World Cup Winners

World Cup Winners

***This story is not real, none of the people in this story actually did the things they were portrayed as doingwell not to anyones knowledge. You have to be over 18 years old to read this. Place feedback (good or bad) on the message board, I read it all the time just dont have an account yet.***

Celebrities: Jojo, Missy Peregrym, Nelly Furtado, Eva Green, Kate Beckinsale and Amanda Bynes

Codes: MF, MMF, MMMF, nc-cons, orgy, oral, anal, bukk, bond, creampie, rough

Story by The Chemist

It was July 9, 2006 and the Berlin stadium was the loudest it could be since Italy had just won the World Cup of the French. Among the 72,000 plus fans in attendance of the Final that went into extra-time and then needed penalty shootouts to crown a new champion.

Among those 72,000 people in the crowd were 6 of the most beautiful stars that Hollywood had to offer. Those six celebrities included Amanda Bynes, Kate Beckinsale, Missy Peregrym, Jojo Levesque, Nelly Furtado, and Eva Green. Amanda Bynes was the star in What I Like About You and the soccer flick Shes The Man, which really perked her interest in soccer and since then had learned she loved the game. Kate Beckinsale grew up in England and was pretty much taught that you love soccer, especially the English team and that love had brought her to the World Cup Final. Missy Peregrym was the star in Stick It and is a die hard soccer fan having played it in high school. Jojo never really cared for the sport until she met a 16-year-old Ghanaian boy named Freddy Adu and was the future of American soccer. Nelly Furtado was a Canadian of Portuguese descent and was also grown up to love soccer and the national team. Eva Green is the French actress who is the new Bond girl in Casino Royale and cheered on her native team in all competition, which naturally brought her to Munich.

All 6 girls all had different reasons for loving soccer and cheered for different teams, but one thing that united them was the bet they made at the beginning of the World Cup. All had picked different teams to support throughout the competition and they all made the bet that their own team was going to win and if another girls team won, then that girl owned the other 5 in any way she wanted. Bynes had picked the United States, Beckinsale picked England, Peregrym picked Mexico (out of respect for her friend Jessica Alba), Jojo picked Ghana, Nelly picked Portugal and Green went with France.

So there they were watching as the game went into penalty kicks and the wheels were spinning inside the sexy French womans head as to what she was going to do with the five gorgeous slaves. Then the unthinkable happened for Eva when David Trezeguet stepped up and the talent striker hit the crossbar instead of the back of the net. Minutes later, Fabio Grosso of Italy shot top corner and scored, sealing the victory for the Italians.

After a few minutes of thinking, the silence was broken.

Well I came to Germany to watch my team win and if they werent going to win I was going to have to be a sex slave. Now none of our teams have won and I have to go back home horny and have boring sex with my husband Kate said disappointingly.

Yeah I know. Im a young, single girl and was looking for some foreign love before going back too Missy said, just as sad as Kate had been.

This sucks. I think we were all looking forward to being used as a fuck puppet, but none of us won thanks to those Italians Eva said, still in shock about what happened in the last few moments of the game.

Wait a minute! I think I have an idea. This is so perfect, Nelly said in delight.

Okay what are you talking about you crazy canuak the very vocal Jojo piped up and asked.

Ill let you know in an hour, just make sure you all have your cell phones on. Ill call you guys soon, I have some business to do Nelly said as she ran off down the aisle.

Nelly Furtado was a very friendly person and that characteristic made her many friends, including Maria Lippi, the granddaughter of Italys coach Marcello Lippi. Nelly had once brought her to a big Hollywood party where she met some of her favourite celebrities Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. Maria promised she would return the favour in a big way some day, and that day was going to be today.

The game had ended around 11 oclock at night local time and the girls all waited inside on of the stadiums bars for the call their friend promised them. Shortly before it was midnight Missys phone rang and it was Nelly.

Hey Missy. Listen, bring yourself and the girls to Adlone Hotel, it is the 5-star hotel in the middle of the city. Ill meet you there in half an hour. Bye.

Okay girls, that was Nelly. We have to meet her in some hotel in half an hour so I guess we should head out now, Missy said as they all finished there last drink and headed out to see their unpredictable friend.

By the time they had gotten a taxi and got to the massive hotel, it was right around 12:30 a.m. and inside the lobby waiting was Nelly. The hot Portuguese woman was talking with some bellboy that had a large bulge in his pants as he was completely taken with the woman in front of him.

So whats going on, why are we here? Jojo asked, trying her best to seem mature since she was only 16 and hanging around older ladies. The urban pop star became friends with Nelly Furtado at a party and then later with Missy at a movie premiere and the three had been close friends since then. She was in mini demin skirt and white tank top.

Some guy was just about to bring me back to his place and knock boots with me so this better by good, Kate said in her adorable British accent. Kate was wearing short black dress that showed off a lot of her naturally long legs and her cleavage. She was pretty well off in the chest area considering how thin her frame was (far from sick looking like some of the other female stars).

Relax ladies, I wouldnt let you guys down, not in our last night in Germany together. I figured we would go out with a bangliterally and metaphorically. Ben here is gonna lead the way to the penthouse suite, Nelly said before turning and following the bellboy to the elevator. Nelly looked great wearing a simple pair of blue jeans and a Portugal T-shirt, even though her team was eliminate several days before.

So the big news is that you rented the penthouse suite in a five star hotel for the night? Were already were staying in on of those, Amanda said thinking out loud. The 58 comedic actress was looking very hot in a purple sundress and knee high boots, both of which did well to compliment her curvy figure and long legs.

I hope its really exciting because I need some cheering up after that horrible game, Eva said pouting, still in disbelief that her team lost. She was looking elegant but still very sexy in red dress that was slit down the middle showing much cleavage and went down to just above her knee, with a slit in the leg as well.

The 6 girls and Ben got into the elevator and it swiftly started to bring them to the top floor of the very classy German hotel. The ride up was silent except for the rubbing of hand on pants as Nelly was taking the time to massage the guys raging hard-on. A few moments later the elevator stopped and the doors opened as the girls exited onto the top floor. Ben hadnt gone yet but he didnt care because the minute of getting a handjob by a hugely successful singer was good enough.

Nelly knocked on the door and the noise inside the room died down immediately as some old guy poked his head just outside. He had to be at least 60, but still looked in good shape for someone his age. He said something in weak English and Nelly replied, obviously giving the right response as the door opened for them to come in.

What they saw all aroused them very much as they saw 14 well dressed, buff, and handsome men standing in the room waiting for their special guests to arrive.

So whats going on Nelly, Missy asked half-confused and half-excited. She was the most in-shape of the girls having a body that everyone would kill for with a flat stomach, long legs, big tits and somewhat big lips as well. Her dark hair streamed down her fair skin and went down to her back over top of the tank top she was wearing with a mini white skirt as well.

Well Im good friends with Marcellos granddaughter and she owed me a favour so I knew her papa was the coach of the Italian team so I asked if we could celebrate with themprivately. Most of the team is here; the last 6 went off to be with their families or something. So girls, why dont we enjoy our last night in Europe with the team that beat all of our countries out, it seems a fitting end to the bet Nelly said, recapping for everyone what had happened.

The rest of the female company didnt have to say a word as their smiles gave away their answer. The men knew right away what was going to happen and they wouldnt spend the best night of their lives celebrating any other way. Even though most of the men were married or dating long term, they couldnt resist the urge to have sex with 6 of the most beautiful women in the world.

The 13 players included Buffon the massive goalkeeper and equally as large Materazzi & Iaquinta, captain Cannavaro, De Rossi, Camoranasi, Del Piero, Nesta, Totti, rugged Gattuso, Pirlo, Toni, Inzaghi, and the coach Lippi.

The girls all eyed up the men as the men did the same to them. Lust was present in everyones eyes and they all knew they couldnt wait any longer. Nelly reacted first by starting to undress and then everyone else following suit, with even Lippi stripping down to bare his 60-year-old body. Once they were naked, the fun began.

This time Missy led the way straight into the big pack of men and straight into Buffons large arms and began to kiss him hard. After a few seconds she slide down to her knees licking his chest all the way down and grasped his semi-erect cock in her hand and started to stroke it while kissing the head of it. This was enough motivation because his member promptly sprang to life so she started a full out oral assault, first tonguing the throbbing meatpole from tip to base to balls and then back up again before shoving half of it in her mouth and bobbing away. Nesta saw the treatment the big titted girl was giving to his goalie so he strolled over to the action and stood beside him with his hard cock in his hands. Missy pulled herself from Buffons 9 inch dick and grabbed Nestas smaller 7 incher and started licking the underside of it before she popped it into her mouth. She began to alternate after every 3 or 4 bobs to keep both men happy and each cock glistening with saliva.

Del Piero couldnt help but scan the girls to see which one he was going to make his World Cup whore. After a little bit of thought he walked calmly over to the youngest girl of them all and lifted her up onto his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and carried her over to the large leather coach in the right corner of the room. He flung Jojo onto the massive sofa and simply stared at the nicely developed 15 year old singer-actress before he laid down on top of her in the 69 position. Jojo had no choice but to immediately deep throat his rather large 8 inch cock while he dove right into eating her bald pussy which was as smooth as a babys bottom. Everytime his dick hit the back of the teens throat it turned Del Piero on even more, which made him lap inside her tight cunt faster or lick her clit harder. While munching her rug he realized he wasnt doing anything with his hands so he used his left hand to rub her clitoris while he dropped his right passed her opening and to her tightly sealed rosebud. He quickly dipped his index pointer finger into her twat for lube before going back to her puckered asshole and rubbing it around, trying to pop it in but unsuccessfully.

You ever been fucked in the ass bitch, Del Piero asked in a thick Italian accent.

No, and Ive only had regular sex a few times, the talented singer said after she removed the dick out of her mouth for just long enough to get out the sentence. All he responded with was a smile before returning to eating her out and rubbing her butthole.

Meanwhile, the 4 remaining girls were still waiting in the middle of the room probing their options when Kate Beckinsale walked over to the biggest of all the men, Iaquinta, and told him she wanted to be fucked hard. Iaquinta grinned and called over his teammate Gattuso to help satisfy the Brits needs so that she would really remember her summer vacation. Iaquinta was a mountain of a man in height, width, thickness and cock size, being 11 inches, and Gattuso was a hairy, Wolverine-clone that was known to women as being a wild animal during sex. The big man moved his lips to hers and began making out with and kneading the boobs of the slender star while Gattuso necked her and furiously rubbed her vagina. Seemingly picking her up by her tits and twat, the two men carried her over to the couch in the left corner of the room and planted her on her side so her ass was on the outside. Iaquinta climbed up onto the furniture and jumped into the 69 position and started to lick her clit and work his fingers into her pussy which had a trimmed, thin landing strip shaved into her pubes. While he was both getting and receiving pleasure, the smaller man got down onto his knees next to her completely smooth ass, spread her cheeks and started to eat out her tight asshole. He began licking it at a fast pace before really pulling hard on her asscheeks to open the hole enough for him to work his long tongue into her bowels.

Amanda made her way over to the group of men and got down on her knees, not caring who came over to her, but was surprised when someone came up behind her and put a blindfold over her eyes and tied her hands behind her back. She was then grabbed by the back of her head and forced to completely inhale the ten inch cock of Inzaghi, which made her almost gag since she didnt naturally deep throat. He held her head down until he saw her face turn a dark red colour, and then pulled her off him so she could get in a few panic-filled breathes before he slammed her head back down on his 10-inch cock again. He reached behind himself and pulled up a chair to sit on, which made Amanda lean forward and expose her perfectly rounded bubble butt, which De Rossi took full advantage of. He came up from behind the lanky star with his dick already hard, knelt down and shoved his 9-inches up into Bynes unprepared dry box. This caused even greater pain to her body, which was being completely abused by two burly men that had no concern about what they were doing to her body. As De Rossi was continuing to fuck her dry pussy, he noticed it was starting to get wet, so to cause more damage to her he put his two fingers at the opening of her ass and shoved them into her unlubed asshole until they couldnt go in any further. Amanda screamed wildly since her ass was still a virgin although nothing could be heard as she was still planted at the base of Inzaghis cock making her face turn an even darker shade of red. Pirlo, noticing all the fun that they were having with the 20-year-old beauty, grabbed a chair and sat down beside his teammate who instinctively passed her over to him to use as he wanted. Pirlo forced her mouth down his cock but was met with resistance with only 10 of his 12 inches in her throat. Pirlo nodded to De Rossi who immediately withdrew from her ass but only so that it could slam shut and be re-opened by a third finger, which he really had to force with all his might in there. This latest shock caused Amanda to give up her will and let Pirlo shove his foot long cock into her windpipe with no more problems, but he didnt stop there. As a punishment for trying to control what happened to her, Pirlo became mad and without mercy shoved her mouth up and down his cock quickly and strongly, making her face slam into his rock-hard stomach every time. Pirlo and Inzaghi kept trading their bonded slut back and forth while De Rossi kept fucking her, kneading her medium-sized tits roughly and working his three fingers in and out of her stretched virgin asshole.

Seeing the pain that his three teammates were causing to Amanda remained Materazzi of the pain from Zidanes headbutt, which filled him with anger and aggression. Looking over at the girls left, he noticed that one of them was French and he knew now how he was going to take his wrath out. He walked over to the busty Eva Green and grabbed her by her black hair and dragged her into one of the two bedrooms in the massive suite. He threw her on the bed so she was on her back and straddled her face so he could put his huge 13-inch cock to the back of her throat and when he retracted from her windpipe he would crash down onto her large boobs before leaning forward again. Cannavaro had followed the brute into the room and saw that her nicely trimmed pussy was unattended so he leaned down and began to lick it so she was aroused, and when she was and mounted her and started fucking the shit out of her wet pussy. Seeing his teammate work over her pussy, Materazzi hopped off the bed, taped her mouth shut so she couldnt scream and walked around to where his captain was and used his strength to roll the both of them over. He got onto the bed again and moved his cock into Evas pussy slowly so that the both of them were now double fucking her twat. She was moaning for all she was worth against the tape as two huge men were ripping her apart at the cunt; she now knew how poor Amanda was feeling.

Nelly looked and saw that there still remained three horny men that needed to be fucked and she knew that it was her that was going to have to do it. She walk passed all three of them and into the other bedroom so that they could have a little more privacy, and as Camoranasi, Totti and Toni entered, she told them to sit on the bed and enjoy the show. Of the three, Totti was the best looking but only had a 6-inch penis, Toni was the tallest and the biggest with a 10-inch meat pole, and Camoranasi looked like a samurai warrior with a foot long cock. Once all in place Nelly began to dance seductively so she turned them all on and once she saw they were all ready to go she crawled over to them and began to give them all head, once at a time, deep throating them with ease. She pulled herself off their cocks long enough to tell Toni to lay down and Camoranasi to get behind her. Furtado mounted Toni and leant forward so she could keep giving Totti his blow job as he stood on the bed, and Camoranasi butted his cock against her asshole and pushed himself past the sphincter and into the bowels. This brought only a minor whimper to Nelly as she was no stranger to anal sex as her boyfriends always insisted on fucking her up her Portuguese ass.

Back in the main area of the suite, Missy Peregrym was riding Buffon in the reverse missionary form as he played with her slightly gaped asshole and Nesta was still getting sucked off. Wanting to get a piece of her large melons, he pulled out of her mouth and shoved his member between her tits and pressed them together as she was bouncing on Buffons dick. Everytime he came to the top of her boobs she would take him back into her mouth, but this got boring quickly for him and he now wanted to fuck her. Moving away from her to come free, he told her to get off Buffon, but as soon as his tip left her pussy Buffon pushed her hips forward and slowly hauled her back down with his pole lined up with her asshole. She bite her bottom lip as his pussy juiced dick slid up further and further into her colon until he bottomed out. Having gotten comfortable with anal sex she started to rid his cock in her ass while Nesta got on his knees and slid his tool into her pussy so she was being double penetrated. Nesta and Buffon found a rhythm and this was causing Missy to build up her orgasm while the constant rubbing of each others cocks seperated by a thin membrane was making the guys push closer to the edge. Missy finally couldnt hold out anymore and climaxed, gushing her juices over Nestas dick and caused her to tighten up both of her holes and this made both men to blow their loads deep inside of her ass and pussy. The three of them collapsed out of exhaustion and they just laid on the floor falling into a deep sleep.

Del Piero had moved from 69ing Jojo to fucking her while she laid on her back and pulled her legs as far apart as possible to allow more of him in her. She may have been young and sexually inexperienced but she knew she loved being fucked and wanted to make it feel as good as it could. Sensing that his orgasm was coming, he wanted to postpone it as long as possible so he had to switch positions so he pulled the small singer onto her hands and knees and began to fuck her doggy style while rubbing her clit. This change was going to make Jojo come very quickly since he kept hitting her G-spot and the stroking of her clit so hard would make her last a few more seconds.

Im cumming, Im cumming, she shouted as her orgasm washed over her and she coated Del Piero with her juices. He kept fucking her sensitive pussy while never taking his eyes off her tight asshole and when she turned around and saw him staring, she wanted to do something special for him.

I change my mind, you just won the World Cup and to make this more special Ill let you take a 15-year-olds anal virginity, just take it slow, Jojo said finally giving into the man almost 20 years her senior. Since she had just cum his cock was extra lubed and tipped his fingers into her pussy and then rubbed it around the outside of her anus before trying to get a finger into the hole. It was so tight that it was near impossible, but she did her best to relax and it finally went in before he added a second. Thinking this was enough of a warm up he moved his dick to the opening and started to push himself in, using his fingers to pry her asshole open. Finally after a minute of trying the head popped in and Jojo did a blood-curling scream that everyone in the hotel easily heard.

You have to relax. When you are ready start pushing back, he said to calm her down. After a few seconds more of his shaft was entering into the tightest hole on Earth and he was about to blow his load, but just in time he choked the base of his cock and the orgasm went away. Now, know he had another 5 minutes before blowing, he started to really fuck her virgin ass once she was use to the size and feeling. He would pull out half way before plowing it all back in at first, but would soon almost completely remove his dick before slamming it back in. With every thrust his pelvis would smash into her meaty bum causing it to jiggle and ripple with little waves and as he did this Jojo brought her hand up to her pussy and started fingering herself. She was liking the anal assault, which pleased Del Piero because he knew he had just converted a 15-year-old into an anal loving ho who would always crave being plugged in the butt from now on. Unfortunately with her fingers rubbing against his cock from inside her own twat, Del Piero needed to cum but he was going to truly make her an anal slut by making her lick her own pussy and ass juice while swallowing his load. He withdrew from her tight ass with an audible pop and the hole quickly constricted again, and moved to her face and told her suck him. She was very hesitant so he forced his cock in her mouth and although at first disgusted, she began liking and then loving the taste of her own asshole. Finally he shot his massive load into her mouth and she swallowed every drop and continued to suck him dry until there was no taste of pussy juice, ass or cum left on his stick.

Over on the other side of the room, Kate was in pure ecstasy with two muscular men pounding the hell out of her while she was on vacation away from her husband. She felt bad for cheating on him but she knew that he had cheated on her before and she was in Germany with her best friends. Currently she was still lying on the couch with Iaquinta now flipped around and buried in Kates juicy snatch while his teammate was getting ready to stuff the skinny actress in the rear. He had stood up with his cock in one hand while the other hand was used to split her cheeks apart to give Gattuso a clear view of his prize, Kate Beckinsales asshole. Kate was preoccupied with the big Italian in front of her to notice Gattuso sizing up her back side until she felt his crown butt against her hole. She then really noticed him when the head slid in her well-lubed butthole with a bit of force and he continued until about half of his length was in the tight orifice. She hadnt been fucked up the ass for while so it took her a minute of biting her lip to adjust to the sensation and to the girth of his rather large schlong. Once the hairy man felt her push against him he took that as the green light to really give her a pounding so he increased his tempo while Kate got into a groove of rocking back and forth to get the most pleasure out of both dicks. Iaquinta wasnt a big ladies man, he was more of a mommas boy, so it was no surprise that he was on the verge of blowing his load into Kates pussy before she had time to orgasm (or even get close). The big man came into her to the surprise of Kate who quickly became irritated and then mad that he could not pace himself.

Get the hell off of me you big moron, I wanted to have sex with a real man not some boy that cant handle my needs, Kate said as she pushed Iaquinta away from her. He picked himself off the floor disgusted with his performance and found his clothes so he could get dressed and leave the room to try to walk off his humiliate. With Iaquinta out of the picture, the two lovers rolled together so that Gattuso was now seated on the sofa with Kate straddling his cock in her ass still as she bounced up and down on it. With each hop she did, she allowed his dick to be fully removed from her anus before slamming back down on it all the way down to his base. Beckinsale knew she was going to have to work to get Gattuso to cum so the best for that to happen was to make it fell great for her and it would do the same for him. She told him to get up so that she could get on her hands and knees since that was her favourite position and Gattuso climbed onto the furniture so that he lined up with her anus again. He slid back in like it was personally molded for his pleasure and pounded the beautiful Underworld star as hard as he could. She was loving every minute of the anal thrashing so she reached her hand between her legs so she could rub her sensitive clit. This was the action that pushed her into her built up orgasm and she began squirting cum that ran down her leg to the couch below. With Kate experiencing her mind blowing climax it caused her to tighten her asshole even more than usual which left Gattuso no other option than to cum up her ass. They both were spent from the crazy animal sex and just laid down together in an attempt to rest for round two.

Meanwhile, Amanda Bynes was still savagely being abused by three of the World Cup winners. They had all had there turn face fucking her until her throat and mouth were depleted of any moisture at all, so they moved onto her further south holes. At first, Inzaghi had thrown the teen comic actress to the floor roughly, he grabbed her legs and placed them on his shoulders before shoving his 10-inch cock directly in the dry cunt. Amanda started to whelp like a pig at a slaughterhouse but like the slut she was, quickly adapted and began to moan in pleasure. He only got into a rhythm when he was torn away from his whore and replaced by Pirlo and his 12-inch cock. Again, he had just started to build up a sweat when he was pulled away with Amandas bald twat being filled again by De Rossis 9-inch meat.

This is pointless. We all want to fuck this bitch raw but I dont want to wait around while you two do her first. So lets triple team her and rotate so that everyone gets a go at every hole Inzaghi said in thick Italian accent.

No please. Ive only had anal from a few guys with small dicks. You guys are too big and way to rough to put it in my ass Amanda protested in fear of being ripped apart even worse.

Now listen bitch. We came here to fuck you. Some of us are breaking our marriage vows to fuck your teenage ass. First Im gonna fuck your asshole, then Inzaghi is gonna rip your asshole and then Pirlo is gonna tear it apart so that your asshole will get stretched with every new cock going in. Pirlo, get on the ground and you bitch, get on top of him. De Rossi said in a dominating tone.

Pirlo lowered himself onto his back with his erect cock standing at attention as the defeated actress straddled his waist and dropped herself onto his large cock. She figured she would try to get some pleasure from her abuse so he started to ride his stick like her life depended on it. The two guys like the view of Amandas ass and tits bouncing and jiggling with every rise and fall the young beauty performed. With a smile, Inzaghi moved around to the face and cockslapped her across the face several times, leaving a red mark on her cheek. With the punishment she was receiving, she started to like the slapping and asked for more. Inzaghi released she was digging the pain is pleasure sensation so he reached down with his hands and started grabbing and pulling her boobs and nipples until he started screaming around his cock that he buried in her face. He held his cock in her throat past the point that her face turned red then would pull it from her mouth as she started to convulse. Amanda was subjected to this is she still tried to get herself off riding Pirlo, but he was making that hard since every time she crashed down, Pirlo would thrust up with all his might. The result was his cock slamming violently into her cervix, burning with pain the whole time, but nothing like the burning when in one motion, De Rossi drove his meatpole into her dry asshole.

Tears started flowing down her face as her asshole was stretched ti its breaking point, over and over again as De Rossi would bury it in her anus to the hilt, then complete withdraw so it re-puckered, then continued the chain. Because of his weight on her back, she was unable to bounce up and down and more to receive pleasure, but was being assault by a triple-pain attack. With her cunt stuck taken all of Pirlo in, it was burning her cervix, while she was brought to gagging every time Inzaghi thrust into her face and her rectum was killing her because of De Rossi.

Shit, you were right ho, youre asshole is too tight now I need to cum. De Rossi whispered in her ear as he removed himself from her tender hole. He knew his teammates would kill him if he came in her ass so the only area he could cum in time was her long, brunette hair. All she felt was the tip of his sticky dick touching the top of her head and she knew what was coming, but she had no way to protest, she was happy enough to have the burning in her ass subside. With a few quick strokes, De Rossi erupted onto her pretty head with his huge load slowly spidering in all direction down her hair, mostly to the front to her face. Inzaghi saw the parade of sperm going his way so he pulled his cock out and moved around to her backside. Amanda had not kept track of where all the cum went but she knew where some ended up when she felt a burning sensation in her eye as some had leaked into it.

With Amanda distracted with her eyes, De Rossi finished cleaning off his cock from the juices in her rectum by using her hair once again, Inzaghi took his spot filling her asshole. It remained slightly gapped from the first pounding it took and he would be damned if it didnt expand wider after him. Inzaghi was already close to blowing after receiving 2 blow jobs from her in such a short amount of time that he only took a few minutes to cum. When the time was at hand he walked around to the front and aimed his load to splatter on her face, but mostly the mouth so that she had to taste his salty jizz and the taste of diluted shit from her own ass.

Pirlo threw the bitch off of him and sat her up on all fours and admired the view of her absolutely perfect bubble butt. It was thick and meaty yet small and smooth. After he had admired for long enough he took up the now loose vacancy that was Amandas backdoor and without care pumped into her hard and often. Amanda was squalling and experiencing horrid pain, but it was getting easier and less pain the longer he did it, which was a relief. However that relief was washed out when she felt a wetness in her bowels, knowing that he must have ripped her apart! Her fears were confirmed when a few minutes later Pirlo pulled out from her once tight asshole and made her suck him off. She was disgusted to choke down her own shit and blood, not to mention his salty cum that streamed into her mouth then her face. The only thing that cheered her was that her torment was final over for the night.

Finally the seering pain that was radiating from Evas swollen cunt was relieved when Cannavaro pulled out and whispered something into Materazzis ear. Without leaving her pussy, Materazzi lifted Eva to the edge of the bed so her legs were dangling over so he could stand and fuck her. Cannavaro worked his way so he was straddling her midsection and had his cock placed right between the actress massive tits. They were a thing of beauty, a natural D-cup that were firm and had fairly big, pink nipples. Eva was unable to pushed her giant tits together because they were tied behind her back, so Cannavaro had to do it in order to titie-fuck the beautiful woman. With every thrust forward, Eva would open her mouth and gladly accept the defenders long pole into her mouth to lather it up.

You seem to be liking this a bit too much for my liking, so Im gonna give your asshole a go Materazzi roared as he withdrew his meat stick from her soaked pussy and wiped it dry on the bed sheets. He wanted to make sure she had no assistance when he buried his cock up her ass, and she screamed as though she was being branded like a cow. Materazzi was the first to sodomize the stunning euro actress as he roughly separated her plump ass cheeks and in one motion shoved his dick all the way up. As he moved it in and out of her neat asshole, he found that the track was well lubed, so he looked down and saw that his cock was now a crimson colour. This brought a smile to the large Italians face, the fact that he had tore open the French womans virgin asshole.

Stop, stop it hurts so bad. Ive never had anal before, please stop! Youre tearing me in half again! Eva screamed, but that was quickly stopped as Cannavaro shoved his meat back in between her luscious lips.

Youre right bitch, I am tearing you in half, youre ass in bleeding all over my cock, but dont worry about me, Ill clean it off in your mouth Materazzi said to her, further degrading her. Her eyes were watering up as she could barely get in any air around Cannavaros cock in her mouth, and she knew she was in bigger trouble when his dick started to twitch. Within seconds, he had shot his cum inside her mouth, making her gag on it and come out of her nose, much like milk would. However, it hurt a lot more than milk, as it was really painful, and the cum that did flow out her nostrils had dripped all over her face, eyes and hair.

As Eva was temporarily blinded, Materazzi made his way to crutching over her large chest and replaced Cannavaros cock in her mouth. Evas eyes shot open from shock as he was jumping his cock in and out of her mouth, giving her no option but to taste her own ass and blood. She had never felt so used before or so embarrassed, but somewhere deep inside her, she liked it.

Hope youre ready for more slut Materazzi said as she placed his cock just between her lips and deposited his fist stream into her mouth. The second and third stream he pulled his cock out of her mouth for, as they went to cover her entire pretty face with his sticky seed. He wiped the remaining cum onto her hair, completely disregarding the fact that she had to head out back into the city later that night. Eva just laid there as the two players left the room and she just curled into a ball and tried to compose herself, while still having her hands tied behind her back.

Meanwhile, Nelly Furtado was still giving the three Italian studs the reward of their lives for winning the World Cup. Nelly was still getting triple teamed, but that was about to change as Totti took two handfuls of the sexy Canadians brown, wavy hair and thrusted his small cock to the back of her throat where he shot his load. This caught Nelly by surprise, but like the true whore she was, she didnt gag or anything, she just let the salty cum flood her mouth. Once he realized her head, after several hard tugs on her brunette locks, he collapsed on the bed, unaware of the woman he had just angered. Nelly stretched as much as she could, while still being sandwiched by almost two feet of cock, and spat the cum that was in her mouth all over Totti.

Im not some slut that you can rough off after she does you a favour you sick bastard. Hope you like payback. Nelly yelled in her rage. All Totti could do was start to cry and run out of the room and into a bathroom to clean up and weep in private.

Baby, dont worry about him, let us relax you Toni said trying to tame the fiery Canuak.

Youre right. Nelly said as she tried to take her mind off that asshole and back to the double penetration she was receiving. Camoranasi pulled himself out of her tight asshole and stood up, much as Nelly did as well, under directions from Toni. Camoranasi crouched down enough that he could slid his large dick into her hairless pussy than lifted her up into the air. Nelly knew this position and wrapped her tanned legs around his thick trunk, but was surprised in a good way when Toni came up behind her and started rimming her asshole. He started to lick around the outside, but before long he had shoved his long tongue into her butt and lapped around inside.

Yes, yes, thats it. Fuck my pussy, yeah fuck it raw. Eat my asshole, yeah you love that taste dont ya. Shove that thing back in there, my ass feels so empty without a fat cock up my asshole. Nelly said talking dirty to the two stallions. Toni shot to his feet and without care shoved his 10 inch cock directly up her pooper, much to the pleasure of the pop singer. They fucked her like this for a few minutes, bouncing her in unison on their cocks, until they couldnt take it anymore.

Listen babe, I gotta cum, where do you want it? Toni asked while still fucking her ass hard.

Yeah I need to cum too and quick grunted Camoranasi.

UmIm so close to cumming too so just keep going, Ill worry about the spunk clean-up later. Just dont stop fucking me! Nelly screamed. Within seconds, all of them began grunting and screaming as they came at the same time before falling down on the bed exhausted. Toni pulled his limp dick from her now sloppy asshole and went to the bathroom and brought out a glass. Nelly straddled the cup on the bed as she pushed out the cum that was inside both her cunt and ass. Slowly the thick spunk dripped out and into the glass, easily 3 ounces of the salty fluid. Without hesitation, Nelly grabbed the glass and in one motion poured it into her mouth and down her throat before opening her mouth to show the boys that it was all gone.

Several hours had passed since the fun in the hotel room had ended. Nelly had personal thanked Lippi again and offered his old cock and chance at any of the girls, or all of them if he wanted. To everyone surprise, he passed on everyone and insisted his pleasure came from watching all six girls have sex and that was much better than what any of the sexy women could do for him. The girls had trekked back to their hotel before hitting the hay immediately, after all they had an early flight in the morning.

So did everyone have a good time? the very nae Jojo asked.

I didnt think I would every say this, bit I loved been roughed about and treated like a slut. Everyone back home is like Oh its Amanda Bynes, shes so cute. Ill take it slow and boring with her, she must not like sex. It is so fustrating, so being abused tonight was really satisfying. Amanda answered, her hair matted from the cum that was still in it.

I know what you mean Amanda. That beast Materazzi beat the shit out of my and made me bleed from the ass, but I wouldnt trade it for anything. When we get back home I think Ill start experimenting with whips and everything Eva Green said to her friend who was equally as cum stained as she was. .

Im still mad at the fucker Totti, but the other too made me feel like a real, sexual woman again. I definitely needed that. Nelly said, still with the vision of the two muscular Italians double teaming her.

It was great to be fucked by someone other than my husband. I mean I love him and all, but sometimes you need someone new and full of energy. Kate responded remembering the pleasure one Gattuso had given her.

All I know is that the boys back home are going to have to live up to a lot to compare with that gang bang Missy said, licking her lips at the possibility of an American sex party.

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