The Secret Life of Stacy Keiblier

The Secret Life of Stacy Keiblier

I am a huge wrestling fan. I always watch WWF programming and like most male fans I love seeing the hot WWF Divas. But I love one more than any other. I want this woman more than anything. I am of course talking about the “Dutchess Of Dudleyville” Stacy Keibler. I love every inch of her, from her beautiful golden hair to the bottom of her long, sexy legs. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard that RAW was coming to my town. People see Stacy playing the naughty girl on TV, but the people backstage say she is a sweet, nice girl. But I know the truth. I know about the secret life of Stacy Keibler. I know that she is a filthy, horny, two-dollar slut. How do I know? It started when she walked down the ramp on RAW in my hometown.

She looks even better in person. As she walked around the ring we made eye contact and she even gave me one of her sly, naughty girl smiles. I thought the night couldn’t get any better, but then Spike Dudley pulled off her skirt, revealing her beautiful ass cheeks. D-von then inadvertently knocked her off the apron, a little too hard as she fell right back into the guardrail. Thanks to a scalper I had bought tickets right behind the guardrail, and Stacy fell right in front of me. Not wanting to see the woman of my dreams hurt I helped her up. She smiled and said “Thanks honey, see me backstage after the show” very quickly before she tripped up Tazz and helped the Dudley’s win the match. Every guy around me was green with envy. I was actually going to meet Stacy Keibler backstage after RAW!

After talking to the security guy, I was backstage amongst the WWF superstars. I got a few autographs and got to tell Billy and Chuck how stupid they look. I looked through a few offices and they were all empty. There was only two left so one of them had to be Stacy’s. In the first one I swear I saw Stephanie McMahon giving a blowjob. “Lucky Hunter” I muttered, until I saw The Game walk behind me and into the car park. I wasn’t that surprised. I knocked on Stacy’s door and she beckoned me in. She was in a baggy blue jumper and black pants. “Hey darling, thanks for helping me out. I wouldn’t have got up in time and would have screwed up the match”. I told her about how much I liked her and we got to know each other. She even said I was pretty attractive. “Listen, its pretty lonely on the road. Want to come back to my hotel room?” After those three microseconds passed I said yes and before I knew it we were at her hotel.

After she checked in we got in the elevator and made out. As we walked down the hall we made out. After we finally got in her room we continued out tongue jousting. Her sweet beautiful mouth was wrapped around mine as we swapped spit and sucked each other’s tongue. She finally laid me on my back, took off my clothing and stared at my cock, which had grown to a full 9 inches. She lowered her head and started licking around the tip and slurping up some pre cum, she then stroked up and down my shaft, increasing my pleasure. She finally took my knob in her mouth then slowly moved towards my pubic hair, swallowing inch after inch of cock, lashing her tongue around it the whole time. She finally had me completely inside her mouth and was dribbling on my balls. She kept this up for a few minutes then abruptly took her mouth away. “I think that’s enough for you, now it’s my turn to get some”

I was kept hard by the steamy strip tease Stacy then put on for me. Under her relatively un-sexy clothes she wore lacy lingerie which then also came off. I worked my way towards her gorgeous, shaved cunt but she stopped me. “That’s wet enough babe. There’s another hole I want you to lubricate”. She then turned away from me and bent over the bed. With a huge smile I fell to my knees and planted kisses on each sweet ass cheek, left then right. I spread her cheeks to reveal her brown puckered hole. I licked up and down her crack, Stacy moaning and every stroke. I moved up to her hole and smothered it with my saliva. I wet my finger and inserted it into her ass, circling it in and out. Stacy was moaning with pleasure now and turned me on even more with her dirty talk. “MMMMMMMM yeah big boy, work my ass like the dirty slut I am. UUUUUUHHHHHHHH, harder, stick more in!!!!

OOOOOOOOOHHH, MMMMMMMMMMM”. So I did. I managed to get squeeze in a second finger, then a third, moving them in and out, faster and harder with every stroke. After I put in a fourth she was screaming like a bitch in heat! I stood up with my fingers still working her ass and pushed my rock hard cock into her wet folds. The feeling was incredible. Her cunt was so warm and wet and her pussy walls hugged my dick. Every time I moved my dick in harder and faster, my fingers did the same to her ass. Her screams were deafening now.


I felt her pussy juice ooze all over my dick. It ran down her inner thighs and through my pubes and over my balls. But I wasn’t done yet. I removed my fingers from her slimy shit hole and pushed my cock through her anus. It felt even better than her pussy. I pounded her ass like a mad man, hard and fast, turning her brown hole to a burning red. MMMMMMMMMM YES YOUR COCK FEELS EVEN BETTER THAN YOUR FINGERS!! CUM IN MY ASS, FILL ME UP UUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHH GOD YOU MUST BE ABLE TO FEEL MY SHIT YOUR SO DEEP IN ME!!! CUUUMMMMM FOR MAMA!! OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH

I felt my balls tighten as I let what felt like a ton of cum into her ass. This made her moan more and brought on another crashing orgasm. I went to pull out but she stopped me. “Leave it in there, it feels great!” “But I gotta pee” “So pee already!” That surprised me. “What?” “You gotta piss so do it inside of me, but save some for me, I’m thirsty”. I was in heaven. I was also busting so I released a flood of piss inside Stacy’s ass. “AAAAHHHHHHH” we both said. I held back a bit then pulled out and turned her around. She was on her knees like a dog waiting for a treat. I let go and a stream of warm piss splashed all over her face and tits, some landing in her mouth. She swallowed it down then rubbed the rest into her skin. “That was nice, but not nearly enough. Luckily I have some. Don’t worry, I’ll save some for you.” She then lay on her back and pulled her legs up over her head so her cunt was right in front of her face. She held her mouth open and let flow. I got hard again as Stacy Keibler pissed on herself, swallowing most of it. The stream suddenly stopped and she got up fast. “Hurry up, I can’t hold on for long!!” I quickly lay down, face up, as Stacy positioned her feet on either side of my shoulders. “Open wide and say aaahhhhhh!” I did as I was told and opened my mouth just in time to catch the stream of hot piss falling towards my face. She got most of it in my mouth but some splashed over my face and chest. It tasted pretty good. The stream stopped suddenly again as Stacy quickly fell on top of me and pushed my cock up her hot tunnel. She then let the final flow of piss go as it dribbled down my dick and over my pubes and balls. “How does it taste?” she asked. “Actually, pretty good. A little bitter but good”. “Let me try” she said before she licked my chest and face clean of her own piss. “It is good and a little bitterness never hurt anybody”. We stood up and she sat me down on the bed. “You know what. We’ve been bad tonight” Stacy said. “Yeah, we have” I replied. “I’ve been a very bad little girl and I deserved to be punished. So you have to punish me”. She then gave her sexy, naughty girl smile and lay across my lap, ass in the air. “I want you to spank me! Hard, until my ass is red and I’m crying like a little girl!” How could say no?

“Please daddy, I’ll be a good girl, please don’t spank me” she said, sounding just like a little girl. “No, you have been a bad slut, pissing on me and pissing on yourself. You MUST be punished” SMACK! SMACK! One on each cheek. “Owwww. That hurt!” “Good. It’s going to get a lot worse!” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Her cheeks were turning red, but not the burning red I wanted them so I continued. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Owwwww, SHIT. Stop, my fucking ass is killing!” “Not yet you dirty slut!” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Now her ass was a burning red. SMACK! SMACK! A big red handprint on each cheek. But something was still missing. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Then I heard the sweet sound. I felt something running down my leg. I looked down and saw my little slut sobbing and tears running down her face and my leg. She got up. “MMMMMM that felt good. Now I’m really in the kinky mood. I want you to meet someone” Stacy disappeared into another room and came back holding something.

She was holding a child’s hand. She looked about 5 years old. I felt a little embarrassed, standing naked and smelling like piss in front of the child but so was her mom, so that kind of eased tension. “This is my daughter Sophie. She’s four and a half.” She looked just like her mother, beautiful face and shoulder length golden hair.

“Why are yous nakey?” she asked in her small voice. “Because we’ve been fucking” Stacy casually told her daughter. I was surprised then Stacy said “Don’t worry, she know all about sex, swearing, drugs and drinking. She does most more than me!” “So she’s a slut just like you, huh?” I said jokingly. “Nearly” she replied. “Did he fuck your butt mommy?” “Yes he did honey,” she said with a smile. “He has a big cock!” Hearing her sweet little innocent voice say those naughty words turned me on big time. “Show our friend what mommy taught you”. “Ok mommy” Sophie told her mother before pushing me on my back, on the bed then climbing on top of me. “Go ahead sweety, mommy’s just here” Stacy said. What happened next really surprised me. Stacy Keibler’s four-year-old daughter started licking up and down my cock! She lubed up my head and then started deep-throating me! I didn’t think she could fit it all but somehow she did! She sucked on my dick for a while then I started moaning, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” Stacy told her daughter “Don’t worry honey, just hold on and swallow as much as you can”. I gave Stacy a surprised look before I blew my load right down her little girl’s throat. The little cock sucker got every drop of my cum. I was impressed, she was nearly as good as her mom! “Now its your turn honey, today you become a woman” Stacy said, to my surprise. I was stunned. I just looked at her as her daughter lay down and spread eagle in front of me. “Are you gonna to fuck her or not?” Stacy asked looking puzzled. “Is she a virgin?” I asked stupidly. “Of course. I was waiting for a huge cock to be her first and here you are. Now fuck my daughter”. I was shocked and happy at the same time. “If you’re worried about hurting her don’t be. If you do a good job you can break in her virgin ass too!” She said with a smile. All I could do was smile back and get between her daughters legs. If went to lube her up but Stacy stopped me. “Don’t worry about it. I lost my virginity when I was three and I got my ass and cunt fucked completely dry! The pain turns you on! Do it rough! I want her screaming in pain and blood rushing out of her cunt!” So I did my best to please the woman.

I pulled Sophie’s petite legs apart and tried to get them over my shoulders but they only reached my nipples. I saw Stacy sit in a chair, spread eagle, ready to finger her beautiful cunt while I made her daughter squeal and scream like the slut she would grow up to be, just like her mommy. I put my dick at the entrance to her pussy then pushed it right into her tight virgin cunt as hard as I could. I got my dick halfway in but she was extremely tight. She screamed out in immense pain, which got her mother off and made me push my entire dick inside of her, roughly breaking her hymen. She was wailing in pain, screaming for help as I ravaged her cunt and as her mother masturbated to the sight mere feet away. It was like fucking a rag-doll, her body was completely limp as my thrusts lifted her off the bed. I fucked her till I came inside of her, her mother had about 3 orgasms while watching the scene and poor little Sophie was being thrown around like a piece of shit in a toilet as her cunt was ravaged and she screamed deafening cries. I roughly threw her onto the bed and she put her hands between her legs, sobbing softly now. Her mother licked her hands clean and walked over to her. I thought I was going to see some tender loving care but it was exactly the opposite. Stacy grabbed her daughter’s wrist, yanked her up and lay her on her back and spread her legs. “Is your cunt sore Sophie! Well until you stop fucking crying it will stay sore!” Stacy yelled at her daughter then brought her hand down several times with a sickening SMACK! Right onto her daughters pussy! Sophie screamed in pain then silenced as her mother raised her hand again. Stacy quietened down, “Good girl Sophie, get ready for your first butt fuck!” Sophie managed a weak smile as she bent over the bed revealing a pair of small, cute, pale white butt cheeks. Stacy sat at her head and pushed her cunt onto Sophie’s face. “Eat my cunt, just like mommy taught you or you will get more pussy whacks!” The last words inflicted a moan of fear in Sophie as she put her head down and began lapping at her mother’s cunt, Stacy moaning all the while. “Fuck her ass already!” she yelled at me. “I want her screaming into my pussy!” She didn’t have to tell me twice. I spread Sophie’s cheeks and, just like her cunt, pushed my dick right up her little shit hole. If I didn’t use a lot of force it wouldn’t have fit, but unfortunately Sophie I did. I pushed my entire dick right through her extremely tight ass hole and began pounding the inside of her four-year-old ass with my rock hard 9-inch dick. She began crying in pain immediately as I roughly penetrated her ass hole over and over, harder and faster! Her moans of extreme pain when straight into her mother’s pussy, which caused Stacy to moan in extreme pleasure.

After 20 excruciating minutes I came in Sophie’s ass while her mother squirted her juices all over her daughter’s face, and then forced Sophie to lick herself and I clean. Sophie lay on the bed nursing her wounds as Stacy lay on the floor, on her back with my dick between her tits. (On TV it looks like she doesn’t have any. She does but they’re pretty small). I positioned my cock between her small mounds, grabbed as much tit flesh as I could and squeezed it together, pushing my cock in and out between them. Stacy pulled and pinched her nipples as I did this. As I fucked her titties we talked about stuff. When we could fuck next. Other WWF Divas we could fuck together. She wanted me to come back and fuck Sophie when she was 11 or 12 to get her pregnant. I didn’t have to father the child she said. Stacy is obviously a caring mother. Sophie’s face appeared just as I pumped a load of spunk on her mother’s face. “I need to shit mommy”. “Ok honey, come over here. Do you need to shit?” she asked me. “Yeah, now that I think about it I do”. “Ok, Sophie stand over mommy’s face and you stand over my tits and stomach” Stacy directed. So there we were, Stacy lying face up, mouth open, as her daughter and I squatted over her to go No.2.

“You go first sexy,” she told me. I took my que, squatted a little and felt relief as I dropped a few stinky turds right onto Stacy’s stomach and tits. “Mmmmmmm feels nice and warm, smells good too. I probably won’t be able to talk after this so I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye” Stacy said to me. “Bye” I replied. “Ok, take a shit honey” Stacy told her daughter in a loving voice. As I got changed I saw Sophie drop load after load of sloppy, light brown shit right on her mother’s beautiful face. It went all through her hair, up her nose but Stacy swallowed most of it. As I was leaving Stacy waved bye as her daughter also emptied a load of piss onto her as well.

It was a weird but fun night that I’ll never forget. It would be hard too. So now you know that Stacy Keibler, and her daughter, are just filthy sluts. I went back to Sophie when she was fifteen and got her pregnant. Sophie lives with her and Stacy and they have lots of fun having family sex sessions. Stacy invites me and other Divas to join in. If you’re lucky maybe I’ll tell you those stories another time.

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