DX 1

In the locker room of the Contiental Airline Arena, the members of Degeneration X, Triple H, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn and X-Pac are watching a replay of Raw and are up to the point where one of the newest divas, one Trish Stratus, as she leads her team of Test & Albert to the ring.

"Wow, look at the lemons on that tree..." Road Dogg says with a grin, as he points out Trish's biggest assets.

"Like you need to point them out..." Billy laughs, "But check out her cans, man she must use a bun-buster for that booty."

X-Pac rubs his hands together, "Man we got to bang that babe..." Triple H laughs at his friends as they act like teenage boys lusting over the hottest cheerlearder.

"I figured you three would think she was a fucking fox..."

X-Pac look at his long time friend, "Whacha talking about Hunter?" 

Hunter smirks, "Well I invited the newest WWF Diva over here for a little, 'D-X' welcoming party..."

"Oh fucking sweeet dude," Billy says as he, Pac and Road Dogg get huge grins on their faces when suddenly there's a knock on the door.

The four men almost kill each other as they rush to answer the door, but Triple H wins out in the end. He smirks a bit as he opens the door, "Come on in..."

Once the door is open, the WWF's newest Diva from Toronto, Canada, Trish Stratus walks in. Trish, a blone haired beauty with a sweet and innocent, but yet seductive smile looks around the lockerroom of D-Generation X. "Hello..." Trish says in a sweet tone of voice. Trish was dressed in a short black skirt and a white low-cut shirt.

Hunter closes the door and takes Trish's hand and kisses it, "Welcome to the WWF Trish..."

Trish blushes a bit, lowering her head "Thank you...its a pleasure to be here, every has been absolutely wonderful..." Trish laughs a little "I'm having a total blast..."

Hunter stands up and puts an arm on her, "Well I'm glad you're enjoying it so far, the boys and I were just watching how you did tonight, and we all think that if you plays your cards right, you can have a really bright future here.

Trish gets a gleeful smile on her face of excitement "Really?"

"Oh yeah... you see, D-X runs the show here in the WWF, and we can make sure you're time here is filled with success... if you play the game the way everyone else does."

Trish places her hands on her slender hips and raises her eyebrow, with a bit of a confused look "I'm not really getting at what you're saying, Hunter."

Hunter looks at the other three men who come close to Trish. They all surround her as X-Pac says, "Well, you could get down to your knees and suck it." All four men removes their matching black warm-up pants, giving Trish an instant eye-full of their cocks.

Trish laughs a little "Excuse me?"

"You want success don't you? Well you got to earn the right to get that success..." Hunter gives her a cocky grin.

Trish bites down on her lower lip as she contemplates the thought. She then nods taking a deep breath "Ok...ok..."

The four degenerates grip their cocks, stroking them a bit while smirking at Trish, imagining how good she'd be at giving head. "You can start on me first," Hunter grins.

Trish nods as she lowers herself onto her knees. Trish sits in the middle of the somewhat huddle of the four DX members. Trish leans forward gripping at Hunter's cock. Trish begins to move her soft, delicate hand up Hunter's shaft. Trish reaches over and takes Billy Gunn's cock into her other and begins stroking his cock as well. Trish strokes both Gunn's and Hunter's cock practically at the same speed and Trish lowers her head to Hunter's cock. Trish opens her mouth taking Hunter's cock into her warm mouth and begins bobbing her head on his prick.

"Ahh yeah... now that's a mouth made for a cock..." Hunter says as he pats Trish's head. X-Pac and Road Dogg watch with a bit of jealously as Trish works over Billy's cock with her hand.

"God damn... she's pratically giving it a massage..." Road Dogg comments as he beats on his own meat

"That's exactly how it feels..." Billy moans as he cups his own balls with his right hand.

Trish slowly lifts her head up from Hunter's cock, her wet lips pressing against the head of his cock. Trish wraps her left hand around Hunter's cock and begins to jerk his cock off as she lowers her head on Gunn's cock. Trish starts off sucking Gunn's pace at a much quicker pace then she was sucking Hunter's cock at. Saliva drips out of Trish's mouth as she places her right hand over Road Dogg's cock and begins stroking his cock at a decent speed while she's stroking Hunter's as well.

"Oh fuck... Hunter wasn't kidding..." Billy says as his eyes go wide at how quickly Trish's is sucking his cock.

Road Dogg places his hands on the back of Trish's head, "Damn... her hand is so fucking smooth..."

"Told ya so," Billy smirks

Trish begins banging her tongue against Gunn's cock as she moves both of her hands down to the ballsacks of Road Dogg and Triple H. Trish rubs her smooth hands back and forth against their sacks. Trish slowly lifts her head up from Gunn's cock, still kneeling in front of Gunn and motions with her head for X-Pac to come a bit closer.

X-Pac grins, "It's about fucking time you got to me..." X-Pac moves and stands next to Billy, and they exchange a high five. Hunter pats Trish on the back of the head.

"You're off to a fine start... so far..."

Trish smiles at Hunter as she opens her mouth lowering her warm and wet mouth onto X-Pac's cock. Trish instantly starts slurping and bobbing her head on X-Pac's cock, while she continues to stroke Hunter and Road Dogg's ballsacks. Trish moves her pretty mouth quicker and quicker against X-Pac's cock.

"Oh fucking wow... she's better than Steph!" X-Pac moans.

Hunter shoots him a look, "She's good, but not that good..." 

Billy laughs, "Relax Trips... he didn't mean anything by it." 

"Yeah Hunter, Steph can get two dicks in her mouth... not many chicks can do that," X-Pac adds

Trish lifts her head up from Xpac's cock for a moment hearing the comment "I can..."

"Show us Trish," Road Dogg says with an excited look on his face.

Trish scouts a bit away from Hunter and Gunn removing her hands from their cocks as she takes Road Dogg and Xpac's cocks into her hands, who are now standing side by side. Trish opens her mouth as wide as she can taking in Road Dogg and X-Pac's cocks into her mouth. Trish begins to slowly bob her head on the two cocks in her mouth. Trish gags for a bit, but soon maintains a good and swift sucking speed.

"Ahhh yea... that's it Trish... suck those dicks," X-Pac places his hands on her head. Road Dogg moans loudly as he feels his cock grind against X-Pac's each time Trish goes downward on them.

"Damn... she is better than Steph," Hunter laughs as he watches intently to study Trish's method of handeling two cocks in her mouth.

Trish takes turns patting her soft tongue against X-Pac and Road Dogg's cock as she starts twisting her head a bit on both of their cocks. Trish then places both of her hands on Gunn's cock and starts rubbing her hands a long his shaft. Gunn spits on his cock for Trish so she has some lubricant to rub against the shaft.

Billy wipes his mouth a bit to remove any drool that's still on his lips. Road Dogg and X-Pac take turns thrusting into Trish's mouth, leaving Hunter to jerk off. Hunter doesn't complain though as he's judging everything Trish does.

Trish then picks her head up from both X-Pac and Road Dogg's cock. As Trish continues to stroke Gunn's cock, Trish goes down on X-Pac's cock with a few head bobs, and then lifts her head up and goes down on Road Dogg's twisting her tongue against his cock as she bobs her head sucking.

"Ahhh fuck... god she's suck a good cock sucker..." X-Pac says with a smile.

"Oh yeah... and her hand jobs aren't that bad either..." Billy adds.

"I bet she fucks like a dream..." Road Dogg smirks. 

Hunter hears the comments and decieds to take some control, "We'll find out later... but for now, Trish get back over here and blow my mind..."

Trish lifts her head up from Road Dogg's cock with an angelic smile and crawls over to Hunter, her nice round ass, gently shaking as she does so. Trish sits up on her knees in front of Hunter and begins to go back to work on his cock. Trish grips his shaft her hands, sticking her tongue out of her mouth. Trish begins to caringly move her tongue up and down against Hunter's long shaft.

"That's it Trish... earn that success you want... suck it good..." Hunter moans as he brushes a few strands of hair from her beautiful face. His three friends start to jerk off watching Trish's as move as she sucks off their leader.

Trish circles her tongue against the head of Hunter's cock as she opens her mouth and begins inhale Hunter's cock. Trish starts sucking rapidly like a vacuum. Trish twist and twirls her tongue against his cock. Trish reaches behind her and feels Road Dogg's cock and begins stroking Road Dogg's cock over her shoulder with her soft hand.

Hunter groans, "Ahh yea baby... keep it up..." Hunter's comments is actually a warning for his entire body tenses up and he starts to cum in Trish's warm mouth. X-Pac and Billy exchanged shocked expression.

"Shit... Stephanie never made him blow his top so easily..." Billy says.

"Neither does Tori..." X-Pac replies

Trish lifts her head up from Hunter's saliva covered cock and wipes her lips off of Hunter's cum with her finger. She then smiles and looks over her shoulder "Next?"

"I'm next..." Billy says with a grin as he almost slides across the floor to get to her. "Can't wait to see how you get me off, babe."

Trish slides her hand through her blonde hair as she inches closer to Gunn on her knees. Trish raises her hands up and softly spits in her own hands. Trish wraps her hands tightly around Gunn's cock and begins to quickly move her hands along his shaft, twisting her hands ever so often.

"Ohh wow... milk that cock... ah ahhh yea ahh fuck..." Billy tilts his head and closes his eyes as his cock starts to release his warm man juice which squirts out rapidly.

Trish opens her mouth as some of Gunn's juices land in her mouth. Trish leans her head down and licks the head of Gunn's cock clean of his cum.

"Whew baby... you're really good..." Billy pats her head as he breathes deeply.

"It's my turn now cutie," Road Dogg says as he sits on a metal chair

Trish winks at Road Dogg as she crawls to Road Dogg. Trish licks her lips, sitting up a bit as she takes Road Dogg's cock into her sweet little mouth. Trish starts bobbing her head intensely while twisting her hand against his shaft.

Road Dogg reaches down and squeezes Trish's beautiful breasts softly as he watches her head bounce on his cock like a basketball. He tries to think of other things, but he can't hold out for long.

"Ahhh fucking hell...." Road Dogg starts to blow off in her mouth. He does smile a bit when he sees the cum trickle back out of her mouth as she continues to work his dick.

Trish slowly lifts her head up and smiles up at Road Dogg as some of his cum is coated on her soft lips.

"Honey... you got a really bright future..." Road Dogg says as he slumps in the chair. X-Pac laughs a bit as he steps behind Trish and taps her shoulder.

"One left."

Trish smiles and turns her head looking back at X-Pac "The best for last.." Trish says with a wink before she turns around, taking X-Pac's cock into her mouth right away. Trish starts slowly bobbing her head, laping her tongue around his cock as she sucks on him.

X-Pac places his hands on his hips as he looks down at her, "You got to do better than that... I'm a tough customer..."

Trish looks up at X-Pac locking eyes with him as she start rocking her hand back and forth faster on his cock. She tightens her grip of her mouth on his cock, sucking harder as she roughly lashes her tongue against his shaft.

X-Pac smirks at her as he wipes his forehead, "It's that all ya got beautiful?" X-Pac's breathing gives away that he's close to cumming.

Trish opens her mouth wider, taking X-Pac's entire cock into her mouth. Trish gags a little on X-Pac's cock. Trish stops sucking for moment getting used to X-Pac's cock deep in her mouth. Trish then starts bobbing her head quickly on X-Pac's cock while deep throating him.

X-Pac groans as he grips his head, "Two words... swallow it!" X-Pac starts to drop his load directly down her throat.

Trish takes all of X-Pac's delicious cum deep into her throat, swallowing every drop of his cum.

When X-Pac's load is spent, he backs away from her and sits down on the floor. Road Dogg smirks as he sees Trish licking her lips, cleaning them of any cum. "Fuck... she's sure does give great head... maybe we should take her back to the hotel to see what else she can do."

"Yeah good thinking knuckle head," Billy says with a smile. X-Pac and Hunter both nod in agreement.

Hunter then asks Trish, "How does that sound to you?"

Trish stands up and straightens her skirt a bit. She then smiles at the four DX members "That sounds like it'll be a fun time!"

Chapter 2

A short time later, in the DX Express, the four men and Trish are relaxing in the main compartment of the bus while traveling on their wayback to the hotel. Hunter and Billy are up at the front end of the bus, comparing Trish to Stephanie, while in the very back Road Dogg and X-Pac are sitting in the back with the beautiful Canadian blond on a leather couch. X-Pac puts an arm around her then pulls her a closer to him. "Do you know how hot your are baby?"

Trish laughs a little and shrugs "I don't know...how hot?" Trish asks she turns her head to X-Pac a bit.

"You are so fucking hot... that you get me hard just by sitting next to me... wanna see?" X-Pac girns a bit.

Trish blushes and slides a strand of hair behind her left ear "I'm that hot?" Trish asks.

"Oh yeah..." X-Pac says as he grabs his workout pants by the waist band and lowers them down to point where his cock springs out like a jack-in-the-box, "Look how hard I am... that's because of you baby."

Trish licks her lips a bit at the sight of X-Pac's hard cock. Trish then smiles "Maybe I should do something about that then..." She says with a wink.

X-Pac gives her a big smile, "I think you should too." X-Pac casually places a hand on the back of Trish's head and pushes it down toward his cock.

"Damn Trish... you don't waste time do you..." X-Pac moans as he pats her back. Road Dogg is near by and is liking what he's seeing. He takes off his pants, leaving his shirt on. Road Dogg then lifts Trish a bit and makes her get on her knees. "Keep sucking that dick..." X-Pac moans as he feels Trish stop to see what Road Dogg is up to.

Trish moves a few pieces of her hair from her face as she starts focussing back on X-Pac's cock. Trish starts moving her head quicker on X-Pac's cock as she starts massaging his ballsack with her hand.

X-Pac places his hands on Trish's shoulders as Road Dogg runs his hands over her black-skirt covered butt. He pulls down the skirt a bit to where it's caught between her thigh and knee. Road Dogg takes a moment to gaze at her ass, and playfully gives it a spank. "That's a nice ass you got there Trish..." He says as he starst to take down her panties.

Trish moves her head up and down on X-Pac's cock sucking faster as she presses her tongue against his cock. Trish lifts her head up a bit to look and see what Road Dogg is doing.

Road Dogg smirks at her a bit as he takes his cock in one hand and holds onto her hip with the other. He presses his cock against her and moves it downward until it slips into her tight pussy, which to him feels like heaven. Road Dogg starts to give her a few short thrusts before he starts to lenghten his thrusts.

Trish lets out a moan as she lowers her head back on X-Pac's cock. Trish starts twirling her tonuge against X-Pac's shaft. Trish begins pushing back against Road Dogg's cock slowly, moaning against the shaft of X-Pac's cock inside her mouth.

"Oh fuck dude... her pussy is so fucking unbeliable..." Road Dogg says as he steadily increases his pace. He runs his hands over her back before taking hold of her mid-section to pull her backward onto his prick.

"Is it as good as her mouth?" X-Pac asks in between his own moans. X-Pac tilts his head back and closes his eyes then starts to run his fingers through Trish's golden blond hair.

Trish matches the pace of her sucking on X-Pac's cock by moving her hand against his shaft stroking the cock with a gentle but fast motion. Trish brings her mouth up to the head of X-Pac's cock, wrapping her lips tightly around the head sucking hard, while slowing down.

"Her pussy is way better than her mouth..." Road Dogg grunts after he gives Trish a hard sharp thrusts that pushes her forwards.

"Bull shit..." X-Pac moans. 

"Trust me... once you dick is inside her you wouldn't want to leave it..." Road Dogg gives her some more hard thrusts as he pinches her ass cheek.

A moan escapes Trish's mouth as she lifts her head up from X-Pac's cock. Trish looks back at Road Dogg as she starts pushing back at Road Dogg's cock that's in her tight pussy. "Ohhhhh...yeah....fuck....yeah" Trish moans, still stroking X-Pac's cock, however with her hand.

"Ok then... let's trade then..." X-Pac smirks. Road Dogg nods his head and pulls out of her pussy with a pop.

"All right..." Road Dogg and X-Pac turn Trish around so she's facing Road Dogg.

X-Pac slides off the couch and pushes his fat cock into her pussy, and he lets out a moan before Trish does, "Holy shit... her pussy is a fucking vice..."

Road Dogg grins as she taps his dick against Trish's face, "Told ya so."

Trish laughs a little with a slight moan as she holds her tongue out of her mouth and begins licking down Road Dogg's cock. Trish licks up his shaft towards the head of his cock. Trish takes Road Dogg's cock into her hand and runs her gentle tongue across the head of Road Dogg's cock.

Road Dogg places both his hands ontop of her head as he closes his eyes to enjoy her oral skills. X-Pac squeezes both of Trish's ass cheeks each time he thrusts into her hot body.

"Damn... Hunter will rip her apart..." X-Pac laughs as he questions how is his best friend going to be able to fuck Trish's wonderful pussy.

Trish starts pushing back on X-Pac's cock moaning "Ohhhhh....uhhh...fu... mffff..." Trish's moans are muffled as she puts Road Dogg's cock into her mouth and begins rapidly sucking on his long cock.

Road Dogg smirks at X-Pac, "Hey... wanna trade again... to get the best of what she's got?"

X-Pac grins, "You bet... I want her to taste my cock with her juices on it..." The two men pull out of her mouth and pussy respectfully. They lift her up a bit and turn her around. Road Dogg quickly re-insertes himself in Trish's warm wet pussy and quickly begins fucking her at a brisk face.

X-Pac waves his cock over Trish's lips, "You want my dick baby?"

Trish gently kisses the tip of X-Pac's cock as she opens mouth. X-Pac inserts his cock into mouth and Trish begins to go to work once again. Trish wraps her lips around his cock and starts rocking her head back and forth on his cock, tasting her juices on his cock while she sucks steadily.

"Damn... she must love her self, she's licking my cock clean..." X-Pac says as he runs a hand through his hair. Road Dogg's thrusts become a little eratic but he makes up for it by drilling her harder, making her deep throat X-Pac's member.

Trish gags at first as X-Pac's cock is deep in her mouth. Trish slows down her speed sucking his cock, and starts off slowly bobbing and rocking her head on his cock. Trish starts lapping her tongue around X-Pac's member as she picks up speed moving her lips and mouth against his shaft faster, taking all of his cock she can in her mouth.

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