First Timer – The Initiation Of Scarlett Johansson

First Timer the Initiation of Scarlett Johansson

Starring Keira Knightley, Scarlett Johansson, and Charlize Theron

By Dbud

Codes: MF, FF, NC, rape, anal, and violence

Disclaimer: Not real. Just a story. Dont read if you dont want to.

Warning: this story is pretty rough. Read at your own risk. There is a scene at the end which is a bit out of place and might be shocking (FYI.)

Synopsis: Scarlett Johansson is invited to check out an exclusive S&M club to join. There she meets an old friend, Keira Knightley and learns that joining the club isnt what she hoped it would be.

Scarlett Johansson climbed out of the back of the limo. She marveled at the mansion in front of her. It was obviously old money, massive and ornate. She couldnt have been at the wrong address since the car had arrived to pick her up and brought her here. It was pulling off as she walked up to the front of the house.

As she reached the steps, and was about to walk up and ring the doorbell, one of the double doors on the front opened. Scarlett immediately recognized the young woman standing in the doorway. It was the British actress Keira Knightley.

Scarlett and Keira knew each other somewhat and rather intimately. They had been on the cover of Vanity Fair last year together. The cover got a lot of press because they were nude on it. Keira gave the voluptuous blonde a broad bright smile as she saw her. The two women embraced warmly. Stepping back

Oh my god, Keira what are you doing here?

It suddenly hit Scarlett where she was and that she knew Keira. She became embarrassed and Keira could see her getting flushed and turning red.

We didnt want to ruin the surprise so we didnt tell you Id be here. Ive been part of the club for a few years now. Keira told her but not telling her all the details, those would come later if things went according to plan.

Scarlett was shocked. She had no idea Keira was into this kind of thing. Scarlett had just started experimenting recently and was still unsure of what exactly was going to happen here.

Im gonna be showing you around, Keira told her.

Wow, Im still in shock, but thats great. Ill be honest Im a little nervous about coming here. Its nice to see a friendly face. Scarlett confessed.

As they spoke, Keira couldnt help but check out Scarlett. The blonde was wearing a mini-skirt and silk blouse that did nothing to hide her full D cup tits. She had a push-up bra that seemed to shove her breasts up to her chin. Scarlett had pale porcelain skin and thick shoulder length platinum blonde hair. Keira had been into girls since joining the club, it was almost a requirement, and was immediately attracted to Scarlett. The differences in their body styles created a contrast that Keira liked as well.

Come on inside, Keira waved Scarlett in and closed the door behind her.

Wow, this place is awesome. Scarlett looked around the house she was in. It was opulent. The home had high ceilings, dark wood and heavy expensive looking furnishings. Scarletts eyes went from the furnishings though and quickly fell on the other feature of the foyer, a naked man and woman.

Each of the two of them was totally nude except the woman had high heels on and each had a leather mask covering their face. They were on either side of the room, against the walls. Each had their hands restrained above them by chains ending in shackles hooked to the wall.

Both of them were beautiful. The man was tall and muscular while the woman looked like a super-model, with long lean legs and full breasts. Both of them were totally hairless, the man had no hair on his chest or legs and only a little around his cock while the woman was totally clean-shaven over her entire body, including her crotch. Each of their bodies was also covered with red marks and welts, like they had been beaten or whipped with something.

Keira ignored the two of them and Scarletts stares as she spoke to her. Yeah it is great, belongs to one of our senior members. He lets us use it for parties and such. Hes out of town, so we get to use it all week for Keira paused for the right wordentertaining.

Scarlett tried to focus on Keira as the two of them spoke, fighting to ignore the nude and bound couple in the room. So do you want a tour before we get started. Keira was wearing a flowing light sundress that showed off her lean strong thin body. Scarlett had gotten a good look at her figure from their photo shoot, and while not voluptuous she had a tight sexy body.

Unlike Scarlett, Keira had defined muscles. Scarlett hated working out and always felt too thick, especially in Hollywood. Keiras body though was thin and lean with long legs and a flat stomach. Scarlett had been jealous when she saw her nude at the photo shoot but Keira admitting that she would kill to have her full D cup tits made her feel better.

Uh, yeah. Keira led the blonde down a hallway and through the dining room and into the kitchen. Both rooms were richly furnished.

Some wine? Keira offered and Scarlett accepted. The two women sipped their wine and chatted.

So, umm, how did you get into this? Scarlett inquired.

Went to a club a few years ago. I thought I could remain anonymous. I wasnt as famous back then. After a few months though, it became a problem. I had this guy strapped down and was working on him, you know what I mean?

Scarlett nodded.

Well, anyway, he recognized me. Starts asking for my autograph as Im flogging his ass. Totally ruined the mood. So, I had to back off for a few months, but then I heard about this place. Private, exclusive, with other celebrities, of course, its expensive, but its worth it. We get to do what we want and our privacy is guaranteed.

As Scarlett started to ask another question, a beep came from a wall-mounted intercom next to Keira, who pushed a button on it. A womans voice came through, She here yet?

Keira answered, speaking out loud and into the speaker, Yeah. She seemed nervous so I thought a glass of wine would help loosen her up.

Well, Im tired of waiting. Bring her on up.

Keira gave Scarlett a look, Its time. Come on. The two women walked to a back stairwell and went upstairs. The British starlet led her American counterpart to two large double doors. Keira took the handles and looked back at Scarlett

You sure about this? Theres no turning back after I open these doors.

Scarlett nodded almost before she had thought about the question. Keira opened the doors and stepped inside. Scarlett followed. The room was large and, like the rest of the house, was nicely furnished. But the furnishing of this room were different from the other Scarlett had seen.

It had two plush couches, leather and velvet, as well as several overstuffed armchairs. On the far side was a pool table and along the walls were bookshelves and tables.

What made this room different were the other items in the room. In the center, in front of one of the sofas was a large wooden cross with two chains ending in shackles hanging from the cross bar. Around the room were several other restraint devices, a wooden stock, and two wooden saddle horses. Each had shackles for securing an unwilling person to them.

Along the walls, mixed in with the artwork and paintings were multiple items designed for inflicting pain. Whips, belts, straps, and other things that Scarlett didnt recognize.

Other than this there were also several people in the room. Four of them were nude with leather masks on, like the two in the foyer downstairs. A strongly built man was standing in the middle of the room. He had his legs shoulder width apart and his hand on the back of his neck. A woman with a stunningly beautiful body was on her knees in front of him and sucking eagerly on his cock.

Another woman was standing a few feet away, naked except for the mask and high heels. She was bent over and holding onto her ankles as a man stood behind her. He had her by the hips and was fucking her hard.

A fifth figure was in the room, a woman. She was different in that she was dressed and walking between the two couples. She was tall and blonde with a strong tan body. She had on a low cut red dress and heels. She also had a heavy leather strap in her hand. When Scarlett finally got over the shock of the scene in the room, she recognized the woman. It was Charlize Theron.

Scarlett started to speak. She was a huge fan of Charlize and suddenly found her self in the presence of one of her idols. But as she did, Keira gave her a harsh look and Scarlett closed her mouth.

Suddenly, Charlize swung the leather strap in her hand back and brought it down hard across the ass cheeks of the man who was getting the blowjob. He rocked forward, fighting to stay on his feet as he took the blow. He let out a muffled scream from under the mask. Scarlett could see his ass from the side and it was bright red and he was trembling from what must have stung fiercely.

Charlize stepped around him and swung the strap down again and slammed it into the lower back of the woman sucking his cock. She took the blow without stopping the blowjob she was giving but it was obvious from her reaction that it hurt her terribly.

Charlize looked up at the two young women who had walked in. The stern look on her face softened. Thats enough. Stop. The man fucking the bent over slave woman stopped and stepped back while the woman giving the blowjob got up. All four slaves stood straight with their hands on the back of their necks. The woman seemed to be arching their backs to push their tits out while the men were thrusting their hips forward making sure their cocks were exposed.

Charlize approached Scarlett. She smiled at her as she took Scarletts face in her hands and caressed her cheeks. Im so glad you came. Ive looked forward to meeting you. Have a seat.

Charlize sat down in a leather armchair while Keira and Scarlett sat side by side on a sofa. Charlize snapped her fingers and one of the men and a woman stepped to either side of her but remaining in their submissive posture.

Wine. She said curtly and the other two moved silently off to fetch it. So, Charlize now spoke to Scarlett, you want to join our little club huh?

I, uh, yes, I mean, Im not sure but maybe. Scarlett was flustered. Im not sure how this all works. Would I have to get my own slaves or do you provide them?

Charlize took a glass of wine from the slave who had brought it, Your own slaves? Didnt Keira explain what this is to you? Charlize gave Keira an annoyed look.

Keira spoke, I was about to when you asked me to bring her up here. The look on Charlizes face went from annoyed to angry, as Keira seemed to imply that Charlize was at fault. Turning back to Scarlett

No, my dear, you wont be getting any slaves, Charlize finished, All new members must start at the bottom and earn their full membership in the club. Scarlett had a puzzled look on her face.

You are here to be considered to be one of my slaves, like Keira here. If you distinguish yourself, you could be a member in fairly short order, maybe even 6 months. Keiras face looked shocked.

Six months?! But Ive been in your service for nearly two years.

Id suggest you remember your place little Keira. Charlize warned her and Keira seemed to sulk back.

Y-you, youre a slave to Charlize Keira, I cant believe it. Keira nodded. I dont know if I could do that. I would need to think about it.

Charlize laughed a bit to herself, Think about it? Why exactly do you think youre here? Scarlett suddenly felt uneasy and stood up to leave. I think I want to go. Im sorry to bother both of you.

As Scarlett walked to the door, Charlize snapped her fingers again and the two male slaves caught up to the voluptuous starlet. Taking her by the arms, they pulled her back into the room.

Hey, whats going on? Lemme go! The men pushed Scarlett over the back of a chair, bending her over as they held her arms behind her. One of the female slaves snapped a pair of handcuffs onto Scarletts wrists, securing them.

I want you to let me go. You cant do this. Scarlett was nearly in a panic.

The men let her stand up, holding her arms so she couldnt move though. She looked up and got quiet as was now Charlize standing in front of her holding a large knife. Scarlett stared at the blade and swallowed hard, scared at what was about to happen.

Dont worry dear, Im not going to hurt you, thats Keiras job. Charlize tore Scarletts silk blouse down the middle, popping several buttons off. Grabbing the front of her bra, she slid the blade under the strap and sliced it. Scarlett flinched when the cold metal touched her flushed skin. The bra fell to the sides and Scarletts monstrous tits tumbled out.

Those are nice, Keira said as she stepped up next to Charlize. Scarlett was surrounded and began to cry in fear. Keira grabbed Scarletts tits, Theyre gonna make great targets.

Keira took Scarletts right boob in both her hands and wrapped her fingers in the soft flesh. She began working her tit like she was kneading dough, digging her fingers into the sensitive skin.

OWW! Scarlett whined at her, Youre hurting m-me! Keira smiled at her and pinched harder.

OWW SHIT! Keira please. That really hurts! Keira leaned down and wrapped her lips around Scarletts nipple and began sucking as she kept the pressure on with her hands. Scarlett couldnt believe what was happening.

After about thirty seconds, Keira let go leaving a red ring of lipstick around her nipple and deep red marks along the top and bottom of the breast from her nails. Scarlett pulled away, trying to get free but the male slaves held her fast.

Well, Ill leave you two alone. Charlize spoke to Keira as she turned to leave, Have fun.

Scarlett watched the tall blonde leave and was happy she was gone, but felt that wasnt good for her as she was alone with Keira and the slave men and women.

Crying, What are you going to do with me? Please, I dont like this. Just let me go. Scarlett begged the girl she thought was her friend.

Keira smirked and slapped Scarlett across the face, Shut up you cow. We are going to have to get you on a diet if youre going to serve here. Make you lose about 15 pounds I think. Scarlett wasnt sure what hurt worse, the slap or being called fat.

Strip her.

The men held Scarlett while the women grabbed her skirt and panties and pulled them off her. The remnants of her blouse and bra were also torn off as well. Scarlett was suddenly totally nude except for her heels and some jewelry. She was humiliated, nude and bound in front of strangers, being treated like a piece of meat.

While Scarlett was being stripped, Keira had also taken off her clothes. She and Scarlett were standing facing each other, both totally nude now.

Keira circled her, sizing up her body. Pinching her ass, her thigh, and then her waist, Maybe 20 pounds would be better. Youre fatter than I thought.

Scarletts skin was pale, nearly alabaster. Her tits were perfect. They were large and took up her entire chest, drooping just enough to show how heavy they were but not sagging, although how they would look in 20 years was in doubt. She wasnt tall at about 55, so her legs werent long but she had full curves in her hips, thighs and boobs.

Keira examined her tits at length, feeling and pinching them. She didnt want to admit it, but she really was jealous of Scarletts breasts and the attention she got for them. And that jealousy made Keira really want to punish Scarlett.

Hold her, Keira ordered as she walked to towards a wall. The men put their arms under Scarletts, wrapping her up so she couldnt move a muscle. Keira lifted a heavy leather belt off the wall and walked back to face Scarlett.

Folding the belt in half she grabbed the two ends and pulled them in opposite directions. The straps of the belt snapped together, making a loudCRACK! Sound. Scarlett flinched hard at the noise.

Keira gave her a wicked smile and swung the belt across her body and it struck Scarlett on the side of her left breast. She tensed and began trying to fight against the men to break free. Obviously, she was in tremendous pain.


Shut the cow up! One of the men placed his hand over Scarletts mouth, covering it and muffling her screams. Keira swung again. Scarlett thrashed again as she hit the right tit. Both her boobs turned bright red from the blows.

Keira was taking full swings with the belt, lashing each of Scarlett's breasts back and forth with full powerful swings of the belt. After about six, she brought the belt down and hit the top of the right tit. Scarlett continued thrashing and squealing through the hand over her mouth. Keira thrashed the top and underside of each of Scarlett's tits with the belt before she stepped back.

Scarlett nearly collapsed, exhausted and crying. Her tits were swollen and tender. Keira couldnt resist and reached out and pinched the sensitive flesh of Scarletts left boob.

Oh, Keira, no, dont. How could you do this to me? We were friends.

Keira stepped up and grabbed Scarlett by the hair and held her face an inch from her own. We are friends. And after tonight, were going to be closer than ever. Closer than friends. Closer than lovers. Keira licked Scarletts face from the edge of her chin to her temple.

Stepping back, Keira pointed to the back of the room and the men dragged Scarlett in that direction. They carried her to a wooden device against the rear wall. It had a padded board about three feet long that was supported by a base about three feet off the floor. The board was at a 45-degree angle and the men forced Scarlett onto it on her back. They used two chains to secure her hands to the device, still behind her.

Scarlett had her feet on the floor, but was leaning backwards, her weight on the board. At the base of the device were two longer and thinner boards extending out at 45-degree angles. At the end of each of these was Velcro restraints. As the two men lifted Scarletts legs and secured them with these restraints, Scarlett found herself suspended and helpless with her legs spread eagle. It looked like she was on some sort of medieval gynecological table.

P-plea-se. Keira. Dont do th Keira slapped her across the face again, I told you to SHUT UP! Keira screamed the last two words in Scarletts face. Scarlett burst into tears, terrified. Keiras anger seemed real. Scarlett had been hoping this was a joke, but it had gone too far for that.

One of the women pulled a waist high metal tray on rollers and placed it next to Keira. She lifted a plastic device that was shaped like a gun and took it in her hand. It had a large lever instead of a trigger though, and even though Scarlett didn't know what it was for, it wasnt a real gun, which relieved her somewhat.

Keira lifted a small brass ring, about half an inch in diameter from the tray and loaded it into the tip of the device. Stepping up next to Scarlett, Keira took her left tit in her free hand.

Scarlett was squirming, trying to maneuver out of Keiras grasp, she was staring down at her breast with a scared look on her face. Keira placed the gun device up against her tit. Scarlett could see the ring that she had loaded was not a complete circle but that it had an opening just large enough for her nipple to pass through.

Keira lined the ring up with her nipple. She looked at Scarlett and for a second their eyes met, This is gonna hurt. Keira squeezed the lever. Scarlett felt a sharp pinch followed by a burning sensation and an intense pain in her left breast. There was a loud


sound as the device drove the nipple ring through Scarletts flesh and secured it there. Scarletts entire body tensed, OWW, OH GOD, WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME YOU BITCH?! She was panting and sweating as she saw the ring in her nipple.

What the hell?!? You cant do that?

Oh really? I cant? Keira said mockingly as she loaded a second ring into the gun and stepped up to Scarletts right side

No. Dont. Stop. No Keira. Stop it. Dont. KA- CHOW

AAAIIIIIEEEEEE, OH GOD! Keira snapped the second nipple ring in place as Scarlett alternated begging and commanding her to stop before screaming in pain at the second piercing. Keira grabbed the ring and twisted, making sure it was secure. Scarlett thrashed as her tits were incredibly sore right now.


Keira stepped back smiling at Scarlett. Youre gonna pay for this! You cant do this to me!

Oh, really? If thats true, then how can I do this? Keira picked up a third brass ring, but this one was a little larger than the first two. She placed it in the piercing gun and stepped between Scarletts open legs. As Scarlett watched with her eyes wide, Keira knelt down so her face was just above the blondes pussy.

Scarlett felt Keira pinch her pussy as she pulled the left pussy lip, stretching it out about an inch. Scarlett felt the cold ring pushed around her pussy lip.



YEEEAAARRRGH! Scarlett let out her loudest scream yet as Keira forced the ring through the one part of her body more sensitive than her nipples.

Oh, oh god. Oh my god! Please Keira, why are you doing this?

Keira stood up and picked up another brass ring and loaded it, before looking back at Scarlett, covered in sweat and panting. Why? Because I can you little whore? Because I want to break you and because I want to make you my bitch. Before were done youre going to realize there is nothing I cant, or wont, do to you.

Scarlett squirmed as she felt the other pussy lip pulled out. She inhaled deeply and held her breath asKA-CHOW. UGH! Keira looked up smiling, impressed that Scarlett hadnt screamed. She had held in and simply grunted while biting her lip. She was obviously in terrible pain but seemed to be fighting not to show it.

Oooh, want to be a tough girl huh? Okay? Well see how tough you really are. Keira loaded the last ring into the gun and Scarlett felt her pinch the flesh just above her pussy. She felt pressure on her clit and gritted her teeth as she felt a blinding pain shoot through her. Scarlett didnt even hear the gun go off as it pierced her clit.

Keira smiled and admired her handy work as Scarlett thrashed wildly on the board.

So pretty and shiny, Keira commented as she tugged on one of Scarletts pussy lips and pulling a new shriek from her victim. Keira ordered one of the slaves to give Scarlett water and one of the women brought it to her and poured some into her mouth.

Keira snapped her fingers, You two, she motioned for the women, Out. The two slave women nearly ran from the room.

Get her down. The two men began unhooking Scarletts arms and legs from the restraining boards. She collapsed to the floor onto her knees; her hands still bound behind her though.

Keira turned to leave with Scarlett on the floor and the two men standing over her with their huge cocks pointed at her head. Just as Keira got to the door, she stopped and looked back at Scarlett, who was wondering what was going to happen.

Youve got one hour. No anal. Make it rough. And Keira left, closing the door behind her. Scarlett didnt understand what she meant, was she talking to her. She started to call out but then realized the two men were moving towards her. She then realized Keiras words were not directed to her but to the two slave men in the room with her. It had never occurred to Scarlett that she might actually be raped here.

Oh god, no please, One of the men lifted Scarlett by the arm to her feet. She started to pull free to run, but he and the other man grabbed her and held her fast.

About an hour later, Keira walked back into the room where she had left Scarlet and the two slaves. Smiling she stood in the doorway, watching. Scarlett was on her back on the pool table. She was lying across one of the corners with her ass and head hanging off the edge.

Her legs were on the shoulders of one of the slaves as he fucked her. He was grunting as he drove his cock as deep as he could into Scarlett. Her head was hanging off the opposite edge of the table and the second man was thrusting his organ into her mouth. He was pumping the entire length of his cock, which had to be 8 inches, into her throat.

Keira walked up and knelt down next to Scarletts face who turned to look at Keira as best she could with a cock in her throat and drool covering her face.

Keira saw that the slaves had fitted Scarlett with a jaw spreader. The spreader was simply a metal ring attached to a leather strap. The ring fit in Scarletts mouth, just behind her teeth. Once wedged in, it would prevent her from closing her mouth. The strap was then wrapped around her head and buckled in the back.

The ring they had used was particularly large and Scarletts mouth was held open as wide as possible. Keira could imagine that Scarletts jaw was incredibly sore and the muscles of her face were hurting as she saw how wide open her mouth was held.

This device allowed the slave man standing at her head to fuck her mouth like her pussy. He had her by the hair and was forcing his cock deep into her throat. Keira could hear Scarlett gagging and choking as he did when she first walked in and was across the room. Because Scarlett couldnt close her mouth, she couldnt swallow and saliva and drool was covering her face and running from her mouth to the floor.

Keira watched the scene, smiling to herself, as she watched Scarlett fucked in both ends. Hurry up and cum! She told the slaves as she sat down.

The two men knew she wouldnt wait too long and took their fucking to another level, pounding Scarlett in the pussy and mouth. They seemed desperate to cum before ordered to stop. It wasnt often that males were allowed to cum and they could go weeks with eternal hard-ons, pleasuring their mistresses before being allowed any release.

Keira watched for several minutes. The slaves were also trained not to climax so as to be able to provide hours of pleasure. While she enjoyed Scarlett being used like a fuck toy, Keira grew bored and was about to call it quits when finally, the man with his cock in Scarletts mouth cried out and exploded into her throat.

Scarlett flailed as she felt her throat closed with a flood of semen that cut off her air. She began thrashing, trying to clear her throat and catch her breath. Fortunately for the man with his cock in her cunt, it appeared that her tossing was just what he needed to finish and he let out a long moan and he fired his cum into her snatch.

As Keira stood up, and both men stepped back realizing their fun was over. Scarlett collapsed, exhausted and humiliated. When the men let her go, she rolled off the table and to the hardwood floor where she landed with aTHUD!

She was flat on her belly, crying and just now able to catch her breath. She had been raped and her mind was in shock, unable to handle the reality of her situation. She tried to lift her head, but passed out.

Keira stepped over her and lifted her head and looked down at her face, Shit! I wasnt through with her! The two slave men exchanged glances apparently afraid Keira might blame them for Scarlett passing out and punish them. They both had been the recipients of a Keira tantrum and they were not pleasant.

Fine. I guess I need to get ready for tonight anyway. Keira told the men to take Scarlett to an upstairs bedroom and get her cleaned up while she went to shower and change.


Scarlett woke up on a large plush bed. She didnt remember how she got here, only being abused by Keira. I must have passed out, she said to herself.

She tried to get up but her wrists were bound and chained to the headboard. It was dark out, so it had been at least several hours but she was unsure exactly how long had passed or even if it was the same day.

Scarlett hurt all over. Her skin was still red and flushed from her ordeal with Keira. Her tits were throbbing and her pussy was sore from the piercing Keira had given her followed by the fucking the slave had given her.

She sat up as best she could pulling at the chains to try and get free when the bedroom door opened and Charlize Theron walked in. Scarletts eyes went wide when she saw her wondering what new tortures the tall blonde would do to her. Charlize sat down on the edge of the bed.

Shhhhhh Shhhhhhh. Its alright. Im not going to hurt you. Youve been through enough. Charlize tried to calm her but Scarlett seemed little reassured.

What are you going to do with me?

Charlize raised an eyebrow, Didnt you learn anything from earlier?

Scarlett suddenly became flustered, Im sorry, I mean mistress, I mean, Im sorry mistress. Scarlett seemed on the verge of tears when Charlize kissed her cheek and smiled.

Its okay. Youve been through a lot today. If I take these off, you going to behave? Charlize asked her as she started removing the shackles. Scarlett nodded.

If you try anything, Charlize warned her, Ill call my slaves from the hall and it wont be pretty what they do to you. Scarlett shook her head. Charlize smiled at how submissive she was.

Now on your knees. Charlize said firmly but politely and Scarlett complied by sliding off the bed and onto the floor. While she did, the tall tan blonde slid her skirt off and revealed her hairless pussy, as she had no panties on. She sat on the edge of the bed and slid her crotch towards Scarletts face with legs spread.

Go down on me, she again ordered and Scarlett, without even thinking of what she was going to do, immediately placed her hands on Charlizes thighs. Holding her legs, she began flicking and sucking the tall womans clit with her tongue and lips.

After only a few seconds, Oh yeah Scarlett, thats good. Charlize called out as she felt a wave of pleasure building. She leaned back and began working her hips up and down grinding her pussy into Scarletts face. She grabbed Scarletts hair on the back of her head and pulled into her crotch and continued grinding. A minute or so passed

OH GOD YES! Charlize screamed as she buried Scarletts face in her twat and the kneeling girl vigorously licked and worked her pussy lips and clit. Charlize fell back massaging her tits as Scarlett went down on her intensely. Charlizes entire body rocked as the orgasm pulsed through her. After another thirty seconds, she was panting, lying flat on her back on the bed. Scarlett had not stopped licking between her legs.

Thats good dear. You can stop now. Scarlett sat back and Charlize smiled. Mmmmmm, that was good. You sure youve never done a woman before? Scarlett shook her head while Charlize, ignoring her answer, got up and walked to the hall still naked from the waist down.

Bring her, Charlize told the two male slaves in the hall and they went into the bedroom after she left. The two of them lifted Scarlett and before she knew it they had handcuffed her wrists, attached a collar and leash to her neck and put a ball gag in her mouth. She was helpless as they led her from the bedroom.

Down the hall and to a large staircase they went with Scarlett in tow. As they walked downstairs Scarlett realized that there were many people in the house now. The large living room was full. It looked like some sort of gathering or party.

Scarlett suddenly realized she was about to be marched into a room of people naked and bound. She was so embarrassed. She started to pull away but the man holding her leash yanked it sharply and she had no choice but to follow.

She was led into the main room. In it were at least 20 people. Most were slaves, like the one leading Scarlett, but also in the room were several other women. Of course, Charlize and Keira were both there. Charlize had dressed but Keira was nude, with only heels on, nothing else.

Talking to Charlize were several women all of who Scarlett recognized. Kate Beckinsale, Monica Belluci, and Salma Hayek were standing in a group with Charlize conversing. Keira was standing behind Charlize while they talked. All the women were dressed in leather outfits that showed off their bodies, with push up tops and short skirts.

Sitting in an armchair, drinking a glass of wine was Angelina Jolie, her long sleek legs showing as the slit in her dress parted nearly up to her crotch. And finally, standing off to the side looking sullen was Natalie Portman in a red leather top and skirt.

All the womens eyes turned to Scarlett as she was led in. She was humiliated, but that feeling quickly gave way to fear at what might be done to her here. Charlize spoke

Ah, good, our final guest has arrived. Lets begin. The slave holding Scarlett led her away from the center of the room and they stood out of the way. All the male and female slaves in the room stepped to the sides as well, many dropping to their knees while their mistresss conducted whatever business they needed to.

A man brought a table from the side of the room and set it in the center. On it were placed three large glass bowls. One bowl was empty while the other two each had what looked like 20 or so polished stones. In one bowl were white stones and in the other black ones.

Charlize spoke to the other actresses in the room who took seats while the nude man set up the table.

You all know why we are here. I have decided to sponsor young Keira for membership in the club. While I will miss our time together as she has brought me much pleasure, I think it is time. Her luring and handling of Scarlett here was her final test and she passed with flying colors.

Keira stepped forward into the center of the room but kept her head and hands down, remaining submissive as was expected. Scarlett shot her a harsh look and Keira couldnt help but glance towards her. Scarletts eyes were filled with rage and betrayal, Keira could see that. Scarlett realized she had been set up from the beginning and that she was here because Keira made it so.

Now, I have spoken to the other members who couldnt be here tonight and they have all agreed to let me vote for them on this matter. Charlize stepped up and took several of the white stones from one bowl and placed them in the empty one.

So, I cast these 13 votes, including my own, to confirm Keira in the club. Now, the floor is open to each of the other present members to vote.

Well, you all know how Im going to vote. Natalie Portman stepped up and took one of the black stones from the bowl into her hand. I cant believe you are even considering voting Keira in. She doesnt deserve it.

Salma Hayek spoke to Natalie, Why not? Because she is young? I remember many members saying that about you young Natalie a few years ago. But some like myself looked past your inexperience and saw the promise you had. What you lacked in discipline you made up for in passion. I think that is important.

I agree Mistress Salma, Natalie spoke with respect in her voice to the Latin woman sitting before her, and I do certainly appreciate your confidence in me and I think I have proven myself. But this is not he same thing.

And why not? A feminine voice with a thick British accent asked. Keira suppressed a smile. She knew Kate Beckinsale was on her side. They had become friends. They were both British and that had bonded them together. Kate had asked Charlize if she could borrow Keira on many occasions and they had made love numerous times. Kate didnt treat Keira like a slave but rather a confidant and lover. If Keira were made a member, she would be an ally for Kate.

Natalie continued, Because when I was voted in, I had served a number of mistresses for longer than Keira and I had already brought in a number of famous slaves, including Keira herself.

Angelina Jolie spoke, Is that what this is about? Are you jealous that Charlize is sponsoring her? You knew that when you gave Keira to Charlize, she took all rights to her as well, including the right to sponsor her for membership. In fact as I remember it, it was the fact that you agreed to give up your claim to Keira that swung Charlizes vote in your favor and led to you being made a member in the first place.

As Natalie was about to speak, Charlize cut her off, And while it is true that young Natalie did bring us several high profile slaves to serve, Keira has also done that. Charlize snapped her fingers and Scarlett was led to the center of the room. The man leading her took her cuffed hands and held them above her head, putting her on display.

Scarlett Johansson is without a doubt one of the most famous actresses in the world right now and it is because of Keira that we have her. And I might add that Keira broke Scarlett in only a day. Why not half an hour ago Scarlett here eagerly went down on me. I seriously doubt she would have done that without Keiras tender mercys.

Charlize took Keira by the chin and lifted her face; She was magnificent handling Scarlett. Keira has served two mistresses and served them well. This is not a numbers game. It isnt about comparing how many of this or how much of that. Keira has proven herself loyal and passionate. So, if there is nothing further, I ask you all to vote.

Natalie looked angry but did not speak; she simply dropped the black stone into the bowl. According to club rules, no mistress could be voted in with more than one no vote against her. So, any other negative vote would quell her chances and it could be years before she could earn another chance.

Keira waited anxiously as one by one, Angelina, Salma, Kate, and Monica stepped up and took their stones. All Keira could hear was the clinking as they dropped them, but she couldnt see what color they were. Once done, Charlize stepped up, looked into the bowl and back at Keira. She smiled, Only one no vote, Keira is confirmed.

The women applauded as Natalie stormed from the room. Kate Beckinsale embraced Keira and kissed her deeply. Dont worry about Natalie, shes just jealous that hes not the youngest member anymore.

And as your first official slave, Charlize took Scarletts leash and handed it to Keira who took it, Scarlett is now yours. Treat her right.

Keira looked at Scarlett and their eyes met. With a wicked smile on her face Keira said to her, Oh, I intend to.

And these are to get you started, Charlize pointed at a line of ten slaves standing against one wall, 6 men and 4 women. Offerings from each of us to our newest member. Keira looked as if she was going to cry and hugged each woman, thanking them for their faith in her.

A slave girl brought champagne for them and they all toasted Keira and drank. And perhaps Keira would entertain us, Monica asked.

The women all took seats and Keira called over a young man and woman from the group of slaves and made them kneel. Keira then selected a heavy whip from the wall and walked back to them where she began to flog them mercilessly much to the enjoyment of the other members and the horror of Scarlett who could only imagine when they would start on her.

Two days later

Harder you whore! Harder! Keira screamed at Scarlett. Both of them were naked on Keiras bed. Keira was on all fours, her ass in the air and Scarlett was behind her wearing a strap on dildo. It wasnt as big as the one Keira had used on her a few days earlier, but it was large. Scarlett was fucking Keira in the ass as hard as she could but Keira couldnt be satisfied.

Harder you fucking cow or Ill hang you by those udders you call tits! Scarlett believed the threat and shoved the dildo into Keiras rectum as hard as she could. She had one hand on Keira's ass and with the other she had a clump of her hair and was pulling her head back trying to control the bucking starlet.

Dont be so hard on her dear. Shes doing the best she can. Kate Beckinsale said. She was also in the room, sipping wine in a chair and watching the other two fuck while she rubbed her cunt with her free hand. Like the other two, she was totally nude.

Well, ugh, she better, ugh, get me off again, ugh.

Id listen to her Scarlett. She can be mean when shes horny. But then, you would know, wouldnt you? Kate laughed as Scarletts face look terrified and she started thrusting even harder if that was possible.

UGH UGH UGH!! Keira was grunting as she was fucked. Both women were covered with sweat as they had been at this for over an hour. Keira was nearly insatiable when she was turned on.

THATS IT! HARDER! DONT STOP! Keira screamed as the orgasm rocked her body. She grabbed the headboard and began pushing back to get the dildo deeper into her ass.

OH GOD YES! Keira began shaking as she came hard. Scarlett didnt dare stop fucking her, afraid of what she might do if her orgasm was ruined.

YES YES YES! Keiras entire body tensed and she squealed as she came. Finally, after nearly a minute she collapsed with Scarlett on top of her, not daring to stop fucking her. Panting, Keira looked back at the woman sodomizing her, Get off me you fat cow!

Scarlett rolled off as exhausted as Keira. Kate and Keira had been tag-teaming Scarlett since Keiras membership party. The two women had been fucking and whipping her alternately, hurting her and then making her pleasure them. Scarlett had barely slept and her entire body hurt. She had no idea Kate and Keira could be so cruel. She had spent hours locked in a dark room with no contact with others, she wasnt even sure exactly how long she had been with them, only that it had been at least several days.

You done? Kate asked Keira.

Yeah, Im spent. You want her? Be my guest.

Kate called in two male slaves and they once again secured Scarletts hands behind her. She didnt even bother to fight back anymore. They slid her to the foot of the bed on her back. Pulling her legs wide, they shackled her ankles to the posts at the foot of the bed. Scarlett was bound with her legs spread eagle.

Kate stepped up with a flogger in her hand. She pinched Scarlett between her legs. No please, not this again. Scarlett begged as Kate grabbed the soft pink flesh of her pussy.

Kate Beckinsale stepped back and lifted the strap and brought it down between Scarletts legs.

AAAIIIIIEEEEEE! Scarlett began flailing, trying to get away but there was no where to go. Again, she took a strap across the cunt and screamed again. The stinging was more than she could bear. Over and over Kate rained the strap down on her tender cunt. By the tenth blow, Scarlett had passed out.

Keira turned around and lifted Scarletts head by her hair, looking at her unconscious face. Lightweight, she said with a dismissive tone as she laughed along with Kate. Keira got out of bed and took Kate by the hand and led her to take a shower.

The next morning

Scarlett found herself siting at a table with Angelina, Charlize, Kate and Keira. Scarlett had been woken up and been taken by two female slaves to a bathroom where they had roughly bathed and cleaned her. She was then fed and led into this room. Angelina tossed several documents in front of her, Sign! she ordered.

W-what are these?

Angelina grabbed Scarlett by the hair and snapped her head back, Sign you bitch! Scarlett quickly grabbed the pen and signed the bottom of each page. She was terrified and her will seemed to have been broken. Scarlett offered no resistance to any of the women in the club now. Angelina collected the pages and stepped away.

This is Jacob, Charlize motioned towards a well-muscled nude man who stepped forward next to Scarlett. Unlike most slaves, he had no mask on. He was in his mid-thirties and good looking.

He is your new body guard and caretaker. Hes going home with you and he is going to keep an eye on you for us. If you try anything, like reporting any of what has happened to the police or the press, he has orders totake care of you. Understand?

Scarlett nodded; she understood the threat. Keira spoke up, What about that? She pointed at the massive hard cock Jacob was sporting. He cant go out like that.

Youre right. Scarlett will have to deal with it. Charlize replied, On your knees cunt!

Scarlett slid from the chair and immediately began sucking the mans cock. Slaves like Jacob were trained to remain hard almost constantly through years of training. They also were conditioned to resist cumming so as not to ruin their mistresses orgasm prematurely.

This meant that Jacob would get a hard-on nearly constantly whether he wanted it or not and that Scarlett would have to service him continuously for him to be in public. After about ten minutes, Jacob fired a load of cum into Scarletts mouth and his cock went limp for a while. Then both he and Scarlett were allowed to dress and were walked to a waiting limo.

Keira turned to Jacob, You remember who you both belong to.

Of course mistress Keira. Jacob responded.

Blowjobs only. No one fucks her but me. You got it? If I find out that you put your cock in her ass or pussy, Ill cut it off.

Jacob nodded that he understood. Once in the limo, he motioned for Scarlett and she knelt down and started sucking his erect cock again as they drove off to what used to be Scarletts home.

The documents she had signed were power of attorney for the club. She had signed over all her assets and property to them. They took control of everything in her life from that point on. The club even fired her agents and manager and appointed their own representative. They owned her home, her money, and they even decided what movie roles she would take.

About six months later

Scarlett was riding once again in the back of a limo when her cell phone rang. She answered quickly. Keira got mad when she let it ring more than once before answering.

Yes, Scarlett didnt use the term mistress because she wasnt alone in the car.

Is she with you? Keira asked her slave.

Yes, misI mean, yes, she is.

Good. Keira hung up.

Scarlett looked over at Jessica Biel sitting in the back of the limo with her. Scarlett felt bad about what she was doing to Jessica, but she didnt have a choice. The club had ordered her to make friends with her and then to lure her to this party. If she disobeyed, Scarlett didnt even want to think about what would be done to her.

When they arrived, Jessica and Scarlett went into the house. Scarlett walked over and stood behind Keira who was waiting for them while Jessica was led into the living room. As the door was closed behind her, Scarlett heard the sounds of a struggle as several male slaves wrestled her to the ground. Scarlett didnt want to think about what the next few days would be like for poor Jessica.

You did well cow. Im surprised you didnt fuck it up. That was as close to a compliment as Keira got when speaking to Scarlett.

Now go up to the second bedroom on the left. There are about ten male slaves there. You are to give them all blowjobs. I want them drained. Give each as many as it takes , but I want them all limp when you leave.

This was a common job for Scarlett actually. All the mistresses had favored slaves, those who impressed them or they liked. One way they rewarded them was with blowjobs. And since no mistress was going to do it, the job fell to one of the slave women. Besides, Keira enjoyed watching Scarlett on her knees sucking cock after cock and taking load after load of cum.

Scarlett was considered one of the best at it also. Many of the mistresses would borrow Scarlett to perform on their slaves when they could. It was common for mistresses to trade slaves and services and Scarlett was valuable property for Keira. Scarlett even enjoyed this since it meant she wasnt having to spend the night with Keira, which was usually not a pleasant time.

After Keira gave her the order, Um, mistress, Scarlett said meekly. Keira raised an eyebrow, You know better than to speak without being given permission slut. This had better be good or else.

Scarlett dropped to her knees, Im sorry mistress, but there is something I think you should know. Its about Jacob.

The slave I assigned to watch you for the past few months? What about him?

About ten minutes later, two female slaves were leading Jacob down the hallway. His hands were bound behind him and he had been gagged and hooded, so he couldnt see where he was going to resist. Keira and Scarlett walked behind. Keira was missing all the fun that the other mistresses were having downstairs with Jessica Biel, but it couldnt be helped. This matter needed attending too now.

Keira had never taken a slave to this particular room, but she understood it was best they didnt know where they were going until it was too late for them. Jacob was led into a small room off the third floor of the mansion.

In the center of the room were two thin metal bars. These bars ran from the floor to the ceiling and were about six inches apart. At about waist height were two square plates. These plates were adjustable, so each could be moved up or down and re-secured between the bars. The bottom plate had a semi-circle about an inch across cut from the top of it and the top plate had the same cut from the bottom edge. These came together to for a solid plate with an opening in the middle.

The two female slaves moved Jacob to stand him behind the bars. They adjusted the plates so the bottom one was at waist height for him. One of the slave women grabbed Jacobs cock and balls and pulled them between the bars and laid them into the half hole in the bottom plate. The top plate was then lowered and secured to the bars.

The hood and gag was removed and Jacob found him standing in a strange room with his genitals pushed through a hole in front of him. He tried to pull away but it was no use, he was held fast.

Keira spoke, Slave Scarlett has told me something disturbing Jacob. She told be you have been fucking her when I gave you express instructions not to. Is that true?

Mistress Keira, no, I havent. I swear I havent. Not once. I have only gotten blowjobs from her, nothing more. I swear. Scarlett tell her the truth please.

Both Jacob and Keira looked at Scarlett. Im sorry Jacob, but I cant lie anymore for you. I told you it was wrong and we shouldnt disobey mistress Keira. You should have listened. Scarlett looked at Keira, He said you wouldnt find out and he was going to do what he wanted. Im so sorry. Scarlett began to cry.

Keira turned back to Jacob with rage in her eyes, Do what you want huh? Is that what you said you little worm?!?

Jacob was panicked. This wasnt true, it couldnt be happening. No, I, mistress please, you cant believe this. Keira was facing Jacob with her back to Scarlett who was also facing him when, over Keiras shoulder, he saw Scarlett smirk at him and wink.

Oh god, no Scarlett, tell her the truth. The truth was Scarlett had been servicing Jacob for months and was tired of it. She knew by telling Keira this lie, that she would do something to Jacob, she just wasnt sure what exactly.

I think I know the truth, thank you. And I mean to make sure it doesnt happen again. Youre not going to fuck Scarlett or anything else ever again. Keiras eyes glanced upwards as she turned to leave the room.

Jacob looked up and at the top, suspended between the two bars was a blade, like the one on a guillotine, only smaller. It was hanging down, about ten feet above Jacobs cock and balls.

As Keira, Scarlett and the two slave girls left the room and shut the door behind them, they could hear Jacob screaming for mercy and begging to be let out.

Four years ago Jacob Matthews had been a successful bond trader on Wall Street. He made millions of dollars, lived in the penthouse of a high-rise and dated some of the most beautiful women in NY, usually models. But he wasnt happy and he didnt know why. Then, by chance, he traveled to the West Coast and met a woman who made him happy. She did it by dominating him.

He never thought being a slave could be so pleasurable, but it was, at least for him. He also never thought that when he decided to move out to Los Angeles and give up all that he had to become a slave, it would ultimately lead to him in this contraption.

Out in the hallway, Keira pulled a small key from her pocket and inserted it into a lock on the wall. She turned it 90 degrees and a red light both inside the room and on the wall just above her head came on. This indicated that the machine was activated. Keira hesitated for only a second as she lifted a clear plastic shield from over the large red button that would drop the blade. She pushed it.

Keira turned, and without looking back, walked down the hallway trying to ignore the shrieks coming from the room where she had left Jacob.

Keira was standing on one of the balconies looking out over the manicured grounds of the estate about 20 minutes later. She had sent Scarlett to finish servicing the male slaves and had come out here to think. Keira was upset by what she had done to Jacob, after all, he was her favorite slave. She trusted him, which is why she had assigned him to watch Scarlett.

Charlize Theron, Keiras former mistress, walked out onto the balcony. It appeared Keira had been crying. I heard about what you did. Want to fill in the details? Keira then told Charlize about what Scarlett had said and what she had done to Jacob.

After telling her what had happened, Did I make a mistake? Keira asked.

What was the first rule of being a mistress and handling slaves I told you Keira? Charlize asked the young woman.

Keira thought for a second, Follow through.

Thats right. When you say you are going to do something, you have to do it. You cant be making idle threats. Once you threaten a punishment and dont follow through, you lose respect. And

And it is much harder to regain respect once lost than to keep it in the first place, Keira finished Charlizes statement.

Thats right. Youre mistake wasnt castrating Jacob, it was in threatening to do that in the first place. Once you said you would, you had no choice once he disobeyed you. You should have left the punishment more vague, then you could do whatever you felt appropriate. Thats why the second rule is that you should never threaten a favored slave with a punishment you wouldnt want to carry out.

Youre right. I screwed up.

Charlize put her arm around Keira, Dont worry about it. Theres always more where he came from. Lets go downstairs and watch mistress Monica break Jessica. I hear that girl put up one hell of a fight. It took three male slaves to wrestle her to the ground and get the shackles on her. They started a pool at how long it will take to break her. Im betting at least a week.

Keira smiled, Yeah that sounds fun but no way it takes a week, Monica can handle her. I bet she has her eating dog food inside of two days.

Youre on. Winner fucks the loser in the ass.

In that case, make it three days.

Charlize and Keira laughed and kissed deeply and then went downstairs into the main room. There they found the muscled taunt body of Jessica Biel strung up in the nude screaming while Monica Belluci forced an enormous dildo up her ass. The other mistresses were egging Monica on. Keira and Scarlett curled up together in a plush armchair to watch the fun.

Just another day at The Club.

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