Shania Seduced

after her concert shania became sick luckly her good friend faith came back stage to see why her concert wasnt up to pare as usual. when shania told that she was not felling good. faith imeadiatly picked her up and put her in her car and took shania to her farm get away in the tenn. hills where she would care for her friend,faith said she was going to take shanias temp. but only had a rectal thermometer, after a small protest shania pulled down her tight pants and panties and was put across faith lap. gently faith spread shanias cheeks and put some lube on the thermometer and put it in. ohhhh faith Im so embaressed ohhh.. now now dont be silly shania. faith scolded.Im going to take care of you silly. and you know that I wouldnt hurt you..babe..your temp is 102 now lets get you in a flannal night gown. you want be needing any thing under, later im going to bath you, but know just sit on my lap and let me wam you honey. as shania fell a sleep faith began to take a closer look ta her friend and became wet and warm then began cupping shanias breasts and then stroking her belly and rested her hand on shanias pussy whats going on shhhhh then faith incerted a finger in shanias tight hole ohhh is this part of my therapy shania softly asked yes my dear now open your legs alittle moreand I will kiss it for you ohhhh yes ahhhh I want to be yours ohhhh ahhhhh. now im going to take to the bath room and give you an enema my sweet. any thing you want.. faith im your to do with as you want...oh oh that water shooting in my butt feels ahsum. ohhhhh ohhhh ah ah now just sit on my lap and relax ohhh your finger in my butt is a new sensation for me ah ah work it baby ah ah yes put my little boobs in your mouth but first I wnt you to spank me. so I know that you love and are my misstress and my mommy. if you want,,yes shania now mommy is going to spank your cute little bottom tell its bright red awyyyy awyyy oh ohhh i will be a good little girl for you as shania began to cry and then to sob thats enough ohhhh awyyyyy baby is sorry faith mommy ohhh awyyyyyfaith your spanking into an orgasm ohhhhhh ahhhhhh . then they both fell asleep in each others arms...the end for now....

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