A Torrie Wilson Story Part 2- Tiffany and Torrie

A Torrie Wilson Story Part 2- Tiffany and Torrie

I live with my wife, Torrie Wilson, and our 15 year old daughter, Tiffany. We live a very…….open lifestyle, and that’s an understatement. Unfortunately, or fortunately as some people might see it, I’m not in the episode, so all you’re going to see is the girls. I was away on business (drugs) when this story occurred, and this is just a recount that Torrie and Tiff have told me. They remembered most of what happened, and I’m damn glad they did, and I hope you are too.

Tiffany woke up on Saturday morning like she always did, naked, smelling like several bodily fluids and finding it difficult to walk properly. She managed to sit up and caught a glimpse of herself in her bedroom mirror. Her breasts and grown quite a bit since our last story. Her tiny developing tits had grown into large, smooth round melons, tanned of course and topped off with dark pink nipples that stood out proudly. Her nipples were just the right size the suck on and they melted in your mouth. Tiff admired herself in the mirror. She cupped her breasts, then began to lightly rub them with her fingertips, and gave her suckable nipples a quick pinch. “Damn girl, you are fine” she told herself. She got out of bed and began to walk out of her room, when she stopped to admire herself in the mirror again. This time she was focused on her butt. Of all the things that made her proud, it was her ass. Sometimes I couldn’t go five minutes without her sticking the damn thing in my face. The word perfect isn’t used often, but when talking about my daughter’s ass, perfect is the word to use. Tiffany’s ass is perfect. Not a blemish to be seen. Expertly toned, no fat whatsoever, and a light cover of peach fuzz. The kind of ass you wish you could sink your teeth into. Her asshole was even better. No matter how many times I fuck her in the ass, it never seems to loosen up! She has a perfect brown puckered hole, it smells nasty, but that’s how she likes it. She ran her hands over her perk cheeks, gave them a squeeze, and smiled at how firm they were. Tiff then spread her cheeks to see how her amazing crack was going today, and she was a bit shocked. She had begun to grow hair on the inside of her crack, clumps of short, black hair had invaded her perfect ass! Tiff looked around to her cunt, which was completely bald. “Looks like a shave today Tiffy” she said to herself. With her daily inspection of her goddess like body complete Tiff walked out of her room and into her mother’s bedroom. When Tiffany had felt the urge to pee while she was staring at her tight, sexy buns, a nasty little idea popped into her head. Well, normally it would have been nasty, but in our house its practically part of our daily routine. Tiff walked quietly into Torrie’s bedroom, and found her mother lying in bed, totally naked, with her legs spread, exposing her pink, plump vaginal lips and a small patch of blonde pubic hair just above her juicy clit. Tiff slowly got on the bed and put her knees either side of Torrie’s head, and used her forefingers to spread her lips. “Good morning mommy” Tiff said as she shook her mother gently. Torrie’s eyes slowly opened to see two fingers prying open a pussy, then a golden stream trickling down onto her beautiful face. The warm urine splashed gently over her face, the nasty smell filling her nostrils, and ran over her famous facials towards her lips. She opened them wide and let her daughter’s pee fill her mouth. She swallowed all she could, but some escaped her mouth and overflowed over her chin and onto her white sheets. Torrie stuck her tongue out and tasted the warm pee falling onto her. This lasted for a few glorious more seconds, then the stream turned to a trickle, then a few drops, then it stopped to Torrie’s disappointment. She looked up and her daughter and smiled sweetly. “Thanks honey, a great way to start the day” she giggled. “Anything for my mommy” replied Tiffany. Tiff sat back on her mothers chest and crushed Torrie’s breasts. Torrie’s sweet face turned angry and Torrie pushed Tiff off of her and watched her daughter land roughly on the floor. Torrie held her breasts, which had turned a shade of red. “You stupid bitch! Watch where you put your fucking ass next time” Torrie yelled. “Oh shut the fuck up, you know you like it” Tiff said back, smiling. “Fuck you! How about I smack your tits around and see how you like it” Torrie replied angrily. Torrie walked into the bathroom, followed by Tiff, who had her eyes glued on her mother’s tight ass. Torrie is like a bigger version of Tiff. They are both living Barbie dolls, sweet blonde hair, perfect butts, large, smooth, round tits with the best dark pink nipples for sucking on, assholes that never that loose (not matter how hard I try) and perfect pink cunts with juicy clits.

Torrie sat on the toilet and spread her legs. She moved her hips forward a bit and used her fingers to aim her pussy at Tiff, who was now kneeling with her mouth open about a metre away from the toilet. Torrie let out a sigh of relief as a river of hot pee gushed out of her open cunt, flew across the room and hit Tiff in the face. After making a minor adjustment, Torrie was now peeing directly into Tiffany’s mouth, with Tiff swallowing all she could, but some overflowing and falling onto her large mounds and flat stomach. Torrie’s flow faded away and Tiff watched with delight as Torrie began straining on the toilet seat. Her face showed her agony, but after a few pushes the girls heard three PLOPS echoing from the bowl. Torrie got up and wiped her perfect ass with some paper. When she had wiped away all her excess excrement, she balled up the paper and threw it at Tiff, who wasn’t looking at the time. Tiff had a smear of shit all down one side of her face. “You nasty fucking rat! You know I’m not into shit!” Tiff said as she washed her face. “Fuck you sexy” Torrie said giggling, as she walked past and gave Tiffany’s tanned ass a squeeze. The girls walked out into the kitchen, pinching each others butts and ready to start the day.

Torrie began making breakfast while Tiffany sat in front of the TV and put on her favourite channel, the porn channel. I know, most kids watch cartoons, or MTV or anything else, but this is my daughter Tiff. She was overjoyed that her favourite movie, Strap On Sally #3, was airing. In the blink of an eye Tiff had spread eagle and was hastily stimulating her cunt. As she watched a sexy brunette pump a long plastic dick into her blonde co-star’s red anus, Tiffany was pumping two un-lubricated fingers between her own red pussy lips. She moved her fingers in and out at a fast pace and slamming them quite hard. Her thumb on her free hand began rubbing her pink clit nearly as fast as she was pumping her cunt. Torrie got wet as she saw her 15 year old daughter vibrate on her lounge while watching a hardcore lesbian porn movie. Tiff began to moan. “OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH FUCK YEAH, FUCK MY CUNT SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOODDD”. “OOOOOOHHHHH MY FUCKING GOD!!!! IT FEELS SOOOOOOO GOOOODDDDD!!!!AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH, I’M CUMMMMINNNNNGGGGGG!!!” Tiffany yelled. A flood of juices gushed from Tiff’s cunt, coating her hands and splashing on the floor. Her pussy lips and her clit were red but Tiff didn’t care as she sucked her hands cleaned. “Taste any good sweetie?” Torrie asked. “Of course” replied Tiff as she turned it over to another channel. Torrie had been extremely turned on watching the whole scene, her nipples were hard as rocks and her cunt dripping with juices. “That’s good, just wash your hands before you eat Tiff” Torrie told her daughter. “Ok mom” said Tiffany before she ran off to wash her hands. “And can you bring out my fuck toy!” Torrie yelled after her daughter. A few minutes later, Tiff emerged with clean hands that held Torrie’s fuck toy. This was Torrie’s latest buy. It was a 12 inch, double-ended dildo that could be used as a vibrator as well. “Thanks honey” Torrie said as she took the toy from Tiff. “Got you turned on did I?” Tiff asked. Torrie grabbed the back of a seat with both hands and spread apart her legs. “Can you do the honours?” Torrie asked. “Try and stop me!” Tiff said with a big smile. Tiff began sucking the dildo like it was my cock, getting it nice and lubricated. The sight of her daughter pushing a big, flexible dick through her lips just got Torrie wetter and hotter.

When the dick was covered in Tiffany’s saliva, she walked behind her mother and began the fun. First she pushed one end into her mother’s vagina. The dick was pretty thick, and Torrie strained to take it in, but with an agonising look on her face, Tiffany had stuffed 5 inches of thick plastic cock into her mother’s pussy. “How do we feel?” Tiff asked Torrie while circling around one of her mother’s nipples with a wet index finger. “Your father’s is bigger” she said, trying to sound calm but the thickness of the dildo forced a strained look onto her face which let Tiff see through the act. “Well, let see how you go with the other end in” Tiff said smiling. Tiffany bent the dildo around and spread her mothers butt cheeks. “You want it dry?” Tiff said. “Better put a little spit on there babe” Torrie replied. Tiff spit onto her mothers asshole and rubbed the small amount of saliva around with her finger. “Ready?” Tiff said. “Give it to me bitch” Torrie replied determinedly. Tiff forced the end of the dildo into her mother’s anus, then, with Torrie moaning in pain/pleasure, pushed another 5 inches of plastic cock into her mother. Torrie now held 10 inches of the dildo inside of her, with only 2 inches exposed. Those inches held the controls to the vibrator inside the dildo. “Lets start off slow” Tiff said, turning the switch to ON, then the setting to slow. “Oooooooooohhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmm, that feelssssss goooooood sweetie” Torrie said, her speech rocked by the vibrations. Torrie was just moaning, not yelling in ecstasy. That where Tiff wanted her to be. “Lets go up then shall we?” Tiff said happily. Tiffany turned the setting to medium. “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH FUCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK, OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH MOTTTHHHHHHER FUUUCCCCCKKKKKK, FUCK ME BIIIIIITCH FUCKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEE, OOOOOHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDD” Torrie was moaning very loudly now, but still not yelling. The vibrations were really taking their toll. Torrie cunt and anus were red and vibrating, and an amount of pain was shaking through her body. The pain was causing Torrie to wince in agony. And her daughter was still not satisfied. “I’ll think we’ll just skip high, lets go to the red zone!” Tiff said loudly. Torrie’s eyes blared open through the pain. The red zone was illegal on sex toys, but that didn’t stop my wife from getting one. She had only used the red zone one other time, and she felt mostly pain, her vagina bled and she couldn’t walk for three days. “PLEASSSEEE SWEETTTIEEEEE, NOOOOOOOO” Torrie yelled to her daughter. But Tiff, too caught up in the sexual excitement, didn’t hear her mother. “Here we go mommy!” Tiff said and she turned the setting to red. Immediately Torrie began shaking out of control, her anus and vagina being beaten by the toy. “OOOOOOOWWWWWWW FUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK, STOOOPPPPP IT TIFFFFFF, STOPPPPPPP, AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Torrie screamed in pain. Tiff’s mind was clouded with ecstasy, she loved seeing her mother in pain, and she knew Torrie loved it too. “YOU WANNA FUCK ME MOMMY? YOU WANT MY HOT CUNT AND FUCKING TIGHT ASS DON’T YOU, YOU HOT BITCH, YOU WANNA SUCK MY CUM!!” Tiff yelled at her mother while wilding rubbing her own breasts and pussy. “STOOOPPPP IT BBBBBAAABBBYYYY STOPPPP IT, OOOOOOHHHHHH FUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!!” Torrie was screaming and the noise was deafening. Tiff covered her ears and watched her mother fall to the ground. She crawled over and turned off the dildo. Tiff pulled the cock out of her mother’s ass, which was bright red with shades of black. It came out with a loud PLOP. Tiff slid the other end gently out of her mother’s pussy, which was red, blue and bleeding. She rolled Torrie over. “Are you okay mommy?” Tiff asked innocently. “Thank you baby, that was great” Torrie managed to say with a weak smile. Tiff helped her mother up and walked her into her bedroom. Tiff let Torrie get some rest while she surfed the net. She visited her regular lesbian sites and a new one called CSSA. She loved reading stories about her mom and her diva friends.

A few hours later, Torrie emerged from her room, cradling her cunt in one hand. “You okay now sexy?” Tiff asked her mother. “I’m fine, but you’re lucky I was in a good mood otherwise I would have shit on your face by now!” Torrie replied with a twinge of hostility. Torrie lay on the couch watching TV, holding her naked daughter in her arms, massaging Tiff’s breasts. The pair were at total peace when there was a knock at the door. Torrie got up and quickly threw a dress on while Tiff ran to her room to put on some underwear. Torrie opened the door with a familiar face to greet her. Torrie’s face lit up. “Oh my god I can’t believe you’re here!” said Torrie. “I have the week off so I decided to drop in sweetie” said the guest with a smile. The two walked inside and closed the door. “What are you doing wearing clothes?” asked the guest, puzzled. “We never know who’s at the door” replied Torrie. “Where’s you husband, but more importantly where’s his dick. I haven’t had a good fuck in ages” stated the guest. “He’s away on business in Amsterdam” replied Torrie. “Oh that’s fucking great! Well can I at least get some pussy from that hot ass daughter of yours?” said the guest. “She wouldn’t have it any other way” said Torrie. Torrie Wilson was in awe as she stared at the long blonde hair, small but sweet breasts, tight sexy ass and long luscious legs of her good friend……..Stacy Keibler. “So its just us girls then? This is going to be fun!”

To be continued……………

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