Fantasy Island – The Corporate Ladder - Part 1

Fantasy Island The Corporate Ladder - Part 1

Starring: Scarlett Johansson, Evangeline Lilly, Maggie Grace, and Halle Berry

By Dbud (feedback: [email protected])

Codes: MF, cons, fantasy (mind-control?)

Disclaimer: Not real. Just a story. Dont read if you dont want to.

Note: Based on an idea originally posted on the TSSA boards, I thought up this CSSA version of a Fantasy Island story. Seems there are many possible story variations that could be written. To any other authors, feel free to use the idea started here as a basis for their own original stories.

Personally, I like this idea because it allows a writer to come up with any fantasy situation he wants and explain why the celebrities are there and doing what they are doing (something involving cheerleaders comes to mind). About the first half of this story is set-up. As usual, I think reading the set-up helps understand the story better.

Harold Maxwell was an ordinary guy. Worked a job where he made enough to live and get by but not rich by any means, just enough. He wasnt a ladies man either. He dated, even had a few girlfriends, but nothing more than that. He wasnt ugly but also not good looking. A bit frumpy, a little overweight, he was just an average guy.

Normally, he could never had afforded the service he was going to receive this weekend. Bottom line is the providers could have literally charged any amount of money and they would have found more clients than they could serve. But even mystical places like this tried to provide some of its services free of charge every now and then to deserving customers. Sort of a fantasy pro bono service.

Frankly when a man had knocked on Harolds door and made him the offer, he hadnt believed it. But he had been convinced in short order and now found himself in a jet about to land on a tropical island. He was still convinced this was a joke, maybe one of those reality TV shows where they fool a poor shmuck. But even so, he had to take the chance.

The plane landed and Max got off. Two men greeted him. One of them was tall and regal, wearing a stark white suit that nearly glowed in the tropical sun. He was Hispanic or South American; his dark tanned features showed that to be true. Next to him was a midget. He was dressed identically to the tall man and the pair looked a bit comical.

Good afternoon Mister Maxwell. Welcome. I am Mr. Roarke and I am the manager of the island. We are glad to have you here.

Umthank you sir. Im a bit unsure whats going to happen though.

Dont worry. Everything is as you asked. Would you like to rest after your journey before we begin?

Uh, no, if its all the same Id rather go ahead and get started.

The midget snorted and with a nod from the tall man, Dis way.

Max followed the small man across the runway and onto the beach. Max looked back over his shoulder as he was led more than a quarter mile down the sand, away from the resort.

Uh, you sure you know where youre going? The midget simply gave him a dirty look and waved off his question.

After another quarter mile they came to the opening of a cave. The midget pointed down the dark shaft, Go that way.

By myself? Harold didnt like the look of it.

Jes, was the simple reply as the midget handed him a flashlight and walked away muttering, Im tired of baby-sitting these damn gringos.

Harold walked down into the cave and turned on the light when it got too dark to see. It was littered with rocks and had roots growing throughout the walls and ceiling. It sure didnt look like the place for his fantasy. After a few hundred yards, Harold was about to give up and go back when he saw a red light ahead.

He approached it and realized it was an arrow, pointing up and it was in the wall of the cave. He had reached the end and the glowing arrow was above two gleaming metal doors that opened as he walked up to them. It was an elevator. It was totally out of place at the end of the cave. The doors were just cut into the rock face.

He stepped inside and the doors closed and the car started moving upwards. Harold was excited but more than a little afraid. Making matters worse, after about thirty seconds, the lights in the elevator went out and it was pitch black. As he fumbled for the flashlight he found it wasnt working either.


Just as he was about to start pounding on the doors, the lights came on and the car stopped. Harold saw himself in the reflection of the shiny metal doors. He was different. It was still him but he was definitely changed.

He was wearing a very nice suit and shoes; not what he had been wearing seconds before. The clothes looked like they had to cost several thousand dollars and had been tailored for him. Also, his hair was different, neatly trimmed. Lastly, and most shocking, he was a good 50 pounds lighter than he had been moments before. He reached down into his shirt, his beer belly was gone and he had a rock hard stomach.

What the fuck?

Just then the doors opened. Harold jumped back, unsure what to expect. He was further shocked. It was a large expansive business office and he was in the lobby as he stepped off the elevator. There were sofas and chairs and a receptionists desk, all expensive looking. The floors were marble and the walls were paneled in a dark wood. Throughout the area several people milled about, doing their jobs. It was like he had stepped off an elevator into a nice office building of a law firm or brokerage house somewhere.

As the shock wore off, he noticed two other puzzling things. First, through the windows on the far side of the room he could see a large city filled with skyscrapers and other buildings. It looked like New York. He wasnt on the island anymore.

The last thing, which quickly pushed all the other oddities aside, which vouched for its strangeness, was that all the people he saw were women. Very hot women. And more than that, he recognized all of them.

The woman sitting behind the receptionist desk was Angie Harmon, TV star from Law and Order. She had a headset on and was speaking like she was on the phone. He immediately recognized her deep and husky voice. Visible through a glass wall, sitting in a conference room was two women, also famous.

They were the young actresses Jordana Brewster and Katie Holmes. Jordana was standing at the head of the table and she was pointing at an image of a pie chart displayed on a screen. It appeared they were reviewing several charts and graphs of some sort.

Angie looked up and saw Harold. He was afraid she was going to yell at him to get out but her face lit up. She yanked off the headset and immediately ran around to him.

Mr. Harold. Glad you arrived. Here let me show you to your office. My name is Angie by the way. If you need anything, anything at all, you let me know. She was acting like he didnt know who she was. Like she wasnt famous.

Um, sure, thanks. Did you say my office?

Of course. If youre going to be taking over the operation here youre going to need an office. Harold nodded, pretending like he knew what was going on.

As Angie started to direct him through two large mahogany doors and into the main part of the floor, Jordana and Katie ran out, literally ran even though they were in high heels, from the conference room and up to him.

Hello, Mr. Maxwell. Im Katie and

Jordana cut her off and introduced her self, and Im Jordana. Im so glad youre here.

Me too. Im really glad youre here too. Even more glad than she is. Katie seemed hurt to be left out of Jordanas greeting.

The two pretty brunettes looked positively giddy to meet him, like they were meeting one of their idols. They were smiling and giggling and exchanging sly glances with each other.

Angie stepped between the two women and Harold, Okay thats enough girls. Mr. Maxwell just arrived. Im sure he is tired and wants to get settled in.

Both of them looked disappointed as Angie practically pushed Harold through the doors and out of the lobby. Jordana called out after them, Well, if you need anything, anything at all sir. You just call me, Katie gave her a harsh look, I mean us, call us.

Katie called out, Yes sir, call us. Well both come by and well help with anything you need. Anything.

Maybe youd like tointerview us. Jordana asked.

Or we could interview each other and you could watch.

Angie ignored the two of them but Harold wanted to go back. He thought that would be rude though so he kept following the tall tab woman as she was explaining how the office was laid out but Harold wasnt paying attention. He was looking around the room and trying to place all the women he saw.

Angie led him along a row of offices with glass walls along the hall. Sitting at the desks in them were Lauren Graham from the TV show Gilmore Girls. Next was the talk show host Kelly Ripa. Also, the former supermodel turned actress Rebecca Romajin was in the third office. And finally the tall Latina Roselyn Sanchez had her long golden legs up on her desk and was leaning back in her chair on the phone.

As the two of them passed a break room, Harold saw three women getting coffee inside. It was Rachael McAdams, Kirsten Dunst, and Jennifer Aniston. All the actresses were sipping coffee and gossiping. When Harold walked past he heard them whispering, Is that our new boss? Wow, hes good looking.

All over the office the female employees were busy at work. Harold recognized a number of them: Erica Durance, Lindsey Lohan, Jennifer Lopez, and Ashlee Simpson were sitting in cubicles. They all looked up and watched him as he walked past their workstations to a long hallway still following Angie Harmon.

The other thing that struck Harold was how all the women were dressed, including Angie. With some small differences they all were dressed basically the same. They had on extremely short skirts that didnt even come to mid-thigh. They all had on high heels that seemed impossibly tall and all were open on top showing off the womens feet and manicured toes.

Above the waist they had on sheer blouses that were so thin they were see through. Underneath, the women all had on lace push-up bras that gave even the flat-chested ones ample cleavage. While the color of the bras or type of skirt may differ, all the women were dressed like this. Their hair was styled and they all looked like they had professionally done make-up as well.

Angie led him through a large set of double doors. A metal plaque on the wall next to them said Mr. Maxwell. The room on the other side was the outer room of his office. It had several sofas and chairs and several bookshelves lining the walls. In the middle of the room was a single expensive looking desk. Behind it was a voluptuous platinum blonde in her early twenties with large D cup tits and perfect skin.

Harold recognized her immediately. She was Scarlett Johannson. Scarlett jumped up and ran around the desk to greet him, Mr. Maxwell. Its great to meet you. Im Scarlett and Ill be your assistant.

Angie left them together and walked out while Scarlett led him through the double doors in the back of the room and into his office. It was a huge room with 30-foot ceilings, artwork, and plush furnishings.

Is this to your liking sir?

Oh, ah, yes, of course. Very nice. Harold sat down in a large leather chair.

Will that be all? She asked.

Uh, yeah, I guess.

Scarlett seemed a bit surprised, Oh. Well call me when you want your first blow job. She turned to leave.

Um, Im sorry. I dont believe I caught that?

A blow job. I assumed youd want one. But if you want to wait, thats fine. Just call when youre ready. I can give you one or one of the other women in the office. Were all at your service of course.

Harold was shocked at her frankness. He shouldnt have been, after all this was his fantasy. The office, him as the new boss, the women, their outfits, all as he had requested. As Scarlett was about to leave,

Um, Scarlett, please come back. I think Id like that blow job now if you dont mind.

She walked back up, Mind? Of course not sir. She smiled warmly at him and started to kneel down.

And, could you undress first? he added.

She smiled, Sorry. Almost forgot. Scarlett pulled her blouse off and her bra slipped off next. Her full D cup breasts dropped free. They were amazing, perfect and round. She dropped her skirt and panties next and knelt down, totally nude as she unzipped his pants. He was amazed at her fully womanly figure and pale skin; she was even better than he had imagined.

Reaching in, Scarlett pulled his cock out. It was about half erect when Harold felt her fingers wrap around it. He could barely take his eyes off her body but when he saw his organ he couldnt help but stare at it.

Another part of the fantasy he guessed but his cock was huge. Even not fully hard it was 8 inches long and thick. Even Scarletts eyes went wide at the size of it. She shook it, smiling at the sight of it flopping in her hand.

His cock quickly disappeared out of sight as she opened her mouth and took half of it between her bright red lips. His organ instantly became fully hard and elongated to its full 10-inch length and girth.

Harold grabbed the arms of the chair and dug his fingers into the leather as she sucked his cock hard. Oh god yes Scarlett. It was incredible. She was pumping the head of his cock with her mouth and the shaft with both hands. Her saliva was running down his organ, making it slick as she worked it from tip to balls.

Scarlett lowered her head and buried her face under his cock, licking his balls. She sucked one of them into her mouth and rolled it around as she kept stroking the shaft with her hands. Harold was in heaven. He watched her slip the head of his cock into her mouth again. She was staring right at him, their eyes locked as she sucked him off.

After a minute or so, there was a light knock on the office doors. Harold ignored it; he was savoring his blowjob. The door opened and a thin blonde stuck her head in. Mr. Maxwell?

Maggie Grace walked in followed by her former co-star Evangeline Lilly. Both were dressed as all the other women in the office. They approached the desk, We hope were not interrupting anything sir.

Scarlett ignored them and kept working his cock hard with her mouth, lips and tongue. Harold could barely speak as they sat down in the two chairs facing the desk. We wanted to speak to you but we can wait, Evangeline offered. They watched their new boss getting his sex organ sucked with interest.

After a minute or so, Evangeline and Maggie traded wry looks and Maggie reached down between her legs and into her panties and began to fondle her crotch. Evangeline followed suit and both women were pinching their nipples and masturbating as they watched Scarlett give Harold a blowjob.

Ohhhhh, YES! Maggie cried out as she orgasm'd and Evangeline obviously was having one as well, although hers was silent. She simply shuttered as she came, her eyes rolling back in her head.

This was all more than Harold could take. OH MY GOD! IM GONNA CUM! He felt his balls about to explode as Scarlett sucked the cum right up his cock. Both Maggie and Evangeline got up and ran around to the back of the desk to watch. Maggie was behind the chair; still rubbing her clit as Evangeline knelt down next to Scarlett. She had a wide smile on her face as she watched the voluptuous blonde bring Harold to climax.

Thats it Scarlett. Let him have it. Evangeline was encouraging her officemate.

Yeah, I heard you were the best at these. You can do better, Maggie chided. Scarlett didnt stop plunging her face onto his cock but did look up at Maggie, giving her a dirty look. Maggie and Evangeline both laughed.

OH GOD! YESSSSS! Harolds legs stiffened and his toes curled as he grabbed the arms of the chair, nearly tearing the leather with his fingers.

AHHHHHHHHH! OH SHIT! He yelled out as Scarletts mouth filled with semen from his cock. It was like he was a geyser gushing thick fluid into her throat.

Let me have some, Evangeline said and grabbed the shaft of Harolds cock, slipping it from Scarletts mouth and pulled it towards her, pointing it directly at her face. Both women were stroking his organ as several long strings of cum were fired across Evangelines face before she wrapped her lips around the head and swallowed the rest of the discharges of Harolds orgasm.

He was tense and shuddering as he came. The orgasm was beyond anything he had ever felt. He wondered if the intensity of it was a by product of the island or if it was simply that he was being given head by Scarlett Johansson and Evangeline Lilly that made it so incredible. Frankly, he didnt care.

Oh god oh god oh god. Oh yes. Thats it. Harold was panting and gasping for air as the two women traded his organ back and forth between them. Behind him, he heard Maggie cry out as she climaxed again, but he didnt care. Both Scarlett and Evangeline had his fluid all over their faces and saliva dripping from their mouths as they finished him off.

When Harold couldnt stand it anymore, Okay, stop, please I cant stand anymore. The two women exchanged smiles and stopped as they had been told to. Maggie Grace walked around the chair, Let me taste some of that.

Scarlett stood and Maggie bent down and tilted her head back. Opening her mouth, Scarlett kissed her and let the semen in her mouth flow into Maggies. Maggie then licked a long line of the white fluid from the corner of Scarletts chin to her forehead, swallowing it all. She repeated it several times, licking Scarletts and then Evangelines faces clean of Harolds secretions before she was done.

Do you need anything else sir? Scarlett asked.

Umm, no, Harold was in a daze. I think Id like to be alone for a few minutes. Scarlett ushered the other two women from the office and left him there with his pants still around his ankles.

About 15 minutes later, Max sat in the large plush leather chair and looked out of the window. He was trying to decide if this was all real or not. A light knock on the double doors of his office stirred him from his daydream.

Scarlett Johansson, still nude, opened the door and walked in with her full tits bouncing as she did, Theres a Mr. Roarke here to see you Mr. Maxwell. Should I show him in?

Before he could answer and before he was invited the tall tan man in a white suit that Harold had met earlier walked past the curvy nude woman and into the office. Harold jumped up to greet him. Thankfully he had pulled his pants up a few minutes earlier.

Good afternoon again Mr. Maxwell. How has your day been so far?

Harold was obviously eager to see him and shook his hand vigorously, Yes, yes. Better than my wildest dreams actually. Im glad youre here, I wanted to talk to you. I have some questions.

I bet you do, Mr. Roarke leaned in to Scarlett and whispered in her ear, Please go get Halle and bring her here.

Scarlett smiled at him and jogged off with both men watching her ass cheeks as she moved away. The two men sat down, although before Harold could sit back down behind the desk, Mr. Roarke took that chair so Harold took one of the guest chairs on the other side.

Ask away, he said to Harold.

Well, where do I start? Whats going on here? Not that Im complaining, but this is so fantastic. How is this all possible?

As if on cue, the doors opened and the naked Scarlett and a light skinned black woman walked in. Harold immediately recognized her as Halle Berry, the actress. She was beautiful. She had mocha colored skin and long wavy black hair. Her body was shapely with long legs, full hips and ample breasts.

She was dressed as all the other women in the office had been, in an extremely short skirt, extremely high heels and a sheer blouse with a bright red bra visible underneath.

You wanted me? Halle asked Mr. Roarke when she approached him. She had a smirk on her face.

Always my darling. You know what I like.

Halle knelt down in front of him and opened his pants. Reaching in, she pulled his cock out. Massaging it, he quickly became hard. Harold watched as she lowered her head below the level of the desk. Mr. Roarke got a pleased look on his face as the top of her head began bobbing up and down in his lap and Harold heard slurping sounds coming from her. Scarlett stood about 10 feet away watching with amusement as Halle went down on the Latin man.

Now, where were we? Oh, yes, how is all this possible? Mr. Roarke continued speaking as if Halle werent even there and she wasnt giving him a blowjob.

Yeah. Are we really in New York? Whered this office come from?

Trust me, you wouldnt believe me if I told you.

Is it a hologram?

Mr. Roarke laughed, Youve been watching too much Star Trek. No, no holograms here. This all very real. He rapped his knuckles on the desk as if to prove the point.

And them? Harold motioned towards Scarlett and Halle, and all the other women, are they real? What are they robots?

Mr. Roarke laughed, The technology does not exist to create robots like these.

Clones then?

They can barely clone sheep much less fully grown women Mr. Maxwell.

What then?!? Harold raised his voice but a look from Mr. Roarke and he thought better and calmed down. Halle was continuing to suck on his sex organ and was getting more and more vigorous about it. Her head was completely obscured by the desk on the down stroke as she took the entire length of his organ into her throat, gagging on it before sliding up the shaft.

They are completely who they appear to be. He grabbed Halle by the back of her hair and lifted her head, turning her face towards Harold. She was gasping for breath as she had been sucking his cock so hard she was choking on it. She knew what Mr. Roarke liked as she had done this before. He liked her to deep throat him as far as possible. Halle had a line of drool flowing from her lips to the tip of his organ as well.

See? He forced her head back down and she resumed fellating him, driving the tip as deep as she could into her throat.

You mean shes the real

Yes, the real Halle Berry, Mr. Roarke finished, and shes the real Scarlett Johansson.

But thats impossible. How can they be here? Doing this?

Mr. Roarke looked flustered, Fine, I shouldnt be telling you any more but you seem determined. You know we grant fantasys here as evidenced by whats happened to you so far. Harold nodded blankly.

Well, as fantasys go, yours was pretty simple but many of them are morewhats the word I wantcomplicated. And in these cases the price of such a fantasy is higher.

I still dont understand.

Suppose you were a young woman Harold, a young woman like Scarlett here, he motioned to the nude female and she smiled at Harold.

And you wanted nothing more than to be a famous actress. You have a pretty face, a nice body, and some acting skills. But the problem is there are thousands of girls like you and all with a pretty face and a nice body and some modicum of talent. What makes you special? How do you get the fame you want?

Mr. Roarkes face scrunched up as Halle worked his organ with her mouth. He could feel her drawing his climax out of him, sucking it up through the shaft from deep within. He took several deep breaths as he tried to hold out a bit longer.

He continued his explanation, In those cases, the fantasy they want is more than just a long weekend. It is a lifetime fantasy, one where they live the life of a famous rich admired actress forever. What would be the cost of such a thing? It would be high indeed.

All the women you have met so far have benefited from our services just as you did. But in their cases, the cost was high and their fantasy extended beyond the island. They agreed to the terms and so now we have total use of them when the need arises. Such as now.

So, theyre acting? Harold was little bit disappointed. That made it less fun.

No, no, of course not. If they were that good of actresses then they wouldnt have needed us to begin with. While they are here they believe they are who we want them to be. And as for how exactly all this happens. Lets just call it magic and leave it at that.

Mr. Roarke grabbed Halle by the hair and pumped her head on his cock even faster than she already was on her won.

OH YES! Halle youre the best! He cried out as the tip of his cock exploded and his semen flooded her mouth. She kept pounding him with her face around his cock and after about a minute of enjoying his orgasm, he pulled her off him. Halle Berry sat back, panting as cum dripped from her lips.

Mr. Roarke zipped himself up and went to leave. He stopped and caressed Scarletts tits as he walked past her; Now if the twenty questions session is done, I think you have better things to do than make inquiries of me. If I were you I would stop questioning all this and enjoy it. It wont last forever after all. Scarlett looked at Harold and smiled as if to emphasize Mr. Roarkes point.

Mr. Roarke, followed by Halle and Scarlett, walked out of the office and closed the doors. Harold was trying to make sense of all this. He also realized he had a massive hard-on. Just then the door opened again and Scarlett stuck her head back into the office, By the way, you have a staff meeting in half an hour.

Staff meeting?

Yes. I thought youd want to meet the senior managers of the office so I set it up. I hope thats alright?

Uh, yeah, sure.

Good, Ill come get you when its time, she told him and closed the door. Harold walked to the window and gazed out over the cityscape that looked like it was 100 floors below him, trying to figure all this out.

After a few minutes, Harold thought to himself, Hes right. I need to just enjoy myself and stop thinking so much. With that, he walked into the outer room of the office and past Scarlett. He told her to stay put and that he wanted to go explore a bit.

End Part 1. I am thinking part 2 will involve cat-fighting and lesbian sex in the staff meeting (and maybe some rougher stuff in the next part.)

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