Mohini's Olympic Diary: Prologue

Mohini's Olympic Diary: Prologue with Carly Patterson, Mohini Bhardwaj and Pamela Anderson.

By Rinky Dink (FF, anal)


Mohini's Olympic Diary: Prologue

By Rinky Dink

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The following is a work of complete fiction. No real person is portrayed here accurately and any similarity is strictly coincidental. Due to sexual situations no one under 18 should read this_go away. A tribute to our hard-working athletes in Athens who represented our country so well.

As Mohini Bhardwaj got off the plane at Athens Airport she looked up at the Mediterranean sky and gave a sigh of pure joy.

She was really here, actually in Athens to compete in the Olympic Games.

Eight years after being denied a spot on the 1996 USA Olympic women's gymnastics team by the slimmest of margins, she had had captured the imagination of the country by staging an incredible comeback to make this year's squad at the ripe old age of 25.

She was considered a virtual a senior citizen by the standards of the sport, where 18-year-olds were considered middle aged.

She knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and she wanted to enjoy the next two weeks to the fullest. Mohini had two main objectives:

1. Help the USA team win a gymnastics medal

2. Have sex with as many hot young women athletes as possible.

In her youth, Mohini had been extremely talented but a bit of rebel. She drank, smoked and when she entered UCLA on a gymnastics scholarship, the very cute brunette had quickly been seduced by the female athletes there and soon her already voracious appetite for girl-girl sex went into overdrive.

But after graduating from UCLA, Mohini began to feel the old competitive fires burn again. She remembered how close she had been to being one of the "Magnificent 7" in 1996 and she wanted to give it one last shot to make the US Olympic team.

She had to whip her 4-foot-10 frame into incredible shape and get down to her competitive weight of 95 pounds. She also lightened her dark hair into a chestnut color and bought some glitter for her eyes and hair as appearances did count with the judges she knew from past experience.

With the goal set, Mohini knew that meant no more smoking or drinking and she became a vegetarian. Sex? Well, she had to have some fun, she figured, all work and no playing (with a pussy) made Mohini a dull girl, and it was good exercise aerobically she told herself.

As it turned out, her craving for sex with other women would prove to be instrumental in her making the Olympic team.

Mohini's many gymnastic accomplishments at UCLA had given her some local notoriety and allowed Mohini entr into the Hollywood girl sex scene.

With her pleasant personality, clean living habits, tight body and great flexibility thanks to her gymnastics training, Mohini was considered a prize among the Tinseltown women and her nights became an unending haze of licking and being licked, although she remained dedicated in her workouts.

One night, she went to a girl party at Pamela Anderson's house and, even for her, Mohini had to admit, she was extra good that night. Pam had marveled how she was able to eat her pussy while jamming her toe in her butt crack.

After her third orgasm, Anderson had a wide smile and glassy eyes.

"Mo, you are marvelous," she cooed. "If there were a Sex Olympics you would be a gold medal winner."

The mention of the Olympics and her winning a medal immediately soured Mohini and she quickly began crying. Pam was stunned, what happened?, they had just enjoyed some great sex, why was she so sad?

Mohini explained:

Working out all day and having sex with women all night had left her no time for a job and she was flat broke. The Olympic trials were a few months away and she had no money left to even afford an airline ticket to get to the trials.

Pam felt for her. In her youth in Canada had been a gymnast herself so she knew how much the chance to be in an Olympics must mean to Mohini.

And Mohini was so nice, rare among the ego-trippers and jerks she usually had to commiserate with in lesbian orgies; a definite role model for her young daughter and probably lots of other young girls once they got to know her, which they would if she made the Olympic team.

Pam got up, wiped herself off a bit, and when she returned she gave the shocked Mohini a personal check for $20,000 and promised to hold a fundraiser to add $25,000 to that total.

"II need this but I can't take it," said Mohini. "I'm poor but I won't take charity."

"Consider it an investment," said Pam. "Sex with you will be way cooler when you're wearing a medal while we're doing it."

In the throes of her fourth orgasm of the night with Pam, Mohini later agreed to accept the generous gift.

Mohini was now able to travel to all the big gymnastics meet.

When word that Pamela Anderson sponsored her brought the press around, she made sure to say all the right things; she wanted the team selectors knew she didn't have a big head because she hung out with celebrities.

.As Mohini waited for her bags to arrive in the terminal, teammate Courtney Kupets was next to her and gave her a squeeze of her hand.

"We're here Mo, really here," said Courtney, a lithe 18-year-old blonde. "This is so awesome. I want to win so bad."

"I know, it's like a dream, geez, all the girls I battled for a spot in Atlanta eight years ago are now retired," said Mohini. "They're sitting at home watching and I'm here."

"I heard on our floor at the Olympic Village, you got your own room," said Courtney.

"Yeah, I guess the coaches figured since I'm 25, I'm a little too old to be bunking with someone," said Mohini with a slight smile, as she could tell what the blonde nymphet was thinking.

"Yes, you are very trustworthy Mo," said Courtney. "If I came into your room, say 10 p.m. tonight and took off my clothes, can I trust you to do what I expect?"

"Court, I am team captain remember," said Mohini. "You can trust me to use my leadership skills to the fullest on you, particularly if you have no clothes on."

The two girls giggled at that point.

"But remember the Carly rule," said Mohini in a serious tone.

"Yeah, I know, hey, she's my roommate," said Courtney as she leaned over to grab her baggage, giving Mohini a good look at her creamy white ass. "But I think she has a lot of interviews tonight. You know, everyone wants to talk to her."

"Then 10 it is," said Mohini as she grabbed her bag and headed for the team bus to take them to the Village.

As she sat in the bus and looked at all the sites of Greece, Mohini daydreamed about her journey to get here.

With no more money worries, Mohini had been focused and worked very hard and was in amazing shape at the Olympic trials _ and the fact she enjoyed having sex with other women once again helped her make it to Athens.

The top performers at the trials were flown to Houston to take part in a week-long camp where the final selections were to be made. Mohini was a nervous wreck, She was so close to her dream but also knew her age and the fact she did not have a well-connected coach still made her a long-shot to get picked.

Mohini wished she knew some girls in Houston to have sex with to blow off her nervous energy, but she did not dare make a pass at the other gymnasts.

One night, a few days after their arrival, Mohini heard a knock at her door.

When she opened it, Carly Patterson was there in her pajamas, cute pink ones with feet that had bunnies all over it. Carly was just 16 so Mohini was not surprised at her outfit.

"Hey Carly, what's up," said Mohini who had no idea what she was doing here. Although Mohini thought she was a nice girl, she did not have much contact with Carly outside of competitions.

"Oh Mohini, can I come in, there is something I need to ask you," said Carly in her cute, sweet voice.

"Sure," said Mohini. who had been just lying on her bed, worrying about making the team.

She knew Carly had no such concerns. Carly Patterson was the superstar of the team, the great American hope to win the all-around competition. She could fall down all week and she would still make it.

Carly padded in and plopped on the bed and playfully moved her bunny feet up and down.

"Uh, Mohini, you know Shannon Miller and Dominique Dawes?" she asked.

"Sure," said Mohini. "Remember, I'm pretty close to their age. I battled them in competitions since I was 10."

"Well, I was talking to them at the federation banquet and I mentioned your name because you might be my teammate, and they kind of gave each other this kind of look, and I asked what was that about and they said never mind, that I was too young," said Carly still flipping her bunny-filled pajamed feet up and down.

"Yeah they're probably right about that," said Mohini haltingly.

"Well, they both had a couple of glasses of wine later on and then I really pressed them about you and them, and they finally spilled the beans," said Carly with a big grin on her face.

Mohini was panic-stricken.

As much as she loved sex now, back in her youth she was totally out of control. She never went to a meet without a double-edged dildo and Shannon Miller and Dominique Dawes's pussies had been eager recipients of it many times.

She knew if the coaches found out she had been a lesbian sex freak her already slim chance to make the team would be gone. But why was Carly telling her this? Blackmail to force her to withdraw? That didn't make sense, Carly's ticket to Athens was already punched.

"Carly, I'm very uncomfortable talking about my private life, particularly things that happened many years ago that I am not proud of," said Mohini.

"Well, you should be proud," said Carly, her feet now still. "They said you were the best pussy-licker they ever saw."

"And what is your point?" said Mohini.

Carly then stood up on the bed and slowly pulled at the drawstring of her pajama bottom. It fell to her knees and she then stepped out of her pajama feet and took the bottom and flung it to the floor. She then pulled over her head her pajama top and threw that on the floor, revealing her nubile, young body

"The point is, if their pussies are good enough for you, so is mine," said Carly with a big, wide smile that all of America loved to see.

"Carly, you are only 16, sex is not something you should be thinking about," said Mohini sharply.

"No, I'm 16 and that means all I can think about is sex," said Carly. "If I date a boy that means the press will get hold of it and that's all they'll talk about, not about my gymnastics. But, if I have sex with one of my teammates, no one will know, we have to be together a lot anyhow.

"And the way Shannon and Dominique talked about you, I have to have sex with you. I have to experience it. I'm not leaving this room Mohini until you have sex with me. That's final"

Carly then turned around and wiggled her butt at Mohini. That was the final straw.

Mohini was dying to have sex, it had been weeks since she had munched on anyone's carpet and she was horny as hell. And Carly was so cute, her delectable little body made her pussy ache to be near it.

And then there was the rear. Mohini (and most heterosexual men) thought it was the finest butt ever found on a women. It was so cute, so round, so firm, so perfectly curved. Standing behind her in line at some events, Mohini had gotten wet just looking at it under a leotard.

Seeing it live, wiggling in her face, its owner begging for her to take possession of it, Mohini could not manage to say no anymore.

Mohini was just in a bra top and panties. She quickly took them off and laid them on a chair. Carly could see that Mohini was completely shaved and that her slit was already glistening with wetness. Mohini's body had betrayed her, while her mouth had been telling Carly no, her body had been eagerly awaiting sex with her.

Mohini got on the bed and pushed Carly down gently. The teen squealed with delight; she was going to have some hot lesbian sex action for the first time, and with a real pro; this was so exciting.

Mohini began kissing Carly, making sure she gave her plenty of tongue. And slowly worked down her body.

She stopped at Carly's perky, round breasts, a little larger than most gymnasts, and began suckling the pink nipples. Carly wiggled with delight as Mohini had obviously found a sensitive spot and when she playfully give her right nipple a couple of bites, Carly began moaning loudly.

Mohini began leaving a trail of soft kisses down Carly's flat stomach (was there some part of her body that was not cute, Mohini wondered, I haven't found one yet.). Her right hand had already taken hold of Carly's rosebud-like clit and been gently rubbing it.

Carly's mind was exploding in pleasure. She had never felt like this, so good, so free, in her life. Was she, America's Sweetheart, a dirty dyke? She didn't care, she loved what Mohini was doing.

Mohini nuzzled the light, brown down that surrounded Carly's pussy and dipped a finger into Carly's very tight, small slit.

Carly's eyes bugged out as Mohini began pumping away, and soon she had two fingers working inside Carly' box.

By now, Carly was gasping for air, her mind was in total meltdown, the clit rubbing, the kisses, the fingering, it was all new and all so delicious to Carly.

"A-h-h-h-h-h-h-h. yes, yes, please, more, I need more, more, a-h-h-h-h-h--h-h--h-hh-!!!!!!," cried Carly finally experiencing her first orgasm not created by herself.

Her back arched as she let out a primal yell. He body soon was convulsing and pussy juice quickly was pouring out of her slit

Mohini though Carly was on the verge of doing a backflip so, enraptured was she by her first ever orgasm. The yelling, the bouncing and the juicing went on for several minutes before Carly finally came down, panting desperately for air.

"Thank goodness youre an athlete or I think you would have exploded ripping off an orgasm that big," said Mohini with a smile, glad to have some kind of sexual activity after such a long dry spell.

Carly just stared at her, punch-drunk from sexual overload.. It was several minutes before she could speak.

"Could we do that again, that was fun," she said.

"My, we might have a little slut in training," said Mohini.

"If being a slut means more sex, then yes, I'm a slut," said Carly. "Can I have more sex now?"

"Well, you are the politest girl slut I've ever had sex with," commented Mohini. "OK, but how about if this time we do it a bit differently. Want to try anal?"

"What's that?" said Carly innocently.

"Instead of upfront, you get it in the tush," said Mohini.

"In my tushee?, that sounds cool, lets try it," said Carly, still not sure what anal was but sure it would be red hot or Mohini would not do it, as Shannon and Dominique had more than filled her in on Mohini's sexual expertise.

Mohini went to her drawer and pulled out an eight-inch dildo. She buckled it on while Carly looked on with total amazement, seeing for the first time a strap-on.

Mohini positioned Carly to be on her hands and knees while Mohini lowered herself in front of her ass.

Up close, Carly's butt was even more impressive. Mohini knew she wouldn't last long pounding into that. It looked so succulent, like it was made to be drilled into.

"Now Carly, it might hurt a bit when I try to loosen your butt up but then you will feel incredible pleasure," said Mohini as she spread lube all over Carly's ass.

Carly grunted a bit as Mohini began plunging the dildo into her. Yeah, it did hurt but she was tough, she wouldn't cry or anything, she thought to herself, I can have anal sex like a big girl.

The pain kept getting bigger as Mohini dug deeper into her rear and Carly was about to say it was too much, when Mohini began working the dildo back and forth in her.

Sexual excitement began coursing from Carly's butt up through her entire body. Her butt muscles began gripping the dildo tight as the motion was making her hotter and hotter.

Mohini got into a rhythm as she continually reamed Carly Patterson's butt . She was pleased her butt crack became loose so quickly ("Born for anal this one," thought Mohini).

The pressure built and built until Carly could take no more.

"Yes, Mo, yes, pound it, please, more, more, harder, I'm such a dirty girl, harder, o--h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!!!!," wailed Carly as another orgasm hit her.

This time Mohini went off too. She took off the dildo and began rolling around on the bed with her own orgasmic cries, as piercing Carly's butt was like a fantasy come true for her.

The two athletes rolled and mewled their lust for what seemed an hour to Mohini but was probably more like five minutes.

When it was over, Carly and Mohini stared at each other with blank eyes, both totally exhausted by the experience. After a while, they began softly kissing each other.

"That was awesome, I love having sex with you Mohini," said Carly. "I hope you make the team. I want to do this again and again."

"I hope you have the chance to do this again Carly," Mohini said. "I want to go to the Olympics so bad. Now remember, the coaches might not approve of what we're doing so promise you won't tell them."

"I promise," said Carly who then gave Mohini a deep, tongue-laden kiss.

"And have a really good workout tomorrow because if you don't they'll wonder what you were up to tonight that might have distracted you," said Mohini.

"I promise Mohini, anything for more sex," said Carly. "Particularly the anal stuff. I've decided I'm all about the anal."

Carly had the best workout of her week the next day.

Due to the busy training schedule Carly was only able to have sex twice more with Mohini before camp ended. Besides her cute butt, Mohini liked having sex with Carly because she was so wide-eyed and innocent about the joys of girl-girl sex, unlike the jaded Hollywood people Mohini recently had sex with.

Mohini could not sleep the night before the team was going to be announced. She had done well in her routines but team selections were so subjective, you never knew for sure.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. It was the head coach, Martha Karolyi.

Mohini's heart sank. If she had made the team, there was no need to see her until tomorrow when the selections were announced. If they wanted Mohini to be let down easy, now was the time to break the news to her.

Mohini was wearing her luxurious brown hair down to her shoulders and just gym shorts and a white t-shirt, since she hadn't expected company (except maybe Carly and the less clothes the better when she arrived).

"My, you look like you are about to be executed," said Martha as she came in the room.

"Well, I am aren't I," said Mohini who was about to burst into tears. She had tried so hard! She had sacrificed so much! "You're not here to tell me I made the team, that's tomorrow. So you must be here to tell me I didn't make it."

"Not necessarily," said Martha. "Sit down Mohini, I want to talk to you."

Since the rooms at the complex were pretty spartan, they both sat on the edge of the bed.

"Yes," said Mohini, scared to death to find out if she made it or not. "OK, let me have it."

"First, I have some questions to ask," said Martha.

"Mohini, have you noticed how well Carly has done at workouts some days and not as well at others?"

"Well, yeah," said Mohini. "That's always been her style. She can be the best in the world one day and average the next."

"Yes, I know, I know that better than anyone," said Martha. "You know our Olympic hopes rest on Carly being 'on' when it counts. So I investigated a bit to see if Carly did anything different on the days she did well than the ones she did poorly in.

"I talked to her roommate and she said Carly went to visit you in your room three nights this week and she came back in a very good mood and went right to sleep, no horseplay or other monkey business she usually does that stops her from getting proper rest.

"The next day she had by far her best three workouts, not just of this week but probably all the years I've seen her. She does that in Athens she'll get a gold medal for sure."

"And you want to ask me what Carly was doing in my room those nights?" said Mohini with dread in her voice, the jig was up, damn Carly for having such a cute butt she couldn't resist.

"Oh, no," said Martha. "Carly told me. I said if she didn't tell me I would immediately cut you from the team, and then she told me everything."

"Everything?" said Mohini.

"Yes, everything," said Martha with a nod.

Mohini's eyes welled up with tears. Her dreams were dashed, not because of her performance but because she had sex with Carly.

"I guess you are too embarrassed to have someone like me at the ceremony tomorrow, so you came here to ask me to leave now," said Mohini in a choked voice. "Can you give me an hour or two to pack?"

"Pack? Why would you pack?," said Martha in a positive tone. "You can pack tomorrow after you've been selected for the Olympic team."

Mohini's eyes bugged out. Did she hear that right 'selected for the team'.

"Please coach, you might think I'm some lowdown lesbian slut but I do have feelings," said Mohini. "You have no idea how much making the team means to me. Don't toy with my heart."

"No Mohini," said Martha who broke out into a grin. "You made the team. You're going to Athens.

"With one condition."

"Oh, that's why you came to see me," said Mohini as Martha nodded. "Tell me, what is it."

Short of killing someone, Mohini knew she would agree to anything Martha said.

"Well, like I said, there seems to be a correlation between Carly having sex with you and her doing well the next day," said Martha. "We need to keep Carly at top speed obviously and your sexual ministrations seem to do the trick.

"I'm not here to judge anybody's lifestyle. My sole job is to put the most competitive team possible on the floor for the Olympics for the United State. To do that, it is obvious to me that Carly needs a steady supply of sex from you. It keeps her healthy, relaxed and focused."

"So what's the condition" asked Mohini.

"You are on the Olympic team, and skills-wise you do deserve it," said Martha. "But you must agree to have sex with Carly Patterson whenever she wants it. Night, day, your room, a ladies room, doesn't matter.

"Basically, from now until the end of competition, you're Carly Patterson's bitch."

It didn't take Mohini long to ponder the offer.

She would fulfill her life-long dream of being on the Olympic team, and the coach was encouraging her to have lots of sex with the cutest member of the team as well. This has to be a dream, thought Mohini, it's too perfect.

"For the good of our country, I'll have sex with Carly plenty, you can count on me," said Mohini as she then hugged Martha and began crying tears of joy.

..Mohini remembered that moment, when she knew her dream had come true, and got teary-eyed again as she unpacked her bags in her room in the Village.

There were soothing sounds coming out of a speaker on a the wall above her head, part of some experimental relaxation program the Olympic Committee was trying according to a card left on her bureau, but she was too excited to hear it.

It was almost 10 p.m., when Courtney Kupets would come by for some sex. Courtney was definitely hot and Mohini was looking forward to their upcoming sex session. Courtney, or was it Courtney McCool?, was into bondage and Mohini had remembered to pack her cuffs and rope for just such an occasion.

Since her liaisons with Carly were now virtually sanctioned, word had spread quickly among the rest of the team about Mohini's sexual prowess. Annia Hatch, the lone married member, was the only one who had not had sex with Mohini by now.

After putting away her last leotard, Mohini opened up the master Olympics schedule and began scanning the next day's events.

She had just one question on her mind now.

"What Olympic women will I have sex with first."

(to be continued)

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