Trish Learns Her Lesson

Trish Learns Her Lesson

The night had just ended for Trish Stratus on Raw. The brutal beating she had just received from the she-man, Chyna, was enough to ruin anybody's day. But what was even worse, was the fact that Mr. McMahon had ordered the match to take place. And he probably enjoyed every second of watching Trish get her ass kicked on national television. Still, Trish thought, it was over now. She

just wanted to take a hot shower and go back to the hotel.

She walked into her locker room, and sitting there on the couch was Mr. McMahon.

"Hello, Trish. How was your match tonight?"

"You should know, you probably laughed your ass off the whole time," Trish said as she rubbed her sore head.

Vince grinned. "So your night isn't going too well is it?"

Trish was starting to get worried. What was Mr. McMahon up to.

"Look, Mr. McMahon, I'm sorry about what happened between us. I've had a rough night."

Suddenly, Stephanie, snuck up behind Trish, and knocked her out cold with a blackjack.

"And your night is about to get a lot worse, Trish," Steph said as the blond bombshell lost consciousness.

_ _ _

Trish grogily started to wake up on the floor of her locker room. She

couldn't say anything because someone had strapped a ballgag over her mouth. She couldn't move her hands either, as someone had handcuffed her hands behind her back. Suddenly, Vince McMahon appeared over her.

"You know Trish, things haven't been going so well since you turned on me at Wrestlemania. Because of you, my wife is going to take half of my fortune. And I think its time you finally got the punishment you deserved because of it."

Trish's eyes bugged out in horror. What was Vince going to do to her. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Stephanie. And then, Steve Austin and HHH walked into the room. Austin had his usual sixpack cooler with him.

"Hell Vince, I know you said you'd have a surprise for us, but I didn't think it would be this cute little bitch," Austin said as he opened a beer.

"Well, go ahead and have at her. Because she's all ours for the evening. And you're not going to tell anybody Trish, now are you."

Tears started to well up in Trish's eyes. Austin stood over her and

grabbed her by the arm. He forced her up onto her knees, and ripped her top off, revealing one of the most lovely pair of breasts the WWF had ever seen. Austin grabbed Trish by the hair and tilted her head back, and poured his beer all over her perfect breasts. Now, with her breasts soaking wet from the beer he had just poured all over them, Trish was thrown onto the couch. Austin stood over her and unzipped his pants, revealing his fully erect cock.

"Like Mr. McMahon says honey, paybacks are a bitch," Austin said as he grabbed Trish's tits and squeazed them together.

Trish wanted to scream out, but couldn't because of the ballgag. She

couldn't try to stop him because her hands were handcuffed behind her back. Austin slowly started to rub his dick between her squeazed together tits. Trish tried to struggle, but she just caused her beautiful breasts to swing back and forth, turning Austin on even more. Austin started getting a good rhythm going as he tittyfucked this beautiful young blond. The head of his throbbing cock felt like it was going to explode, and he came all over her perfect breasts. Austin backed up, and massaged his seed into Trish's perfectly shaped breasts. Trish turned her head away in shame, but Austin could feel her nipples becoming erect.

"Well, for someone that is trying not to enjoy herself, you sure are

pretty hard, aren't you," Austin said.

Austin stepped away and got a beer from his cooler.

"Now its my turn," HHH said as he walked over towards Trish on the couch.

Trish tried to wiggle off the couch, but HHH grabbed her and tore off her tights, revealing her nicely shaven snatch. He had a firm grasp on her, as he leaned down and licked her pussy. He forced her tounge down deeper inside of her, and stroked her clit with the tip of his tounge. As her clit made its first appearance, HHH nibbled gently on it, causing Trish's juices to shoot out onto his face.

"Well, its nice to see you're easy to get nice and wet, you little slut," HHH said as he backed away and undid his pants.

HHH grabbed Trish's legs and put them up over her head. Keeping her legs spread up over her head with his elbows, HHH reached down and grabbed her breasts. Then with one quick thrust he entered up inside of her. He started pounding her hard as he massaged her tits.

It was too much for Trish. She didn't want to enjoy this, but it was just too much. She grunted from behind the ballgag as she had a huge orgasm. HHH continued to pound away on her as Austin, Vince, and Steph watched. HHH couldn't hold back his load much longer, and he came up inside of Trish, causing her to throw her head back in pleasure as she had yet another orgasm. She wanted to scream out in pleasure, but couldn't because of the damn gag.

HHH stepped away, and said, "She's all yours Vince."

Vince walked over to Trish on the couch. She didn't seem to mind the way she was being violated by these sick perverts anymore. She didn't try to struggle to get away this time as Vince approached.

"You seem to be having a good time now Trish, don't you."

Trish grunted something incomprehensible from behind the gag.

"Well, let's take that ballgag off, so you can enjoy yourself a little more."

Vince undid the ballgag. And Trish said, "I'm loving this Mr. McMahon. Fuck me. Fuck me hard, pleeaasse."

"Well, how can I refuse that," Vince said with a grin.

Vince grabbed Trish, and flipped her over onto her stomach. Trish

suddenly, tried to struggle. "No, not in the ass. I'll do anything, just not up my ass."

Vince gave her ass a slap, and said, "Fine, I won't do you up the ass." Trish relaxed. "But that doesn't mean I won't spank it."

Suddenly, Vince started to smack away at Trish's nice plump butt. She

screamed in pain and pleasure as Vince gave her a full on spanking. When her ass was beet red Vince stopped and undid his pants, exposing his monster of a cock. He entered Trish's pussy from behind, and started to pump away on her throbbing clit. Trish moaned in pleasure, and started backing up into Mr. McMahon's monster cock. Vince reached around to grab her tits as he enjoyed the tightness of this beautiful diva. Suddenly, just as he was about to bust a nut, Vince pulled out.

"What, why did you stop?"

"Because, I'm going to punish you. And the best way to punish a person, is to do something, they don't want to do."

Trish realized what was about to take place, and tried to struggle, but Vince had a good hold on her. And struggling just caused her ass to wiggle and turn Vince on even more. With one hard thrust, Vince forced his entire length up Trish's tight ass. Trish screamed as she was violated from behind. She had never taken it up the ass, and it hurt like hell. Vince still had a hold of her tits with both hands.

He reached down with one hand and started rubbing her clit again with his palm. Trish was crying now, but it was too much Trish. The way Vince rubbed her tits, clit, and pounded away at her ass all at once was just too much. Trish had another orgasm, and caused Vince to blow his load up inside of her tight virgin ass. Vince's load shot straight up inside of her, and ran down the crack of her ass, as she screamed at the way she was being violated. Vince backed off, leaving Trish disoriented on the couch covered in semen from him, Austin, and HHH. Steph walked over to Trish and strapped the ballgag back on her.

"Now, Trish," Steph said, "I hope you learned your lesson. Because if you didn't, we'll be back to punish you again later. Think about that for a little while, while Dad, Austin, and HHH go clean up."

And with that, the four of them left Trish handcuffed, gagged, and nakedly covered in their fluids in her locker room, locking the door behind them as they left. Trish lay there on the floor of her locker room crying and wondering what they would do when they came back

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