Emma W. and the Bucket of Cum

Emma W. and the Bucket of Cum
By Dudester (M+ f, exh, celeb, alcohol)

I tried, twice, to give this story to a celeb site, but they declined to
publish. Their loss is your gain. I should add that if you are an adult
who does the things in this story you could end up with a cellmate named
bubba, so don't try it - but do enjoy the story.

At long last I was able to get my dream car, but the amount of the
down-payment and associated costs blindsided me. I took a second job on
the weekend working room service until my bank account had been repaired. I quickly impressed the room service manager, who wished he could have me
full-time, so when the hotel had special guests it was a no-brainer that I
was assigned to deliver to the penthouse.

"Those Harry P_tter kids are in the penthouse" Lenny told me as we set
up the room service cart.

It was a large order, but then again, well heeled teens will order a lot
of food. I took the cart up and delivered the cart to the penthouse. I
set up the cart and the kids signed off on an appropriate tip. I noticed
that Emma was watching me closely and she slipped out into the hallway as I
left the room to return downstairs.

"Pardon me," she asked, producing a folded fifty-dollar bill from her
pocket and holding it towards me, "I was wondering if you could get me a
bottle of whisky, and be discreet about it."

I pointed towards the ceiling. "I don't know if you noticed, but
there's cameras all over this floor. The security station is next to the
room service station and the guy on duty tonight would love to bust me. In
this country, giving alcohol to a minor is big trouble. Thank you, but

"Just bring it up in your jacket, I won't tell."

I shook my head, "Sorry, no."

"Wanker" she shot at me as I turned to leave.

I went downstairs and tried to pretend the incident didn't happen. I
was readying another cart for another floor when the phone rang. My
co-worker Ruth took the call as Lenny was on break. As Ruth took the call,
she gave me a look and shook her head.

"Did something happen upstairs?" Ruth asked as she hung up the phone.

"One of the kids asked for booze."

"The girl asked if I could come upstairs and didn't want you to go near
the room."

"Knock yourself out. I'll hold down the fort."

Ruth went upstairs and returned quickly. "You were right" she said,
I've got kids that age and I'll be damned if I'm going to give them booze."

Ruth and I ran some orders, and then Lenny returned from break. He
hadn't been back a minute when Emma called again. Lenny listened a moment,then called me over as if he was going to tell me a secret. Whispering, he told that "the girl" wanted me to go upstairs because she had a question about the order. I went upstairs and found Emma in the hallway.

"I want to apologize for the horrid way I treated you earlier" she said.

"It's OK," I told her, "did you need something else?"

"I really wanted a drink tonight, and I wonder if there's somewhere I
could go. Could you get a drink from the hotel bar for me, or..is there a
place...you know?"

I sighed, "It's hard" I told her. "First, you're underage. Second,
people will recognize you. There will be a scandal." Then an idea hit.
"But, if you want to go with me____"

"With you?" she said with a laugh as she cut me off.

"Suit yourself" I said as I began to leave.

"Wait," she said, "let me hear your idea."

I suggested a place I could take her to drink, and then told her to give
me ten minutes after telling her how to slip out the hotel unnoticed. I
went downstairs and told Lenny that I had just received a family emergency
call on my cell and I had to leave. I told him he could write me up or
fire me, but he gave me a pass. I quickly changed shirts, threw on a
different jacket, and hustled out to my car. A minute later I saw Emma
slip out the hotel's side door and I picked her up without anyone seeing

"Where are we going" Emma asked.

"First, we need your drink. Do you still have your fifty?"

She handed me the bill and I drove to a nearby package store. I bought
a bottle of Jack and another of Ch_vas Regal. I handed Emma the bottles.
Emma quickly scanned the bottles, trying to open the bottle of Jack. I
scolded her, telling her to hide the bottles under the seat so we wouldn't
be noticed by any overly curious Constabulary.

I pulled back onto the drive and drove for another fifteen minutes until
I pulled into a very nondescript building. It had been a warehouse, but
was now a strip joint. The large "NUDE" letters on the building didn't
escape Emma's notice. "Why'd you bring me here?" she asked.

"No one will notice you here," I explained, "We'd both feel awkward at
my place. Most of the floor is dark. We'll get a table in the corner.
Because we're a couple, the dancers will leave us alone, and oh yeah,
pretend we're boyfriend and girlfriend when we go in. If you do, I don't
think the girl at the door will hassle us. Can you do it?"

Emma nodded. With the bottles in a bag, we exited the car, placed our
arms around our waists, and strolled up to the front door. The
receptionist at the door smiled as she recognized me. She had been a
dancer, but had moved to the door after getting a case of boyfriend-itis.
We exchanged greetings and I told her Emma was my new girl. I then made a show of kissing Emma. The receptionist smiled and waived us both in.

It was dark inside. A black woman writhed on the stage and spread her
pussy for several customers in the front row. Emma and I made our way past several customers and a couple of dancers as we took a table in the back corner. An attentive waitress was quickly at our table and returned
minutes later with two glasses and a small tub of ice. I paid and tipped

Then I poured Emma three fingers of Jack. She chugged the jack in
seconds. I poured her three more fingers. This Jack lasted about a
minute. I poured some more which lasted several minutes. About then, a
customer and a dancer took up residence close to us. Seconds later, the
dancer was grinding her body against the customer. From my angle, I saw
him dip his fingers in her. The dancer adjusted her position to make her
pussy more inaccessible. She leaned in and said something in the
customer's ear. They then got up and walked towards a door with a neon VIP sign above it.

"Where are they going?" Emma asked.

"To the VIP room, probably to fuck."

Emma seemed surprised at my frankness and chugged the liquid in her
glass. I poured her some more. Emma began watching the floor more
closely, catching the dancers both onstage and giving table dances.

It started getting later in the evening. More customers and dancers
were appearing on the floor. I saw a large older man who sat at a table a
couple of tables away. I saw him check out Emma a couple of times.
Finally, he got up and came over, asking Emma if she worked there. Emma
shook her head no. The man looked disappointed and returned to his table.

Emma looked at me, and then got a look of amazement and shock as she
realized the man had just asked her for a table dance.

"Did he just ask me for....?" she asked, leaving the question hanging.

"Yes" I answered matter of factly.

She continued to look at me with shock for a moment, looked quickly back
at the man, and then returned her look at me. I saw something form in her

"Would you think me a right randy slut if I did?" she asked.

"No, go ahead."

"I think I will."

She looked over at the man. She took her shoes and socks off, and then
walked over to the man. They talked for a moment, and then returned to the table. Emma took the chair closest to the corner, turned it backwards, and then seated the man in it. Facing me, she slid her pants off, looked
around, and then took her T-shirt off. She noted that I was watching her
intently. As she placed her hands behind her back to unclasp her bra, she
asked: "What are you looking at?"

"I'm watching you undress."

She had the bra off in seconds and threw it at me in a gesture of
defiance as she stuck her tongue out at me. Her small white mounds, topped with pink puffy nipples made my dick hard and my heart thumped hard while I watched H_rmionie Gr_nger, the little know-it-all sorceress undress. Her panties were off in seconds and she handed them to me, pausing a moment to let me take in her completely naked body.

She walked over and climbed into the lap of the guy in the corner. I
pocketed her underwear and looked over to see Emma put her tits, pussy, and ass in the guy's face. I also looked around the floor to see if anyone was paying attention. There were about twenty dancers on the floor servicing an equal number of clients. When I looked back, Emma was on her knees and she was obviously giving the guy head.

He must have been quick on the trigger, because Emma stood up and wiped her arm across her mouth. She took some money from him and walked over to the table. She chugged her drink, then mine. "I suppose you want one,too" she said. I nodded. She waved me over to the corner chair where the guy still sat.

"Come on Gramps, get up," she told the guy.

He struggled to his feet, drunkenly pulled up his zipper and staggered
over to his table. I sat in the chair and Emma settled into my lap. She
thrust her little tits into my face. I groped one and started to suck on a
nipple. It struck me that the old guy's spit might still be there, but I
didn't care. I grasped her little butt in my hands and squeezed her little

She then changed positions, straightening, leaning back, and putting her
hairless little pussy in my face. I leaned forward and licked her slit.
She squealed and jumped out of my grasp.

"You naughty little scamp, you" she scolded with a smile.

"I'm sorry" I said, "you're totally hot and I want to lick your pussy.
I'm really good at it."

She looked at me with surprise, considered my words, and then had us
change positions so that she was sitting in the chair. I knelt between her
legs, and put them over the chair arms, and dove between her legs. She
moaned as I took an initial lick of her slit. She took several deep
breaths and thrust her hips against my mouth. I put a finger in her. She
moaned loudly and began panting as I licked her clit and pumped her little
pussy. "Oh yes, yes," she loudly whispered as her climax built, then hit.
She bucked in the chair and pushed my head away from her pussy.

She mewled a bit as her climax subsided. She put her legs together. "I
need a drink" she said.

I noticed she was a little unsteady as she stood. She walked to the
table, poured herself a drink, took a swig, and then sloppily pulled her
T-shirt on. Forgetting her jeans, she sat in the chair and alternately
sipped and tugged at her drink. She looked over at me with a look of
drunken lust. I used my legs to push her legs apart. It took several
minutes, but I got her legs up over the chair arms. Her little pussy was
on display, but she was passing the point where she was too intoxicated to

"Emma, I want to fuck you."

"OK" she drunkenly replied.

I stood her up, pulled the shirt off of her, and got her back to the
corner. Again, I put her legs over the chair arms. With full access to
her pussy, I unzipped and entered her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and panted as I fucked her little body. It didn't take me long. I shot my wad in her, but I remained hard and inside her. I paused a moment, then
began fucking her again. Emma was panting, but did little but hold onto my
neck as I fucked her little body. Finally, I came again.

I disengaged, stood back, and re-zipped. Emma was slumped in the chair,
her head hanging drunkenly, cum oozing out of her pussy. Instead of
picking her up, I just moved the chair back to the table. I put a drink in
front of her. She picked up the glass, started to lift, and then poured
the booze on her pussy. She laughed lustily. I poured some more in her
glass. She poured the booze on her tits, pussy, then laughed before
downing the remnants.

Just then, a newcomer to the club was wandering by. He was looking
around trying to find a chair, but taking in everything around him. Emma
saw him and grasped his arm. "Fancy a shag?" she asked him. His eyes
scanned her and her eyes locked on his groin. She reached out and started
fumbling with his zipper. A moment later, she had his dick out and in her
mouth. She was sloppily slurping his dick. He looked at me. "Fuck her" I
mouthed to him.

He pushed her head off his dick and positioned himself. He entered her
and began fucking her vigorously. She looked over at me, smiling
drunkenly. Her body rocked with his strokes. Suddenly, I saw him hold her
tight and spasm twice as he came in her. He stood and began to put his
dick in his pants, but she grasped his dick and tried to suck some of the
cum out. A moment later, he pushed away from her and headed for the stage and a dancer.

Emma looked over at me. She looked like she was about to pass out. I
passed up the temptation to fuck her again. I got her T shirt, jeans, and
shoes on her. Half carrying her, I lifted her from the chair and took her
out of the club. I put her in my car. Emma mewed quietly, giggling a
little as I drove her back towards the hotel.

I stopped about a mile from the hotel, where a couple of cabbies were
stopped. I took Emma from my car and put her in the cab. I told the
cabbie where to go, handed him a twenty, then handed him another telling
him that if anyone asked, he picked her up at a bar. I then followed him
almost to the hotel's driveway, pulling off at the last moment.

I didn't see Emma again as they checked out when I was off duty, but
sometimes I'll pull out her panties and sniff them to remind myself of her
very drunken night.

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