove in it pressed down on her G-spot and his big furry balls slapped rhythmically against her swollen clitty. The Ninth Wonder of the World was rocking her hips back and forth as she sought to feel every moment of her brutal violation. The dog had pumped so much pre-cum into her that it began to run down her legs, the sheer volume making it ooze past the blockage of his cock-knot. To Chyna it felt like he was going to rip her in two. She was stretched to her absolute limits, and she loved it! Chynas muscular body trembled as she came yet again, another orgasm following before that one had finished as Samson blasted her womb full of his dog-cum. The hot animal seed flowing into her triggered an immediate wave of pleasure that threatened to overwhelm her. Chyna gasped breathlessly as the giant beast pumped a seemingly neverending torrent of sperm into her. Her knees vibrated and her arms became weak with the power of her pleasure. She fell forward onto her tits, but her hips were held high by the strength of the tie between dog-cock and human-pussy. She was soaking with sweat as her sex twitched and grasped at the massive maleness locked inside her tunnel. Hot cum squirted through the tight seal between his bulging knot and her stretched pussylips to drip down her thighs. Chyna was in a daze of orgasmic euphoria. She lay twitching helplessly while Samson pumped her full of his sperm for the next five minutes. She felt it filling every nook and cranny inside her, packing her womb and oozing up her fallopian tubes. Once his climax passed, the beast stood with his paws on her shoulder blades and panted happily as he waited for the swelling of his cock-knot to subside. Linda climaxed at the sight of Chyna with the beast standing on her like she was some conquered enemy. The visual image of Chyna utter defeat by an animal was too perfect. She clamped her legs around Debras head and cried out as she sprayed her sweet juices into the Commissioners mouth. Debra swallowed Lindas girl-cum desperately. Lindas slender thighs were gripping so tightly that she couldnt breathe properly, and she was afraid the gushing love-juice would drown her. Linda bucked and jerked wildly with her climactic ecstasy and Debra cried out in pain as her head was wrenched violently. The throes of the WWF CEO became so strong that she slid off the edge of the desk. Unlike Chyna, Debra wasnt strong enough to hold up another womans bodyweight and she fell backwards onto the floor. Linda landed heavily on her head, knocking Debra into a daze. Linda McMahon sat on the blonde Divas face for almost a minute while she recovered from her mindblowing orgasm, looking almost comical with her legs spread wide and straight and staring fixedly at Chynas debased body. The amazons mighty arms were moving now, and she groaned softly as she pushed herself up onto her hands and knees. Samson struggled to keep his balance, scratching Chynas back with his claws. The Ninth Wonder grunted when his weight crashed down onto her back, and then twisted her hips from side to side, slowly, to feel the solid dog-cock stuffing her pussy. She tried to pull herself off it but the knot was stuck fast and Samson just shuffled forward, so she reached down and dug her fingers into her impaled pussy. The dog-fucked Diva grimaced with pain as she stretched her aching sex even wider, but she managed to push her fingers into the sloppy mess and up past the huge swollen cock-knot. She had to pause as the massive penis began twitching inside her, sending palpitations through her big sexy body. Steeling herself, she gripped the big scarlet ball of dog-meat tightly with her slimy fingers. YYYEEEEAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!! Chyna screamed and Samson yelped in pain as she yanked the massive dog-dick from her cunt. The beasts cock popped free with a loud squelch and their mingled cum poured out of Chynas gaping pussy. Chyna was panting like an animal as she stayed on her hands and knees while Samson scrambled off her. Eventually she pushed herself back to sit on her heels, but she had to brace her arms on the ground to keep herself from collapsing. Over by the desk Linda rolled off Debra and began crawling back to her chair. The blonde Commissioner lay with her legs bent under her and her naked breasts heaved as she sucked in desperate breaths. The Ninth Wonder of the Worlds long black hair was sticking to her face and back, sweat dripping from every inch of her. Between her ankles a large puddle of dog-cum was forming as the thin semen drained out of her. Chyna concentrated her recuperative efforts on her aching pussy, flexing the muscles in ways that sent jolts of pain through her but that would prevent her incredible sex from suffering any long-term damage from Samsons brutal pounding. Chyna felt the hounds hot breath on her face and she turned to look him in the eyes. Her bestial lover took a step back at what he saw. His bitch didnt want to play any more and the big dog was bright enough to realize that even though she was a female, she was an alpha-female, as dangerous as any she-wolf. Samson backed away slowly, bowing his head slightly in a gesture of submission while Chyna continued to glare at him. The amazon and the beast maintained eye-contact until the dog fully bowed his head, looking straight down for a moment before looking back up with an expression of obedience. Chynas eyes flicked across to the desk and Debras prone body for a moment and then back to Samson. The dog seemed to take that as some sort of instruction because he immediately padded across to the dazed Diva, his softening cock swinging wildly beneath his belly. Chyna sighed and began raking her fingers through her hair, pulling it back and trying to tidy herself up a bit. As she did so she reflected on all that had happening to her in the last . . . hour? Two hours? She wasnt sure, but she was sure that this would not be the last time she was forced to submit to Linda and Debras blackmail. She recognized Lindas all too real satisfaction in abusing her power to believe that she would ever be willing to surrender the hold that she now had over Chyna. But worse than the prospect of further abuse and humiliation was the possibility that she might enjoy it. Even though she had hated being forced into doing the things shed done she had enjoyed the acts themselves, and that worried her. It signified that she could not even control herself, and how could she hope to escape Linda's blackmail if she couldn't trust her own reactions and desires. She looked at the giant black animal that had, for a short while, completely dominated her with his meaty cock and she knew that a part of her wished to be subjugated. Samson was licking his way up Debras neck, leaving a trail of slobber from her breasts as he lapped up the splashes of Lindas girl-cum. The Commissioner stirred weakly when he reached her face, and her arm came up ineffectually in an instinctive attempt to push him away as his long tongue snaked inside her open mouth. Chyna watched in astonishment, and then delight, as the dog suddenly broke off and turned to cock his leg over the helpless Diva. Chyna laughed as a strong steady stream of piss shot forcefully from Samsons massive dick and landed straight in Debras mouth! Debra coughed and gulped, swallowing the dog-piss before she realized what it was. Piss splattered all over Debras face and hair, but most of it continued to pool in the Commissioners open mouth. The warm urine drenching her woke Debra and she screamed in horror, spraying her mouthful of piss all over her breasts. The WWF Commissioner scrabbled away from the hound, coughing and gagging at the acrid taste in her mouth. The stream of piss splashed everywhere, over Debras torso and legs, Lindas desk and carpet, Chynas clothes, everywhere! Chyna grabbed her leather coat, which had been safe on her chair, and, still naked, quickly exited the office. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The outer offices were deserted, presumably on Lindas orders, so there were no witnesses to Chynas disreputable appearance. Unfortunately the corridors outside where another matter and the only bathroom nearby was back through Lindas temporary office. She opened the door slightly and looked through the gap to see Linda desperately trying to grab the guard-dogs collar and pull his head back from where it was now buried between the shrieking Debras legs, while making every effort to avoid the puddles of dog-piss. Not wishing to risk further humiliation if she went back inside, and with no means of cleaning herself, Chyna got rid of the dog-cum that covered her thighs by scooping it up and then licking it from her hand. She delved as deeply into her slimy cunt as she could to get as much of it as possible before tightly fastening her leather jacket and carefully heading back to her dressing room. Every step of the way she was aware of the wet sliminess between her thighs as her slick membranes rubbed together. It was a long walk, and she had to stop and hide twice on the way to scoop up the trickles of animal sperm and her own copious lubrication which were oozing from her pussy. WWF Employees, stage-hands, roadies, wrestlers, other divas, even a few fans milled around her as she walked. One young boy stopped her and asked for an autograph, and as she signed it all she could think of was that her jacket was barely long enough to cover her quim. If she just raised her arms even a little the boy would be able to see her sloppy pussy! Worse, she had to fight the urge to do just that! The thought of her own vulnerability excited her, and her juices were flowing liberally between her thighs. That was when she realized that what had awakened within her was more than the weakness she had for bestiality, but the tip of some greater untapped reservoir of submissiveness. Next - Enslaved by Stephanie --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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