Emma's First Time

Emma Watson stepped out of the taxi and made it inside. She was tired from all the interviews and premiers she had been to after her second movie had came out. Things had changed since she was signed to play Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies three years ago. She had money now but her parents wouldn't let her spend it, she had developed from the cutesy little girl to now womanly figure. Still only 12 but puberty had hit early and she was pleased with the way her body was changing.

She walked upstairs and undid her dress and stepped out of it. Now just standing in her bra and panties she glanced over to her full-length mirror and smiled. She twisted her body and looked at her now tight but round behind. Her panties slightly moved between her ass cheeks and rode up between her pussy lips. She then turned around and looked at herself again. She put her hands behind her back and unclipped her bra. The bra fell from beneath her breasts and fell to floor. Her breasts so full and pert with nipple no bigger then a dime and nice shade of pink. She hadn't wanted breasts when she was younger but since they had started to grow she had changed her mind. She liked out how they filled her breasts and she enjoyed the attention she was getting from boys at her school

Emma moved back and lay on her bed and removed her panties. Now naked her hand moved down her breasts and tweaked her nipples. She had learnt over the last couple of months to please herself, she found it hard to be with boys because she didn't know if they wanted her because she was a good looking girl or because she was now a movie star. She had these urges to do things and the only way she could quench those urges were to touch herself. She watched as her nipples grew harder and firmer. She licked her fingers and let them wet the top off her nipples. Having them wet she blew on them and it mad her shiver. Her hands now moved down her body to her clit. She moved the hood around from it and let her finger start to explore the clit, she slowly begin to rub it. Emma sighed and her breathing started to get quicker, her other hand joined her other and she moved her fingers around her pussy lips and then slowly inserted two fingers in up to her knuckles. She started to rub harder and started to let her fingers go deeper into her pussy. Emma was getting close, her breathing getting more shallow and she was now moaner more. Her fingers was going deeper and deeper and rubbing her clit faster and faster and with one final movement of her fingers she exploded into orgasm, she raised her body as her pussy juices exploded out of her, her juices landed back down on her and she smiled she had never orgasmed that heavily before.

Emma grabbed some tissues from the side of her bed and wipe her juices from her stomach and inner thigh. Emma moved to the side of her bed and put on her silk rob. She opened her door and walked towards the bathroom, as she got closer she heard the shower going. She called out who's in their, a voice called back it's me I'm taking a shower go away. She recognised the voice of her annoying older brother Jeffrey, she hadn't seen much of him lately because him being usually at boarding school and her been doing the movie. Please Jeff I really need to go to the toilet, hurry up im busting. Hey sis I only just get in so u can either come in while I'm here or you can wait. She opened the door and rushed to toilet and opened the robe and squatted down on the toilet. She looked over at the shower screen, it was all fogged up but she could see her brother's shadow. Thanks Jeff I really needed to go, that's ok Emma I know what it's like when you really need to go. Emma had nearly finished when she looked up and noticed that her brother was now standing sideways in the shower and noticed the shadow showing the outline of his cock. Emma looked away but then was drawn back to it. It looked so big, she could see Jeff washing his cock and rubbing it at the same time, it was at this time she realised that she had started to touch her clit again. Emma stood up flushed and ran out of the bathroom. She raced back to her bedroom and closed the door and lay on the bed.

The thoughts going through Emma mind confused her, why had she touched herself while looking at her brother's cock. Sure he had changed just like her over the last year or two and most girls would think he was cute but he was her brother. She then heard the knock on the door and the door open and in walked Jeff with a towel wrapped around his waist. Emma why did you do that you know when you flush the toilet the water gets hot boiling hot, I nearly burned myself. It was then Emma noticed how the towel was lifting in the groin area. She looked down and realised that he could see one of her breasts. Emma went to move her robe when she noticed Jeff cock was still growing and now its head was peaking out the front of the towel. Emma looked at it fascinated, Jeff also noticed and started to move the towel to hide when he heard his sister say. Jeff could I see that, being a actress none of the boys at school want to do anything and I am scared to do anything with them, please I only want to see it. She looked as Jeff dropped his towel, now fully naked and standing only a couple of feet from his sister. Hey this isn't fair I am naked and you are not, take off that robe. Emma thought about it for a second and then stood up and removed her robe. Now both standing naked they started to look at each other's body. Emma asked does it get hard like that often and are all the boys that size. Jeff said back yeh it gets hard a lot lately mainly when I see a girl who is sexy. Emma blushed and said you think I'm sexy, well honestly until today I didn't think so but now seeing you naked yes you are. Emma blushed again and sat on edge of bed, Jeff moved over to her and sat next to her.
Emma moved her hand until it was on Jeff's thigh, and then slowly moved it to Jeff's now twitching cock, by touching it a small amount of pre-cum oozed out. Emma couldn't believe she was touching her brother's cock but couldn't believe how big and hot it was also. She started to move her hand up and down just liked she did with her own clit but this was a lot bier then her clit ever got. It was scary for her but she was also excited and it wasn't long before cum started spurting out of his cock hole and running down her fingers. She continued to rub and his cock stayed hard. She moved her now cum covered fingers to her mouth and sucked cum off her fingers, it tasted salty but also meaty, she really liked the taste and sucked her other fingers. When she had finished doing that she bent down and started to lick the cum that was till on Jeff's cock, This made Jeff's cock twitch more but he liked the feeling and soon she was sucking his cock, she could get only a couple of inches in her mouth but she didn't hear Jeff complaining she looked up at him at the same moment he started to cum again, this time straight into Emma's mouth, She continued to suck until it stopped Cumming out of his cock. She sat back up and smiled, Jeff did too. He couldn't believe his luck he had never had a girl do this for him and now this goddess was doing it to him but it was his sister. He knew it was wrong but he also now how good it felt. He looked down at her breasts again he couldn't believe he didn't notice these before, he would have to pay closer attention in the future.

Jeff continued to look and he noticed that his head was getting closer to her body and then he decided to take a nipple into his mouth. This surprised Emma she had regularly played with her breasts but never had this feeling that she was getting from Jeff sucking on it. He rotated his mouth to left to right and then back again and then kissed and licked up her chest to her neck and then to her chin until he could see her lips. He hadn't noticed before but she really nice lips. He then moved in and his lips made with contact with hers and her mouth opened and their tongues found each other She had been kissed only once twice before with the two actors on her first film but they had never kissed her like this. She lay back on the bed and could feel chest against her nipples pressing up against his nipples. She instinctively spread her legs slightly and Jeff moved his body between her legs his whole body weight against her but she couldn't the weight except the hotness of his body. She could also feel his cock against her stomach and she reached down and grabbed it and moved it to her already wet pussy lips. The head of his cock went in and Jeff got the urge to start to thrust and with that his big cock started to slide in and out of her pussy, the more he thrust the more he would get in. And then Emma started to move her body up to his thrust, her hymen already broken from all the dangerous stunts she had done in the last movie and all the masturbating she had done over the last couple of months. Emma had never felt this way, her pussy was on fire, she felt so full, Jeff's cock going in and out of her, she looked down and could see her glistening juices on the shaft of Jeff's cock. She started to moan heavily as her first orgasm hit her and she closed her legs behind Jeff's back and pushed her pelvis forward as Jeff finally got all 8 inches inside his sister. Jeff knew he couldn't last much longer with Emma being so tight and this being his first fuck he was already close to Cumming. He grabbed Emma's body and turned it around, she landed on all fours and quickly learnt what Jeff had intended he started to thrust back into her tight wet pussy, she had heard of this from her girlfriends, that had said that you could feel more of the cock and if done right would make her orgasm quicker because a big cock would also rub against a girls clitoris. Jeff placed his hands on the side of Emma's body and pulled her back onto his cock and then he noticed her breasts moving forward and back with every thrust and he grabbed his sisters breasts and started to pinch her nipples, she moved back against him her back against his chest and then she felt him cum, she could feel his sperm exploded into her pussy, her pussy muscles milking his cock dry.

They both lay back down, Jeff's cock still inside of his sisters pussy he hugged her from behind and they lay in the spoon position. She couldn't believe she was no longer a virgin and even more that she had lost it to her brother. She was about to say to Jeff that this had been a mistake and they shouldn't have done this but then she felt his cock starting to expand in her pussy and she said what the hell, Fuck me Jeff give it to your sister, make me your slut.

The End

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