Trish meets the Next Big Thing

Trish meets the Next Big Thing

Trish Stratus had just defeated Molly Holly and defended her Women's championship on WWE Raw. She had a tough bout with the pristine virgin Molly, but in the end the Stratusfaction bulldog gave Trish the win. She was not finished for the night, however, as she was to appear with her boyfriend, Bubba Ray Dudley, in his big match against Brock Lesnar. She accompanied Bubba to ringside, still wearing the tight "100% Stratusfaction" T-Shirt and tight pants she had worn against Molly. Bubba almost managed to defeat Brock, but he was distracted when Paul Heyman tried to get himself a piece of Trish.

"Hey there, Trish! I'm thinking that perhaps you wanna leave ol' Bubba Ray, and hook up with a Real Man. Now, we can do this the easy way or the hard way…"

"Shut the hell up, Paul!" screamed Trish as she gave him a huge slap to the face. Bubba then came out of the ring and took out Heyman, but that allowed for Brock to attack Bubba Ray and hit him with a Spiral Powerbomb for the victory. From there, Brock continued to pummel Bubba Ray, smashing him through several tables. As the pair of Heyman and Lesnar left the ringside area, Trish ran to help her man. Bubba was beaten pretty badly, though, and needed immediate medical attention. Thus, she led him to an ambulance, and Bubba was taken away. Trish, who was still somewhat perturbed by Brock Lesnar's brutal attack of her mate, went back to gather her things so she could follow the ambulance to the hospital. When she got to her locker room, she found her things flung all about the room. She then entered, and was quickly jumped by Heyman, knocking her out cold.

When she came to, Trish was looking up at Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar. She was restrained via a rope which connected to a hinge upon the ceiling, thus keeping her standing at all times. She had also been stripped down to a red lace bra and a tight, red thong that exposed her curvaceous, lovely ass.

"Well Trish, I see that you've finally awaken… I told you earlier tonight that we could do this the easy way, or the hard way. You played hard to get with Brock and me, and now you're going to pay the consequences. " With that, Brock handed Heyman a large paddle, and Paul positioned himself behind the suspended Trish. "Tell me how this feels, bitch!"

Paul then proceeded to spank Trish Stratus relentlessly with the paddle. "Oh god, it hurts sooo much!' wailed Trish as her perfect ass was beaten by the vengeful agent. But, as the beating went on, Trish became more and more receptive to the spanking. Soon enough, she was responding "Oh god yes, smack me Paul! Oh, yes sir, may I have another! Oh god yes."

Trish's passionate moans caused Brock Lesnar to become rather excited, causing his 11 inch hardon to emerge from his wrestling tights. "Well, it looks like you've gotten a good view of the 'Next Big Thing', eh Trish?" questioned Heyman. "God, it's sooo huge. Brock, I want you bad." Trish was eyeing up his meat, and wanted to take a pounding from Lesnar. "Not yet, Trish… you rejected Brock at first, so now I have to have a little fun with you first, hehehe."

Paul then whipped out his less impressive 6 inch dick out for Trish to suck on. At this point, Brock untied Trish's arms, as she couldn't escape anyway, even if she had wanted to at this point. Thus, Trish proceeded to jerk off Heyman, licking his head some as well. Meanwhile, Lesnar removed the bra, allowing Paul to fondle Trish's tits and squeeze her hardening nipples. "Ooh, I love it when you tease my nipples. Oh, squeeze them more, more, more!" Heyman obliged, twisting on Trish's nipples as he unleashed his load of come in her mouth. Being the trooper she was, and wanting to impress the well-endowed Brock, Trish managed to swallow every drop of the semen. "Delicious!" cried Trish.

"Well, Stratusfactory slut, you've earned your shot at the Next Big Thing Brock Lesnar. She's all yours, boy!"

Brock smirked with approval as he proceeded to slide Trish's thong to the side, inserting two of his fingers in her streaming wet pussy at the same time. "Ooh, those feel good in there, Brock! Finger my cunt some more, big man!" Trish was loving the feeling of her pussy being rubbed by Brock's big hand, and soon came all over it in excitement.

"God, you are a slut, Trish!" exclaimed Heyman. "Brock, just imagine what she'll do when you ream her with that huge piston of yours.."

"Oh yes, Brock, please stick your cock in me now!" replied Trish.

Brock obliged her, bending Trish over doggy-style and ramming all 11 inches of dick into her pussy at once. This would have usually been too much for Trish's tight hole to take at one time, but she was so wet over Lesnar's size that it fit with relative ease. "Oh fuck yes, Brock, it feels so fucking good! Pump my juicy pussy with your huge rod! Fuck me harder, harder Brock!" Brock proceeded to ram even faster into Trish's hole. Lesnar smacked Trish's as he pounded, and pulled her hair so her back would arch. "Oh fuck, that feels good. Keep pulling and spanking, and fucking oh so good. Oh shit, I'm cumming again!" Trish's flood of juices sparked the beginning of Brock's climax, as not even the next big thing could last too long when going one on one with Trish. Brock pulled himself out, spun Trish around, and proceeded to shoot his cum all over Trish's tits. "Oh, your cum is sooo warm. It feels soooo good, Brock!

Trish rubbed the white goo all over her tits, moaning sensually all the while. This served to get Brock rock hard once again. "Why, I see that I'm quite a motivator, eh Brock? Well, I guess we can have another go around."

"Not so fast!" retorted Heyman, who had gotten off as well to Trish's exhibition with Brock. "I'm not gonna be satisfied till he sticks his cock all the way up your ass!"

"Wait, I'm not sure I can take it all" said Trish with hesitation. Brock wouldn't take no for an answer, however, and started to stick his dick into her anus. "Aw fuck, that hurts Brock!" Trish cried out in pain as Lesnar's member violated her ass. However, as Lesnar began to thrust harder and harder into Trish's widening hole, the Women's champ was overcome by a mix of pain and pleasure. "Oh, my ass hurts oh soooo good, Brock! Keep fucking my ass good and hard! Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it hard Brock! Oh, I want you to come in my ass! Come in me, Brock!"

Trish had come twice as a result of her being assfucked by the Next Big Thing. Brock couldn't take anymore, and another load was unleashed inside Trish's poopshoot. This blast was enough to send a weakened, weary Trish into unconsciousness, as she was worn out by The Next Big Thing. Heyman, realizing that he had just revealed Buhbuh Ray's girlfriend for the slut she was, took his monster and left the vixen lay naked upon the floor.


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