Two For One In The World Wrestling Federation

Two For One In The World Wrestling Federation
Feat. Stephanie McMahon

Disclaimer: This story is pure fantasy and has nothing to do with the people mentioned in the story in real life or otherwise.

Note: This is a sequel to the hugely popular story, Behind The Scenes Of The World Of Wrestling so it follows on from that story.

I had been seeing Trish on and off again since the first time I made out with her a few months ago, I hadn't really seen Stephanie that much because she was either too busy or was not at any of the WWF events, backstage or otherwise. It had been hectic over the last few months with alot of new people coming and going and with new talent coming in every week it was hard to keep up with my job so in the end, I hired an assistant to help me out known as Steve.

Steve would basically do half of my job so I didn't get overworked. With the year turning and the holiday break coming to a end, I hit the road and headed to New York for the Raw at Madison Square Garden was going to be held. O nce I arrived there, I had to make sure everything was ready for the big night that was going to take place that night, after a hard, long morning. I found a spare room in the back where I could be alone and gather my thoughts for the afternoon work.

I sat down on a couch in the room and I leant my head back to recover from the hectic morning that was going around the arena. I heard a knock on the door that suddenly surprised me as I didn't think anyone knew I was here, except for Steve, who I had told I was going to be here to have some time to myself. I didn't say anything, hoping the person would go away or something but another knock was heard. This time the door slowly opened and I saw a hand on the door knob and the door was soon opened and when I looked up at who it was, it was a bit of relief and shock to see that it was Stephanie.

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone that you've been here, aslong as you give me something to make sure I don't tell." Stephanie said in a sluttish type of voice.

I felt my pants become tight as I stood up and infront of Stephanie. Stehpanie was wearing a pair of black pants and a black top and her beauitful breast were perfectly shaped in her black top.

Stephanie walked upto and she put her left hand around the back of my neck, while her other hand rasted on my crotch area. Her hand slowly stroked myt hard prick up and down through the fabric of my pants. I hadn't been this hard since that time I did it with Steph a few months back and I knew that she had wanted me again and this was the time she was going to get me.

I put my hands around the back of Stephanie and I moved her closer, unfortunately, Stephanie had to move her hand from my crotch and she moved it to the back of my head where her other hand has been. When Stephanie got close enough to me, our lips meet in a electrifying meeting, I hadn't had this feeling since I last kissed Stephanie.

I had little feelings in my arms and they soon dropped from holding Stephanie by the waist but I gained control again and I bought my hands up and placed them on the firm ass of Stephanie and gave them a quick puch towards me and that was followed by one long squeeze. Stephanie seemed to like this as her tongue went deeper into my mouth and she was in control of the kiss as our tongues seem to fight in my mouth but I was pushing her onto my mouth.

The kiss seem to last forever but was soon broken off when a knock at the door was heard and the noise of the door openning was heard. The door opened and Steve popped in and he looked a bit dumbfounded as I still had my hands on Stephanie's ass. What was said next got me and Steve completely off guard.

"Why don't you come and join us? I could do with another cock in me today." Stephanie said as she looked over at Steve.

Steve stood in the doorway with a shocked look on his face, I was now not worrying about what Stephanie had said but to what might be heard if Steve didn't come in and close the door. I signalled over to Steve to either come in and shut the door or leave and shut the door behind him.

After the shock of the moment Steve was in, he finally came around and relised what was going on and a smile came accross his face as he took a few steps into the room and he closed the door behind him.

"Come over here." Stephanie ordered Steve.

Steve walked over to Stephanie and stood behind her as his hands glided onto her waist. Stephanie had moved her left hand from my neck and moved it to behind Steve's as she bought him in and the two kissed right infront of me. Steph's other hand moved from the back of my neck and down my chest to my crotch and her hand began to stroke me up and down again to make sure I was still hard.

Steph moved her hand off of my crotch and moved it onto Steve's crotch. She began to massarge it in circle motions and soon enough, Steve was rock hard. Stephanie and Steve broke of their kiss and Stephanie moved her hands back and rested them on my shoulders and she leaned her head back as Steve began to kiss her neck. I moved my head down and start to kiss the other side of Stephanie's neck and Steph was in complete heaven.

Steve was pushing his crotch area into Steph's ass and his stregnth moved Stephanie forward and it bought her pussy onto my crotch. Stephanie could feel Steve's hard cock on her ass and through the fabric of his pants as I moved into a position where Steph had her right leg between my legs and I had my right leg between hers. I placed my left hand on Steph's other ass cheek and pushed her onto my cock. I began to rub my cock up and down the top of Stephanie's leg and I could feel Stephanie's pussy rub agaist my leg as I did this.

"I've had enough of this." I shouted out as I wanted to get some clothes off.

I placed my hands on the underside of Steph's top and I began to lift it, soon enough the top was over her shoulders and thrown down on the floor. Steve unbuckled Stephanie's black lace bra and he chucked that down to the floor next to her top. I grabbed Stephanie's left breast in the palm of my hands and Steve moved from behind Steph and took her other breast in his hands.

I lowered my mouth to Steph's harden nipple and I stuck out my tongue and contact was made with my tongue and Steph's now hard nipple. I held her breast in place with my right hand by grabbing the underside of it and I flicked the nipple with my tongue, I circled my tongue around her nipple and that was when I felt a hand going through my hair. I looked up but kept my tongue on Steph's nipple and I saw Stephanie lean back in pleasure and I looked over at Steve and he looked like he knew what he was doing with the nipple as he began to suck on it after bitting on it a little.

I went back to focusing on the breats I had infront of me and I removed the nipple from my tongue but left my tongue out and I licked all around Steph's huge breast, until I found the nipple and I place my whole mouth over it and took it right into my mouth. I began to suck on the nipple as Steph moved pushed me right onto her breast and she was doing the same to Steve.

I took the breast out of my mouth and I forced myself off of Stephanie's breast and moved back up her neck until I finally found her lips and planted a huge kiss on Stephanie. Steve was still working away at Stephanie's breast as I moved my right hand down Stephanie's mid riff and slid it into her pants and under her panties, I felt Steph's pubic hair as I breezed past it and soon found her pussy.

Stephanie's pussy was soaking wet and it was no surprise, I began to rub up and down at first as Stephanie let out some moans. I then let a finger slip into Stephanie and as soon as it entered it her, she let out the loudest moan yet. I moved my finger around while inside of her before I let another finger slip in and the pressure on my wrist from the tightness of Stephanie's pants didn't even begin to hurt me.

Soon enough, I let both my fingers out of her tight pussy and bought them out of her pants and I bought my fingers upto Steph's mouth and I placed both the fingers I had in her, into her mouth. I slowly slid my fingers in and out of her mouth and Steph sucked on them as if she was sucking on my cock. I took my fingers out of her mouth and gave her another kiss.

"I want both of you inside me now." Steph gasped after I broke of our kiss.

Both me and Steve got the idea and removed our clothing as Steph removed her pants and panties. My 8 inch monster sprang free when I took off my boxers and Steve's 6 inch cock sprung free when he took of his boxers, Stephanie looked a little upset when she saw the size of Steve and told him that she only wanted him up the ass because he wasn't big enough to satisfy her by going up her pussy.

Stephanie fell to the floor and she leaned on her side, her right side as I moved into a position infront of her and Steve moved into a position behind Steph. Stephanie lifted her left leg up to give me and Steve more access to her pussy and asshole. I grabbed ahold of my cock and held it right outside of Steph's pussy and Stephanie just wanted my huge cock inside her but I wanted to tease her, Steve was trying to lubricate his cock so it would go in and out of Steph's asshole easier.

Steph looked at me once more and it was a displeasing look so I guided my cock into Stephanie's entrance. The head of my cock entered Stephanie and Stephanie left arm came accross my neck and she pushed herself towards me and my whole cock slowly went into Stephanie's small pussy.

My cock slowly came out but as soon as the head was at the entrance of Stephanie's pussy, I trusted it right back into her. Steve had finally got his cock lubricated enough and with Stephanie moving up and down on my cock, Steve quickly found her asshole with his cock and he trusted as fast and as hard as he could to get in as much of his cock in her pert asshole as he could.

Steve pulled out of Stephanie's ass and he didn't even have to tell her to relaxe because she was relaxing from the experience she was having. Steve trusted back into Stephanie and so did I and me and Steve soon picked up a rythem and Steph would always have a cock in her because when I pulled out, Steve would pull in and vice versa.

This rythem didn't last long though and I just kept trusting in as hard as I could and I could feel Steve's balls with mine when I entered Steph and she just enjoyed the situation. When Steve trusted, Stephanie moved onto me and I would move her back when my cock reached the back of her pussy and Stephanie was moving from cock to cock and was enjoying it and I was sure she was going to be the first to cum by having two cocks inside of her but I was wrong as I heard Steve shout out something.

"Oh, I'm gonna cum." Steve shouted out.

"Oh yes, cum in my ass, cum all over my ass." Stephanie responded.

Steve's body tensed up and he pushed his cock in as far as he could into Stephanie's asshole when he exploded his cum right in Stephanie's ass. Steve's and Stephanie's bodies where still moving back and forth because I was still pumping in and out and Stephanie's pussy.

Steve removed his cock from Stephanie's asshole and he rolled onto his back and began stroking his cock to get the excessive cum out. I roled onto my back and Stephanie mounted me. I lay there with my hands resting above my head and moving my hips up into Stephanie as she moved up and down on my cock while talking dirty to me and this bought out a small argument between us.

"I'm gonna make you cum first, oh yes, your gonna shoot your cum right up into my pussy." Stephanie said.

"Oh yes, your gonna cum first, your cum is going to trickle down my legs and then I'm gonna shoot my load up into your pussy." I panted out.

I could sence myself cumming and I could feel Stephanie was nearly ready to explode herself. I sat up and grabbed Steph by the waist and I pushed up as hard as I could, trying to force Stephanie to cum before me and she would push herself down as far as she could on me to try and make me cum first.

With all my remainning stregnth, I pushed myself up and as deep as I could into Stephanie as she lowered herself down as far as she could on me and I finally heard the words I wanted to hear.

"Oh shit, I'm gonna cum." Stephanie said as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back.

Stephanie exploded right onto my dick and I felt her cum trickle down my dick and onto my balls and once it hit my balls it was my turn to shout out loud.

"I'm cumming, oh yes, I'mmmm cccuuuummmmmmiiiiiiiinnnnngggg." I shouted out as I shot my load right up and into the deeper depths of Stephanie's pussy.

Stephanie pushed down onto my cock for the finally time before she used her last bit of strength to get off of my cock, she soon lyed on the floor next to me. Once she gathered her breath, I got up and was about to clean myself up but Stephanie stopped me and wanted to suck off my cum and her cum from my cock. Steve had now sat back on the couch and was enjoying the free show he was getting.

Stephanie grabbed my cock in her hand and began to jerk me off, I felt my cock harden again as Stephanie bought her mouth over my hard member. Stephanie slowly sucked on my cock and it was soon right down her throat and she bought her head back up but bought it right back down and her head was bobbing up and down and she continued this until she had sucked up both our cums from my cock.

After she took my cock out of her mouth, Stephanie looked up at me and she got to her feet and placed a kiss on my cheek as Steve began to get changed. I soon followed and got changed and so did Stephanie.

I looked at my watch and saw that my lunch break was over and I ordered Steve back to work and I knew he wouldn't tell anyone of this experience because he would lose this job and any pride he had in him if he siad anything. Steve left the room first and I followed him after Stephanie blew a kiss in my direction amd I left the room thinking I'm in the good books of the boss.


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