One Passionate Night With Chyna

this story involves Chyna, and contains consensual MF, oral, anal, straight sex, and tit-fuck One Passionate Night With Chyna by James Monroe ([email protected]) I've always had a tremendous crush on WWF superstar Chyna. Even when she first came to the WWF, and didn't have "mainstream" beauty, I was attracted to her. The subsequent breast implants, cosmetic surgery, and tight revealing outfits only served to amplify that attraction tenfold. So when I learned that she'd be visiting WWF New York on the same night I'd be visiting the Big Apple, I knew I had to take the opportunity to meet the woman of my dreams. On the plane ride to N.Y.C., the only thing on my mind, for the most part, was Chyna. I kept rehearsing what I'd say if and when I met her. I decided that I'd tell her about my crush on her, for one. I knew she'd probably heard it from a hundred other guys, but this was my crush, dammit! I also wanted to thank her for putting out her workout video. The driving force behind me buying it was to see her sweating and working out, but I also wanted to use it to lose some weight and get into shape, and that's exactly what I did! Using the exercises in the video, I lost over 60 lbs. of fat and replaced it with muscle. I owed my health to Chyna, and I wanted her to know it. As the plane landed in N.Y.C., I thought about how great it'd be if I could lose my virginity to Chyna. It was one of my biggest fantasies. I wondered to myself if I'd be able to keep up with her. I had no way of know that by that time the next day, I'd have found out. My plane touched down in New York at around 1:00 PM. The day passed quickly as I counted down the hours until I was to arrive at the WWF nightclub. I had planned to arrive after the bigger WWF stars got there. In addition to Chyna, Kane, Shawn Michaels, and WWF champ Chris Benoit were all scheduled to appear, not to mention a very special lecture by Hulk Hogen entitled "Signs that it's time to hang up your tights." Once the main eventers arrived, the fans would clamor to them, leaving Chyna all to me. At around 9:30 PM, the main eventers arrived, and as I predicted, the fans abandoned the mid-carders and went to them. A couple of the mid-carders packed up and left right then. Chyna, however, remained at her post. This was it, the opportunity I had been waiting for. As I started heading to her table, I realized that all the planning and preparation for this moment, all the simulations that I'd run through my mind, were all for nought. Every microscopic detail of my plan to act normal had fallen like the Berlin Wall the second I saw her gorgeous face. She was ten times sexier and better looking in person then she was on TV. "SHIT!" I thought as I realized that I had to stop for a moment to recompose myself. However, much to my chagrin, I found that I'd been so preoccupied with trying to remember how to act, that I'd just kept on walking towards Chyna, and had already reached my destination. It was to late to turn back now. I had to do what I had come to do. Unfortunately for me, before I could formulate a game plan, our eyes met. And at that point, all hell broke loose in my brain. She smiled at me (which only served to amplify the anarchy-ridden state my mind was in) and said, in her soft, sexy voice, "Hi, what can I do for you?" All I could do was make incoherent noises and look like a dumbass. What was left of my mind put every ounce of effort into thinking of something that sounded intelligent so I try to impress her. What came out was something else all together. "uh,...I, I...uh, you." The words reverberated through my mind as I realized just what I had said. 'SWEET MERCIFUL CRAP!!!' I thought. With a horrified expression on my face, I looked to Chyna to face the repercussions of my stupidity. But, much to my surprise, she just smiled and let out a rather girlish giggle. "Is that so?" she said kiddingly. "W-well....Uh, n-no, not really." I started. "What I meant was that I have a really big crush on you, I think you're absolutely gorgeous. I know you get this all the time from other guys, but I want you to know how I feel." I tried to swallow, but I found that I had absolutely no spit whatsoever. I also felt sick to my stomach. Chyna smiled, which made me feel a little better, and replied "Actually, I've never had a fan come up to me and tell me he had a crush on me like you just did, they're usually too intimidated." "Well, I figured I didn't have anything to lose, It's not like I'll get to meet you at another WWF event in person like this again." "Yeah, you sure got that right." She said in a glum tone. "What's wrong?" I asked. Chyna sighed. "The WWF isn't going to renew my contract." She told me. "What?! But...but..." "They said I was asking for to much money." She said somberly. 'Crap' I thought 'Way to go David, you jackass, you just made her sad, that's a GREAT impression to make on the woman of your dreams.' "Oh, I'm so sorry, I had no idea..." Chyna cut me off again "It's okay, you had no way of knowing." Quickly, I tried to do a little "damage control." "Is there anything I can do for you?" I asked. Chyna gave me a very peculiar look. "Excuse me?" she said, rather confused. "Is there anything I can do for you?" I repeated. Then, Chyna got a look on her face that suggested that she was genuinely touched. "I've never known a fan to care about my feelings like that." she said softly. "Well, like I told you," I said, blushing and scratching my head nervously "I really like you, and I feel bad about bringing you down." Chyna cocked her head, then told me "You know, there is something you can do." she pulled another chair over to her, then motioned for me to sit. "keep me company." I damn near fainted. Nervously, I sat down. "I still have to stay here for another half-hour, but no one's going to come here. They're all over with the other guys." It's funny, I had come to New York with a primary objective of seeing Chyna, maybe getting an autograph, and if I was really lucky, possibly being able to tell her of my weight loss. But this, THIS was far more then I could have hoped for. I was about to engage in at least a half-hour's worth of conversation with the woman who, more then any other, was responsible for some of the best masturbatory moments of my life! Her Playboy spread alone gave me countless orgasms, and made me shoot more cum then any other woman. By all rights it should have been the single greatest moment of my life, but I was to nervous to enjoy it. I could feel myself trembling, and Chyna must have noticed as well. "Sheesh man, calm down." She said as she rubbed my shoulders a bit. "You can talk to me. Go ahead ask me something." I had wondered many, many times what I'd ask Chyna if I ever got the opportunity, and now the opportunity was there, but my brain was a no-go. "Uhhh...I got nothing." I said flatly. Chyna laughed, which actually instilled a little bit of confidante in me. "OK, I'll start, I never got your name, what is it?" "David." "You live here in New York?" She asked. "Uh, no. I live in Washington." I responded. "Oh, so why are you here in New York, are you on a vacation?" "Yeah, and I planned it to coincide with your visit to WWF New York." I said. "Oh really, that's sweet. What is it about me you find so attractive.?" She asked with a mix of curiosity and mischief. This made me kind of nervous, but I went ahead and told her. "What do I find so attractive about you? Just about everything. You're kind of like, uh...the holy grail of womanhood to me." That statement must have made a good impression, as she let loose a big smile. I continued. "You're beautiful in every way, your eyes, lips, face, hair, your personality, all very, very attractive to me. Put bluntly, you're just a very, very attractive woman." "Thanks a lot. You're pretty good-looking yourself, you know." Now I'd heard everything. My dream woman just said that I was attractive! "You really think I'm good-looking?" I needed confirmation on that one. "Good-looking, hell, you're pretty damn sexy if you ask me." "Wow, thanks. You know, you're the reason I look so sexy." "I am?" she asked. "Absoulutly. It was your workout video. I bought it mainly to see you working out and sweating in form-fitting clothes." Chyna giggled. "But I also used it to get into shape, and I shed 60 lbs. of fat and replaced it with muscle, all thanks to you." I proudly stated. "Really? Wow, that's great!" Chyna leaned over and hugged me, much to my surprise. As she hugged me I got a good whiff of her perfume, and was overcome by desire, desire to leave the room with her, and rip her clothes off, as well as my own. But I had to think straight. I couldn't let my mind wander, not now. "Hey Chyna!" A man suddenly said. She turned her head to him to respond, though her body, more specificly her breasts, were still pointing towards me. I simply could not resist. My eyes shot towards her beautiful tits. They consumed the full of my attention, at that point, everything else ceased to exist to me. The slight chill in the room presented caused her erect nipples to poke out from her halter top (a very low-cut halter top. I might add), at that point I wanted nothing more then to touch them. The desire was just overwhelming as I... "You want to take a picture of them?" Chyna's voice snapped me coldly back to reality. "OH SHIT!" I exclaimed. I started to try and justify what I had just done "........." There was no justification. I got caught red-handed, and now I had to face the consequences. Chyna just looked at me for a moment, then said omething that surprised me. "It's okay, I understand." "What, you do?" "Yeah, I know I'm 'big and voluptuous'" she said in a kidding tone of voice. "I turned away and you looked, it's no big deal." I breathed a sigh of relief..."You want to touch them?"...and then promptly tensed up again. "W-what!? Touch you b-breasts?!" "Yeah, I mean I know you want to." she was damn right on that count "So go ahead." Before I could really respond she had already taken my hand and placed it on her cleavage. It was simply wonderful, my hand ran across her smooth skin and slipped under her top to feel her firm nipples. Upon reflection, I now believe that I may have broken the world's record for fastest hard-on. She moaned her approval. I could hardly believe it, I was making Chyna hot! Suddenly, she took my hand out of her top. "That guy who just came by here told me I could pack up and go any time I wanted, why don't we go back up to my hotel room." I simply couldn't believe what I had heard. Desperately, I tried to say yes, I finally succeed in uttering the one word that would act as my one-way pass to pleasure-ville. "Y-y-yeah, let's go!" During the ride to her hotel, Chyna, for the most part, stayed silent. "Are you nervous?" She finally asked, breaking the silence. I couldn't lie to her. "Yes, yes I am." Chyna looked at me for a moment, then spoke up again. "David, are you a virgin?" "Yeah, you don't mind the inexperience, do you?" "No, don't worry about it, it's okay, I'm usually kinda kinky when it comes to sex, but I'll go easy on you." "No," I objected. "I've been wanting to have you for so long now, if we're going to have sex, I want all of you, don't hold anything back." "Okay," She said with a seductive smile "I can see I'm going to have fun with you." After a few more moments the limo pulled into her hotel. She quickly checked us in and lead me up to her room. My heart was pounding harder with every beat as I entered her room first. I looked around, taking in everything I saw, when I heard the door slam shut and latch behind me. I turned around to see a very lustful Chyna looking back at me. "Are you ready?" I gulped nervously, but tried to at least feign confidence. "Yeah, I am." it didn't come out as well as I had hoped. Chyna just smiled at my attempt to look cool and suave, and pulled up a chair, then pushed me down onto it. "You want me, don't you?" "More then anything!" I sounded like a complete jack-ass on that one. But she just chuckled a bit, and continued. "Good, because you want to know something?" Chyna asked as she kissed me gently on the lips. "I want you to. I want to fuck you." She grabbed my pants-covered crotch, which got a yelp of surprise and pleasure from me. She continued. "I want to suck your rock-hard cock until you cum in my mouth. I want you to ram your dick into my ass." That little bit of dirty talk had my prick standing at attention, Chyna moved away from me and took off her boots, followed by her top, exposing her luscious breasts to me. Finally, she removed her bottom, standing before me completely naked. Slowly, she moved over towards me. My heart felt like it was about to jump right out of my chest it was beating so hard. She bent over slightly, her soft breasts brushing across my face. Then, she moved her mouth to mine and, tongue first, kissed me. I put my trembling hands on her soft skin, caressing her breasts. Chyna's hands were busy as well, moving down my chest, to my stomach, to under my shirt. She pulled away from kissing me for a moment to take of my shirt slowly. With it off, she went down to her knees and proceeded to remove my pants. I could hardly contain myself, I was only one article of clothing away from being naked with Chyna! My stiff dick pressed hard against the fabric of my boxers. Chyna stood back up and began kissing and licking my chest, her tongue circling my nipples just like a man would to her. I couldn't help but let out a moan of pleasure. She then went over to a table and came back with a bottle of flavored lotion. "I think this will make the whole experience better for both of us, don't you?" She said seductively. She handed it to me and motioned for me to open it. As I did, Chyna straddled ny legs and smiled at me as she looked at my throbbing dick. I took a whiff of the lotion. Cherry. She took the bottle from me and squeezed some of it's contents into her hand. With another smile, she started to slowly rub the lotion into my pubic area, first into the area around my dick, then to my nutsack, and finally, she lovingly rubbed it into my hard cock. I gasped as I felt her hand work it's way over and around my shaft. I'd been wanting this for so long, and now it was actually happening. It almost seemed surreal. Chyna was careful not to overstimulate my sensitive dick. "I don't want you to cum just yet." She told me. With the tip of her tongue, she started licking my shaft and kissing it. I put my head back and let out a slight moan, it was the single greatest feeling I'd ever had in my 22 plus years of existence. And the best part of it was, I knew that this was only the very tip of the iceberg! She moved on to my balls and put them in her mouth, gently sucking on them. She then pulled away from me and laid down belly-first on the floor and motioned for me to join her. When I did, she handed me the bottle of lotion. "I think you know what to do with this. Don't be stingy with it, I have several more in case you run out." I turned the bottle upside down and poured a bit of lotion on her. Then I thought about what she said about not being stingy, so I went ahead and put a generous portion on her. "Yeah, there you go." She sighed. I began massaging the lotion into her back, moving up towards her muscular shoulders. I moved on to the lower half of her body, first doing her shapely legs, then, finally, I rubbed the lotion into her tight ass. I probably spent more time there then was necessary, but can you blame me? I stood up to admire her. Chyna's body now glistened as the room's lighting reflected off the slick lotion covering her body. "I need another bottle, I used all of this one up." I told her. "No problem, I'll get another one. While I'm doing that, would you go over to that closet over there and get me a large towel to lay on?" "Of course." I did as she asked, laying the biggest towel I could find on the floor so that the lotion covering her back wouldn't catch any hairs in the floor. Chyna returned with another bottle of lotion and laid down again, on her back this time. "Nice view from here." She quipped as she stared at my crotch "Feeling's mutual." I responded as I gazed upon her. I popped open the second bottle and stood over her, then I turned the bottle up-side down and slowly poured the lotion all over her tits. I put the bottle down and straddled her stomach as I began rubbing her breasts. Chyna started to moan softly as I rubbed her erect nipples. She took my dick and squooze the shaft between her thumb and index fingers, causing some pre-cum to escape my cock. She smiled as she put it to her finger and then to her tongue. "Mmmmmmm, I can't wait for the main course." Chyna's hand went to the back of me head and guided my face to her breasts. "Suck my tits David, suck 'em hard!" She demanded. My mouth fell to her soft nipples, almost consuming them. Chyna began to moan as my tongue glided across her flesh. It was sweetened by the cherry-flavored lotion, which heightened the experience even more. Chyna finally broke the tit-and-tongue connection and moved me back to a sitting position. "There'll be more of that later. Keep doing the lotion." I took the bottle and scooted myself back a bit, exposing her amazingly tanned and toned stomach and coming to a rest on her pussy. As I started to massage the lotion in, I noticed how wet she was. Her pussy was just overflowing with it's sweet juices, and I could feel them on my balls. I wanted so badly to just plunge into her and start having sex right there, but I knew I had to wait. I finished lotioning her stomach and moved on to her legs, skipping the pussy, as I felt that as wet as she was, she didn't need any more lubricant down there. Before I started to put the lotion in, I caressed her legs a bit, slowly running my hand across her upper thigh, appreciating her silken skin. How she managed to achieve this near-perfection, I can only speculate. I squirted more lotion onto her leg and started working it in, moving down her legs all the way to her feet, then repeating the process on the other leg. I stood up to look at the finished product. Truly, she was a masterpiece of humanity. Her pale green eyes communicated nothing but raw lust to me. Her hair, every bit as raven-black as my own, sprawled out in numerous directions. Her rose petal-soft lips beckoned for me, and I imagined them wrapped around my cock. My eyes next journeyed to her immaculate tits. Thanks to the lotion, they were glistening brightly in the light. Her nipples stood firm and erect. The desire to fuck her was almost overwhelming. I had to resist though, I couldn't give in, not now. This was no nameless Frankey's Fuckery one-night-stand. This was special, this was the paradigm of perfection, this.....was Chyna. With my composure regained and my wits about me, I looked Chyna in the eyes, awaiting the next part of her erotic plan. With her finger, she motioned for me to come to her. I slowly lowered my body onto hers, my eyes locked on Chyna's the whole time. She smiled her wonderful smile, and gently gripped my chin and directed my mouth towards hers. And then, passionately, we kissed. Her tongue soon found it's way to my mouth, and my tongue was welcomed into hers. At one point, she rolled herself on top of me and had me stick my tongue straight out and proceeded to perform oral sex to it. While she did that, I took the opportunity to fondle her enormous tits. Two soft globes of pleasure they were, both for me and her. Chyna started moaning softly as I caressed them. Eventually, she ended my tongue's oral sex session and rolled over on her back. "David." she whispered in my ear "Eat my pussy baby. Lick my cunt and my clit, drink my pussy juices." My response was physical rather then verbal. I moved myself back on top of her and slowly started to make my way southbound, making a quick pit-stop at her breasts. I gave both of them a kiss, right on the nipple, though I put a little suction into these kisses then normal. Chyna moaned her approval and ran her hands through my hair, urging me to continue, which I was happy to do. I continued down her body, planting kisses every half-inch or so, like an explorer planting markers on a trail so he can find his way back. Eventually I got to the famous flower tattoo right above the promised land. I ran my tongue back and forth across it. Again, Chyna moaned, and I looked up at her to see her face. She was fondling her tits, and the look on her face begged me to go further. I continued down, but made a turn to the left just as I was about to come upon her clit. Chyna, who had been eagerly anticipating my mouth on her pussy, let out a lustful whimper at this turn of events. I continued to lick, suck, nibble, kiss, and bite the area just outside her swollen lips. As I explored the area, my hands sliding up and down her legs, it occurred to me just how fit and in-shape Chyna was. I honestly don't think I could've found any fat or cellulite on her if my life depended on it. Truly, she was a magnificent woman, and for this night, she was mine, all mine. For the first time since this whole chain of events started it really hit me: I was going to have sex with Chyna! Raw, passionate, wild, untamed SEX! I reveled in this fact, and a smile spread across my face. "Ohhh, David." Chyna's voice brought me back to reality, and I continued to concentrate on the task at hand. I rested my hands on her toned thighs and started to let my tongue make fluttering passes over the pussy lips themselves. Chyna moaned, low and deep, as I did so. I then started to lightly blow on her pussy, earning me an "Oh, David, yes!" from her. I intended to continue teasing her like this, but she had other plans. One thing you must understand about Chyna, she is a woman (despite what some narrow-minded cro-magnons may think), and she is subject to the same erotic sensations that a pussy-teasing like the one I was giving her created. But despite that fact, she's still CHYNA, a very, VERY strong woman, and when she wants you to eat her pussy out, you're going to eat her pussy out, regardless of whatever you had planned on doing! I found this little factiod out first-hand when she roughly grasped the back of my head with both hands and forced me into her wetness. I decided to take this as a sign that playtime was over and plunged my tongue as deep into her cavern as it'd go. Chyna grunted out an "Mmmmm!" as I did so, her hands still glued to the back of my head. I began twirling my tongue around inside her like a drill while rubbing her clit with my hand. I kept the pleasure up by sucking on her throbbing clit lightly while moving my index and middle fingers in and out of her at a smooth pace. After a few moments of this, I moved my mouth back over her pussy lips and started humming, giving her a vibration effect. She must've really liked this, as she started letting out loud "oooo's" and "ahhhh's", each one in an increasing pitch, she was nearing orgasm. "Oh David, David!" She hollered. Chyna reached down and stimulated her clit while I continued probing her with my tongue,and this served as the final trigger needed to bring her to orgasm. Every muscle in her body tensed up as her luscious pussy burst forth with her cum. I'll tell you something right now, to this day, I have yet to find anything that has managed to surpass the taste of Chyna's cum. If I could, I'd bottle it up and use it as seasoning on every meal I ate. After the orgasm subsided and she regained control of her body, Chyna smiled at me and ran her fingers through my hair. "mmmmm...Damn, I haven't cum like that in years." She sighed happily. Chyna looked at my face and giggled. "Shit, you look like you just got back from being in the rain!" I must've been drenched in her pussy juices. Chyna sat up and had me sit down on the bed. "After what you just did, I think the least I can do for you is to return the favor." She said as she planted a lust-filled kiss on my lips. Then, just as I had done to her, Chyna started to move slowly southbound starting at my neck, where she kissed and bit, making sure that I'd be sporting at least one hickey the next day. Next she slid her way to my chest, and pulled out a few hairs with her teeth. This hurt, but I think I would've let her pluck out every hair on my body if it meant getting a blow job. Wait, scratch that, I just remembered how hairy I am. As I watched her inch her way to my dick, she kind of reminded me of a boxer heading to the ring for a big fight. I thought about what kind of entrance a ring announcer would give Chyna right now. "And now, ladies and gentlemen, making her way to David's crotch, wearing nothing but her birthday suit and weighing in at just under 200 lbs., with an estimated career record of 200 orgasms, with roughly 75 by way of blow job, here is the 9th Wonder of the World, Chyna!!" I smiled at the notion, and as I looked back down I found that Chyna was already at my crotch, looking up at me. She started by kissing the head of my cock, then holding it by it's base while she flicked her tongue across the very tip. "As fired up for this as you've probably been for awhile now, I don't think it'll take to much to make you cum, huh?" Chyna said as she looked up at me. I just shook my head no, to awe-struck by the sight of her about to consume my throbbing dick to speak. "Well," she said "I'll try to keep you at bay for as long as I can, so I can give you a nice, long blow job." She slowly ran her soft, wet tongue up the underside of my cock, stopping just below the head, then moving to the right side of my manhood and repeating the process. She did this to all four sides, stopping just below the head each time. She began kissing my shaft, repeating the entire process she had just done with her tongue. Next, Chyna finally gave my throbbing cock-head a little treat. She put the very tip of it up to her soft, full lips, and kissed it, long, slow, and deep. It actually looked like she was making out with my dick, her tongue darted out and lightly caressed it, and she made soft moans, which I found incredibly hot. Chyna traced her tongue down my shaft, all the way to my balls, and took them into her mouth, while using her hand to stroke my cock gently, careful not to give it to much stimulation. Chyna moved my nutsack in and out of her mouth just as she would a cock, being sure she didn't suck to hard on them. After a minute or two of this, she slid them out of her mouth and moved back up to my cock, her plush lips mere inches away from the bulbous head. She closed her eyes and began moving closer to it, slowly, I could feel her hot breath on my dick, she was that close. Chyna stopped and looked dup at me with her soft, green eyes and flashed me a wicked smile. My heart was pounding, I was breathing in short, sharp gasps. Upon hindsight, I realize now that she was intentionally whipping me into a near sexual meltdown, so what she did next would be that much more intense for me. Chyna wrapped her rose petal lips around my cock head and sucked on it, not hard, not lightly, but enough to make me moan out loud and tilt my head back. I looked back down to see her sliding my pole slowly into her mouth, greeting every inch of it with her tongue as she did, and letting out a long "Mmmmmmmmmm" that vibrated along my dick. I swear, that woman should have been awarded a solid gold, diamond studded trophy and a tinker-tape parade down Main Street for what she was doing to me right then. But I guess she'll just have to suffice with the moans of pleasure I was giving her. Chyna started bobbing her head up and down my cock at a speedy pace, using her left hand to caress and fondle my balls while her right hand stroked and stimulated any part of my dick that wasn't in her mouth. She occasionally would slide it all the way out of her mouth to give the underside a long, thorough lick before taking me back in. The pleasure was unbelievable, and I could feel the beginnings of a huge orgasm shaping up within me. Chyna must've gathered this as well from the verbal feedback I was giving her. She sped up drasticly, concentrating most of the actual sucking on my cockhead and the area just below it, and letting her hand work the shaft. I could feel my sperm speeding it's way towards the opening of my cock, which began to twitch wildly. Chyna took me out of her mouth and kept stroking the head, trying to aim me so when I came I'd shoot into her waiting mouth, but her aim was a little off as the first blast of sperm that exploded out of my cock landed on her right tit. She quickly moved it up, but not before a second stream of cum hit her on the chin. The rest of the orgasm wound up in her mouth, mostly on her tongue. When my cock finally stopped releasing it's cum, Chyna moved back so I could see her in all her glory, and a little bit of mine as well. The first blast of cum had been so big, it had completely covered her nipple, as well as much of the surrounding area. The cum that had landed on her chin was, by now, starting to dribble onto her cleavage. As for the rest in and around her mouth, which she had kept open to show me the fruits of our labor, she swallowed it all in one erotic gulp. She got what was on her chin off with her finger and sucked it into her mouth. Chyna moved her cum-covered right tit into her mouth and licked it clean, moaning with pleasure as she did so, though I believe the moans were more a show for me then actual pleasure. After she was done cleaning herself up, Chyna got on the bed I had been sitting on, and laid on her back, with her legs slightly spread and her left hand over her tit. She looked exactly like she did in my favorite Playboy pic. "David, it's time." she said in a soft voice. My cock, which up to that point was still recovering from the blow job, sprang to life, and rose up like Godzilla from the ocean's depths. I crawled my way over to Chyna until I was right on top of her. She pulled me into her and we kissed passionately, my cock resting on her pussy, and the heat from her body pressing against mine, it was fantastic. I pulled away so I could guide myself into her, and she spread open her pussy lips to help things along. I took a deep breath, and slid myself into her welcoming pussy. It was anything and everything I could have wanted times ten. She was as warm and inviting as a perfect summer day, as tight as vice grip, yet slick and wet enough for me to move around in her with ease. Chyna wrapped her powerful legs around my waist and her arms around my back as I started thrusting. My first thrust was very slow, I just wanted to enjoy the glory that was Chyna's pussy. After that, I started speeding up a bit. Once I had set a steady tempo, she started squeezing her legs together on my inward thrusts, and bucking her hips upward on my outer thrusts, creating extra momentum and intensifying the experience for me. "Ohhh, David!" Chyna moaned as she started rubbing her clit. I couldn't respond as my mouth now had her left tit in it. After a few minutes missionary, Chyna rolled herself on top of me and took over. She began grinding her toned hips into me, and tightening the walls of her pussy, making them clamp down on my cock and giving me pleasure I never knew was even possible. We continued making out as we fucked, and moaning and grunting loudly. After a while Chyna sat straight up and started bouncing up and down and putting on a show as if we were in a porno movie, her huge tits jiggling as her body jumped up and crashed down, my cock still plunged deep into her wetness. Chyna grabbed her tits and fondled them, even putting them to her mouth and sucking on them, looking me dead in the eye as she did so. The sight of this gorgeous woman, moaning as if she were in ecstasy because of me, sent me over the edge, I was going to cum and soon. Ohh, oh, c...cum, I'm gonna..." I moaned. "Ohhh, yes! Do it baby, cum inside me, do it!" That was it, I couldn't take any more. As the physical manifestation of my virginity exploded out of my cock and flooded her pussy, I believe I may have reached sexual nirvana. If I didn't know better, and I may not, for a split-second I'd swear I saw sounds and heard colors, I came that hard. Chyna laid her luscious naked body on top of mine and kissed me. It took me a moment or two before I could form coherent speech again. "Wow." I said breathlessly. "I never even dreamed it could be like that, never." "Yeah, I am good,aren't I?" We both laughed. "And so were you." she added. "Really?" I said curiously. "Yes. For a virgin, you were great." She responded. A moment of silence went by, during which, the sad realization came over me that we were done, we'd had sex, and now the experience of a lifetime was done.... "David, have you ever wanted to do anal?" ....Or not. "Oh, twist my arm." I thought. "I won't object to it if that's what you're offering." I told her. Chyna moved onto all fours and stuck her tight ass up in the air in front of me. "What do you think?" She asked. "I think I'm about to be a very happy man." I righted myself and placed my rigid cock at the entrance to her ass. After sufficiently lubricating both my cock and the inside of her butt, I started the slow, wonderous penetration. Her ass was amazing. It was tight, but not tight like her pussy. Her pussy seemed to have a "gripping" tightness to it, while her ass had an "enveloping" tightness to it. Both worked out very well. I started working myself in and out of Chyna at a steady, medium pace, squeezing her ass cheeks as I did so. I saw our reflection in a nearby mirror, Chyna was fingering her pussy with one hand and fondling her tits with the other. I could see from the look on her face that she was really into our anal adventure. This fact served to spur me on as I continued probing her ass with my cock. I tried gripping her hips to help me keep my balance, but this proved to be an exercise in futility as the sweat from her that covered the area prevented me from keeping hold for very long. This was only a minor setback, however, and I continued fucking Chyna's sweet ass. "Ohh, David, yes, that's good, keep going baby." she moaned. I could feel another orgasm building within me, and I was amazed that I'd even lasted this long. "I'm...I'm gonna cum baby!" I gasped out. "Do it David, fill me up!" She said. I put as much force as I could muster into two last good thrusts, and started to cum. Chyna moved her ass back and forth to encourage my cock to give as much of it's cum as it could. When I finally felt that last bit of jizz escape my cockhead and enter her ass, I feel back on the bed to catch my breath. Chyna climbed on top of me and we kissed. "I'm gonna go to the bathroom. Once you've caught your breath, come in and I'll help clean you up." She nodded her head at my dick, telling me what was to be cleansed. After a moment or two, my composure was regained and I made my way to the bathroom. Once there, Chyna started the shower, and once the water was at a suitable enough tempurture for us, we both stepped in. We started kissing again, as I ran my hands all over her body. Chyna took a bar of soap in one hand, then grabbed my again-rigid cock in the other. She seemed surprised that I'd been able to get it up again so quickly, and said, "Damn, David, there's just no quit in you, is there?" "Not when it comes to you, no." I responded. Chyna lathered up her hands and started running them up and down my dick. "I want your cock to be nice and clean for what's next." She said seductively. As I pondered what she might have in store for me, Chyna continued cleansing my pubic area. After A few minutes, my dick was apparently clean enough for Chyna's tastes, and she started lathering up her own body as well as mine. The soap made her wet skin slick and slippery, which was incredibly sexy to me. After thoroughly lathering up both our bodies, she laid down in the tub, and spread open her mammoth tits. A smile spread across her face, and without saying a word, she pointed at my dick, then to the area between her boobs. I then realized what she wanted to do, tit-fuck. I knelt down and straddled her so my cock was in the proper position. The tub we were in was extra wide, so I had no problem fitting. Chyna took my cock and caressed it a bit, then she moved it between her tits and pushed them together. I started thrusting, slowly, I wanted to savor this. I'd wanted to fuck Chyna's tits for the longest time, and now, I was finally fulfilling that fantasy. She let out a barely audible moan, and started tweaking her nipples as I was thrusting. I myself moaned as well and increased the speed of my fucking. To help things along, Chyna started slurping on my cock head whenever it came into range. I looked down and as I saw this, I realized just how badly I wanted to jizz all over her face and tits for a second time that night. I started fucking her gargantuan tits like a man possessed. I started grunting loudly, the feeling of her supple globes surrounding my cock spurring me on. After a moment or two, Chyna started giving me encouragement in the form of dirty talk. "Ohh, David, c'mon baby, fuck these big tits of mine. Oh, yeah, feels good, huh? Keep going lover, cum all over my fucking tits, gimmie your sweet cream, baby." I could feel another load of hot cum barrelling up my shaft. By all the laws of nature, it should have been damn near non-existent. I'd already cum three times that night. But I was pleasantly surprised by what happened next. "Ohhhh, oh shit baby, I'm cummminnng!!" I shouted. Chyna took my twitching pole in her soft hands and stroked the head, aiming it at her chest. I wanted to watch me cum on her again, so I resisted the urge to throw my head back and shut my eyes. It was a pretty big blast. The first stream of sperm leaped out and splattered right between her boobs, while the rest of my cum landed on or right around them. I leaned down and kissed Chyna, as if to thank her for the entire night. I was spent, exhausted, I had nothing left in me. She must have sensed this as well. She got up, washed my sperm of her body, and turned off the shower. We toweled each other off and headed back to the main room. We both crawled into bed, naked, and Chyna turned off the light. "David?" She said quietly. "Yeah baby?" "You were amazing." she said as she snuggled up to me. "Thank you, for the compliment, and this whole night." I said. "I loved every second of it." Chyna replied, giving me one last passionate kiss before we both drifted off to sleep. The next morning was mostly uneventful. We ordered room service and had breakfast, I helped her pack her bags for her plane ride. She even called for a limo to come pick me up and take me back to my hotel on the other side of town. But before it arrived, Chyna decided to give me one last orgasm to remember her by. She sat me down on the edge of the bed, almost in the same exact spot she did the night before, and took me into her mouth. She kept the tempo slow, like there was no hurry to the blow job. She'd bring me to the very brink of an orgasm, then take my cock out of her mouth and suck on my balls for several minutes, then she'd resume blowing me. She did this three of four times. Then, I noticed that she was squeezing the base of my shaft with her index finger and thumb when she suddenly let go and started bobbing her head up and down my cock at a frantic pace. Her cheeks caved completely in as she sucked even harder then I thought she was capable of. Her tongue slithered and snaked around my cock head and she started making loud slurping noises. This sudden, overwhelming flood of pleasure sent me way over the edge. Within seconds, my cock was like a dragon spewing forth a massive fireball. Chyna didn't relent, though, and continued her frantic sucking. I looked down at her and saw huge gobs of cum dribbling from her mouth down my shaft. After a period of time that seemed to last forever, she stopped, swallowed the jizz in her mouth, and licked the rest of my now fading dick. "What was THAT for?!" I asked. "Because you deserved it." Chyna answered simplisticly. Soon after that, my limo arrived, and I went back to my hotel, and afterwards, back to Washington State. Chyna and I still keep in touch, of course. Whenever her schedule brings her near my town, I get a VIP pass in the mail a few days before, and we hang out. And fuck, we fuck a lot to.

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