More Than Lunch - Part 2: Stacy Keibler

More Than Lunch - Part 2: Stacy Keibler

Part on is Torrie  Wilson


I woke after about an hour of sleep with a dry throat. I looked over
to me at the devine Torrie Wilson still fast asleep. I carefully slipped
of bed not to disturb her then put on my boxers and headed downstairs. I
grabbed a glass out of the cupboard then opened up the fridge, looking for
something to drink when I heard a voice...

"Hey! What the hell are you doing in here?"

I turned around to see Stacy Keibler standing in there in a little blue
bikini with a see through blue shall wrapped her her midsection, covering
bottoms. Her blond hair was tied back and she had sunglasses resting on the
top of her head. She didn't look too pleased...

"What're you doing here?" I responded taken aback by her beauty.

"I live next door, I was coming over to see if Torrie ... Hey jerk, why
I explaining anything to you? What're you doing standing in Torrie's
in your boxers? Where is Torrie? TORRIE!" Stacy yelled.

"Shhhh ... Torrie's upstairs sleeping. You see I won a lunch date with
Torrie and one thing led to another, apparently she's having problems with
her boyfriend, he says she's too horny, and yeah, you can figure out the
rest..." I explained...

"Oh ... so you fucked Torrie?" Stacy asked.

"Yeah.." I responded.

"And she's so tired she's sleeping?" she asked.

"Like an angel..." I responded.

Stacy took the sun glasses off her head and set them down on the table.
She then let down her long blonde locks. She walked towards me with her
seductive eyes and rubbed my chest.

"Oh then you must be good ... I've known Torrie for years and I've never
met a man that could keep up with her and even tire her out..." Stacy said
batting her eyelashes.

"You know I'm not as horny as Torrie but I still know how to have a good
time..." Stacy said. She then leaned in and kissed me. We swapped spit
a few moments until Stacy pulled back and said, "How about you show me a

We kissed some more as I ran my hands through Stacy's gorgeous blond
locks. Stacy rubbed down my body then pulled off my boxers. She placed my
cock between her gorgeous lips and sucked. She then grabbed it with her
and led me into the living room and sat me down on the couch. She knelt
and began sucking on my testicles. She licked and sucked on my balls while
stroking my cock up and down.

"Ohh Stacy, suck my cock..." I moaned.

Stacy moved up, flashing her gorgeous smile then began to suck on my
She was fantastic.

"You've tasted me now let me taste you," I said. I moved Stacy onto the
couch and pulled off her shall. I moved her thong to the side exposing her
perfectly shaven pussy. I licked up and down then worked a finger in as I
stimulated her clit. Stacy began breathing heavy as I ate out her beautiful
young pussy.

"Oh god, eat my pussy!" Stacy moaned.

I crawled upa nd we kissed some more then I undid her bra. Her tits were
small but perky and nice. I worked my way down and pulled off her blue
thong. We kissed some more as I caressed her naked tanned body.

"I want you inside me," Stacy said.

I slid my cock into her wet tight pussy. Stacy moaned as I pounded her
little pussy. She spread her long gorgeous legs and placed them up in the
air. I began to kiss and lick her sexy long legs while I fucked her.

"Ohh ohhhh ohhhh yes fuck me good!" Stacy moaned while playing with her
little nipples.

I fucked her in that position for another minute or so until she put her
index finger in my mouth and told me to stop. Stacy stood up then sat me
down on the couch. Stacy did her sexy dance, rubbing herself and rubbing
hands through her hair. She turned around and shook her perfect firm ass
me. She then sat down on my cock placing one foot on the couch and the
on the floor. Her long legs helped her ride up and down really high on my
"Hhhooohhh yeeeah that's the way I like it ... AHHH FUUCK YeAH!" Stacy
moaned. Stacy then put her other foot back on the floor and stood up. She
began pretty much doing squats up and down ontop of my cock, her long sexy
legs allowing her to stand up. I began to rub her hot firm little ass as
rode up and down ontop of me.

"Ohh baby bend me over! Yeeah bend me over!" Stacy moaned. She knelt
down on the couch, sticking out her cute ass. I entered her and grabbed her
hips for leverage as I pounded Stacy Keibler from behind. "Ahhh god!
baby harder!" she moaned. I began fucking her tight pussy harder and
my thighs smacking against her butt with each thrust. "Hhhohhh ... unnnhhhh
... oHHH! OHHH! MMMHHH! OHHH YEAH!" Stacy maoned putting a hand back on her
ass while I pounded her harder and harder.

"Take it Stacy, fuck Stacy take it!" I moaned fucking this gorgeous diva.
"Ohh fuck, I'm gonna cum!" I yelled.

Stacy turned around and jerked me off as I came all over her face. She
licked up the cum and wiped it off her face. "Good now you give my tight
little asshole a good workout," Stacy said.

Stacy laid down on her back. I laid down next to her and eased my cock
into her very tight asshole. "Oh .. oooh ... OOOOHHH yeeah fuck my
Stacy moaned and cringed as I fucked her tight asshole.

I held one of her long sexy legs in the air as I slowly slid in and out
of her third input. Stacy then changed positions, laying on her back and
stretching her long legs back so they were by her head completely exposing
her asshole for me. I bent down over it and slid my cock deep into her
asshole. Stacy moaned sticking her cute ass in the air. She cringed
whenever I put it all in but then smiled.

"Fuck my ass harder! Fuck it harder!" she moaned.

I stared fucking harder while rubbing her long legs. "Mmmhhh thats the
way ... thats the way!" Stacy moaned.

"Fuck Stacy, take it in the ass!" I moaned as I kept thrusting into her
tight asshole.

Stacy soon stopped me then stood up and walked over to the wall. Stacy
lifted one of her long legs high in the air. I walked over and worked my
cock back into her ass as she rested her leg on my shoulder. I pounded her
against the wall, her asshole completely spread out in this position.

"Oh god, keep it up, keep fucking my ass!" Stacy moaned. She would put
down her leg and just bend over against the wall. I dug my fingers into her
cute little buns while I pounded her asshole. "HUNNHHHH! OHHHH! FUUUCCK!
FUUUUUUCK! AHHHH YEEEAH!" Stacy moaned as she reached behind, adding to the
sensation by fingering her pussy. Her pussy began dripping cum as she
continued fingering her clit and moaning wildly. Stacy then began moving
her hips from side to side and in circular motion grinding against my cock
deep in her ass. She then bent forward fully and began bouncing up and

"Oh shit, I'm gonna cum!" I yelled, this was too much.

"Ohh baby! Cum on my ass! I want you to cum on my ass! Yeeah!" Stacy

I pulled out and came all over her cute little ass. Stacy stood up from
her bent over position rubbing her long legs on the way up. Stacy then got
some of my cum on her fingers, turned over her shoulders, looked at me with
her sexy brown eyes and sucked the cum off her fingers.

"I can tell how much you love my legs so let show you how I love to use
them," Stacy said laying me down on my back and spreading my legs apart.

Stacy grabbed Torrie's bottle of baby oil and began to oil up her long
luscious legs and feet. Stacy then sat down and used her beautiful feet and
toes to play with my cock, getting it hard. She gripped it between her feet
and stroked up and down as my cock became hard. Stacy then leaned forward
and pushed her feet toes together around my cock and moved her feet up and
down. Her soft toes felt so good against my cock.

"I'm gonna make you cum on my legs," Stacy said. Stacy made me kneel
facing her legs. "Put your cock between my shins," Stacy directed.

I stuck my cock between her oiled up shins.

"Now move it up and down between them," she said.

I slowly moved it up and down between her shins against her smooth legs.

"Mmm, your cock feels so good against my legs." Stacy moaned.

"My god, Stacy your legs are soo long." I moaned.

"I know, you like that don't you?" Stacy giggled.

Stacy bent down and kissed me. Stacy then sat up on the edge of the
couch. Bringing her legs tightly together she turned herself sideways in
a way as the outside of her right calf rested against the edge of the couch
and her left calf remained tightly pressed against her right. She added more
baby oil to her calves. With her long legs together and slightly bent she
instructed me to place my cock in between her calf and the bottom of her
upper thigh. She straightened out her left leg ever so slightly so I could
rest my cock completely in just below the hollow of her knee. She slowly
it closed again, my cock sandwich completely by her calf. I felt the head of
my cock extend through and make subtle contact with the side of the calf of
her other leg.

"There you go, now you can fuck my legs all you want!" Stacy said.

I rested my hands on the couch on both sides of Stacy and blow began to
pump my cock between her gorgeous legs. I thrusted in and out between her
tanned smooth calf and thigh which felt amazing against my cock. "Ohhh your
legs are so sexy, they feel so good." I moaned.

Stacy then began to tighten and relax the muscles in her calf and thigh
my cock thrusted through them increasing the sensation. "Your cock feels so
hard and smooth against my leg. Stop and hold it in there, I wanna make you
cum with just my legs." Stacy said.

I thrusted cock between her calf and thigh and held it there. Stacy
moving the calf up and down against the head of my cock, rubbing it while it
was pressed against her thigh. I began almost shaking the sensation was so
great of her toying with my cock between her long smooth sexy legs. Stacy
increased the speed of her rubbing her calf against my cock.

"Lie down," Stacy said softly, "Time to finish you off."

I lied down on my back while Stacy sat her cute little butt down on at
bottom of my thighs, she grabbed my cock between her lower thighs. She
her soft smooth thighs together against my cock and began moving them up and
down, up and down, up and down stroking my hard cock. It felt so good ...
felt too good. "Oh my God! Oh my God! I'm Cumming."

I looked down and saw a stream of cum shoot up out and splatter against
Stacy's thighs. Some of it oozed down between them as she continued to
stroke up and down against my cock with her lower thighs.

"Mmm baby, yeah, gimme some more!" Stacy said. A second stream of cum
shot out onto her lean thighs. "Mmm that's it, your cum feels good on my
thighs, baby." Stacy moaned.

I began to thrust upwards with my pelvis fucking her thighs while she
bounced them up and down. I let out one last stream of cum onto her thighs
and lied back breathing heavily. Stacy rubbed the cum into her thighs then
crawled up with my cock still between her legs. She crawled up so it
against her pussy. With her legs clamped tight together against my cock,
Stacy began to walk backwards on her hands, dragging my cock all the way
between her luscious legs.

Stacy stood up and said, "See these legs were made for more then just

"You can say that again." I said still breathing heavy.

Stacy giggled...

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