Madonna's Big Day

Disclaimer: This story contains acts of a sexual nature. I don't mind if anyone Under 18 reads this, after all I can't stop them, but please don't cos I don't want to get sued. This story is no accurate reference on the sexuality of Madonna Ciccone, Christina Aguilera, Denise Richards or Alicia Silverstone. This story is completely fictional.

Madonna's screamed in ecstasy as she came.

"OH YEAH! OH FUCK! OH BABY YOU'RE SO GOOD! AAAAAHHHHHHH!" Madonna was naked in a toilet cubicle in an airport. She'd gotten horny and taken an air hostess in with her. The Air Hostess was also naked. She withdrew her tongue from Madonna's cunt. She smiled.

"You like that?" She asked.

"Yes and now it is your turn." Madonna picked the Air Hostess up and put her on the toilet seat putting her on her back. She spread the 22 year olds legs and started to lick her around the rim of her soft pussy lips.

"Please don't tease me." Moaned the Air Hostess. Madonna licked inside the Air Hostesses cunt but not very far. The Air Hostess moaned. Madonna put her tongue in a little further. The Air Hostess moaned again. Madonna plunged her tongue in lapping at her juices. Madonna's tongue ran over her clit a few times and she came.

"OH GOD MADONNA! THANK YOU! OH MY GOD!" And she collapsed on the floor of the cubicle. Madonna got her clothes back on and left. The Air Hostess was still collapsed on the floor. Madonna turned around for a second.

"That's what 20 years extra experience does." Madonna smiled and left. That was her seventh orgasm today and her sexual thirst still hadn't been quelled. Oh well, maybe she would have better luck quelling her first for fucking on the plane. She loved her new husband, Guy Ritchie, but he wasn't really that good in bed and when you got right down to it Madonna was one of the sluttiest bitches on the planet. She'd done it with blokes, women even horses once. She'd taken it doggie style, missionary, on top, underneath. Madonna got on her plane. She stepped up to the first class cabin and took her seat. Next to her was a large, muscular, black-skinned gentleman in his early 30's. He looked up at her and then looked again in wide-eyed amazement

"Madonna?" He asked.

"Yes I am Madonna."

"That's not a very good disguise."

"I dunno, not one person in the airport recognised me."

"Well then they must be all idiots."


"I'm a big fan of yours."

"Really?" Madonna looked to the mans crotch. He had a huge erection which was made even more prevalent by the fact it was huge, at least 8 or 9 inches. She wanted it inside her. She wanted his cock in her arse. But not just yet, she decided. "What's your name?" She asked.

"Oh I'm called Martin."

"Nice to meet you Martin." and nice to meet your cock she thought.An Air Hostess walked past. She turned looked at Madonna and a huge wet patch formed between her legs. It was the Air Hostess from earlier. Suddenly the Air Hostess ran of, either to change into some clean clothes or to masturbate, Madonna couldn't tell which. She smiled to herself.

"Who was that? She appeared to know you."

"Oh just an air hostess that's flown with me before."

Several hours into the flight the lights went out to signify that everyone should try to sleep now but Madonna wasn't going to sleep. Her hand brushed against Martin's leg. Martin looked up.

"Don't say anything." Said Madonna "Just allow me." Her hand moved up Martin's leg to his crotch. Madonna grabbed his crotch and squeezed with all her might. Martin looked like he was in pain and Madonna released his cock. Her hand moved to his zip and she undid it. Martin's cock sprang out of his underwear fully erected. Madonna's hand moved up and down it. Her nails digged into his skin. Her hand moved up and down his rigid staff harder and harder until he came all over the back of his seat. No one appeared to notice, they were all asleep. Madonna pushed the call button. The Air Hostess from earlier appeared. Trying not to think about earlier she said

"What can I do for you madam."

"Err... my friend here has had a little too much fun." Martin was frantically trying to do his trousers up. The Air Hostess bent over so that she could clean up Martin's mess. This gave Madonna a perfect view up the Air Hostesses skirt and her hand moved into the Air Hostesses panties. She moved her fingers frantically until the Air Hostess came.

"You are insatiable." Said the Air Hostess.

"Why, thank you." Said Madonna smiling. The Air Hostess left. "I've got a wicked idea." Said Madonna smiling.

"What?" Madonna took Martin's hand. She took him up to the cockpit. The two pilots looked at them.

"Hey you can't come in here without asking permission." Said the Captain. Then he saw it was Madonna. "Oh well I suppose we could make an exception, for you." Madonna looked at the first officer. To her surprise the first officer was female and quite sexy.

"Right." Said Madonna. "Has this thing got auto-pilot."

"Yes." Said the Captain.

"Engage it and tell all the cabin crew not to come in here."


"Because we are going to have our own little personal orgy. Got it? Are we all agreed."]

"I'm up for it." Said the Captain.

"Definitely said Martin.

"I dunno." Said the First Officer. Madonna stripped Martin until he was naked. As soon as the First Officer saw his big black cock she agreed.

"What are your names?" Asked Madonna.

"I'm called Steve." Said the Captain.

"My name is Sally." Said the First Officer. Madonna started to kiss Steve. Steve started to unbutton Madonna's shirt. He took it of to reveal she was bra-less. Her breasts were surprisingly large and pointed considering her age. They were about 32B. He started to massage her chest. Martin was tearing Sally's clothing of piece by piece. Soon she was naked. She was tall, with blue eyes and blonde hair. She had 34D breasts, her cunt was covered with a small patch of blonde hair that had been neatly trimmed. Martin started to suck her nipples, first one then the other. Meanwhile Steve and Madonna were now completely naked. Madonna's cunt was completely shaven and Steve's cock was a 8 incher. Madonna was currently sucking on it. Her tongue ran up and down it. Madonna had obviously done this before, she was excellent at it, well she had been doing it for 20 years. She bit into Steve's cock softly. Her expert technique was all too much for his and he came in her mouth. Madonna went over to Sally and kissed her, to both Martin and Steve's delight sharing Steve's cum. Sally went back to Martin's big black cock. She lay him down on the floor and put her breasts around it She rubbed up and down until he exploded. Madonna went over to sally and began to lick Martin's semen of Sally's breasts. Madonna got down on her hands and knees.

"Martin I want your cock in my shit-hole." Martin didn't need to be told twice and his cock was already rigid again. He pumped into her arse, her shit hole was quite wide from years of anal sex so he fitted quite nicely. He came in her arse and she smiled as they both came together. Meanwhile Sally was riding Steve. His huge cock was right up in her womb allowing her to ride it quite hard and they both came together. Madonna got in 69 with Sally and soon they both writhed around on the floor cumming everywhere. There was one person Madonna hadn't fucked yet- Steve,. She lay down on the floor with her legs in the air.

"Steve I want you here." She said. He didn't need to be told twice and leapt at Madonna, his cock pumped into her open cunt. Until they both came together. Taking a tip from Madonna, Sally was taking Martin's cock in her arse. His huge black cock pounded against her arse. His balls swinging into it. His balls tightened and he came, taking her along with him. Everyone got dressed and cleaned up.

Several hours later Madonna returned to her LA home. Her husband was away filming a new film. She remembered her adventures on the plane but it still wasn't enough, to quell this sexual feeling she needed girl sex and lots of it. She remembered that her next door neighbours were 3 good friends who shared a house. All were female. She picked up a shoulder bag and put some equipment in it. Double headed dildo's, vibrators, artificial lubricant etcetera. She went around and knocked on the door. Denise Richards opened the door smiling.

"Madonna what can we do for you?"

"Can I come in?"

"Sure." They moved into the lounge where Alicia Silverstone and Christina Agulera watched TV. There were 3 glasses of wine on table and Denise poured a 4th. When no one was looking Madonna got some powder out of her bag and poured it into each glass except hers. She held her glass up.

"I would like to hold a toast." She said. The other girls picked up their glasses. "To enjoying life." The other girls nodded and everyone drunk their wine. Madonna smiled to herself. The girls all fell into a trance.

"You are all extremely insatiable. You need to have a million orgasms. You want me, you want each other you want the postman. You want to tear all your clothes of and fuck whoever happens to be in this room. Do you understand?"

"Yes, mistress."

"Then awaken." All three girls awoke blinking. They looked at each other and then at Madonna, without uttering a single word Denise walked over to Madonna and kissed her. She was a good kisser. Christina and Alicia kissed each other. Denise tore all her clothes of so that she was naked. Her pussy was shaven. This bitch had already been a slut before Madonna had used the powder. Her breasts were huge. They were about 36D. Madonna massaged them and Denise moaned. Denise tore of Madonna's clothing and started to massage the more experienced singers breasts. Madonna clawed against Denise's tits. Looking over she saw that Christina and Alicia were engaged in 69. Denise threw Madonna to the ground. She sat on Madonna's face and Madonna began to lap at Denise's juices. Denise laughed.

"Huh! I just though of something funny Madonna. Your name is from the Virgin Mary but you're one of the sluttiest women on the planet! You little bitch. 40 years old and still acts like she's just a 20 year old slut with nothing better to do than fuck." Denise clawed against Madonna's stomach. Madonna was getting excited by Denise's talking, she loved it when people talked to her like this. She licked frantically until Denise came on her face. Denise got of but grabbed Madonna by the hair throwing her down over Denise's lap so her arse stuck up in the air. Denise started to smack her arse. "Bad little bitches like you should be disciplined Madonna. What would Guy say if he knew you were betraying him?" Madonna's arse was beginning to glow red. Denise smacked more frantically. Madonna's arse really hurt now. Denise pushed Madonna down on to the floor. She went over to the shoulder bag and picked out a large 20 inch double headed dildo. She put it on and put Madonna up on her hands and knees. Madonna's arse wasn't tight but it hadn't taken a 20 incher before and when the dildo ran up her arse Madonna screamed in agony. Yet she was enjoying it. Usually she was in control but now Denise was and she liked it. As Denise pumped into Madonna's arse She smacked it with her right hand leaving marks across Madonna's pristine buttocks. Madonna came as did Denise and she withdrew. Christina and Alicia were finished now and Denise went over to deal with Christina. Alicia came over to Madonna. She was young as hell. Madonna liked them young. In fact almost everyone she fucked was 5 years younger than her at least. Madonna and Alicia embraced in a long kiss. Madonna looked Alicia up and down, 32B breasts and a hairy blonde cunt. They embraced again and Madonna's hands moved down Alicia's body to Alicia's cunt. She placed three fingers inside probeing her tight hole. Alicia moaned. Madonna placed a fourth finger in and began to play with Alicia's clit. She touch Alicia's g-spot and before long Alicia came. Madonna took Alicia's face and pushed it down into her cunt. Alicia had no choice but to start licking at Madonna's expierienced,elder, shaven cunt until Madonna came on her face. Alicia was picked up by Denise who spun her around and injected the double headed dildo into her cunt. Madonna looked over to Christina who was barely conscious on the floor. Obviously Denise had been hard on her too. Madonna walked over. She spread Christina's legs and began to lap away. Christina moaned. Madonna lapped at her juices, she looked over to Denise who was currently sticking the dildo down Alicia's throught in an attempt to lubricate it. Alicia was having trouble breathing, not that Denise cared. Madonna lapped more frantically having seen this horny sight. Christina came. Madonna cleaned up her juices and sat on Christina's face. Gingerly she began to lap at Madonna's swollen clit. Madonna's juices tasted like honey. Christina liked honey so she licked more and more. Madonna was in ecstasy, while primitive Christina's technique was pretty good. And Madonna came.

All 4 girls slept in the same bed that night. Although before she went to bed Denise decided Madonna should be punished. Without realising Madonna had actually put the wrong powder in the drinks and although the girls had done what she said it was because they wanted to please Madonna, they all remembered everything. During the night at random intervals Denise would punish Madonna. The worst punishment was when Denise bit Madonna everywhere really hard. Denise had decided to keep the dildo on. She liked it and occasionally stuck it in another girl during the night.


By Chaos

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