DX 2

"Ohhh yeah... that's it baby... suck that dick..." X-Pac moans. Road Dogg grits his teeth and pulls out of her pussy suddenly. X-Pac looks at at him, "Something wrong man?"

"Nah... I almost busted my nut..."

X-Pac grins, "I'm pretty close... why doesn't she finish us off..."

"That'a a cool idea... nice thinking... for once."

Trish removes X-Pac's cock from her mouth and sits down completely on the seat. She takes X-Pac and Road Dogg's cocks into both of her hands and begins stroking off their cocks at the same pace. Trish alternates sucking on each of the cocks, twisting her tongue agaisnt their cocks.

"Ahhh yeah... oh fuck..." Road Dogg moves his hips a bit as he starts to cum when Trish is sucking X-Pac's cock. His load shoots straight up and lands on back down on Trish's soft delicate hand.

"Swallow it babe." X-Pac says as he blows his load for the 2nd time of the night insider her mouth.

Trish swallows X-Pac's cum and removes his cock from her mouth. His cock is covered in a mixture of his cum and her saliva. Trish wipes her mouth clean and smiles at X-Pac.

Road Dogg drops down on the couch as X-Pac looks to the front of the bus. "Hey babe... Hunter and Billy look a bit lonely... why don't you go up front and keep them company until we get to the hotel."

Trish stands up and smiles "Ok..." Trish pulls her skirt up, leaving her panties off as she walks to the front of the bus.

In the front of the bus, Billy and Hunter are sitting at the little kitchen table talking about Trish. "Man... I can't wait till we get to the hotel... I'm going to fuck her 6 ways from tonight," Billy says with a huge smile on his face and a very noticeable buldge in his pants.

"I hear ya... if she wasn't back there with Pac and Roadie we'd be banging her right here... or at least have those perfect lips of her's on out dicks."

Trish walks up behind them hearing the ending of their discuss. She places her hands on her hips and smiles "What were you saying?"

Hunter and Billy look behind themselves to look at Trish and they both get smiles on their faces. "Oh, we were talking about you..." Hunter says with a cool relaxed tone of voice.

Trish removes her hands from her hips and folds her arms against her chest as she walks closer to the table "Oh really?" Trish smirks "Like what were you saying?"

"Well I was saying how I'm going to fuck the hell out of you when we get to the hotel..." Billy says as he licks his teeth.

"And I was talking about how those lips of your's should be on our cocks until we get there..." Hunter adds.

Trish licks her lips as she now stands in front of Hunter "You know...." Trish says as she gets down to her knees in front of Hunter "That sounds like a good idea..."

"You bet it does... why don't you get to work on that..." Hunter smirks as he spreads his legs apart. His cock looks like it's going to rip through his pants at any moment. Billy meanwhile stands up for a quick moment to take off his pants and sits back down, letting his cock hang free.

Trish lowers Hunter's pants and grips his shaft with her hands. She begins pumping his cock with her soft hands, making his cock grow impressively more in her hands.

"You can really ahh... teach my wife ahh... about how to make a guy hard ahh..."

Trish leans her head down and licks the tip of his cock. Trish locks eyes with Hunter as she moves her right hand down his ballsack and starts massaging his tight sack.

Hunter moans slightly as he leans back on his seat, getting more comfortable. Hunter places his hands behind his head, "You're really a good cock sucker... let's see how you are at sucking my balls."

Trish picks her head up from Hunter's cock and rubs her hands against her saliva on Hunter's cock. Trish lowers her head, leaning skirt her covered ass up in the air. Trish holds Hunter's cock up straight and flicks her tongue against Hunter's ballsack.

"Very good... you got all the makings of a future Women's champ with that skill..." Hunter says with a smile.

"Hey... what about me... I need some of that Canadian Oral Love too..." Billy says with a wicked smile.

Trish smiles. "Well get your ass over here then..." Trish says as she continues to flick her tongue against Hunter's ballsack. Trish takes one ball into her mouth and starts gently rocking her head on his ballsack. While she's sucking on his ballsack, she places her hand on his shaft and begins stroking his cock.

Billy gets up from his seat and quickly moves next to Trish, holding his cock in one hand. Hunter keeps his eyes locked on Trish's head to see how she's going to handle pleasuring him and Billy at the same time.

Trish lifts her head from Hunter's ballsack and moves her head towards Gunn's ballsack. Trish holds her tongue out of her mouth and presses her tongue against Gunn's ballsack. Trish brings her tongue slowly up Gunn's shaft, heading toward the tip of his cock.

"Woah shit... that's hot..." Billy says as he exhales slightly in response to Trish's tongue taping gently at the head of the dick.

Hunter nods his head approvingly, "Give him some hot head Trish..."

Trish twists her hand against Gunn's shaft as wraps her wet lips around the head of his prick and starts bobbing her head on his cock, slobbering up his cock decently well.

"Ahh wow-wee.... that's one hell of a whore-blow job you're doing on me little missy..." Billy moans as she bucks his hips in reponse to what she's doing.

Hunter takes Trish's hand off of his cock, and tells her, "Use both of your hands on him..."

Trish places both of her hands now firmly on Gunn's shaft and begins to guide her hands up along his shaft, rubbing his cock slowly as she tightly sucks on his cock head. Trish starts roughly beating her tongue against his cock sucking faster and faster with each head bob.

Hunter grips his own cock and jerks it a bit to keep it prime and ready. Billy's mouth opens and closes but nothing but moans come out as he tries to verbally tell Hunter how well she's doing.

"I think he's like what your doing to him... Maybe he should fuck your ass to say thank you..." Hunter says with a smirk.

Trish slowly picks her head up from Gunn's cock and looks up at him with a satisfied smile.

Billy takes a moment to compose himself, then smirks at her, "Get your ass ready..."

Trish gets down completely on all fours, in a doggy style position. Trish looks back at Gunn as she hikes her skirt up over her hips, revealing her nice tanned ass.

Billy pats her ass approvingly and sings, "That Ass was built for fucking... and that's just what I'm gonna do..." He kneels down behind her and spreads her ass cheeks apart. He pauses for a moment, then spits down onto her asshole before he shoves his cock up her ass-pipe. Before Trish can let out a scream, Hunter grabs her by the back of her head and brings her mouth onto his cock.

Trish's moans vibrate against Hunter's cock as she starts quickly bobbing her head on Hunter's prick. Trish circles her mouth around Hunter's cock, right away taking it deep into her warm throat.

Hunter pulls on her hair gently to get her to suck harder as Billy slowly slams his cock in and out of her asshole. "Damn... she's got the world's most perfect ass..." Billy then licks the palm of one of his hand and smacks Trish's ass.

Trish jolts forward abit taking Hunter's cock all the way into her throat. Trish instantly wraps her sweet lips around Hunter's cock, as if she was holding in it a vice, sucking hard.

Hunter reaches forward and runs his hands over Trish's upper back as Billy starts to increase his pace. Billy proves to Trish why he's called Mr. Ass by fucking her tight booty harder and faster than she thoughty possible.

Trish gently bites down on Hunter's cocks after recieving a painfull thrust from Billy Gunn. Trish removes Hunter's cock from her mouth and kisses the tip of his cock.

"Time to call the painters in..." Billy clentches his eyes shut and gives Trish another sharp thrust before he starts to release himself inside her ass.

Trish looks back at Gunn as she wipes her sweated forehead. Trish smiles "That...was...amazing!"

"Wait till we get to the hotel..." Billy says a he pulls out of her rear end and pats her ass.

Hunter goes, "Ahem.... you still have something to take care of..."

Trish smiles turning her head back to Hunter's cock. Trish places both of her hands against his shaft and starts pumping his cock as she places the head of his cock into her mouth, sucking instantly hard on his throbbing member.

Hunter groans, feeling the pressure building in his balls, "Trish... get on your knees... press your tits together..."

Hunter grips his cock, and strokes is masterfully as he aims it at her breasts. "Locked.... cocked... and now... time to... unload...." Hunter moans as he shoots an impressive amount of hot cum onto her tits.

Trish holds her tits up a bit and lowers her head as she licks Hunter's steamy load of cum off of her chest. Trish licks her lips clean of Hunter's delicious juices.

Hunter helps her up and sits her on his lap, as the D-X Express comes to a stop, through a window, he can see the hotel. "Now... it's time to see what else you can do... are you ready?"

Trish smiles and nods as she starts to dress herself "You bet I am!"

Chapter 3

A short while later, D-Generation X and Trish have arrived at the hotel room D-X is staying in. The room itself is the delux suite which has four connecting rooms to it, and is elaboratly decorated, but to the four men, the only thing that matter's is the blond beuaty that walked in with them.

As soon as X-Pac closes the door, Billy pats Trish on the ass, "I fucked your ass on the bus... so get down and suck my dick..."

Hunter laughs a bit, "Hey she blew you on the bus..." 

Billy smirks, "So what... I want her blow me right now..."

Trish smiles as she looks over her shoulder giving Gunn a seductive look. Trish slides her head through blonde hair as she gets down onto her knees. "You know Billy....I do enjoy giving head..." Trish says licking her lips eyeing up Gunn's crotch while still making eye contact with him.

Billy grins as he lowers his pants a bit, "And I really enjoy getting head... so let's cut the chatter and get to it." That comments gets the other three men laughing a bit as they get undressed. Trish can tell for sure now that one's with the best overall bodies are Billy and Hunter, who comes close to her, but doesn't say anything.

Trish places her soft hands on Gunn's waist as she opens her mouth taking his cock into her mouth. Trish starts bobbing her head gently on his cock, twisting her tongue against the cock head. Trish tightens her lips sucking harder like a vacuum cleaner.

"God damn Trish... I swear your mouth feels more incredible each time my cock is in it..." Billy moans as he places his hands on Trish's forehead as he keeps himself from thrusting his cock deep into her mouth. Hunter takes holds of one of Trish's hands, pulls it from Billy's waist and places it on his own cock.

"You know what to do babe..."

Trish wraps her left hand firmly around Hunter's cock and begins sliding her hand up and down his shaft, pumping and jerking away at his cock. Trish bobs her head quicker on Gunn's cock, gently patting her tongue against the front of Gunn's shaft, taking his cock deeper into her warm, sweet mouth.

Road Dogg decieds to join in on the fun and he walks behind Trish. He places his hands on her hips and has her stand up while she continues to suck off Billy. Road Dogg pushes her skirt up a bit, exposing her bare ass, then knees down behind her.' He spreas her ass cheeks apart with the fingers of his right hand as he brings his head to it. Road Dogg starts to lick up and down her asscrack, as well as slighly tapping his tongue against the ebtrace to her asshole.

Trish is caught off guard, jumping forward a bit, causing her to take Gunn's cock deep into her throat and lets out a moan around Gunn's cock as she starts to instantly bob her head quicker on his cock. Trish twists her hand starting to rub her palm against Hunter's shaft faster. Trish works her hand down to Hunter's ballsack and begins massaging his balls.

"Hey what the fuck... I'm left out..." X-Pac complains.

Hunter looks at him and smirks, "Hey, her other hand is free."

"Fuck man... I don't want no stinking hand job... I want her pussy..." "

Geez man, you're such a baby..." Billy laughs.

"I am not... I just want my dick to feel that nice warm, tight cunt of hers..."

Hunter shakes his head as he laughs a bit. "Trish... can you go please the big baby over there by fucking his brains out?"

Trish picks her head up from Gunn's cock with a pop. Trish stands up removing her hand from Hunter's cock and smiles, obediantly replying "Sure thing..."

Trish walks over to X-Pac and pushes him back onto the bed. Trish climbs onto the bed with X-Pac and mounts herself ontop of him. Trish pins X-Pac's arms down as she lowers herself onto his cock, taking it into her tight pussy. Trish licks her lips, letting out a moan. "Ohhhh...yeahh..." Trish starts to buck her hips a bit as she starts riding X-Pac's cock.

"Ahhh fuck yea... this is more likey it..." X-Pac says happily, "Ride that fucking cock baby..." Hunter looks at Billy and Road Dogg who are laughing at X-Pac being dominated a bit by Trish. Hunter chuckles as well then he goes to the bed and stands on it.

He does a slightly different crocth chop and says to her, "Suck it Trish."

Trish lifts her head up and opens her mouth taking Hunter's cock into her mouth. She rocks her head back and forth on his cock sucking tightly as she bucking her hips, riding X-Pac's cock harder. Trish bounces quicker on his cock, coming down harder with each time with a hard impact. Trish moans loudly, but her moans are muffled with Hunter's enormous cock in her sweet mouth.

"Ohhh shit..." X-Pac groans as he starts to thrust upward into Trish's pussy, but doesn't come close to matching the pace she's going at. Hunter holds onto Trish's head by holding her by her ears.

"I swear... you got the best mouth for cock..." He says with a smile, paying her compliment as he pushes his cock deeper into her mouth until it bangs the back of her throat.

Trish pulls her head away from his cock and begins to lick down Hunter's shaft, gently flicking her tongue against the shaft every few inches.

As Hunter and X-Pac moan from the pleasure they are getting from the blond bombshell, Billy and Road Dogg are watching intently. Both men are looking at her ass as it rises and falls and Billy elbows Road Dogg. "Man, you got to fuck that ass of her's... it's totally awesome..."

"I thought the ass was your territory?"

Billy smirks, "Hey, if it's a bad ass I wouldn't have told you... go and fuck her ass man, you'll thank me later."

Road Dogg laughs, "All right man..." Road Dogg kneels on the bed and surprises Trish by suddenly inserting his dick into her butt.

Trish jolts forward on X-Pac's cock, causing her to also take Hunter's cock back into her mouth. Trish pushes back a bit on Road Dogg's cock inside her ass as she starts bouncing the best of her ability on X-Pac's cock.

Road Dogg smacks her thigh as he thrusts slowly in and out of her ass, allowing her to keep a good pace on X-Pac's cock. Hunter runs a hand through his hair and looks over at Billy, "Hey, get over here... this chick needs more cock in her mouth."

Billy grins and quickly gets on the bed and posistions himself near X-Pac. He holds his cock up against her already cock-filled mouth. "Here's some more dick for ya cutie."

Trish looks at Gunn, shifting Hunter's cock to the left side of mouth leaving an opening for Billy's cock. Billy inserts his cock into the small gap in her mouth as she starts bobbing her head on both cocks in her mouth.

Hunter and Billy give each other high fives as X-Pac gets his arms free. He places his hands on Trish's wonderfully large tits and squeezes them as they bounce wildly. Road Dogg grips Trish's perfect hips, thrusting a bit harder and faster into her. His balls slap against her asscheeks so frequently, that Road Dogg has to pull out of her ass.

"Billy... you're right... this chick has one hell of an ass..."

"Told ya so..." Billy says with a grin.

Trish pulls her head away from both Gunn and Hunter's cock. Trish licks her lips and she carefully gets off of X-Pac's cock. Trish gets off of the bed and gets down on the floor getting on her hands and knees.

Billy is the first to act and he hops off the bed and gets behind her. He places his hands on her shoulders as he jams his cock so far up her pussy that he swears he hits her throat. Billy starts fucking her as hard as he can as the other three men watch Trish's face. They kneel down in front of her stroking their cocks, teasing her.

"Having fun Trish?" Hunter asks with a grin.

"Ohhh...fuck yeah..." Trish says in between her moans as she starts pushing back on Gunn's cock. Trish licks her moist lips "Yeah....that's it...give..it ohhh fuck!" Trish moans.

"You want more cock baby?" X-Pac says as he taps his cock against her cheek, but moves away before she can suck on it.

Trish smiles and nods as sweat starts build on her forehead. "Yeah..I want more cock...I want to be a DX slut!"

Road Dogg smirks, "Are you sure about that Trish?"

Trish grits her teeth as she slams back with great force on Gunn's cock "I....want...to...be...a...fucking DX....slut!"

Hunter smirks and looks at Road Dogg and X-Pac, "You heard her... get in there and fuck her... make her a D-X Slut..." X-Pac and Road Dogg nods their heads as Billy suddenly switches from fucking her pussy to fucking her ass. Road Dogg gets next to Billy, then pushes his cock into her pussy. The two men both grab her hips and thighs as they double-doggy fuck her.

X-Pac smirks and taps his cock against her lips, "Say Ahhh baby..."

Trish opens her mouth to moan and X-Pac takes the advantage by pushing his cock into her mouth. Trish starts going back to work on X-Pac's cock, she tightens her lips right away sucking at a hard pace, while she twirls her tongue against his cock.

Road Dogg and Billy both slap her ass cheeks as they both give her some sharp thrusts. Hunter watches from the bed, and nods in approval at how Trish reacts to the force they are using on her pussy and ass.

Trish begins deep throating X-Pac's cock moaning as she does so. She starts pushing back a bit on both Gunn and Road Dogg's cock, causing Gunn's cock to push out of her asshole. Trish picks her head up from X-Pac's cock and pets the head with her soft and wet tongue.

Gunn gets a huge grin on his face, "Hunter... she's truely a D-X slut... only Stephanie and Tori have been able to do that..."

Hunter nods his head, "She seems like one... Road Dogg... stand her up, keeping fucking her, X-Pac keep her sucking your cock... Billy get in front of her two, making her suck you dick too."

Road Dogg quickly does what he's told and stands up with his cock still in her pussy. He brings up Trish up with him, keeping her bent over as she sucks X-Pac's dick, who also stands up.

Trish bobs her head quicker on X-Pac's cock, matching her speed to the thrusts of Road Dogg. Trish twists her head on X-Pac's cock, slurping and orally pleasuring his cock.

Road Dogg rubs her ass as he starts to change up his thrusts, switching from fast and hard to slow and gentle then back again. Billy gets in front of Trish and places his hands under her chest to steady her a bit. X-Pac pats Trish's head, "Damn.... you can really suck a dick like that... can you suck two?"

Trish nods her head while sucking X-Pac's cock. Trish then lifts her head up and grabs a hold of Gunn's cock. Trish lines Gunn's cock up with X-Pac's cock and quickly pushes both cock into her mouth, causing her sweet lips to stretch abit. Trish moans against the two cocks in her mouth as she starts to slowly bob her head on both cocks.

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