Stephanie McMahon: Daddy's Little Slut

 Stephanie McMahon: Daddy's Little Slut

--CH 1--

On the top floor at the headquarters of World Wrestling Entertainment, a
relaxed Vince McMahon sat alone in his private office. It was a crisp
Monday morning in Connecticut and Vince planned to spend a few hours
enjoying one of his favorite past-times: firing his employees.

WWE's signature event, WrestleMania, had been an enormous success just a few
months earlier. But no matter how much money was rolling in, it never felt
like enough. More than one wrestler on his roster had stopped earning their
keep, and it was time for Vince to look over his list of talent and cut the
dead weight. Why continue paying them when he could put that money in his
own pocket?

Once he decided who was getting let go, Vince would take them aside before
that evening's show to tell them. He always enjoyed the look on a
wrestler's face when he, or she, realized that their career was over.
Sitting on Vince's desk were printed-out bios of his talent roster, complete
with an analysis of how much merchandise they were selling and how their
matches did in the television ratings.

Five firings sounded like a nice round number this time, and he began
scanning through the pages with a close eye.

Just then, his intercom broke the silence in the room.

"Mr. McMahon?"

Vince leaned forward to hit the button on his phone.


"You have a... a visitor."

Just 'a visitor'? Someone not even important enough to be named? Vince
gave it a split second's thought and conveyed his response.


He only needed to utter that one word to end the conversation. A man of
Vince's stature was not to be bothered while he was working. But this time,
the crackle of his secretary's voice answered back.

"Um, Mr. McMahon... it's Stephanie, sir."

Vince's ears perked up. A grin started to spread across his face.

"Oh, really?"

Once the apple of his eye, Vince's daughter Stephanie now found herself on
the outs with her father. During the previous year, as Vince's critics
remarked that his grip on sanity was becoming more and more tenuous, his
attitude towards his only daughter had grown increasingly sour.

It had all started back at the beginning of 2003. Stephanie had been
appointed by her father as the General Manager of WWE's Smackdown program,
but he blamed her for several upsetting incidents. First was the signing of
wrestling legend Hulk Hogan. Although Hogan first became famous under
Vince's watchful eye, he had jumped to Ted Turner's WCW in the mid-1990's
and nearly put Vince's company out of business.

Vince was extremely unhappy to see Hogan return. After a match between the
two at WrestleMania, Vince came up with a way to get Hogan out of his hair
once and for all. Unable to break the contract Stephanie had approved, he
decided that he simply wouldn't use Hogan anymore on WWE television. Hogan
would be paid to sit at home. But the Hulkster outsmarted Vince by creating
a character called "Mr. America", which he shopped around between Raw and
Smackdown, WWE's two rival programs.

Not wanting her show to lose a much-hyped new superstar, Stephanie signed
Mr. America without meeting him. But when he made his first appearance, it
was clear that Mr. America was simply Hulk Hogan under a red, white, and
blue mask. Vince was furious. Although he was later able to prove Hogan's
identity and fire him for good, he still blamed his daughter for the

Next came the first true sign of Vince's failing mental health. Before his
departure, Hogan had introduced the world to Zach Gowen, a courageous young
man who'd lost a leg after a tough fight with cancer. Even despite his
handicap, Zach followed through on his dreams and trained to become a
professional wrestler.

All he wanted was a shot at getting a WWE contract, but Vince was disgusted.
He didn't want a "crippled freak" wrestling for his promotion. When Zach
persisted, Vince lost all self control and physically attacked him.
Stephanie stuck up for Zach, which only upset her father more. Vince signed
Zach to a contract, but only so he could have the pleasure of fighting the
handicapped wrestler himself. Gowen battled for all he was worth, but he
didn't have enough to overcome Vince's dirty tactics.

With those hurdles out of the way, Vince began to focus on his daughter and
the problems she had caused him. Rather than fire Stephanie from her
position as General Manager, Vince decided that he would embarrass her,
humiliate her, and force her to quit. He made her wrestle male WWE
superstars, some as large as 300 pounds. He made her watch as he flaunted
his affair with one of the many WWE starlets he had on his arm. Stephanie
was beaten physically and emotionally, but refused to give her father the
satisfaction of seeing her quit.

Finally, with his sanity at an all-time low point, Vince decided to take
matters into his own hands. With her position as GM at stake, he forced his
daughter into a match against himself. Stephanie responded with an
emotional interview, swearing to have nothing more to do with her dad if the
match took place.

"I'm proud of who I am, and I don't want to be the same as him," she said
tearfully. "I never thought in my wildest dreams that my father would ever
put his hands on me. If this match goes through, if he thinks we'll ever
have any kind of relationship again, then he's dead wrong."

But the match went on as planned. Vince proceeded to physically assault
Stephanie, throwing her around, slamming her down, and eventually choking
her lifeless until her mother Linda threw in the towel to save her.
Afterwards, Vince pushed his wife to the mat and left arm-in-arm with his

That had been late in 2003, but Vince could still feel the high of having
defeated his rebellious daughter. The notion that he'd driven her out of
the family business, leaving her with nothing, never ceased to bring a smile
to his face when he thought about it.

But, out of the blue, here she was paying a visit to his office. She could
only be here for one thing, Vince knew. She'd had enough of trying to live
an ordinary life. She wanted to get her job back.

"Send her in."

--CH 2--

Vince watched as his 25-year old daughter stepped slowly into his office.
He couldn't help smirking as he noticed her outfit. Stephanie was dressed
in a freshly pressed business suit, the kind of clothing she wore when she
wanted to look grown up.

She may have been an adult now, but Vince wasn't fooled. He'd watched her
during her time as the General Manager, the way she dressed so
professionally and projected such confidence. Deep down, though, Vince knew
that Stephanie was the same scared little girl she'd always been.

The usually proud young woman now seemed timid and nervous as she stepped
inside and closed the office door behind her. Barely able to look her
father in the eye, Stephanie pushed a strand of her long brown hair from her
face as Vince rose up from his desk.

"Well, well, well! What do we have here?"

He made no attempt to hide his jovial mood. He was going to enjoy this.

"Stephanie McMahon, here to see ME? Why, I thought you never wanted to
speak to me again!"

Stephanie shifted her feet and glanced at the floor, saying nothing in

"Please, have a seat. Tell me, to what do I owe the honor of this visit?"

He sat back down at his desk with a big, shit-eating grin on his face.
Stephanie took a seat on one of the chairs in front of him.

"Daddy, I... I want to talk to you. I know I've made some mistakes, and..."

Her words trailed off as Vince began to chuckle. Rising out of his chair
again, he walked to the other side of his desk and leaned against the edge,
standing just a few feet from her.

"You know, Stephanie, I fully expected you to come back here at some point.
Begging. Pleading. Telling me how wrong you were, admitting what a
disappointment you've been. I just didn't expect it this soon!"

Stephanie hung her head low with shame as Vince continued his lecture.

"The things you said to me... the things you DID to me... I... I was hurt.
I was truly hurt. You were Daddy's little girl! I did everything for you.
And then you turned your back on me! Just like your mother! Just like
Hogan! Just like all the rest of 'em!"

Glancing up with pleading eyes, Stephanie looked at her father.

"Daddy, I'm sorry! Can't we... can't we put this behind us?"

Vince looked down at her. She looked so weak, so pitiful. It made him feel
physically ill. She was a McMahon! She had his genes! How could she be so

"You know I like to pride myself on being a forgiving man, Stephanie. But
to be quite frank... you make me SICK."

Surely feeling the sting of her father's cruel words, Stephanie's head sunk
as she began to sob in her chair. Disgusted by the display, Vince had half
a mind to pull her up and heave her out of the office like a worthless sack
of garbage.

But before he could act on the thought, something pulled his gaze lower.
His eyes moved away from her face and traveled down to the ample amount of
cleavage that was visible just above the buttons on his daughter's blazer.
He hadn't even noticed it before, but he stared openly, watching the way the
swell of her large breasts lightly jiggled while she wept.

Like a lightbulb going off in his head, Vince suddenly had an idea.
Possibly the most sick, depraved idea that his warped mind had ever come up

--CH 3--

"Stephanie, on second thought, maybe I've been a little harsh," he told her,
placing a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "Maybe we can patch things up
after all."

She looked up and wiped her eyes.

"Oh, thank you, Daddy. I'll do anything, I swear. I want to make things
right between us."

Vince grinned smugly.

"I'm glad to hear you say that."

Resting back on the edge of his desk, he began to masterfully weave his evil

"I've hired back a lot of people to this company, Stephanie. People I swore
I'd never work with again. You know that."

She nodded.

"People assume that I do it for the good of the business, but that's not
always true. Sometimes I do it for... well, for my own personal amusement.
Just to see what depths they'd stoop to in order to come back to work here."

Vince watched her closely. Was that a nervous swallow he detected?

"There have been a lot of desperate people over the years, but you know who
my favorite people are to hire back?"

"N... no, Daddy."

"Women. You know why?"

Stephanie's eyes widened slightly.

"Because women," he said as he lightly stroked his daughter's face, "will do
whatever it takes."

Taking a step forward, Vince stood directly in front of Stephanie's chair.
Without offering any further explanation, he took hold of his zipper and
slowly pulled it down.

As she realized what he was suggesting, Stephanie recoiled from the shock
she undoubtably felt. She began to stammer, trying to find the words that
could make him change his mind.

"Daddy, I can't... n... no!"

"No? Stephanie, you just told me you'd do anything. You said you wanted to
make things right!"

He peered into Stephanie's brown eyes, which looked full of shock and
disbelief. Maybe even a little bit of fear.

"But I'm... God, I'm your daughter!"

Vince chuckled softly.

"Is that right? Tell me, Stephanie, wasn't it you who said on national
television that you never wanted to see me again?"

Knowing that she had indeed said it, Stephanie had no response for him.

"In fact, I remember you saying that if I forced you to wrestle me, then I'd
never see you again... I'd never be invited to your wedding... why, you said
if you have ever children, I'd never even get to meet them! Is that right?"

Not bothering to wait for her to jump in, Vince kept on going, feeling his
rage build.

"I remember you saying that if I put my hands on you in anger, then you
wouldn't consider me your father anymore!"

"Daddy, I..."


Vince watched Stephanie flinch back in her chair, clearly frightened by his
outburst. He knew she had witnessed his temper over the years, though it
had rarely ever been directed at her. Before she could think of something
to say, Vince grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the chair.

"Get up, come over here."

Vince dragged her towards the leather couch in his office and roughly shoved
her down on the cushions.

"If I'm not your father anymore," he began as he removed his suit jacket,
"then I guess that means that you're not my daughter! And if you're not my
daughter, then it sounds like you're all out of excuses."

Stephanie stared up at him, her jaw hanging open. Vince casually undid the
button on his slacks.

"Don't feel bad, Steph. You're hardly the first person who's done this to
get their job back here. Hell, this has happened plenty of times."

"I... no, I can't do this. This is sick!"

"Don't give me that. The sooner you start, the sooner it'll all be over

"No, Daddy. No!"

Defiantly, Stephanie attempted to stand. But with one strong shove, Vince
simply pushed her right back down onto the couch. He grabbed a tight
handful of her hair with one hand and used the other to undo his belt. With
nothing left to hold them up, his pants slid down his legs.

"You want my forgiveness, you little bitch? Huh? Then, by God, you're
gonna EARN it!"

Feeling a powerful rush run through him, Vince jerked down his briefs. His
big cock flopped out just inches from his daughter's face.

"Oh! Oh... my God!"

Almost instantly, Vince saw tears welling up in Stephanie's eyes. He could
see the total disbelief she felt as she pleaded with him to re-think his
twisted plan.

"Daddy... please, no!"

He simply stroked his cock, which was rapidly beginning to grow. Exposing
himself to his own daughter this way had gotten him incredibly excited.

"Look at it, Stephanie. You ever seen one this big?"

He could tell by her face that she hadn't. Stephanie tried not to look at
the pulsing cock in front of her, but there was no way she could avoid it.
Vince's dick was immense, long and thick, like some sort of freakish salami.
He bet that it was easily the largest one she'd ever seen.

Gripping her hair, Vince pulled his daughter's head closer to his body.
With his other hand, he started to shake his throbbing column of meat.

"Yeah, you can't wait to get your lips around that, can you? Your mouth is
watering just thinking about sucking this big dick!"

"N... no!" she whimpered pitifully, tears flowing. "Don't make me do this!"

Vince's lips curled with an arrogant smirk. Watching Stephanie beg and
plead was even more fun than he thought it would be. Ignoring her, he aimed
his cock at her mouth.

"Let's go, Steph..."

Stephanie pressed her lips shut and tried to shake free of his grasp. Vince
tightened his grip on her hair, pulling it sharply.

"It'll all be okay, sweetheart. You'll have your job back, you'll have
everything you want. Just be a good girl and open up."

He pushed the head of his cock right up against his daughter's lips.
Stephanie twisted her head away and firmly planted her hands on the fronts
of his legs, pushing and struggling, trying desperately to avoid her fate.
Vince yanked on her hair to roughly twist her face back around to the front.

"Take it, Stephanie," he told her sternly. "Take it..."

Tears streamed down Stephanie's cheeks as she stared up at her father. They
locked eyes and Vince felt another powerful, almost electric rush run
through him. She had no way out, he knew. Christ, look how helpless and
pathetic she was without him.

Vince knew perfectly well that he could force her to do it. Simply pinching
her nose shut would cut off her air, meaning she'd have to open her mouth to
breathe. But where was the fun in that? He wanted Stephanie to do it on
her own, to make her own choice. Gripping his cock tightly, he smeared the
head back and forth across her soft lips.

"I don't have all day! It's now or never, Stephanie. What's it gonna be?"

As she shook with sobs, Vince saw his daughter's fighting spirit slip away.
He could see the defeat in her eyes. He knew he had her beaten.

Stephanie clamped her eyes shut and took a deep breath. A moment later, she
parted her lips and let the mammoth cock slide past them.

--CH 4--

"Ohhhh, there we go! That's my girl!"

Holding Stephanie's hair in one hand and his dick in the other, Vince fed
his thick cock into his daughter's mouth. A shiver ran up his spine as it
passed over her warm tongue on the way to the back of her throat.

He could barely believe the sight in front of him. He'd actually gotten
Stephanie's lips around his cock, this was easily one of the most brilliant
ideas he'd ever come up with. Vince grabbed a second handful of her hair,
keeping her head firmly in place as he began to fuck her face.

"Yeaaahh, that's good! Use your tongue on it."


A wet gurgling sound rose up as Vince's long dick kept threatening to slide
down her gullet. It was all Stephanie could do to keep from gagging on it.
Tears continued to roll down her cheeks as her father's cock pistoned in and
out of her mouth.

"I said use your tongue!"

Vince picked up his pace and fucked her mouth faster, causing his heavy
balls to bounce off her chin. Slowly but surely, he started to feel her wet
tongue running along the bottom side of his dick.

Peering down at his daughter, Vince couldn't help grinning again. He
couldn't get over the sight of her pretty red lips stretched so tightly
around the girth of his meat. Her eyes, though, were closed as she no doubt
tried to block out the fact that her own father's cock was in her mouth.
Hoping to ignore that she'd become the kind of girl who has to suck dick to
get somewhere in life.

Well, he wasn't going to let her ignore it. Vince pulled her head backwards
and stared into Stephanie's tear-stained face as his cock fell out of her

"Tell me what a naughty little whore you are, Stephanie. Tell me how you're
sucking my big cock."

With quivering lips, Stephanie answered her father. He had given her no

"I'm... I'm a naughty little whore."


"And I... I'm...".

She couldn't finish. Vince knew that whatever was left of her pride was
holding her back.

"Say it."


"SAY it."

Stephanie looked up at him as another tear ran down her cheek.

"I'm sucking your big cock, Daddy."

Vince beamed proudly. His gaze fell from her face and traveled back down
towards the cleavage that had sparked his incredible idea in the first

"You know what? I wanna see these tits of yours."

Stephanie's breast implants were well known throughout WWE. Despite having
a nice figure already, she had gone under the knife and came out with a
drastically larger set. With a new, much larger chest, she had even been
mocked on television by some of the wrestlers about her sudden change in

Vince pawed at her blazer, pulling at the buttons. Instinctively, Stephanie
brought up her arms to try keeping her chest covered.

"I paid for these fuckin' things, I wanna see 'em!"

With a violent tug, he popped off the buttons and Stephanie's blazer flew
open. The force caused her two big jugs to bounce as they strained against
the confining black cups of her bra. Vince's eyes widened and he groaned

"Ooooh, yeah! I just love a good set of tits."

He dropped to a knee and grabbed her breasts with greedy hands, his eyes
gleaming as he firmly took a squeeze of the spongy globes of flesh.
Although her body was tense, Stephanie sat there passively, putting up no
fight. She allowed her father to grope her.

After a few moments of struggling, Vince managed to yank her bra cups down.
A shiver of lust ran through him as he got his first bare glimpse of
Stephanie's enormous rack. Her pink areolas were wider than silver dollars,
and her puffy nipples seemed to be begging for some attention.

He squeezed her tits together and shoved his face against them, furiously
licking and sucking the tips.

"Mmmmm, fuck, yeah!"

Stephanie shut her eyes tightly as her own father nursed on her breasts.
Vince darted his tongue over her nipples, then showered them with delicate
kisses. He considered sticking his cock between the big jugs for a solid
session of tit-fucking, but he had other things in mind at the moment.

After a few more big slurps, he lifted his head.

"Get up. Get up!"

As Stephanie rose unsteadily to her feet, Vince pushed his pants to his
ankles and sat down on the couch. His stiff fuckmeat pointed straight up
towards the ceiling.

"Get on your knees."

He saw the look of protest sweep over her face. Still feeling some modesty,
Stephanie's arms hovered over her chest to cover her exposed flesh.

"Wait, drop your arms. Better yet, take all that shit off first."

She hesitated, but a stern glance got her moving again. Vince watched
closely as his daughter slowly removed the blazer.

"Yeah, get that bra off," he coached as Stephanie unhooked it, letting it
fall off to the floor. She stood in front of him completely topless, her
large, round breasts quivering lightly. "On your knees," he said again.

Vince had done this enough times to know that even when the women feel
ashamed at first, it always fades away. Eventually, their pride is replaced
by their desire to simply get the whole thing over with. As uneasy as she
appeared, he was confident that Stephanie would be no different than the

Sure enough, she sank to her knees, coming to rest between her father's open

--CH 5--

"I want to see your tongue on it," he told her. "Just pretend it's a big
lollipop and lick it for me."

Vince stared intently as she slowly reached out her hand and grabbed hold of
his cock at the root. It was so thick that her delicate fingers barely
seemed to come together as she wrapped her fist around it.

"Look at me while you do it. I want to see your eyes."

Stephanie swallowed nervously as she looked up at her father. Tentatively,
she stuck out her tongue and flicked it around the head of his dick.

"No, no, all the way. Start at the bottom and go all the way up."

Understanding what he wanted, Stephanie began to lick her father's cock.
With slow, deliberate strokes, she repeatedly ran her tongue up the long
shaft, making sure to keep constant eye contact with him while she did.

"Ohhhhhh," he groaned. "Yeah, that's nice."

If Vince's sanity wasn't already gone, the unimaginable sight of his
daughter lapping at his enormous dick might have chased it away for good.
Of all the faces he'd seen between his legs, all the tongue's he'd pressed
his cock against, her's was the last he ever expected to see. It filled him
with a feeling of incredible power. If he could actually get his own
daughter to do this, what couldn't he do?

"All right, Steph. Time to start sucking."

Vince knew she was no stranger to giving blowjobs, but surely none of them
had ever been under these kind of bizarre circumstances. Stephanie's eyes
pleaded with him, but they both knew Vince wouldn't change his mind. After
a brief hesitation, she lowered her mouth over his cock and tightly closed
her lips.

"Yeaaaahhhh! That's it!"

Stephanie began sliding her lips up and down her father's cock, taking as
much of the shaft into her mouth as she could. Unable to suck the entire
length, she slurped on the upper half while her fist rapidly jerked it at
the bottom. She was improvising, Vince noticed, the sign of a skilled

He put his hands into her hair and guided her head while she sucked him.
Already knowing that he enjoyed it, Stephanie used plenty of tongue, rolling
it around in her mouth as her father's dick slid in and out.

"Ohhhh! My little girl is quite a cocksucker, isn't she?"

Stephanie couldn't answer him, not with such a big mouthful of cock.
Instead, she used her free hand to start massaging his balls. They weren't
the size of grapefruits, as Vince often liked to brag, but they were
certainly larger than average.

"Yeah, there you go! Now you're gettin' it!"

Vince leaned back against the couch, enjoying the terrific blowjob
immensely. Stephanie sucked him hard, holding nothing back, surely hoping
to end her ordeal by making him finish as quickly as possible.

But as good as her technique was, it was only a small part of the pleasure
for Vince. His eyes were focused directly on her mouth as he watched his
cock slide between his only daughter's lips. His filthy enjoyment of the
incestuous act was only matched by the incredible feeling of power and
control it gave him to watch her do it. He truly felt unstoppable.

As he basked in the glory of Stephanie's desperation, Vince felt his balls
begin to churn. His large cock spewed cum like a fire hose, probably enough
to impregnate an entire country. While Vince wasn't ready to father a
nation just yet, he was more than ready to empty his balls into his
daughter's mouth. He wanted Stephanie to swallow every last drop.

"That's it," he encouraged. "Don't stop."

Feeling his orgasm start to build, Vince took another tight grasp of her
hair. He wanted to make sure she couldn't get away.

"Ohhhh... ohhhhh, fuck, here it comes!!"

Vince stroked the shaft of his cock while he held Stephanie's head in place,
refusing to let her take her mouth off the tip. Finally, he jerked himself
past the finish line and his cock began to erupt.


The powerful blasts shot free, hitting the back of Stephanie's throat and
rapidly filling her mouth. The massive load forced her cheeks to expand
and, after only a few big spurts, streams of cum began to leak past her


"Swallow, Stephanie. Swallow it!"

With no other choice, Stephanie gulped down a mouthful of the warm cream.
Cum continued to spray from the swollen cockhead, forcing her to swallow a
second time. Then a third. The sound of his cum sloshing it's way down his
daughter's throat was like music to Vince's ears.

As the onslaught finally came to end, Stephanie took down another large
gulp. Four big mouthfuls she'd taken. She wouldn't be hungry for the rest
of the day, Vince thought proudly. Not after the belly-full of cum he'd
just given her.

Even by his own impressive standards, he knew he'd shot a lot of spunk. As
he felt stream after stream leaving him, he regretted doing it inside her
mouth and not on her face or her tits. That way, when he was done, he could
have enjoyed the perverted pleasure of seeing Stephanie covered in cum.

Of course, there was still plenty of time for that.

--CH 6--

As Vince let go of his daughter's hair, Stephanie fell backwards onto her
butt. Her lips and chin glistened with the cum that had gotten away from
her, and her chest heaved with her panting breaths as she tried to get some
air. Vince watched as her big tits rose and fell.

"Come here," he said. "Get up."

Ever so slowly, Stephanie rose up off the floor and stood in front of her
father. Without saying a word, Vince grabbed the inside of her thigh and
shot his hand up her skirt. He cupped the front of her silky panties,
rubbing back and forth while flashing her a sickening grin.

"Take 'em off."

"Daddy..." she protested weakly.

"Take 'em off."

With no other choice, Stephanie reached up her skirt and pulled down her
panties. While she carefully stepped out of them, Vince lifted the skirt
with one hand and licked the other before exploring her smooth mound.

"Oooh. Shaved, huh?"

Stephanie bit her lip as her father's wet middle finger slid inside her. He
finger-fucked her for a few seconds, and then began pushing his finger in
every direction to feel the tightness of her hole. Satisfied at his
findings, Vince withdrew and popped the finger into his mouth.

"Mmmm. Anyone ever told you what a sweet cunt you've got?"

Stephanie didn't reply. Vince noticed that she was staring at his cock, her
eyes raised in disbelief. His dick was still as big and stiff as ever.
Even after that massive load he'd spent, it hadn't gone soft. She probably
thought it was over, Vince knew, but she had no idea what he was capable of.
He was ready for more. Much more.

He rose up from the couch, his cock hanging obscenely. It was time to seal
the deal, and he wanted to show Stephanie his favorite spot for a good
session of fucking in the office.

"Get over by the desk," he told her. Vince's desk was the perfect height
for fucking, which wasn't by accident. He had it built to his own personal

Stephanie complied with the request and walked to her father's desk,
stopping beside his pricy executive chair. With a swipe of his arm, Vince
knocked several papers and a stack of pens off his otherwise uncluttered

"Climb up there on your knees. On all fours."

Vince saw another uneasy look come over her as it dawned on Stephanie that
she was in for more. But she did as her father instructed and mounted his
desk, resting on all fours with her ass pointed towards him.

Vince sat down in his chair and rolled it right up behind her, his upper
body lined up perfectly with Stephanie's extended backside. He pushed up
her skirt, taking in the unbelievable sight of his daughter's naked flesh.

A chill rushed through him. Vince had been watching Stephanie wiggle her
round ass for years, the little cocktease. And now, here it was,
practically being served to him on a platter. He softly spread her ass
cheeks open, marveling at the tender, girlish pink of her most private

"Ooooh, yeah."

Unable to help himself, Vince leaned in and lapped his tongue across her
pussy. Stephanie gasped, but the licks stopped almost as quickly as they'd
started. Vince had simply wanted to moisten her up a little, and maybe get
a taste of his daughter's juices while he was at it. But this session
wasn't about giving her any pleasure.

Vince stood up from the chair and positioned himself behind her. Gripping
his cock at the base, he methodically rubbed the head against Stephanie's
wet slit.

"You wanna feel this big dick inside you?"

Stephanie peered over her shoulder at her father, but didn't answer.

"I asked you a question, Stephanie."

"Wh... whatever you want, Daddy."

Vince grinned. Those were words he liked to hear.

"Really? Whatever I want, huh?"

He put a finger into his mouth, getting it nice and slick. Then, without
warning, he plunged it into the forbidden tightness of his only daughter's


Vince pushed his finger back and forth, listening to Stephanie groan with
discomfort. He was surprised at how easily it had slid inside her. Fucking
her pussy would be nice, but this was definitely what he wanted.

"You ever been fucked up the ass, sweetheart?"

He watched her brown eyes widen as she looked back at him. She tried to
turn around, struggling to get off the desk.

"Daddy... Daddy, no! You're too big!"

"Oh, you'd be surprised what you can fit up there. Trust me, you're gonna
love it."

Vince felt her resistance fade quickly, and he knew that the gravity of the
situation must have hit home with her. Like it or not, she was about to get
her ass fucked.

"Daddy, please! I can't. Please, don't."

"Well, it's up to you," he said calmly. "You can leave here with nothing,
or you can let me stick my cock in your tight little asshole. It's your

Fresh tears began streaming down Stephanie's face, but Vince knew she'd go
through with it. They all did. Once they came this far, they couldn't
possibly quit.

"Good choice," he said, not waiting for an answer.

Reaching into his top desk drawer, he pulled out a small tube of
lubrication. He had done this enough times, right in this very spot, to be
prepared for it. Vince squeezed some lube into his hand and smeared it over
his cock.


"No... noooo... Daddy, don't!"

"Stick out your ass. Come on, be a good girl."

Stephanie's body shuddered as she continued to cry. Undaunted, Vince firmly
pushed her upper body against the desk, forcing her ass to raise in the air.
He quickly lined up the head of his cock with her asshole.

"Daddy, wait. Please... I... UNNHHHHHHHH!!!"

--CH 7--

Stephanie let out a deep bellow as her father's cock rudely invaded her ass.
Vince was briefly taken aback by the sound. His office was separated
enough from everything else on the floor that he rarely had to worry about
any noises that were being made, but Stephanie's cry had been unusually

"Just relax, Steph," he groaned as pushed his cock in deeper.


Startled again by the noise, Vince knew he had to quiet her down. With his
cock far enough inside her, he reached up and took a tight grip of
Stephanie's head. He held her by the hair with one hand and cupped the
other hand over her mouth.

"Relax," he said again. "Don't be so damn loud!"

With that said, he began fucking daughter's ass with hard, fast thrusts. As
her tears flowed, Stephanie tried objecting to what was being done to her,
but her cries were muffled by Vince's hand.


"Oh, that's tight! Nice and tight!"

"Mmmph, mmpph, mmppphhh!!"

Vince watched with demented glee as his monstrous cock slid in and out of
her ass. He was actually fucking his own daughter. Hell, better yet, he
was butt-fucking her!

There was something about invading a girl anally that Vince enjoyed even
more than regular sex. It was more personal, more violating. Regular sex
would come and go, but they'd never forget having their assholes stretched
open by his big dick. He continued to pound her intensely, loving the hot
tightness that was squeezing around his cock.

After taking it in her ass for a solid few minutes, Stephanie's cries began
to subside. Her head hung down limply towards the desk and she merely
grunted as each thrust seemed to drive farther and farther up her butt.
Vince took his hand off her mouth and began squeezing one of her tits as
they bounced in rhythm to the fucking.

"Doesn't that feel good, Stephanie? You like the way it feels up your ass?"

She remained silent with her head hung down. Vince yanked her hair and
lifted her head, leaning in to put his lips against her ear.

"Come on, Steph. Tell me."

"Ye.. yes," she gasped, struggling to speak while the ass-fucking continued.

"Yeah? You like it up your ass, huh?"


She clearly didn't mean the words she was saying, but Vince loved hearing it
anyway. He started working harder, going slower and more deliberate, trying
to shove his cock as deep inside her as it would go.


"Yeah, you like that. You're just Daddy's little slut now, aren't you?"

"Yes, Daddy," she whimpered.

"Say it."

"I'm... ohhhhh! I'm Daddy's little slut."

"And you like taking this big cock in your ass?"


Vince pulled her hair tightly as he continued his methodic pace.

"Tell me that you like it up the ass."

"I like... unnnhhhh! I like it up the ass."

"Yeah, say it again."

"I like it up my ass, Daddy."

Vince grinned. God, it was fantastic. He pulled her face to the side and
began to obscenely lick her cheek and mouth as he continued pounding away.

"Ohhhh, yeah! 'Fuck my ass, Daddy'. Say it."

Knowing by now what he wanted to hear, Stephanie didn't stop there. Through
her gritted teeth, she began reciting whatever filthy phrases she could
think of.

"Fuck me... fuck me, Daddy! Fuck my ass! Fuck me up the ass!"

"Yeaaahhhhh, thatta girl!"

Hearing those depraved words from his daughter's mouth pushed Vince over the
edge. All at once, he popped his cock out and yanked her down to the floor.
Stephanie fell to her knees behind the desk as Vince rapidly stroked his

"Ohhh, fuck! I'm gonna cum all over your fuckin' face!"

He grabbed Stephanie's hair and yanked her head back. With his legs firmly
planted on both sides of her, he aimed his cock at precisely the right spot.

"Unnnhhh!!! Ohhhhhhh!!!!"

Huge ropes of cum started spraying wildly from the massive dick. Stephanie
kept her eyes shut tightly as the hot cream began bombarding her face.

The first blast pelted her right on the bridge of the nose, splattering cum
every which way. The second landed in her silky hair. The spunk continued
shooting with no delay, hitting her forehead, her cheeks, her lips.

In mere seconds, Stephanie's face had been completely glazed with a thick
coating of cream. Vince had cum just as much as he had the first time, if
not more.

When his cock finally stopped shooting, Vince stepped back and surveyed his
work. Gobs of cum were streaming down his daughter's face, some hanging
from her chin. Most of it splashed down onto her big tits as Stephanie sat
there panting for air, still trying to recover from the assault her
freshly-widened asshole had just taken.

Vince was satisfied. He had done it. His daughter had been broken and
humiliated like never before.

He walked around towards the front of the desk, collected his clothes, and
began to get dressed. Stephanie remained kneeling on the floor in what was
starting to turn into a small pool of cum. As he finished pulling on his
jacket, Vince took one last look down at her.

"Well, Stephanie... I guess you're hired. Raw is in California tonight.
The plane leaves at noon."

Without another word, Vince zipped his pants and walked out of the office.

--CH 8--

A few moments after he left, Stephanie began to slowly rise up off her
knees. Still dripping with her father's cream, she walked on wobbly legs
towards his private office bathroom and flipped on the light.

Taking a washcloth off the rack, she ran it under warm water and began to
wipe the cum off her face. After a few passes, she looked up at her
reflection in the mirror.

All of a sudden, a sneaky little smile spread across her face.

"And people say I don't know how to act."

Her father's antics hadn't caught Stephanie off-guard in the slightest. She
knew all along what she'd have to endure in order to get her job back.
Vince said it himself, he'd used sex on plenty of other women over the
years. Like many people in the company, Stephanie had heard the stories.

But more than anything, she knew her father well enough to know that there
was nothing he loved more than breaking someone's spirit. That's how he got
off, by making them do something against their will.

She also knew all too well that Vince's mind was sick enough to want the
same thing out of his own daughter. So in the pursuit of her own goals, she
played along and gave him what he wanted. The crying, the begging. The
shocked eyes, the whimpers. The halted, uneasy speech as she echoed
whatever dirty thing he wanted to hear.

She'd been ready from the moment she walked into the office. She'd
purposely worn a low-cut blazer to flash some of the cleavage that she'd
caught her dad peeking at from time to time. She'd even been working with
sex toys to prepare her asshole, fully anticipating that he'd want to
butt-fuck her above all else. Word tends to get around when you screw as
many women as Vince does.

Not that Stephanie was comfortable with the idea of doing such things with
her father. Far from it. But she knew her worries would be soothed as soon
as her hefty paycheck started rolling in again.

She had played Vince McMahon like a fiddle. She'd stopped at nothing to get
what she wanted, and she felt good about doing it. As she took another
glance in the mirror, Stephanie couldn't help giving a little smirk of her

"Maybe being like my father isn't so bad after all."

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