World Wrestling Federation owner Vince McMahon called Mark Callas into
his office, Vince thought Mark's portrayal of the Undertaker had went to
his head.

Vince told Mark to tone it down, the w w f had been getting a lot of
flack from the main stream media for his use of religious symbols. Mark
just turned away without saying a word.

Vince went on with his preparations for the Monday night raw they were
doing, it was still early in the evening but there were still a couple of
wrestlers who hadn't shown up for the pre show meeting.

One of the wrestlers who hadn't shown up was the Undertaker. The members
of his group, the ministry weren't there either. Vince would have to do
something about him tonight.

The undertaker finally arrived 10 minutes before the show was about to
start. Vince called him int his office again. This was the last straw.
Vince told the Undertaker that tonight he would wrestle Helmsley, and he
would do the job. Vince had to push Helmsley to a title anyway and he
would use the Undertaker to do this.

The Undertaker screamed at Vince, he told him he wouldn't screw his
career over and he would teach him a lesson, he stormed out of the office
and signaled Viscera, Minion, and Farook to follow him.

The Undertaker sent Minion out on a mission, he then went back into
Vince's office and told him he would pay for trying to screw him. The
Undertaker was no Brett Hart.

Vince called for his kids, Shane and Stephanie, to come to his office,
he had some last second thing to go over with them. Shane came in but he
didn't know where his sister Stephanie was.

Raw was starting, Vince wanted Shane to start the show, so he sent
him out to the ring, he called for security to find Stephanie.

The show ran for an hour, and Vince had still not found his daughter.
He was really worried now, he thought she was safe as long as she was in
the arena, but she was a candidate for a kidnapping.

Vince looked up at the Titan tron and saw The Undertaker appear, Vince
knew he wasn't scheduled to be on for another 20 minutes, he gave the
signal to cut of the Titan tron but the Undertaker said, "I know where
Stephanie is." He told him if Vince cut the signal he would finish her.

Vince froze, what was the lunatic doing, he kept the Titan tron on. He
was really worried about Stephanie now.

Vince saw Stephanie in the background. She was tied to a giant cross
spread eagle. Vince had already told him about doing angles like that, but
it looked like Mark was out of control. The camera moved down and zoomed in
for a close up of Stephanie, Vince thought this could be better than the
Hard-core Holly Steve Blackman match that was supposed to be going on.

Stephanie was wearing a black silk robe, Vince quickly noticed it was
see-through. That pissed him off, she was wearing white panties and a bra,
that was all right for old lady Debra and Sable, but this was his daughter,
he thought it would get ratings though so it was all right.

Viscera, Minion, and Farook surrounded Stephanie, they blocked the
camera's view of her. They reached down and then ripped the robe off of

Stephanie was crucified in her bra and panties, Vince wanted to turn the
cameras off but he looked in the crowd, and everybody was on their feet in
silence. This was the greatest moment ever on Raw.

The Undertaker walked over to Stephanie and untied her Bra strap. Vince
screamed "You can't do that." The Undertaker told him to go fuck himself.
Vince knew something was terribly wrong. He signaled for the crew to cut
the feed.

Vince recognized the boiler room. That was where the were keeping
Stephanie, he ran down there to get his only daughter.

Vince was in the boiler room in record time, he burst through the door.
He was grabbed by the 500 pound Viscera. They had been waiting for him.

Vince was 55 years old and no match for the group. They locked the door,
gave Vince a phone and ordered him to turn the Titan tron back on. He had
no choice but to do what they said.

The entire country was soon greeted to the site of Stephanie McMahon's
tits bouncing freely on television. The Undertaker laughed, "This must be a

Minion walked over to Stephanie and started slapping her breast. He
giggled as they flowed back and forth across her chest.

The Undertaker then ordered Minion to drop his pants. He did so quickly.
He then pulled his 8 inch cock out and used it to slap the helpless
Stephanie across the face.

Vince screamed for them to stop, this had gone way to far and he was
going to get his show pulled from television. The Undertaker didn't care
about that. He had is own agenda.

Minion started slapping Stephanie across the face with his cock. The
Undertaker stood over her and placed a sword across her throat. He told her
to ask Minion nicely if she could suck his cock.

Stephanie was crying and screamed "No." The Undertaker pushed the sword
harder onto her throat until a trickle of blood appeared. He licked it up.

Vince tried to break free, but Viscera threw him onto a chair and Farook
tied him down. They slid the chair right next to Stephanie so he would
have no choice but to watch.

Stephanie said "May I suck your cock Minion?"

Minion told her "No" The Undertaker pushed the sword hard against her
throat again.

She said "PLEASE may I suck your cock?" Minion told her no again. The
Undertaker drew another trickle of blood.

Stephanie screamed "I am an excellent cocksucker, and I swallow." Minion
shoved his cock into her mouth.

Stephanie wrapped her lips around the 8 inch cock and sucked for her
life. She could hear the clapping of the 20,000 people in the arena above
her. It was making her hotter than a fire cracker.

Stephanie soon made the entire 8 inches disappear. Vince just stared,
eyes wide open. Minion grabbed her by the hair and started to fuck her
face. Stephanie opened her mouth wide so she could take the entire thing.

Minion wrapped both his arms around her head, holding it perfectly
still. He then held his cock down her throat.

He whispered something to Stephanie, then he pulled his limp cock out of
her mouth. He told her to open wide, the camera zoomed in to see a mouthful
of cum. Minion tilted her head back and told her it was O K to swallow now.

Farook and Viscera stood in front of Stephanie now, The Undertaker asked
her who she wanted to fuck her. Stephanie growled "Both of them."

Farook ripped off his pants his 11 inch cock fully erect. Stephanie was
drooling over fucking this black stud. Viscera then exposed his cock. It
was as thick as her arm and 15 inches long. Stephanie looked at the
Undertaker and said "Thank you."

The group untied her, Stephanie dropped to her knees like an actress on
an audition and began sucking the cocks.

She shoved almost all of Farook's cock down her throat, but she couldn't
quite deep throat him. He then grabbed her by the back of her head and
shoved his cock all the way down her throat.

She turned to Viscera next. She couldn't get his cock in her mouth
though, it was too thick, she licked up and down the shaft like it was a
giant sucker.

Farook bent her over and shoved his cock into her cunt from behind. She
squealed, it was the happiest moment of her life. Viscera finally managed
to shove the tip of his cock into her mouth.

Stephanie was rocking back against Farook, he grabbed her around the
waist and started slamming her back even harder. Stephanie could her the
crowd upstairs cheering her on the fuck harder, and she wasn't going to
disappoint them.

Viscera wanted his shot at her tight cunt, Farook pulled out, Viscera
laid on his back and told Stephanie to climb aboard.

She climbed up the mountain of a man rubbed her hands together and
squatted over the giant cock, she couldn't wait. Vince was still
motionless, staring at his daughter, getting her brains fucked out, and
loving it.

Stephanie sat on the cock, her pussy lips expanding to accept the girth.
She managed to get it all in.

She soon started to raise up and down on the cock. Viscera and Farook
both grabbed her by the hips and started slamming her up and down on the

Stephanie was screaming at the top of her lung with every stroke, this
just made the men fuck her harder.

Farook pushed her down so she was chest to chest with Viscera, he then
climbed on top of her and without warning, shoved his cock into her ass.

That was too much for Stephanie, she laid still as Viscera began to
thrust up into her and Farook began to pound her ass. Every thrust Farook
took forced Viscera's 15 inches even deeper into her. Stephanie thought she
was going to pass out from the organism.

Fortunately for Stephanie, her ass was so tight Farook wouldn't be able
to hold out for long. He pulled his cock out of her ass and ran around in
front of her. She licked his cock clean as he shot his load directly down
her throat. She didn't spill a drop.

Viscera started thrusting up as hard as he could into her pussy.
Stephanie held on for dear life as he shot his load into her pussy. The
Undertaker told her she would bear all the children for his ministry. Vince

Stephanie stood up and untied her father, she then handed the Undertaker
a piece of paper. She hugged him and told her she would serve him
faithfully for giving her the best orgasm anybody ever had. The Undertaker
then looked at the paper giving him complete control over the WWF.

Vince didn't care that he had lost his company, they were going to be
pulled off the air anyway.

The next day Vince got called in to the offices at the USA Network, they
had gotten the over night rating in and last nights Raw was the highest
rated television show ever. They wanted to know if he had anymore


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