Chyna the Domyna 4

Chyna the Domyna 4 ____________________________ ***Warning: This story is for the entertainment of adults. It contains detailed descriptions of Female Domination, Non-Consensual sex, Fisting, Anal Penetration, Watersports and Bestiality. If you don't think you would enjoy that, then don't read it.*** ***This story features the Characters of Chyna, Miss Kitty, Midnight, Asya, Madusa and Spice. They are the characters as portrayed on TV and in no way represent Joanie Laurer, Stacy Carter, Ann-Marie Crooks, Christi Wolf, Deborah Ann Micelli or Melissa Anne Bellin.*** ____________________________ The WCW Girls - Part 1A: Chyna's Defeat by Spring-Heeled Jack ____________________________ Chyna settled into the deep leather seat of her limousine and turned to smile at her diminutive lover, Miss Kitty. Although the small woman loved all the trappings of wealth and fame that the limousine represented, she had been thoroughly bored following Chyna through her promotional duties all day long and had been making her own entertainment. She was rummaging through the minibar oohing and aahing like a little schoolgirl, playing her teasingly assumed role of the "girl" to Chyna's "Mommy" to the full, and amusing herself by mixing cocktails to her own strange recipes as she had been since that morning. Miss Kitty offered the pink and green concoction that was her most recent creation to her mistress, but Chyna politely declined to join her. She had tasted the first unholy blend that Kitty had produced that morning and she knew better than to trust that impish appearance. Kitty sat back and sipped the drink. Then she pulled a face. "Bad?" Chyna asked. "No, it's lovely," Kitty lied, and offered Chyna the glass again. "Try some." The Ninth Wonder of the World looked at the peculiar cocktail and then raised an eyebrow at Kitty's artfully innocent expression. "No. Thank you." "Are you sure? It really is very nice." Chyna shook her head and smiled. "Oh no, not again." "It's your loss." Kitty said and took another sip, only to grimace again. Chyna poured herself a glass of champagne and settled back, drinking it and chuckling as she watched Miss Kitty drink the remainder of her cocktail with evident distaste. The young woman disposed of the glass and snuggled back into her lover's embrace. She nuzzled her cheek against Chyna's muscular shoulder and said, "I'll be glad to get home." "I'll just be glad to get to our hotel. Then I have a few plans for you." Chyna smirked, and tapped Miss Kitty on the nose. Her other hand slipped down over her lover's shoulder to stroke one of Miss Kitty's firm breasts through the thin material of the short leopard-print dress she had chosen to wear for some reason. The raven-haired amazon admired the delightful curves of Miss Kitty's young body with an almost remote appreciation. The girl could not have been a greater contrast to her tall and amazonian lover. She was exquisitely formed, with tiny, perky breasts which Chyna loved to nibble in her more affectionate moments, and a firm round ass that she also enjoyed spanking when the occasion arose. It was not to be tonight however, because even though Miss Kitty was in the playful and childish mood that usually preceded one of their mommy/girl games, Chyna had more relaxing pleasures in mind. It had been a very long day for the two lovers. Their plane had touched down that morning and they had barely even had time to check into their hotel before being swept up into a whirlwind of personal appearances, radio interviews and chatshows, all to provide publicity for Vince McMahon's WWF. This latest had been Chyna's last appointment for the day however, and she was looking forward to a relaxing and pleasurable bath with her girlfriend before getting a few hours sleep in readiness for their early flight home the next morning. She settled back with her arm wrapped around Miss Kitty as the limousine pulled out of television studio gates. She peered through the darkened glass of the windows at the twilight lit streets of Hollywood. As the bright lights and signs of Tinseltown passed the window, Chyna thought that it might be fun to be an actress once she had had all the entertainment that she could in the WWF. Not to mention that living and working in Hollywood would put her in close proximity to so many beautiful, bitchy actresses in need of some hard fucking. She rested her elbow on the door and then propped her chin against the heel of her hand as she gazed. She daydreamed of all the starlets that she might force between her thighs, or that she could screw with one of her many dildos if she were to move out here full time. It was a pleasant meditation, and one that distracted her for some time. She was just enjoying a fantasy about the three girls from 'Charmed' when a sudden jolt awoke her. She pushed herself upright and Miss Kitty rolled from her shoulder to loll in her lap. She shook her lover to waken her, but she only mumbled something incoherent. Chyna slapped Kitty's face until the small woman moaned but Miss Kitty seemed to have difficulty in opening her eyes fully. Something was very wrong. Chyna was beginning to worry so she rapped on the glass dividing the passengers from the bearded chauffeur. "Driver, I think my friend is ill. Take us to a hospital." The dark-skinned chauffeur didn't turn his head and gave no indication that he had heard WWF Superstar at all. "Driver, get us to a hospital!" Chyna said more forcefully, but there was still no response. Glancing from side to side for the intercom, she happened to see out of the window that they were no longer driving through Hollywood, but what appeared to be an industrial district. Instinctively and without any more evidence than she had seen already, Chyna was certain Miss Kitty had been drugged and if Chyna had drunk any more of the alcohol provided, then she too would have been unconscious. She and Miss Kitty were being kidnapped! She didn't know why, ransom from the WWF's owner seemed the most likely explanation, but she was convinced that her conclusion was the correct one. Chyna tried to find some way to open the dividing glass when she became aware of an eye peering at her through the driving mirror. Malevolence seemed to glow in that eye, but that wasn't as shocking as the realization that it belonged to a woman and not a man. Whoever the driver was, she was wearing a disguise so as to appear to be male. Since the situation was now so obvious, Chyna took action. She twisted around in the seat and rolled onto her back. Raising her booted foot, she took aim at the near-side window. The reinforced glass starred under the impact of Chyna's powerful kick, but it did not break. She braced her arm against the far door and raised her muscular leg for another kick, just as the vehicle swerved sharply through an open gate and into a seemingly disused warehouse. Chyna's next kick went straight through the window. Before she could slip her arm through the hole, the limousine came to a screeching halt. The doorway behind her opened and gloved and slender hands reached in to grab Miss Kitty's recumbent form. Chyna lunged to catch hold of her lover, but before she could claim her, the door with the broken glass was opened and long arms grasped Chyna by the waist. Chyna fought her unknown attacker and, managing to get her feet underneath herself, she thrust backward and pitched her weight against her unseen assailant. The two figures fell back out of the limousine with Chyna on top and the amazon felt the soft swell of a woman's breasts pressing into her back. She drove her elbow back and down into the attacker's solar plexus, momentarily knocking the wind and the fight out of her. Chyna rolled to her feet and saw the woman who had posed as the chauffeur, a big black woman with a false beard, climbing out of the limo. She kicked the driver hard on her flat chest and sent her flying back. The woman hit her head against the edge of the doorway as she fell and ended up lying half in and half out of the vehicle. Before Chyna could press home her momentary advantage another, smaller, figure leapt up onto her back and a pad with a nauseating smell was clamped over her mouth and nose. Chyna tried to throw the tiny figure from her back, but it was extremely strong. Again she was aware that her attacker had breasts, which this time pressed against her neck and she absently realized that all of her enemies were women. Chyna could feel her consciousness slip away as the chloroform took effect. Through bleary eyes she saw the first of her attackers rise up and try to grab her flailing arms. That faint anchor was all the Ninth Wonder of the World needed to get the leverage she wanted. She kicked the busty woman in front of her between the legs and then whipped her head back to connect painfully with the forehead of the woman on her back. The small strongwoman collapsed heavily to the concrete and Chyna lashed backward with her booted foot, stamping her heel down on the fallen woman's crotch and eliciting a howl of anguish. Chyna grabbed the taller slim woman who was still standing cradling her bruised groin and slammed her awkwardly and clumsily to the ground. She then staggered wearily to the limousine and gave the groaning black woman another kick before she could recover. Holding herself up by leaning on the vehicle, the drugged amazon made her way around to the far side of the limousine in search of Miss Kitty. Her lover lay sprawled on the floor. Her leopard print dress had ridden up to expose her black panties, but she seemed unharmed and alone. Pfft! Chyna felt a sharp pain in her buttocks. She spun around so quickly that she almost fell and saw another small, black-clad and masked figure holding what looked like a gun. She had forgotten about the first figure that had grabbed Kitty! Pfft! The small woman pulled the trigger again and there was another sharp pain as a second tranquilizer dart struck Chyna, this time in one of her magnificent breasts. Chyna tried to lunge for the final assailant, but her muscles were no longer responding to her commands and she slowly crumpled to the floor. Even her remarkable constitution could not shrug off the effects of two tranquilizer darts and a lung-full of chloroform. "Fuck! She nearly ruined everything!" Chyna heard the woman say as her mind descended into a swirling pool of darkness. Her last conscious thought was that she had come so close to escaping the jaws of this trap. * * * Awareness returned slowly to Chyna and only gradually did she recall the events prior to her unconsciousness, after her limousine had pulled into the derelict warehouse. Her head pounded with a dull throbbing pain as the chloroform and tranquilizers had their hangover effect. All the muscles of her body ached and it felt like she had been beaten black and blue. She opened her eyes but could not see anything. The sensation of fabric covering her face informed her that she had been blindfolded. Her second unpleasant discovery was that there was a hard rubber ball stuffed into her mouth. Chyna groaned and bit down on the ball-gag as she also discovered that she had been bound hand and foot. They felt like the same kind of broad leather cuffs that Chyna herself favored using in her games, and they were certainly strong enough to restrain even a woman as powerful as the Ninth Wonder of the World. The first thing that the drugged amazon needed to do was determine exactly what her current situation was. Having already established that she had been bound and gagged, she turned her attention to her surroundings. Her body had been stripped down to her satin underwear and she could feel straw and hard earth against her exposed skin. She rolled onto her side and found that there was polished wooden fence or wall behind her, to which it seemed that her wrists had been secured. There was little noise to be heard aside from the clinking of her chains as she moved, but the dull echo suggested that she was inside a sizeable enclosed space. Then there was the sound of hesitant scuffle and a muffled sob coming from about fifteen feet away from her, opposite the wooden wall behind her. Chyna was intimately familiar with all of Miss Kitty's little cries of distress and recognized her instantly. With an effort, Chyna forced her aching muscles to push herself up so that she was sitting on her securely cuffed ankles with her hands behind her back. She tried to shuffle forward on her knees, but the chain from her bound wrists only allowed her to move about a foot forward before bringing her to a halt. Miss Kitty's muffled cries had become more emphatic at the sound of her mistress's movement, but they were interrupted by the footsteps of several people. To Chyna it seemed that there were four women and she assumed they were the same four that had attacked them earlier. "I'm glad to see your both awake," a woman said in a voice that Chyna felt she ought to recognize, "Because we have plans for you two bitches!" The blindfolds were suddenly pulled off of the two lesbian lovers. Chyna's immediate concern was for her lover. Miss Kitty was sitting on the floor opposite in only her bra and panties. They were of golden silk and black lace, to match the leopard-print dress she had worn, and like Chyna, she had a black rubber ball gag between her painted red lips. The gags resembled the harness of a horse, being secured with straps that ran around their heads with two more that ran from the sides of their mouths up over their noses to join at the forehead into a single strap. All the leather straps were buckled together at the back of their heads. Reassured that Kitty had not -- yet -- been harmed, Chyna turned her attention to their kidnappers. Standing over Miss Kitty with the blindfold in hand was a small redheaded woman dressed almost like a schoolgirl in a short plaid skirt that barely reached her thighs and a too-tight blouse. In front of her was a tall blonde woman with huge breasts who, although middle-aged, still possessed an athletic, wide-hipped figure. She was dressed in lycra leggings with a patriotic stars-and-stripes design and a matching cropped top. Alongside the tall blonde was another, much shorter blonde woman. She was extremely muscular on a tiny frame and dressed in black, silver-studded leather that accentuated her superb conditioning. By her feet there was a large leather carryall that Chyna recognized with trepidation. And finally, standing before Chyna was a black woman as tall and as muscular as the Ninth Wonder of the World herself, with slim hips, huge thighs and small breasts on her broad and powerful chest. Her sharply carved face had large, full lips and she was dressed in red latex shorts and halter-top, with knee-length leather boots. Chyna recognized all four of them as women from WCW, the Nitro Girl Spice, Madusa, Asya and Midnight. "Yeah, we're gonna make you suffer!" said Spice, grinning wickedly as she expanded on Madusa's comment. "We're sick and tired of always being compared to you, and we've had enough of it." Said Madusa, who had won a men's title in WCW a few months after Chyna defeated Jeff Jarrett to become the WWF Intercontinental Champion, and had then been given the diminutive and girlish Spice as her valet. "Whenever we do anything everyone always says that we're just ripping off Chyna." Said the muscular, leather-clad woman called Asya. "It's like whatever we do, everyone says Chyna would o' done it better." Said the tall, black, musclebound amazon known as Midnight who usually wrestled with the men. "Well we're going to prove that you're not better than we are!" Asya spoke in a triumphant tone. "We're going to make you admit that you're nothing special. And you needn't think that anyone is going to rescue you, this is my ranch, and we're miles from the nearest town. Nobody is going to hear you scream!" "Ain't nobody gonna be looking for you for days yet, not 'til you don't turn up for RAW at least, so we got the entire weekend to show that we are a whole lot better than you. We're gonna put you in your place an' show you jus' where you belong!" Midnight almost growled the last sentence. Chyna saw Miss Kitty cringe as Spice knelt down beside her. The small redhead grasped Kitty's tiny tits in her slender hands, mauling them roughly as Kitty whimpered. "Hey Chyna!" Spice called, "Tell me, does this little Kitty like it rough? I bet she does." The redhead then tore the gold-colored satin from Kitty's breasts and immediately gripped Miss Kitty's stiff nipples in her fingers. She twisted them sharply from side to side, eliciting pained but muffled cries from the gagged woman. "Nice tits, very nice." Madusa leered as she came across to join her valet in mauling Miss Kitty. Madusa pulled the tiny woman to her feet while Spice remained on her knees. The small redhead hooked her fingers into the waist of Kitty's panties and slowly pulled them down over pale and slender hips. Kitty could feel Spice's hot breath on the smoothly shaven skin of her crotch and her face flushed red as she was exposed to the kidnappers. In spite of herself Miss Kitty felt a familiar stirring in her belly, a heat that emanated from her moistening sex through the whole of her body. The one thing that Kitty had learnt above everything else during her time with Chyna was that she was a natural submissive. She drew a great pleasure simply from being under the control of another person even, it seemed, when she didn't want to. There was no denying the arousal she felt, no mistaking the way that her nipples throbbed in Madusa's grip or the warm open feeling between her thighs. Spice's fingers touched the smooth bare flesh just above Kitty's clitty and stroked the fingernail down over the small hood of skin that protected it. It was like an electric shock through the bound woman, as her clitoris sent a powerful jolt of pleasure to her brain and she jerked convulsively. The finger continued it's way down Miss Kitty's hairless slit to probe at her tight little asshole and then back up to her pussy. Spice had never seen another woman's pussy up close and she found the smooth lips fascinating. She pulled them apart to reveal the hidden interior, which was a vivid and glistening pink. She eased her finger into Kitty's sex slowly, enjoying the way that Kitty squirmed in denial as the Nitro Girl began to finger-fuck the wet hole. Spice added a second finger to the first inside the small woman and used her thumb to stimulate Kitty's clitoris. At the same time Madusa groped and fondled Miss Kitty's small breasts, pinching and twisting the nipples painfully. The combination of pain and mounting pleasure in her was the thing that Kitty had discovered was most arousing to her and it caused the little woman body to buck and jerk with unwanted thrills. She was being driven toward an orgasm. The fact that she was bound and helpless at the hands these women, with her lover forced to watch her degradation was almost enough to bring her near the peak even without Spice and Madusa's manipulation of her body. Miss Kitty screamed through her gag as her climax overwhelmed her. Although it was quite a mild one she almost collapsed with the strength of it and her pussy spasmed on Spice's fingers. "Fuck! This is one seriously hot chick! She's creaming all over my hand already!" Spice abruptly withdrew her fingers and held her hand aloft like a trophy, glistening in the warm light with Kitty's juices. The other three women laughed as Spice rammed her hand back into Kitty's crotch, this time forcing three fingers into the warm and inviting hole. As the two women toyed with her, Kitty looked with pleading eyes at her bound lover, but there was nothing that Chyna could do. She had tried to break her shackles when the molestation of Kitty had begun but she was as helpless as Miss Kitty with her hands and feet securely and very effectively bound. Spice now had all four fingers inside Kitty's hot hole and she was still using her thumb to stimulate the swollen pink nub of her captive's clitoris. The small redhead hooked her fingers forward inside her even smaller victim to press against the G-spot as Madusa continued to manipulate and stimulate Kitty's sensitive breasts. Miss Kitty was soon panting as her body quickly recovered from its first orgasm and began to build toward another. Every time she thought about her situation, or when she looked across to see the expression of mingled love, rage and sympathy on Chyna's face as she witnessed her lover's humiliation, Miss Kitty experienced a powerful twinge deep in her sex. Spice smiled as she felt Kitty's pussy spasming on her fingers yet again. The redhead curled her thumb into the palm of her hand started to push it inside. Kitty squealed as the whole of Spice's small hand was forced into her. Kitty had experienced much larger violations, but never before in a situation of such helplessness or at the hands of somebody that hated her. Chyna regularly "punished" Miss Kitty, often inflicting pain or forcing her to perform some degrading and humiliating act, but those had all been done in the security of Chyna's love for her and the certainty of her safety. This was completely different. Madusa forced Miss Kitty to kneel down on the floor with Spice's fist still imbedded in her cunt. Spice moved around Kitty's body so that she was positioned behind the kneeling woman, twisting her fingers inside Kitty's sex to form a fist, readying herself to make the assault. She laid her other hand on the small of Kitty's back and then she rammed her fist as far inside Chyna's lover as she could. Miss Kitty screamed into her gag as the redhead's slender forearm almost disappeared inside her sopping wet pussy. Spice was shocked by just how far and how easily her forearm had penetrated the Chyna's diminutive lover and she realized that the big muscle-bound bitch must have fisted Miss Kitty often with her huge arms to loosen her up this much. Spice withdrew almost completely and then she punched her hand back inside, hitting Kitty's cervix painfully with her balled up fist! As Spice fist-fucked Miss Kitty, Madusa was unfastening the harness from around her head. She removed the ball-gag from Kitty's mouth and the small captive's cries of pain and pleasure echoed through the stable. The tall blonde then peeled the skin-tight star-spangled lycra leggings from her wide-hipped body to reveal her furry pussy. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed but very thick and dark blonde in color. She knelt down in front of Kitty's face and commanded, "Okay slut, lick my pussy!" Obediently Miss Kitty craned her neck forward to bury her face in the damp heat of Madusa's hairy cunt. Even though she was being compelled to perform this act on Madusa unwillingly, Miss Kitty couldn't help noticing that the flavors of the older woman's juices were very pleasant on her tongue. Not as nice as Chyna's, but sweeter than most other women she had tasted. As these thoughts passed through Miss Kitty's mind, her expert tongue was licking and probing at the folds of Madusa's sex, teasing and pleasing the big-breasted woman. At the same time her body was rocking gently back and forth as Spice continued to fist her pussy. It hadn't taken long for Miss Kitty's vagina to become accustomed to Spice's slender arm, Chyna's forearm was about twice as thick and she had taken much larger toys in her time, so she was enjoying pure pleasure now even though she was supposed to be enduring humiliation. Spice was not used to such physical activity and her arm rapidly tired from her thrusting action. She pulled her fist out of Kitty with a wet pop and a disappointed sigh from Miss Kitty, muffled in the hot flesh of Madusa's dripping cunt. Asya had been watching the sapphic threesome and as Spice massaged her aching biceps, the muscular blonde rummaged around in the leather bag that had been a part of Chyna's luggage. Luggage that should still have been in their hotel. The buff blonde pulled out a tangled set of straps and black rubber and threw it to Spice who was massaging her aching biceps. "Here, try this!" The slim redhead broke into a broad smile as she untangled the straps to find that the bundle was in fact a couple of very large strap-on dildos. Each one of them was at least a foot long and more than two inches thick. Spice wasted no time in separating the two and proceeded to buckle one around her waist without removing her skirt first. She tugged the plaid material up and over the leather straps and then fastened the third strap so that it ran between her legs and over the damp gusset of her white cotton panties. She stood up when she had finished and she made a strange sight. Her skirt had fallen back down and hid the belts that held the dildo in place from view, so it looked like Spice had a huge black cock poking out from under her short schoolgirl's skirt. Spice reached down and wrapped her short fingers around the thick rubber shaft so that she could jerk her hand up and down the firm dildo, masturbating it as though it was a real cock. The small redhead felt a strange sense of arousal as she looked down at 'her' cock. It gave her a feeling of power that the little Nitro Girl was not used to, and she could not wait to use it on Miss Kitty. Spice dropped down behind Kitty's kneeling body and she pressed the large rubber cockhead against the hot, wet entrance of Chyna's lover. She thrust forward with her hips and pushed the strap-on into Kitty's pussy slowly and easily. The diminutive captive was fully aroused, her vagina receptive and well lubricated by her own juices. "Oh yeah! You're hot for it aren't you slut?" Spice said as her hips pressed into Kitty's asscheeks as the dildo achieved full penetration. Miss Kitty didn't answer Spice's rhetorical question, but simply mewed slightly as she continued to lap and service Madusa's sweet pussy. The older woman groaned and humped her groin forward to grind onto Kitty's face as the submissive woman used her talented tongue to drive Madusa wild with aroused lust. Miss Kitty licked and stabbed at the sensitive flesh, stimulating her swollen clitty before thrusting into her juicy vagina and then pressing firmly against the urethra as she licked her way back to Madusa's clit. The older woman was trembling as she was driven toward a powerful orgasm. Spice was getting into her rhythm now, savoring the strange pleasure that she could derive from simply thrusting her hips back and forth, in knowing that by doing so she was fucking Miss Kitty with her foot-long dildo. She had also discovered that by bearing down with her hips as she thrust forward the strap that ran between her legs would press firmly against her clit, adding a physical stimulation to her mental arousal. It also had the effect of stimulating Miss Kitty even more, as the tip of the dildo inside her changed its direction of aim as it plowed her channel. Spice was amazed by how easily the tiny woman was taking the thick rubber shaft. She had never experienced anything that large inside her own pussy and she didn't think that she would be so composed in Kitty's position. After seeing some of the contents of their luggage, which included the dildo she was using now, Spice knew that the rumors about Chyna's preferences were true and obviously Miss Kitty was very used to being penetrated by such large toys. And these were the smallest ones that they had found. * * * On the other side of the stable Midnight crouched down beside Chyna and grabbed one of the raven-haired amazon's huge satin covered breasts. "How you likin' the show, bitch? D'you like seein' your girlfriend getting fucked over by another woman?" The long-fingered, black-skinned hand traveled down over Chyna's hard abs to slip inside her panties. "Is it makin' you hot, you white whore?" Midnight asked as she pushed one of her fingers into the amazon's tight, dry pussy. Normally such a sight as was before her of a hot babe getting thoroughly screwed against her will would have turned Chyna on to no end but her love for Kitty and her anger over the abuse overrode her powerful sexuality. Chyna's eyes became hooded as the black woman forced another finger into her and began to fuck her arid channel with them. Her cheeks were flushed with anger and Midnight smiled as she recognized the hatred in her victim's glare. Then Chyna grimaced slightly as the black woman forced a second finger inside her unlubricated pussy. The Ninth Wonder knew that they were going to do the same thing to her that they were to her lover, and probably more besides, so she understood that if she remained resolute in locking down her sexual responses then it would hurt her a lot more than otherwise. Chyna had learned to control her libido almost entirely, a reflection of the desire for self control that was evident in her magnificent physique, and she could suppress her sexual arousal if she wanted. Here she didn't have to suppress anything, her own hatred was enough to prevent any sort of sexual feelings but if she remained unresponsive, if her pussy remained dry, then when her turn came to be raped it would be that much more painful. She turned back to watch her lover being abused and willed herself to get turned-on. She concentrated on the sight of her lover being fucked by a small woman dressed as a schoolgirl, tried to disassociate the vision from the reality. In her mind she constructed a fantasy in which Madusa was a teacher, Spice the head prefect and Miss Kitty was the naughty schoolgirl being punished. Midnight grinned as she felt Chyna's pussy beginning to moisten as she finger-fucked her. "Oh yeah, dyke! You gettin' turned on now ain't ya? You like watchin' yo' girlfriend get raped!" Chyna ignored the black amazon's comments and her thrusting fingers and concentrated on making herself wet enough that she would be able to take whatever punishment they tried to dish out. * * * As Spice continued to pound away at Kitty's pussy, Madusa was finally succumbing to her climax and cumming on the smaller woman's face. She cried out with the intensity of her orgasm, barely able to remain standing as her body spasmed. Miss Kitty sucked purposely on the tall blonde's squirting pussy, determined to savor every drop of her delicious girl-cum as it washed over her tongue. It was the first time that Madusa had ever experienced the skill that a woman could bring to cunnilingus with the advantage of knowing where and how to stimulate a woman. The former WCW Cruiserweight Champion staggered back moaning, breaking Kitty's mouth-lock on her pussy as the sucking stimulation became almost painful in the aftermath of her climax. Without Madusa's body to lean on the bound Miss Kitty had to lie forward onto the floor, her weight resting on her small breasts, but at least she could now concentrate on enjoying Spice's dildo-fucking. Miss Kitty no longer cared that she was being raped. Her submissive nature had come out in full as she was abused by these WCW women and all she wanted to do was to extract the maximum possible pleasure from the experience that she could. Madusa recovered quite quickly from her powerful orgasm and as Spice vigorously hammered away at their panting captive, the older blonde picked up the second strap-on dildo and fastened it around her waist. "I'll take over now," she told Spice, "You get her to suck you off. I guarantee that you've never had oral like it. The little bitch's tongue is good!" The redhead reluctantly pulled her dildo from Kitty's dripping cunt and saw the hole contract and expand a couple of times as it tried to grasp at the withdrawn phallus. It wasn't to be disappointed for long as Madusa quickly replaced Spice and drove the full length of her foot-long dildo into Kitty's depths. Spice still had the dildo sticking up from her crotch when she knelt down near Kitty's head, the black rubber glistening with Kitty's love-juices. With Madusa's help, Spice lifted Kitty's body from the ground so that Kitty was able to balance on her knees, her ass sticking back to welcome the dildo raping her pussy and her body leaning forward in front of Spice. The tiny redhead looked down at the big dildo poking out from under her plaid skirt and she had an idea. She jerked her hips forward and pushed the head of the strap-on against Kitty's ruby-red lips. "Suck my cock, you dirty little slut!" she demanded, thrilling to the heady feeling of power. "Lick your pussy juice from my dick!" Miss Kitty didn't hesitate, she just opened her mouth and swallowed the cockhead whole. Spice gasped in disbelief as Kitty deep-throated her strap-on, slurping her liquid essences from the full-length of the black dildo before fucking her face up and down it. Her tongue slavered and lapped at the inanimate rubber shaft as though it were the real thing as Miss Kitty was lost in a whirlwind of her own arousal and lust. Spice slipped her hand down around the strap-on so that she could rub her pussy, feeling much more aroused than she had expected when the four women had conspired to humiliate Chyna and Miss Kitty. She was glad now that she hadn't chickened out when she had learned of the sort of humiliation that Midnight had in mind, although she still had her doubts about Asya's contribution to the plans. Even Midnight had been surprised by the perversity of her suggestion. But all that would come later. For now the Nitro Girl frigged her slit through her soaking panties for several minutes before her lust became too strong. She pulled the dildo out of Kitty's mouth and hurriedly removed the harness that held it on her body. The tiny redhead was so desperate for release that she didn't even bother to take her panties off, she just pulled them to one side and crammed her pussy into Kitty's face. "Lick my cunt!" she demanded, but Miss Kitty needed no urging. Kitty plunged her tongue deeply between the smooth shaven lips, probing and licking the musky flesh. Spice cried out in pleasure as the bound woman went to work. Kitty fucked the tip of her tongue into the entrance of Spice's tight wet pussy and then trailed the full length of her slit so that her nose was buried in the small tuft of reddish brown hair that was above her clitoris. Spice screamed in orgasmic joy as Kitty mercilessly attack the redhead's clit with her mouth, using every trick of her expertise to keep the Nitro Girl at the peak of her climax for the longest possible time. Finally, after squirting what seemed like at least a quarter of a pint of girl-cum into Kitty's mouth, Spice collapsed to the floor with her thighs spread wide and a dreamy expression on her face as her legs continued to twitch. Moments after that Kitty's own orgasm came upon her and she cried out passionately. Madusa pummeled the smaller woman's pussy without respite as Kitty enjoyed the dildo-rape to the utmost. Her eyes rolled upward as the older blonde violated her with the big rubber cock and she savored the orgasmic pleasure. Eventually Kitty's trembling body lost its balance and fell forward face-first into Spice's vulnerable pussy, but Madusa still didn't relent, driving her foot-long strap-on dildo as far and as hard into her victim as she could. * * * Midnight had all four of her long fingers inside Chyna's tightly gripping pussy, verbally abusing the Ninth Wonder throughout Miss Kitty's ordeal. "You're really gettin' hot now ain't ya bitch! You like watchin' yo' girlfriend get fucked by Madusa's big dildo-dick, huh? You maybe feelin' a bit jealous? Do you want a big rubber cock in yo' dirty white cunt as well, bitch? Well, don't worry none, your turn'll be comin' soon enough!" "Before it does though, I've got a score to settle with her." Asya said to Midnight, her hand lightly cupping her crotch with one hand and holding a riding crop in the other. Chyna's recollection of events was still a little vague, confused by the chloroform and the tranquilizing drugs, but she remembered that she had stamped down hard on one of her attackers, catching her right in the cunt. Obviously that woman had been Asya. "Get her up and strip her!" The muscular blonde ordered. Roughly Midnight jerked her fingers out of Chyna's pussy and then she grabbed one of her thick arms. Chyna just had time enough to detect the sweet fragrance of her own sex on the black woman's hand before Asya grabbed her other arm and the two bodybuilders lifted her up to her feet. Asya handed a small pair of shears to Midnight who used them to snip the shoulder straps of the Ninth Wonder's bra. Asya released the fastening on Chyna's broad back and the black satin fell away to expose the Ninth Wonder's fully rounded breasts. Midnight then cut through either side of her panties, slicing through the waistband above each hip and then jerked the material away. There was a moment of total silence as the female kidnappers paused to stare at the magnificence of Chyna's fully revealed body. All four of the WCW women were attractive in different ways, but none of them came close to matching Chyna's sheer perfection. The only flaws on her entire body were the two puncture wounds from the tranquilizer darts. The tattoo that ran across her abdomen just above her pussy was not a flaw but an accentuation that drew attention to her full-lipped sex. She surpassed even the very best features of each of her enemies in one single body. Her breasts were as large and more shapely than Madusa's huge globes and her skin was as smooth and flawless as Spice's own. She stood eye-to-eye with the equally muscular Midnight, but her physique was much more balanced and feminine than the hard-bodied black woman, and unlike the diminutive Asya, Chyna bore her well-developed figure with a grace and elegance that the blonde could never dream of equaling. Midnight cupped one of Chyna's large, magnificent breasts and slowly massaged it. For what seemed like an age the muscular black woman stood there, slowly squeezing and caressing Chyna's breast, stroking and sliding her fingers over her exposed and hard nipple. The black amazon ran her strong fingers over the muscles that covered Chyna's ribs and then slid her hand around to grasp her firm, sexy asscheek. She stepped in closer and grasped her other buttock with her free hand to hug her close. Midnight's small, latex covered breasts pressed against Chyna's huge tits, squashing the mammary meat between their large bodies. The two women's eyes locked, and Chyna's flashed like blue steel with her barely suppressed rage. The black bodybuilder smiled as she enjoyed the raven-haired amazon's humiliation. Midnight began to rub her hard body against Chyna bound form, her long legs allowing her to press the crotch of her red latex shorts firmly against the white woman's pubic bone while her fingers mauled Chyna's meaty buttocks. The continuing sounds of Miss Kitty rape were arousing the black amazon to no end, and her thighs were wet with the rivulets of her love juice running from her heated pussy. She briefly released her grip on Chyna's ass to unzip her crimson top, revealing her dark, almost flat breasts to Chyna's view before crushing them against the Ninth Wonder's huge globes. Her nipples were large and erect, like bullets digging into the firm yielding flesh of Chyna's breasts. Under other circumstances, Chyna would have loved to get her hands on Midnight's muscular body but it was completely against her every inclination to be in the submissive role. All she could do was endure and wait for these amateurs to make a mistake. And then she vowed; she would make them wish that they had never even heard of Chyna! Midnight licked the drool that dribbled from the side of the gag as she pulled Chyna's bound wrists up into the small of her back as the powerful blonde Asya stepped up closer behind Chyna. She dragged the tip of her riding crop across the taut flesh of Chyna's buttocks, tapping it against her pale skin before dipping it down into the vulnerable crevice. Asya pushed the stiff leather whip all the way along Chyna's crotch so that the slender rod pressed between her smooth-shaven pussy-lips. Asya pushed the short whip hard into Chyna's slit, grinding it against her clit. The blonde altered the angle of the leather crop and forced the narrow tip of it up into the raven-haired amazon's moist vagina. Chyna's gagged face twisted into a sneer as Asya fucked her tight hole with the slender whip. After barely a minute of this, Asya withdrew the whip and stepped back, raising her arm while Midnight ensured that she had a clear target for the riding crop. THWACK!! Chyna's naked body jerked in Midnight's embrace as the short whip landed firmly across her ass, leaving an angry red line on her previously flawless skin. The pain flared through Chyna's hard body as the tiny buff blonde drew her arm back for the second stroke. THWACK!! With almost unbearable force, Asya brought the stiff leather down viciously onto Chyna's sexy asscheeks, leaving a second stripe that crossed the first. The raven-haired amazon's hips bucked and writhed, but Midnight's powerful embrace prevented her from evading the searing lash. THWACK! THWACK!! THWACK!!! Asya struck with added strength, almost breaking the skin with the power of three blows in rapid succession, the strokes criss-crossed the welts that already marked Chyna's ass and sent an extra note of pain with each impact. THWACK! THWACK!! THWACK!!! The leather riding crop whipped up and down relentlessly, and the burning pain that engulfed her backside caused Chyna to grunt in response. The pain of her whipping was too great for Chyna to suppress her screams completely, and she dearly wanted to scream with all the power of her lungs. Fury and pride would not allow her to show such weakness though so she choked back her half-formed shrieks and instead gave a series of strangulated cries. THWACK! THWACK!! THWACK!!! Tears began to form unbidden in Chyna's eyes from the pain and humiliation. Her body rocked and twisted, sweat shining on her pale skin. Her huge glistening breasts rubbed firmly against Midnight's small-busted, muscular chest each time she jerked in response to the lash across her quivering buttocks, much to the satisfaction of the black woman. THWACK! THWACK!! THWACK!!! Asya's sexy little body was also glistening with sweat as she put all the strength of her well-developed muscles into whipping Chyna. No matter how much her victim writhed, Asya's aim was unerring. THWACK!!! Chyna's breath rasped harshly in her throat and her lips were curled back from her teeth. As Asya let her arm fall to her side, the buff blonde looked upon Chyna's reddened and striped ass and felt her pussy heating in arousal. The whipping over, Midnight released her tight grip on Chyna and without the support of the black woman, the Ninth Wonder of the World fell to her knees before her. The dark amazon reached down and grabbed a handful of Chyna's hair and jerking her head back so that she was forced to look up at her tormentor's sneering face. "You beginning to get the idea yet BITCH! You're ours now. We gonna do whatever we want to you and there ain't nothin' you can do about it." Midnight said. Asya stepped up beside the larger woman, her well-developed physique still trembling slightly from her exertions, and cupped Chyna's chin in her hand. Chyna's lips curled away from the hard rubber ball that gagged her as she saw the gleeful expression on the face of the woman that had just whipped her. "If you behave and do exactly what we tell you to, then maybe we won't hurt you and your slut too much. And if you don't, then you'll just have to be punished!" Asya flourished the whip in her hand to emphasize. "But if you're real good then you might even get a reward!" Next to the small blonde, Midnight unzipped the red latex pants that she was wearing and then pushed them down her long, powerful legs and kicked them away. The black woman wore nothing beneath the shorts and her smooth shaven pussy was completely exposed. The pussy-lips were meaty and swollen with the big black woman's excitement. Unlike the other three WCW women Midnight was a thorough going dyke with a taste for domination. When the plan to kidnap and punish Chyna had been proposed by Madusa it had been Midnight's idea to humiliate and debase the two women sexually. She had argued that it would be a much more fitting punishment than the simple beating that Madusa had suggested but her real reason was because she yearned to get her hands on Chyna's magnificent body. The mere thought of forcing Chyna to lick her pussy out had Midnight more turned-on than any other fantasy she had. And now it was about to become reality. The extreme state of her arousal was obvious as liquid lust ran freely from her slit and making shining wet trails of down the dark skin of her powerful thighs. Asya crouched down behind Chyna and grasped the reddened asscheeks roughly in her strong hands, causing a sharp pain to run through the Ninth Wonder's body. She mauled the whip-marked globes for a minute before trailing her hand up to the harness that held the ball-gag in place. "What you're going to do now is you're going to suck her off, and your going to be a good little girl and do it nice 'cause if you even think about fighting or biting then I'll whip your cunt until you bleed! And then I'll do the same thing to Miss Kitty! Do you understand!" Chyna could do nothing but nod helplessly as the strong aroma of Midnight's pussy filled her senses. Asya unbuckled one of the straps, the one that ran over the top of Chyna's head, but before she did the other fastening Midnight jerked Chyna's head up by the hair and Asya slipped a thick leather collar around her neck. The musclebound blonde then finished releasing the ball-gag. The collar had a chain attached to the front of it like the leash of a dog and Asya handed it to the big black woman. Chyna opened and closed her mouth a few times to work her aching jaw as Midnight stepped over the length of chain so that it passed between her legs and she held it behind her. She gathered the chain up around her fist so that there was no slack between hand and collar. The towering amazon reached out with her free hand and stroked Chyna's long raven-black hair before twisting it in the silky locks. She paused momentarily to enjoy the anticipation of her dream coming true. She was going to force the most dominant woman in the history of wrestling to perform for her pleasure. She was going to rape the mouth of the Ninth Wonder of the World! Then Midnight jerked sharply on her handful of hair and the leash and pulled Chyna's face between her strong black legs. She looked down into the eyes of her captive enemy. "Okay bitch, suck!" Chyna obeyed, fuming helplessly inside at being forced to pleasure this WCW wannabe. She thrust her tongue between the smooth black lips of her sex and licked at the pinkness concealed within. Midnight began grinding her pelvis into Ninth Wonder's face, pulling her around by the collar and hair. The powerful scent and flavor of the black woman's cunt was almost intoxicating and as Chyna stabbed and licked with her skilful tongue she was aware that some part of her was enjoying sucking Midnight's cunt. The former Intercontinental Champion had always liked the taste of pussy and it seemed that even under these circumstances she still did. However the greater part was consumed with the futile rage as she was compelled to perform like some submissive slavegirl for these hated women. "Oh Yeaaaaahhhhh!" Midnight groaned as Chyna's expertise had her climbing toward orgasm with surprising speed. "Aaahhhhh! Suck it! Suck my CUNT Bitch!!" Behind Chyna Asya crouched down and began fondling her stinging asscheeks again, then she slid her hands up and around the enslaved amazon's sweaty torso to grope her magnificent breasts. The tiny blonde pressed her body firmly against Chyna's broad back, the studded leather digging into Chyna's hard flesh, and then leant her head in close as Chyna continued to service Midnight's pussy. "You've got great tits bitch," Asya hissed in Chyna's ear, "I wonder how they would like a taste of the whip?" The buff blonde chuckled as Chyna flinched from a particularly sharp twist of the nipples. "Or maybe we'll decorate them with a couple of rings? Would you like to have your nipples pierced? How about your clit? It'd go well with your little tattoo don't you think? I'd like to see that, all your charms pierced by gold rings, so if you don't want me to do it you better do exactly what we tell you to? Got it?" Chyna did her best to ignore the small bodybuilder's comments and increased the speed of her tongue in the black wrestler's pussy. Asya released her hold on Chyna's body and moved away from the pussy-licking amazon. Midnight humped her hips forward in a slow steady rhythm to meet the questing tongue and groaned once more as Chyna's mouth latched onto her sensitive clitoris. "Ooooh yeah! That's it slut, suck my clitty good!" Midnight licked her lips as she savored the sensations. "You like licking pussy don't you, bitch! Yo' just another white 'ho that loves to suck black pussy meat aren't you?" The muscular black woman looked down her hard, almost flat-chested body at Chyna's half concealed face buried between her thighs. "Yo' my pussy suckin' slave now huh, bitch? You like that slut? You like bein' my slave an' suckin' my hot cunt?" Chyna didn't answer as she concentrated on pleasuring Midnight's gushing pussy. She stabbed her tongue deeper into Midnight's sex and was startled by a bright flash of light. She opened her eyes and could just see Asya standing to one side of them with a digital camera held up before her face. "Yeah, that's it bitch. Get your tongue in there deep!" Asya said as she took another snapshot as Chyna glared at her. "Don't slow down you stupid little cunt! Keep lickin'!" Midnight snarled and jerked on the chain. Chyna buried her face into Midnight's pussy and did her best to ignore the flashes of the camera as Asya took picture after picture of her humiliation. In spite of herself she could not prevent her cheeks from flushing red as she thought of what those pictures might mean if she didn't manage to escape. Asya moved in close to Midnight's body and took several pictures down the black woman's hard abs of Chyna's pale face, the lower half concealed by Midnight's hairless pussy and framed by her dark and powerful thighs. The love-juice was almost pouring out of Midnight's hot slit and even though the camera was capturing every moment, Chyna used her tongue to alternately lap the spicy fluid from the weeping hole and then to fuck the big woman orally. Chyna knew when Midnight's climax was finally imminent as the powerful legs that pressed against either side of her face began to tremble so she slipped back up the length of the black woman's hairless sex to work on her clit once more. She sucked the fleshy pink nub into her mouth and gently tugged and chewed on it, driving the bodybuilder wild with pleasure. "AAAAaaaaaaahhhh!! Oooooaaaawww yyyeeeesssSSSSS!! YES!! AAAIIIIEEEEE!!!" Midnight cried out in pleasure as she came. The black amazon's massive thighs clamped painfully together and crushed Chyna's head as the orgasm ripped through her. Chyna drank down every drop of Midnight's spicy girl-cum as it squirted from the hot interior until the woman's spasming body broke away from her and Midnight staggered back, gasping for air in the aftermath of the most intense orgasm of her life. "ohh . . . uhh. . . fuhh . . . Fuck!" she exclaimed. Chyna licked the amazon's juices from her lips and restrained her anger as Asya captured the image on her camera. All she could do was wait for her next ordeal. She did not have to wait long as Asya put down the camera, stripped off the leather shorts and top that she wore and spread her thighs before the kneeling wrestler. Asya's breasts were surprisingly large, seeming smaller than they were because of the width of her chest, and her pussy-lips were smooth shaven except above her clit where there was a narrow delta of dark blonde pubic hair. The buff blonde was so short that Chyna's face was above the level of her crotch and she had to bow her head in order to lick at Asya's smooth slit, burying her nose in the furry mound. The inner lips of Asya's pussy were long, protruding almost half an inch from the plumper outer ones and Chyna sucked the sensitive flaps into her mouth before extending her tongue to the utmost in order to probe the entrance to Asya's vagina. Even before Chyna could start to work on Asya's clitoris the small bodybuilder pushed Chyna away from her so forcefully that the former Intercontinental Champion landed on her back on the ground with her hands still bound behind her and her legs bent double beneath her. "Uh uh. You ain't getting off that easy, slut!" She snarled before, with no further warning, the blonde lashed out with her foot and kicked Chyna in the cunt. "I owed you that one bitch!" Chyna grunted in pain but there wasn't all that much of it. Asya had struck with the top of her foot rather than the tip, connecting so low in the V of Chyna's crotch that much of the blow had been absorbed by her asscheeks. Still, Chyna would not forget anything when the time came to settle the account. * * * Midnight had recovered from her orgasm and she helped Asya to manipulate Chyna's bound but still powerful body. They forced her down onto her back and attached the collar around her neck to a ring set into the packed earth, ensuring that she couldn't rise. Then they unshackled the ankle bonds from one another and pulled Chyna's legs far apart, fastening the leather cuffs to another pair of rings. The Ninth Wonder of the World was pinned to the floor at her ankles and neck and with her arms still bound beneath her she was forced to push her heavy breasts up alluringly, leaving her body defenseless against the depredations of her captors. As Asya rummaged in the large carryall Midnight dropped down beside Chyna and slapped her palm down onto Chyna pussy. The hairless lips had been forced to part by the stretching of her limbs and the black woman grinned as she mauled the bruised flesh. "Guess what bitch, it's time for you to get raped!" Midnight laughed and jammed three fingers into Chyna's moist pussy. "But don' worry none 'cause although Asya's gonna get to fuck you first, Madusa'll get a turn an' Spice'll get a turn an' then I'm gonna have my turn too and I promise you I'm gonna give you the hardest fuckin' o' yo' entire life!" Midnight leaned down and kissed Chyna passionately on the lips. The white skinned amazon tried to twist her head away but the black woman grabbed her by the hair with her free hand and held her in place. Midnight moaned slightly as she pressed her long tongue into the back of Chyna's throat and enjoyed the faint flavors of pussy-juice, both Asya's and her own, in the Ninth Wonder's mouth. Then Midnight broke off the humiliating kiss and twisted her fingers sharply inside the bound woman's pussy, smirking at the grimace of hatred on Chyna's face. The helpless amazon looked away from the leering black woman and just caught sight of Asya as she finished strapping on the dildo that she had selected. The short blonde had her back to Chyna so it was a few seconds before the Ninth Wonder of the World saw what was to be her fate. She could not suppress a gasp of dismay as she saw that Asya had chosen one of the punishment toys. It was over 15-inches long and more than three inches thick. The mere size was no problem for Chyna but the tip of this dildo was not shaped to resemble a penis but instead ended in a ball of hard, short rubber spikes! Chyna's eye flicked between the monstrous dildo and the leering faces of the two bodybuilders and her hatred flared even greater than before. She flexed her muscles to test the strength of her bonds but realized that not only could she not break them, she didn't have the leverage to even make the attempt. Then Asya was kneeling down between Chyna's well spread thighs, the cruel dildo jutting from her hard crotch. The buff blonde pressed the studded head of her rubber cock against Chyna's smooth pussy, the spikes digging painfully into the soft flesh. Asya pushed harder and harder, putting the great power of her tiny body into her hips to apply steadily greater pressure. "Hold up," Midnight interrupted, "I want to get some pictures of this!" Chyna grimaced in pain, her lips curling back to reveal her gritted teeth as Asya resumed her powerful thrust accompanied by the flaring lights of the camera flash. She knew that she could not prevent the inevitable violation to come and that the harder she tried the more it would hurt so she forced herself to relax her powerful vaginal muscles, to offer herself to the invader willingly. Asya felt the slight shifting of Chyna's hips as she rotated them up to meet the cruel implement. "Oh yeah, you really want it don't you slut!" she said as the evil dildo stretched the entrance to Chyna's pussy. "You want my big spiky dick up your dirty little cunt!" Suddenly the blonde lunged forward with her full strength and drove the pain-inducing head of the dildo more than four inches into Chyna's vulnerable sex. "Nnnngh!" Chyna grunted in pain as the spikes tore at her sensitive membranes. It was more intensely painful than just about anything Chyna had ever experienced but with the added humiliation of her helplessness to make it feel even worse. This pint-sized copycat had abused and degraded her and now she was raping the bigger -- and better -- original. Asya pulled back with agonizing slowness and then pounded forward once more, now working the monstrous implement deeper into the defenseless pussy. Midnight leaned in close to capture the agony etched on Chyna's face. The black woman felt her pussy moistening once more at the incredibly stimulating sight. On the other side of the stables Madusa and Spice turned Miss Kitty around on her hands and knees so that she could see her mistress being raped even as she was herself being raped by Madusa. Miss Kitty sobbed as she watched her lover being defiled and the expression of pain on Chyna's face chilled her soul. Tears rolled down Kitty's cheeks as she wept for Chyna and wished that she could suffer in her place if it would spare her lover. Asya had forced her dildo all the way to Chyna's cervix and the studded head was banging painfully at the tight inner orifice. Chyna's entire body was covered with a sheen of fresh sweat and her fists were balled up tightly. The muscles on her magnificent body flexed and tensed in reaction to the agonizing pain that was whipsawing through her. Every instinct urged her to resist the intrusion, to clamp down and deny it passage inside her, but Chyna understood that that was the wrong thing to do and would only make her pain much, much worse. The effort to override her instinct and keep herself open to her vindictive rapist was the hardest thing that Chyna could remember doing, but she forced herself to endure. But not even Chyna's great resolve could prevent her from crying out when the studded cockhead tore through her cervix and powered into her womb. Her breaths came in great gasps that made her glorious breasts bounce on her muscular chest as Asya set to womb-fucking the Ninth Wonder of the World with the evil dildo. Being cervically penetrated was nothing new to Chyna and it was always painful but never before had it been anything like this excruciating, the spikes pushing the experience to new levels of agony. Midnight's lust for Chyna's perfect body overwhelmed her and she dropped the camera to the floor so that she could grasp Chyna's bouncing mammaries and cup them in her strong hands. Chyna didn't even notice what the black woman was doing through the haze of pain caused but the brutal reaming of her pussy until Midnight latched onto one of the stiff nipples with her mouth. The bodybuilder bit down hard on the teat, sucking and chewing on the nipple painfully before switching to the other breast, using her strong fingers to pinch the sore teat that she had just brutalized. The torment of her nipples was almost a relief to Chyna as it was something that she was very familiar with. In fact it was something she normally found enjoyable so she concentrated on the sensation of the black woman's mouth and teeth on her tits to distract her from the terrible pain of her rape, allowing the endorphins released by the perverted pleasure to subvert the agony into something she could almost enjoy. To add to that she filled her mind with visions of the agonizing abuses she would put these second-rate WCW women through in retribution for this assault upon her! As she concentrated on the pleasure and the fantasies she constructed she fooled her body into compliance so that it began to react naturally to the very unnatural phallus. Her pussy stopped trying to override her mental control to clamp down on the intruder and even started to lubricate once more, easing the passage of the spiked dildo as it plowed her womb. Despite her every effort though the pain still remained much greater than the pleasure but it was now a pain that Chyna could manage and this torture that Asya and Midnight had hoped to break Chyna with was no more than an annoyance, enraging more than it humiliated the Ninth Wonder of the World. Eventually, after more than twenty minutes of brutal pounding the tiny blonde began to tire. She was breathing heavily and sweat dripped from her hard body onto the amazon below her. Without any warning of her intention Asya slammed her dildo with the most powerful thrust she had yet delivered and causing Chyna breasts to bounce heavily in response. Then, equally suddenly, she just withdrew the great length and left Chyna's pussy feeling empty and abused, as the tiny blonde intended for it to feel. However, Chyna's pussy did not remain vacant for long as Madusa made her way over from where Spice was now taking another turn at abusing Miss Kitty, forcing her slimy dildo into Kitty's receptive pussy once more. The tall blonde knelt between Chyna's wide-spread thighs and rubbed the tip of her strap-on against the muscular captive's clitoris. As she stared down at the phenomenal physique of the woman below her Madusa remembered a time when she had been the most popular woman in wrestling. She had been the WWF Women's Champion under the name of Alundra Blayze until she had been seduced by promises of even greater fame and fortune in WCW only to watch her career disappear almost overnight. She should have been the one to get the push to the top that Chyna had received, she should have all the money and the titles and the accolades but instead she would only be remembered as a footnote in the record books. Madusa snarled as her resentment and spite flared within her and she stabbed the full length of her foot-long dildo all the way into Chyna's defenseless body. Chyna's slick pussy had no difficulty in accommodating the sizeable shaft because as big as it was it was significantly smaller than the implement of torture that Asya had used. However the studded dildo had thoroughly tenderized her membranes and the hard rubber penis sawed painfully over them. Madusa hunched down slightly, spreading her arms wider and lowering her huge breasts down onto Chyna's fleshy orbs. The firm, sweaty globes rubbed together as Madusa resumed her thrusting and the tall blonde looked down and snarled as she realized that although her tits were bigger, Chyna's were better. "You bitch!" Madusa hissed and began slamming her hips into Chyna's thighs with all the force she could muster. As Madusa hammered away at Chyna's cunt Asya grasped the helpless amazon's head. Chyna opened her eyes just in time to see the buff blonde's oozing pussy descend upon her. Asya had not yet cum and she thrust her sweaty crotch into Chyna's face, cramming her smooth pussy-lips against the amazon's mouth and forcing the Ninth Wonder of the World to orally service her, eager to achieve orgasmic release. Asya's pussy had a strong taste of leather from the dildo harness but despite that the juices that issued from the buff blonde's slit didn't taste as overpowering as Midnight's spicy cunt, creamier and milder as Chyna set to work. Chyna ignored the abuse that her tender pussy was receiving as best she could and concentrated on the hot wet flesh of Asya's sex, twirling her expert tongue over the meaty folds and teasing the most sensitive spots, her clit, urethra and the entrance of her vagina. In less than five minutes the former Intercontinental Champion had her pint-sized copycat panting and twitching with imminent orgasm. The buff blonde grasped Chyna's raven locks in both hands and pulled the helpless amazon's face deep into her crotch. She just ground her pussy up and down Chyna's face with great force, mashing her cunt into her mouth, until Asya finally shrieked with her explosive climax. She squirted several spurts of girl-cum into Chyna's mouth as her muscular frame spasmed with the rolling waves of pleasure that washed over her. Eventually the orgasm subsided and Asya collapsed forward panting for breath. Without the oral duties demanded of her Chyna no longer had a distraction from her rape and she was intensely aware of every thrust of Madusa's faux cock. As she continued to hammer away at Chyna's aching pussy Madusa bowed her head down so that she could bite the bound amazon's stiff and reddened nipples. Chyna uttered a faint moan as the well-stacked blonde chewed on her teats and fucked her mercilessly Once Madusa grew weary of thrusting her rubber cock into the tight embrace of Chyna's well-conditioned and much abused cunt it was Spice's turn to fuck the Ninth Wonder of the World. As the Nitro Girl positioned herself to rape Chyna, Madusa went across to the bag of toys and rummaged around inside it. Spice was working the hard black head of her fake cock up and down the wet slit of Chyna's hairless lips, smearing Miss Kitty's pussy juices over the wet flesh, when the blonde returned with what looked like a short length of chain that was almost as thin as a woman's necklace. At each end of the shimmering chain was small loop of metal. Chyna recognized it immediately and frowned with faint trepidation. Madusa pinched one of the amazon's hard nipples and slipped the eyelet over the nub of flesh and then tightened it until the metal bit into her sensitive tit-meat. The blonde then pulled the short length of chain across Chyna's broad chest so that she could fasten the second loop to her other nipple. Chyna grimaced slightly as Madusa let go of her magnificent globes and the heavy orbs tried to fall away from each other with the pull of gravity. The chain was too short for her breasts to separate and her tender teats were pulled painfully. After watching the restraining of Chyna's breasts, the little redhead wasted no time in thrusting her strap-on into Chyna's pussy, driving in and out with a fast rabbit-like rhythm. The Nitro girl again reveled in the feeling of power that she felt as she now fucked her first victim's lover, a woman almost twice her size and who could rip Spice in half if she weren't tied down. The tenderized membranes of Chyna's sex made every movement inside her exquisitely painful as the maniacally grinning Spice tried to fuck her faster and faster. Each jostle of her breasts as she rocked with the impact of the smaller woman's hips caused a sharp pain in her nipples. "Hey! Madusa!" Midnight shouted across the stable, "Pull the bitch's head up. I want her to see what I'm about to do to her girlfriend!" Madusa grinned wickedly and grabbed Chyna's hair in both hands and viciously hauled her head up as far from the floor as the collar would allow. She could just see the trio of Midnight, Miss Kitty and Asya around the side of her left breast. Miss Kitty was on her hands and knees, her wrists now fastened together in front of her, with Asya kneeling by her head and holding her shoulders firmly. Standing behind Kitty was the massive black amazon and around her muscular waist was strapped a truly massive dildo. It was of black rubber like most of Chyna's toys and jutted out by more than 16-inches from Midnight's muscular groin. There were longer toys in Chyna's collection but this one was by far the thickest at more than 4-inches in diameter! Midnight sneered at Chyna as she positioned herself behind Miss Kitty's upturned and defenseless rump. The black woman pretended to masturbate her huge cock, but it was so big that even Midnight large hand could not wrap more than halfway around the great shaft. Asya held Kitty in place as Midnight massaged the giant head of her strap-on against the vulnerable nether-lips. Then she grabbed Kitty's waist with both hands and dragged her body back at the same moment as she jerked her hips forward and brutally impaled Miss Kitty on the full solid shaft. "AAAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!" Kitty screamed in agony at the sudden stretching of her sex. Even though she had been well fucked already this day, nothing could have prepared her for the suddenness and size of her violation. Midnight dragged the rubber dick slowly out of Miss Kitty with a loud slurping noise. The black cock shone wetly and dripped with the copious pussy juices that had enabled the tiny woman to take the punishing dildo without injury. The black muscle-woman slammed her dick back into the little white girl and prompted another lusty scream. Miss Kitty instinctively tried to spread her legs a little wider to lessen the pain as Midnight set into fucking her in earnest, each pounding thrust accompanied by another scream from her victim. "Oh yeah! Now your little bitch knows what it means to get a REAL fuckin'!" Midnight laughed as she continued to hammer away. Chyna's view of her lover's suffering was ended abruptly when Madusa dropped her head back to the hard earth and sat on her face. Chyna lapped and sucked at Madusa's furry cunt and tried to blot out the sounds of Miss Kitty's screams. Eventually the screaming stopped and Chyna could her the panting whimpers that meant that Kitty was about to cum. As soon as Miss Kitty came Chyna heard Midnight pull the massive black shaft from the tightly gripping hole and walk across to where the duo of Spice and Madusa were still abusing the Ninth Wonder's magnificent body. "Your little slut sure does scream when she cums, don't she bitch?" Midnight asked, even though Madusa's meaty thighs muffled Chyna's hearing. "D'you scream as good? 'Cause I aim to find out!" Spice pulled out of Chyna's cunt and scuttled out of the way so that Midnight could do whatever she wished. "Now it's your turn to get fucked by your black mistress. But I reckon that a dirty lil' whore like you wouldn' have no problem takin' my big black dick!" Midnight sneered. "The number of men she must have fucked to get to where she is in the WWF I reckon her cunt must be completely stretched out already!" Said Madusa breathlessly, who, unlike Chyna, had fucked and sucked most of the front office in both the WWF and WCW. "Roll the bitch over, I'm gonna do her in the ass!" Midnight growled, gripping the huge dildo that she had strapped to her groin. Madusa climbed off Chyna's face and with Spice's help they released Chyna's bonds from the rings in the ground and turned her over so that she was lying on her full, and chained, breasts. Then they held the raven-haired amazon's legs wide apart so that she was completely vulnerable to Midnight's intentions. "Hey Kitty," Midnight called across to where Miss Kitty was being smothered by the lust-crazed Asya, "Don't you want to see your girlfriend take my big dick up the ass?" The big black woman reached down and groped one of Chyna's magnificent asscheeks, their perfection marred only by the red stripes inflicted by Asya's whip. "You damn sure got a sweet ass! I think your tight little asshole needs to know the joy of havin' my cock shoved up it!" Strong fingers delved down into the crevice of Chyna's ass and probed at the tight hole between. Midnight jabbed one digit stiffly into Chyna's ringpiece, causing the debased wrestler to grimace in anticipation of the ordeal to come. "Ordinarily I'd shove this big dick up yo' tight white ass and not give a damn how bad it hurt you, but since you did a good job o' suckin' my pussy I'll lubricate you up a little an' make it easy on you." Chyna heard the pop of a cap behind her and then gasped instinctively as a cold nozzle was jammed into her ass. She felt a thick oily substance being squeezed inside of her and then the tube withdrew. Immediately Midnight forced two fingers into Chyna's ass and fucked them in and out a couple of times, spreading the lubricant around and smearing it over the puckered entrance before pulling them back out. "That should be enough. I wouldn't want to make it too easy on you, bitch!" Midnight's strong hands pulled Chyna's muscular buttocks as far apart as she could and she thrust her big strap-on between them. The head, slimy with Kitty's pussy-juices, pressed against Chyna's asshole and Midnight released her hold of one cheek so that she could feed the dildo into the tight orifice with her hand. She thrust her hips forward and Chyna grunted as the hard black rubber stretched her hole. She knew that just as with her previous vaginal rapes, if she tried to fight the penetration then it would only hurt even more so she forced her sphincter to relax and jerked her hips up slightly to give the black woman better access and make the ordeal easier on herself. "Oh yeah! You're hot for it aren't you, slut!" For a moment it seemed that the dildo would be too big as Chyna's asshole stretched wide, but the thick cockhead still couldn't penetrate. Then, after a particularly vicious thrust, the huge head of the strap-on popped through Chyna's sphincter and disappeared into her rectum. Chyna grunted and grimaced in pain as the black woman jabbed her dildo forward and stretched her bowels with the huge rubber implement. The powerful thrust that had pierced her ass drove the massive shaft 6-inches in Chyna's body. Midnight gave another huge thrust and forced another 3-inches into her bound victim's defenseless rectum. The lubrication and Kitty's pussy juice was barely sufficient to ease the passage of the gigantic dildo and Chyna was reliant on her own superb conditioning and capabilities to protect her from injury. The musclebound black woman lunged forward again and again until the full 16-inches were buried in the humiliated wrestler's tight ass. Her whip-marked butt cheeks were pressed against his the base of the strap-on and she could just feel the smooth black skin above the harness. Then the huge dildo withdrew slowly and deliberately, allowing Chyna to fully experience the sensation of her bowels being vacated by the intruder. Once all but the head had been pulled out Midnight gripped Chyna's powerful shoulders in her strong hands and pushed her way back inside. Chyna concentrated on not resisting her anal violation, allowing the rubber cock to plunge easily in and out of her well-stretched ass as the black amazon began to fuck her forcefully. The pain of the abuse was not significant to Chyna, she had taken and enjoyed larger penetrations, but the humiliation of having her ass raped by this second-rate wannabe was as much as she could endure. The black woman's crotch slapped loudly and painfully against the white woman's whipped ass cheeks with each stroke. Chyna grunted with each punishing thrust until her head was yanked up from the floor by her raven-black hair. She opened her eyes and saw the damp furriness of Madusa's pussy before her once more. The Ninth Wonder of the World needed no instruction and obediently set to work on the tall blonde's cunt. The dark-skinned amazon's stamina was great and she pounded away at Chyna's glorious ass for almost twenty minutes. Every time Chyna succeeded in bringing off the woman before her another one of her tormentors immediately replaced the orgasmed woman. Her tongue and jaw ached from the constant oral service she was forced to perform on the other three WCW women. Normally cunnilingus was something that she could sustain for hours but after several hours of unconsciousness with a ball-gag in her mouth her endurance was not up to her usual standard. Asya, Spice and Madusa all used her face in quick succession before going back to play with Miss Kitty, who had been hogtied by the short, blonde Asya. Each of them tried to find new and more inventive ways to penetrate Chyna's bound lover. After another ten minutes of brutal butt-fucking, Chyna was servicing Spice when she suddenly felt something cold and hard nudge against the sensitive skin of her inner thigh. Whatever it was was large and rounded and it made its way up to Chyna's vulnerable pussy, slipping beneath Midnight's pounding thighs. "Roll the bitch over" Chyna heard Asya's voice. Spice and Midnight complied and, simply dragging her up and over without breaking their individual holds on her. Instead of lying on her belly with Midnight above her and Spice's pussy in her face the raven-haired amazon was now lying back-to-belly on Midnight's hard body with the massive dildo still impaled in her ass and the redheaded Nitro Girl sitting on her face. At Asya's command Spice reluctantly pulled her wet cunt off Chyna's pleasure-giving tongue and stood up. Chyna could now see the short bodybuilder and she could also see what looked like an extra-large baseball bat in her hand. It was as long as a regular bat but much thicker and made of solid, polished wood. "You still not cum yet bitch?" She said as she nudged the hard tip of the bat against Chyna's smooth and reddened pussy-lips. "I guess those dildos just aren't big enough for a slutty little whore like you!" Asya ground the baseball bat's head harder into Chyna's slit. "Maybe this will be enough to satisfy you!" Chyna grunted as Asya put her strength behind another thrust, this time a thrust that didn't end as the oversized bat forced its way into her well-stretched sex, painfully pressing against the massive rubber cock in her ass through the thin dividing membrane. Asya jerked the thick bat in and out of Chyna's cunt as she strived to force it deeper into the raven-haired amazon. Unlike a penis or dildo it was one solid and unbending column which forced the channel of her vagina to straighten around the violating pole. The unyielding shaft in her pussy made her anal rape even more painful as her insides were locked into position and the strap-on drove into a narrow gap between her spine and the impaling bat. Finally Asya breached the cervix and pounded the oversized bat into the roof of her womb, eliciting a pained but muted cry from Chyna. The three women then entertained themselves with Chyna's magnificent and enslaved body. Midnight continued to slam her powerful hips into Chyna's whip-marked ass-cheeks, driving the monstrous dildo deep into the WWF wrestler's bowels, as Spice rode her tongue and Asya drove the thick wooden bat in and out of Chyna's tender pussy. The blonde bodybuilder timed her thrusts carefully so as to ensure that she was pushing the hard shaft of wood into Chyna's cunt at the same time as Midnight was withdrawing her huge strap-on, thereby maximizing the agonizing effect through the thin separating membrane of the double penetration. Spice eventually orgasmed yet again and Madusa replaced her once more. Miss Kitty was no longer being abused as Madusa and Spice needed the time to recover between each turn on Chyna's talented tongue. Instead they just played and pinched at her body while they forced her to watch the massive double-reaming that her mistress was enduring. Eventually Asya's arm tired of forcing the giant bat in and out of Chyna's cunt so she put all of her strength into one final thrust and drove it as deep as she could into Chyna's aching womb, forcing the roof of it to stretch in order for the Ninth Wonder of the World to accommodate it all. Midnight rolled Chyna over onto her belly without withdrawing her huge strap-on and with the giant bat still protruding obscenely from Chyna's stretched out slit. Spice slotted herself under the bound woman and wrapped her slender thighs around Chyna's head, pulling her face into the Nitro Girl's demanding pussy. The big black amazon began pounding her hips into Chyna's asscheeks once more, slamming her black skin into the reddened white meat of Chyna's magnificent butt. Midnight ground her crotch into Chyna's ass with each thrust so that she could rub the base of the massive dildo against the hood of her swollen clit and when she drew back the leather straps that held it in place chafed roughly against the exposed nub of flesh. It was even better than Midnight had dreamt of. Chyna was utterly helpless as she raped her ass. The bodybuilder fell forward onto Chyna's powerful back and she reached around to grasp Chyna's big, squashed breasts as she increased the speed of her thrusts, stimulating herself almost painfully with the friction. Within minutes the black women was screaming with orgasmic release. "OH YEAAAAAHHH! I'm cummmiinnnnggg!!! BITCHHuuhhn! I'm rapin' yo' ass and I LOVE IT!! The black woman's words acted as a spur to Spice who cried out as her own orgasm came upon her. The redhead had lost count of how many times she had cum so far and she didn't care. Her energy seemed to be boundless and the more she came the more she craved. If she had known what it could be like to have sex with another woman she would have tried it years ago. She wasn't sure if she could go down on a woman herself but if she could get orgasms like this then she would be willing to make the sacrifice! It felt as though her whole body was exploding and flying at the same time. Midnight's climax was even more powerful than Spice's, though the redhead would have found that hard to believe. For the black musclewoman the humiliation of Chyna marked the culmination of her dreams. The one woman in wrestling who was bigger and stronger than Midnight had been reduced to the black woman's powerless butt-slut! Midnight roared with pleasure as she ground the base of her 16-inch dildo into Chyna's ass, her eyes fixated on the tattoo on the white woman's muscular shoulder, keeping who it was she had just raped firmly in the forefront of her mind as she extracted the last possible wave of orgasmic pleasure from the experience. The huge black woman collapsed wearily as her climax passed, her heavy sweat-streaked body bearing down on Chyna's slippery back and forcing the white amazon's face to stay buried in Spice's still convulsing pussy. * * * The panting Midnight gradually recovered from her intense orgasm and hauled herself up on her powerful arms. She pulled the huge phallus slowly from Chyna's reamed out orifice, looking down and enjoying the sight of the Ninth Wonder's tightly gripping sphincter being tugged by the withdrawal. It looked almost as if her ass was trying to suck the giant dick back inside and that thought made Midnight grin wickedly. Spice dragged herself away to recover from her seemingly relentless string of orgasms and Chyna was left lying alone on the stable's floor. The four WCW women stood around the despoiled wrestler and enjoyed the sight of her violated body. The sun was just beginning to set and it cast its light through the high window above the main doors, bathing Chyna's glistening body in its warm golden glow. Her muscles shone as she breathed deeply and heavily, trying to ignore the aching void in her ass and the hard and unyielding fullness of the oversized bat that still occupied her pussy. The Ninth Wonder of the World looked just as used and abused as she was; the black leather cuffs contrasting sharply with her pale skin above the red marks of Asya's whip on her ass, the giant bat stretching her pussy-lips wide as it protruded obscenely from between her wide-spread legs and her face wet with the juices of her abusers. Madusa looked at the humiliated amazon and felt a deep satisfaction that the great and mighty Chyna had been brought low, but it still wasn't enough to still the hatred and vindictiveness in her heart. Even though Chyna had been dominated and fucked, she still looked magnificent and the fire in her eyes was undimmed as she looked up at the women that had raped her. Madusa had the camera in her hands and after taking a few shots of Chyna she turned her head so that she could get some of Miss Kitty's small and hogtied body. Asya and Madusa had crammed three strap-on dildos into her holes and then used the fastenings to secure them in place. She looked almost comical, but still intensely arousing, with a thick black dildo crammed into her mouth and the leather straps wrapped around her head so that she couldn't spit it out. The busty blonde turned her attention back to Chyna, where the huge bat was beginning to slide out of the much-abused vagina as child-bearing muscles sought to expel the intruder. "What do you reckon Asya," Madusa said as she lowered the camera, "Do you think that it is time to introduce these bitches to your little pets?" The small bodybuilder's answering grin was wicked. The other three women's grins were no less evil as they were filled with anticipation for the next stage in their plan to humiliate the Ninth Wonder of the World and her diminutive lover. * * *. TO BE CONTINUED ____________________________ If you have any comments or suggestions, then you can contact me at- [email protected] ____________________________

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