The Domynation of Chyna CHAPTER 3 - PIERCED FOR PLEASURE

The Domynation of Chyna By High-Heeled Jill & Spring-Heeled Jack -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *** Warning: This story is for the entertainment of adults. It contains detailed descriptions of Female Domination, Blackmail/Non-Consensual sex, Size, and Humiliation. If you don't think you would enjoy that, then don't read it. *** *** This story features the Characters of Chyna and Stephanie McMahon and takes place during the Spring of 2001. It is not intended to portray the people that play those characters or their attitudes or sexual habits. *** The story thus far . . . It is 15 months after Chyna and her then lover Miss Kitty were kidnapped by the four WCW girls. After Chyna's escape she exacted her revenge on her captors, humiliating and violating all of them far beyind what she had been forced to endure, before destroying all the photographic evidence of her own ordeal. Or so she had thought. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHAPTER 3 - PIERCED FOR PLEASURE Early Tuesday Chyna lay limply across Stephanies desk. Her muscular body still glistened with sweat, and the scent of it filled the air, mingling with the distinctive aromas of sex; sperm and pussy-juice. She could feel the sperm drying into a crust on her face and her buttocks, and her asshole still twitched with an instinctive desire to be penetrated by a big cock once more. She was alone for the moment. The guard whod fucked her was long gone, dismissed by Stephanie with dire threats of what shed do if he ever told anyone what hed seen or done in the rich bitchs office and Stephanie was currently in the adjoining washroom cleaning herself up. Chyna had feigned her collapse after he had orgasmed deep in her bowels in order to gain a respite from the abuse shed suffered in the last six hours. The six hours since WWF CEO Linda McMahon and WWF Commissioner Debra McMichael had confronted Chyna with photographic proof of the Ninth Wonder of the World being fucked by a horse. They had blackmailed her into performing sexual services for them, made her drink piss, and then forced her to fuck an extremely well-hung dog. After they were done with her Stephanie had taken over, and had fucked Chyna with some of the biggest and cruellest dildos she could find, and then the amazon had been made to suck and fuck one of the arena guards who had interrupted Chynas humiliation. But worse than the abuse, Chyna had enjoyed it. She had not wanted too, but there was a part of her that had revelled in the humiliation and degradation. It was with her still, a strange warm glow that found satisfaction in the lewd spectacle the naked and fucked diva must make laying face down over Stephanies desk. It was an oddly comfortable sensation to lose control, to have someone else make the decisions and to hold no responsibility for the things that happened to her, and a part of Chyna yearned to surrender to it. Get up, slut! Stephanie barked. Chyna groaned theatrically and began to stir. I said GET UP! The rich bitch brought her hand down hard to smack Chynas cum-splattered ass. Stephanies face crumpled in disgust as the slime stuck to her hand and she hurried back to the washroom to clean it off. Amused, Chyna had a few moments to collect herself. Obviously Stephanie wasnt yet finished with The Ninth Wonder of the World, so she tried to steel herself for yet more abuse. When Steph returned the statuesque amazon was standing, her posture as proud as ever, though the effect was rather ruined by her tangled hair, sweaty skin, and the drying sperm and mascara streaked tear-tracks on her strongly featured face. Gazing at her slave, Stephanie felt a surge of arousal in her loins. With it was a glorious sense of achievement as she looked over the evidence of the power she had over her hated enemy. But Steph could also see that Chyna was not broken to her new mistresss will, she was still the arrogant bitch who thought she was better than everyone else. Yet that too excited her. It would make it so much better, so much more satisfying, when she finally did break. Clean yourself up. You look like a cheap whore. Steph sneered. Chyna did not argue. In truth that was how she felt too, though she endeavoured not to show it, or that treacherous submissive part of her liked the feeling. Just the mention of the word sent images and ideas through her head that would have made her go weak at the knees had she not been holding her body under such rigid control. When Chyna stepped back into her mistresss office Stephanie was fully dressed in a fresh suit, a pin-striped, dark blue jacket with a matching microskirt that was scarcely longer than the jacket, and a white silk blouse. Wear this, Steph threw Chynas leather coat at the amazon, who caught it in one hand. You wont be needing anything else. She added with a sneer. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For the second time that night Chyna found herself walking through Madison Square Gardens wearing nothing but a coat that wasnt quite long enough. There were fewer people about, only a few guards here and there, with the occasional cleaner, but it still excited Chyna to know how potentially exposed she was. If she bent even slightly, or raised her arms at all, her naked pussy would be visible to anyone that cared to look. Does it turn you on, whore? Chyna was jolted by the insight of the question. For a moment she wondered if Steph could be so perceptive as to see through Chyna poker-faced nonchalance, until the rich bitchs next remark allayed her fears. Knowing youre my slave? Because it turns me on, and Im really going to enjoy making you suffer! Stephanie was more right than she knew, but Chyna was reassured that her new mistress wasnt psychic and she didnt actually know how true her observation was. The carpet soon became cold concrete under her bare feet as they made their way down to the parking garage. Stephanies limousine was parked on the far side of the lot, a bulky black chauffeur standing beside it. About thirty feet away a couple of maintenance men were huddled in a corner smoking while a security guard was making his rounds. Okay, give me your coat. What? Give me your coat you stupid slut, and then walk over to the car! Chyna stared levelly into Stephs smirking face for a moment and then removed her coat to stand naked in the cool air of the parking garage. She cocked an eyebrow at Steph and the turned and coolly walked toward the car. The men didnt notice her immediately, but when she was halfway across one exclaimed, Holy Fuck! Immediately all four men were staring intently at the naked amazon, and Chyna felt a wonderful thrill under their scrutiny. Chyna liked to show off her body, shed worked long and hard to sculpt her phenomenal physique, but she would never have dreamed of doing so like this. Well, she thought guiltily, she had dreamed of it, she just would never have actually done it. Walking naked before these few men, in a public place, was much more exciting than exposing herself in Playboy. This was not a safe setting where everyone was a professional, these were real people and this was the real world, where anything might happen. Although her mind swirled with imagined scenarios, scenarios that aroused her however much she might wish that they did not, nothing untoward happened. The security guard wolf-whistled, and when she reached the limo the grinning driver said, Nice tits. but her secret fears (or desires?) went unrealised. Stephanie slapped Chynas ass, the suddenness making the Ninth Wonder jump, which made her big breasts bounce and jiggle to the enjoyment of the watching men. What are you waiting for, Bitch? An invitation? Hes a chauffeur, he only opens the door for ladies, not dirty little slut-whores like you! Stephanie sneered as Chyna maintained her impassive poker-face. Get in the car. Chyna climbed into the limousine while the driver went around and opened the opposite door for the Billion Dollar Princess. The cold leather seat against her naked flesh made her shiver, which elicited a chuckle from Stephanie who stared at the amazons quivering breasts as the chauffeur got in the front and started the engine. Get off the seat. You think I want your disgusting pussy-juice staining the upholstery? Kneel down on the floor like a good little slave! The Ninth Wonder suppressed the urge to pummel the rich bitch and obeyed, sliding off the seat and onto her knees in the middle of the spacious limousine. Thats a good slut! Stephanie crowed, And now, since youre down there . . . The arrogant young woman spread her legs wide apart. Chyna needed no further command, and after briefly locking eyes with her mistress, she obediently moved to lower her head between Stephs shapely, fleshy thighs. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The journey didnt take long, and Steph only managed to climax once before the limousine slowed and pulled in to the kerb. The driver opened the door and Steph, her face still flushed red from her latest orgasm got out and beckoned for the naked amazon to follow. Chyna didnt recognise the street but it was in an old part of the city, with most of the red-brick properties converted to small shops and cafes, all of them closed at this late, or rather very early, hour. To Chynas vague disappointment the street was empty. She looked back to the store outside which they had parked and she scowled as she realised it was the only building with the lights on, and it was a tattooist. What are you up to Steph? Up to? You dare question your mistress? The naked wrestler placed her fists on her hips and glowered at the Billion Dollar Princess. Just answer the question. Steph seemed nonplussed by Chynas assertiveness, almost flinching, but the gathered herself to angrily declare, Why, Im going to tattoo your ass so everyone knows who-urk! Stephanie was cut off as Chyna grabbed her by the throat and slammed her against the wall. No way, you sick bitch! The amazon snarled, flexing her arm so that Stephanies feet left the ground. No chance in hell. Uk! Ak! The Ninth Wonder of the World heard the car door slam and the pounding of feet. Using the sound she timed her mule kick perfectly, and Stephanies chauffeur grunted and doubled up in pain as Chynas naked heel slammed hard into his balls. She half-turned, holding Stephanie aloft with one hand and sharply raised her knee to strike the black mans face with a bone-jarring crunch. The big man went down with a groan and Chyna turned her attention back to the Billion Dollar Princess, whose eyes were wide with terror, her face turning a bright shade of red. Let me explain something to you, you stupid little cunt. Blackmail only works when the threat of exposure is worse than the penalty of complying. Uhk! Hak! Stephanie felt her bladder loosening with fear as she saw the blazing fury in Chynas eyes. You want to fuck me? Fine, you can. You want to watch me get fucked? Again, you can. If your mother gets off on watching me get fucked by a dog? Well shes a sick bitch, but she can make me do that too. But theres a limit, and if you think Im going to let you tattoo me, let you mark me for life, then you are out of your tiny fucking mind! Kha! Jk! Wus juk The naked amazon lowered the rich bitch down the wall until her feet touched the ground and then relaxed her grip slightly. Steph sucked in air noisily. It was a joke, she rasped. A joke? Its 3 oclock in the morning and this is a tattoo parlour, thats a pretty strange joke. Were not here for a tattoo. They do piercings too. Chynas face hardened and her grip tightened. Theyre not permanent! Steph pointed out hurriedly before the Ninth Wonder began choking her again. If you want youll be able to take them out! Piercings? Chyna hesitated. The mood she was in, she really wanted to hurt someone, and she didnt want to be pierced, but was that short-term gratification important enough to risk the horse-fucking photos being made public? She released Stephanies throat as she considered her options, and the consequences thereof. Steph bent over, coughing and gasping for air. Chyna stepped away from her and turned so she could keep an eye on the groaning chauffeur, who was struggling to his feet. Fuckin bitch! he spat, one hand cradling his bruised balls and the other balled into a fist. You gonna pay for that! Chyna, naked in the middle of the street, took up a stance ready to meet the angry black man. Stop! Stephanie commanded, her voice raw. Stop, no more fighting. You! She unsteadily pushed herself upright and pointed at the driver, Youre paid to do what I tell you, and Im telling you to stop. And you! She pointed at Chyna, You are going to pay for this you psycho bitch! Steph staggered over to the big black man and patted his shoulder. Dont you worry, her ass is mine no matter what she thinks, and well make her pay. Later. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stephanie entered the parlour first, followed by Chyna and then the black chauffeur, who was grumbling under his breath, his gait slightly awkward because of his bruised balls. There was a woman waiting for them, standing by the counter. She was about an inch shorter than Chynas six-foot height, and had a slim build with medium sized breasts. She was wearing a short leather vest that was too small, with a wide laced front that gave an admirable view of her cleavage, and a pair of high-cut, low-riding leather shorts to show off as much of her body as possible while still being dressed. And she was the strangest freak that Chyna had ever seen. She might have been quite beautiful, but it was hard to tell with all the tattoos. Every exposed inch of her skin was covered with swirling patterns and pictures, from her fingertips to the crown of her smooth-shaven head; even her lips had tattoos! In addition there were rings and studs piercing almost every flap of skin. Her ears were a mass of metal, multiple rings pierced her eyebrows, she had two studs through each nostril and a large ring through the septum of her nose, with more rings and studs through her lips and a line of studs extended up each cheek. Her naval was also pierced, with a stud at the top and a large ring at the bottom. As the naked amazon walked toward her, the bald woman licked her lips lasciviously. There was a click against her teeth that told Chyna that the strange womans tongue was also pierced. Well, I really wasnt expecting you to show. She had a surprisingly cultured and melodious voice. Oh she just cant wait, can you Slut? Steph said. Hop into the chair and lets get a good look at you. The chair in question looked like a piece of medical apparatus, with a reclining back and stirrups to hold the legs up high and apart. Chyna began to have second thoughts, particularly when she felt a swell of submissive arousal at the thought of being intimately pierced. The fear of being exposed to the world as a horse-fucking slut nobody would care that she had been raped, forced to fuck the animal against her will was greater than her fear of her own submissive tendencies. Chyna climbed into the chair and maintained a calm air of aloofness as she was strapped into the restraints. The tattooed woman secured Chynas feet in the stirrups with cuffs around her ankles, then she put a wide leather belt across the naked Divas lower abdomen that was tightened so that she could not move her hips. Chynas hands were lifted up above and then behind her head, and more cuffs fastened about her wrists attached to the headrest. Her raised arms had the effect of expanding her chest, thrusting her breasts up high and proud. The tattooed woman brought another thick leather strap out, and wrapped it around the Ninth Wonders neck, to hold her head in place, and a large red ball-gag was thrust into her mouth. The woman moved back down to spread the stirrups wide and locked them in place. Thigh straps were fastened, and Chynas body was now completely immobilized. She felt horribly vulnerable, her legs spread wide and shackled, and the black chauffeur leering down at her. The amazons pussylips twitched as she could not help but imagine what he would do to her, quite certain now that she would not be leaving the parlour without getting fucked. And she knew that he would fuck her hard, pounding into her, punishing her, before filling her womb with his sperm. She shivered with unwanted anticipation. The bound amazon forcibly returned her attention to the tattooed woman, whose bald head descended between Chynas thighs, moving to get a close view of her clients sex. So close that Chyna could feel her hot breath across her shaven lips. Fingers caressed the Ninth Wonders thighs, sliding up toward her vulnerable pussy. Chyna quivered as her nether-lips were prised apart, and she moistened as the fingertips stroked across her engorged clitoris. Hmm, very nice. The tattooist pinched the Ninth Wonders fleshy lips. Thick and meaty lips, and a very big clitty. Perfect for piercing. She grinned wickedly, Well be able to go straight through the meat, not the hood. The bald woman raised her eyes to look into Chynas, and then her smile widened as she thrust out her long pierced tongue and licked the debased Divas pussylips lasciviously. Chyna big sexy body trembled with a pleasure she did not want, one that mingled uneasily with the fear the lay deep in her heart. She did not want to be pierced, to have her intimate parts decorated with slave-rings. She did not want to give Stephanie this victory, but the alternative was worse and so she suppressed the fear and the pleasure ruthlessly. The tattooist opened one of several cases beside the chair, a cooler box, and she took out a large and very phallic shaped icicle. She opened another case, one which unfolded to display many implements and needles and rings, some of the tools of her trade. With the ice dildo in one hand the bald freak stood over Chyna and smiled again, her face seeming oddly animated when her tattooed cheeks moved. The woman circled the ice around Chynas breast, slowly spiralling in closer to the nipple. By the time the ice touched her teat, the nipple had fully stiffened, standing almost half-an-inch proud from Chynas perfect orb. The tattooed woman put down the icicle and picked up something like a small gun. She positioned the device so that Chynas cold-stiffened nipple was slotted into a hole in the barrel. Then she pulled the trigger. NNNnnnngghhh! Chyna grunted through her gag as the needle inside the gun went right through her nipple. The tool was removed and the bald woman inserted another needle through the hole, this one thicker and red-hot. Chynas lips curled back as her face contorted with pain and her flesh hissed as it burned. A few drops of blood had run down but the hot needle quickly cauterized the wound. The tattooist pulled out the needle and there was a neat little hole left in the reddened teat. The strange woman repeated the process on the other nipple and Chyna could not quite repress her wince. The tattooist applied a cool salve to both holes and chuckled wickedly as the bound amazon thrust her breasts up into the bald womans soothing hands. She turned and picked out two large silver rings, at least an inch across and very thick, and held them up for Stephanies approval. The rich bitch nodded with a smirk, and the tattooist pushed the first ring through the hole in Chynas left nipple. It was surprisingly painful for the raven haired amazon because the ring was much thicker than the still tender hole. Once it was through the bald woman used a tiny blowtorch to weld the ends together. There would be no way to remove the rings without cutting them, ensuring they would remain in place for as long as Chyna was Stephanies slave. The tattooed woman put the other ring through Chynas right nipple and welded it shut, then she used a very small wire brush and cloth to clean and polish the welded seams, and when she was done it was almost impossible to see the join. She turned both rings so that the seams were hidden inside Chynas teat. She fondled the Ninth Wonders breasts for a moment and then her hands slid down Chynas spectacular body to stroke her smooth-shaven pussy. Now do her pussy! Crowed Stephanie, who was recording everything with a digital camera. The tattooed woman bowed down between Chynas legs and licked up her slit, then grinned up at the bound amazon. Certain that Chyna was watching, the bald woman extended the full length of her tongue and wiggled it provocatively. It was huge, even longer than the Ninth Wonders own unnaturally long tongue, reaching down past the end of her chin with an unusually pointed shape. It also had a tattoo on it! Chyna could only imagine how much that must have hurt to have done. It was a tribal design that looked something like a T, and she had stared at it for several seconds before she realized that it was a stylized cock and balls! Well, the womans tongue was over 3-inches long, so it could certainly be used as one! The bald head descended and Chyna moaned as the huge tongue thrust deep into her vagina and thrashed wildly inside her. It lasted only seconds unfortunately, a mere teasing that got Chyna warmed up before the ice dildo was thrust inside to cool her back down in a hurry. The raven-haired amazon gasped as the cold seared her insides. All her muscles clamped down on it and her skin contracted, tightening her fleshy pussylips. The tattooed woman clamped Chynas right cunt-lip with forceps and stretched it as far as it would go. The amazons meaty pussylips were too fat for the piercing gun, so she picked up a thick needle. The Ninth Wonder of the World grimaced as the point of the piercing needle punctured her sensitive skin. The bald woman laughed sadistically, and began very slowly pushing the spike through the cold-stiffened flesh. NNNYYyhhhnnn!!! Chyna grunted with pain. Heat washed over her body, fighting the cold speared into her core, and her chest heaved. The first hot piercing pain was followed by a throbbing ache, focused on the metal spike that skewered her fleshy cunt-lip until it eventually emerged on the other side of her swollen vulva. Oh yes! Cried the Billion Dollar Princess, Its gone all the way through! Your cunt belongs to me now, bitch! At Stephanies words, Chyna felt her vagina moistening around the ice shaft. To her shame, the pain and humiliation aroused the blackmailed Diva intensely. The tattooed woman noticed the Ninth Wonders arousal and slipped a finger into her moist sex alongside the ice dildo. Chyna groaned as the woman stroked her G-spot, then withdrew to complete the piercing. She sawed the needle back and forth through Chynas pierced cunt-meat, then removed it and inserted a silver slave-ring. The ring was welded shut, and by the time it was finished, Chynas pussylip was red and puffed-up. A cold cream was applied to the wound and the tattooed bald woman then repeated the process with the other cunt-lip. When the needle skewered her fleshy lip, Chynas pussy convulsed so powerfully that the ice dildo broke inside her. The tattooist completed the piercing and removed the broken base of the icicle, then she thrust her entire hand into Chynas clenching cunt, spread her fingers to capture the errant ice shaft, and pulled it back out with a disgustingly wet schlorp. God, they look so sexy! Stephanie declared as she rubbed her crotch through her clothes. They make you look like the dirty little slut-slave you are! The sight was intoxicating to the rich bitch, not just for the aesthetically pleasing effect of the rings, but for what the meant; the unquestionable proof of her absolute power over the Ninth Wonder of the World! Chyna the Domyna was Stephanies slave, her plaything, her property! But there is still one more ring to go! Guess where that ones going to be? Chyna glared up at her tormentor, but there was nothing she could do. She was bound and helpless, but even if she were not, she would still have to submit to the blackmailing bitchs demands. I hear that if you wear panties the ring will rub at your clit the whole time, making you wet and willing for any cock that wants to fuck you! Steph exclaimed, Just walking will make the ring move around a bit to get you permanently ready for fucking! Just like a real whore! As Stephanie taunted her slave, the tattooists bald head descended between Chynas thighs once more, and this time she used her mouth to stimulate the amazons large clit, licking and sucking it until it was fully engorged. Satisfied that Chynas oversized lovebud was as big and hard as it was going to get, the tattooed woman picked up the heated piercing needle. NNYYYYAAHHMMMMPPHHH!! Chyna screamed through her ball-gag. The pain as the thick needle impaled her sensitive clitoris was excruciating. As promised, the tattooist had not pierced the hood, but instead had punctured straight through the meat of her clit, straight through the densest concentration of nerve-endings in a womans body. Hot electric jolts seemed to surge out of her wounded lovebud and pulsed through her body along tortured nerves. Chynas hands balled into fists and she bit down hard on her gag as sweat broke out across her hard-muscled body to run freely over her flushed skin, her vision blurry as tears formed in her eyes. Her breasts heaved as she breathed deeply, trying to control her bodys reaction. The tattooed woman took her time sawing the hot needle back and forth, opening the hole ready for the ring. Chyna gasped as the evil spike was withdrawn, and then grunted as the even thicker ring was pushed through. It was fortunate for Stephanie that Chyna was securely bound, for the enslaved amazon harboured murderous thoughts as the ring was welded shut. She had been mutilated! Worse, she had let herself be mutilated, her most intimate parts pierced and decorated. The rings welded shut so that she could not take them out, they would be with her for as long as she was Stephanies slave. They were so large and thick that it would probably require bolt-cutters to remove them, and even if she took them out the holes and the memories would remain. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The still bound Ninth Wonder of the World looked down over newly embellished body. The piercings still stung, but she could not deny the erotic power of their appearance. Her pierced nipples were a visual invitation to abuse, almost begging for someone to grab the large rings and pull. The ring through her clit pushed her hood up to keep her big love-bud exposed and permanently stimulated, drawing the eye and inevitably ensuring that her swollen clitty would see much cruel treatment. The rings through her pussy-lips made her look like a commodity to be used, easy handles by which she could be opened for invading cocks. Much as she would wish otherwise, Chynas thoughts aroused her greatly. The tattooed woman flicked the clitty-ring, eliciting a gasp of pained pleasure from the amazon as the novel sensation of the thick metal moving within her most sensitive flesh flashed through her big body. I think its time to take this for a test drive! The bald woman grinned, and Chyna was once again struck by how attractive she was under all the tattoos. Staring down between her parted thighs Chyna watched as the freakish woman stripped off her top. Her full breasts were completely covered in swirling tattoos, their design attenuating her shapely globes and drawing the eye to her pierced nipples. The rings were slightly smaller than Chynas, and made of gold. The shaven-headed woman squeezed and mauled her tattooed breasts, pinching her nipples and tugging on the rings, then she reached down to do the same to the Ninth Wonder of the World. Chyna moaned softly. The pain of the piercing and the presence of the rings seemed to have made her huge tits even more sensitive than normal. The amazon sighed when the woman withdrew her hands and started unfastening her leather shorts. The tattooed woman very slowly pulled her shorts over her hips, every inch of exposed skin covered with tattoos, until her intimate treasures were almost revealed. And then she whipped down her shorts. Surprise! As the leather descended, a large and throbbing cock sprang up from her crotch! The raven-haired amazon stared at it with undeniable shock. Oddly, it wasnt due to the presence of a penis, because although that did surprise her it didnt shock her; the tattooist was far from the first she-male Chyna had run into. Shed fucked a couple of women in the WWF whod turned out to be Divas with Dicks, and shed heard of at least one other in the business. Nor was it the size; although a good 10-inches in length and thick with it, it could hardly compare with Nicole Basss monstrous appendage, which was the largest cock Chyna had ever seen on a human being. Nor was it the tattoos, which snaked up and down the full length of the bald womans cock amongst the thick knotted veins; this bizarre womans fetish for comprehensive body art no longer had the potential to surprise. No, what shocked Chyna was the large, thick metal ring that pierced the bloated glans, entering through the piss-slit and exiting at the base of the cockhead. Shed heard of a prince-albert piercing, there was even a wrestler with the name who was supposed to have one, but Chyna had never had anything to do with him and this was the first time shed ever actually seen one. She had assumed the ring would be smaller, but this was well over an inch in diameter and at least a quarter of an inch thick. Idly, Chyna wondered how she could piss with that thing blocking the hole. Taken altogether, this outlandish, shaven-headed, tattooed dick-chick was by far the strangest freak that Chyna had ever encountered, and shed met a few. The bald she-male slapped her big cock down onto Chynas pussy, and there was a loud click as cock-ring and clit-ring collided. The dickgirl slid her hot cockhead up and down the length of the amazons wet slit, burrowing between her freshly pierced lips. The gagged wrestler stifled a moan as the tattooed she-male teased her with her prince-albert, using the metal ring to provoke her pussy into moistening. You like your new ornaments, Slut? Stephanie asked as she reached over Chynas body to finger the ring through her clit. The dual stimulation of rubbing cockhead and toying finger had Chynas pussy lubricating freely. She could not stop herself from squirming in her bonds and trying to thrust her hips up to meet the freakish cock, inviting penetration. The she-male did not disappoint, thrusting her fat cock deep into Chynas welcoming orifice. Chyna groaned through her gag as the pierced cock plunged six inches into her with the first thrust. Her pussy had mostly recovered from her earlier ordeal, and the walls of her cunt gripped the tattooed shaft tightly. As the she-male withdrew, Stephanie moved behind the head of the chair and reached around to grope Chynas big tits, squeezing them hard as the thick she-cock plunged back into the raven-haired amazon. The she-male thrust again and again, taking her time to go the full depth, allowing Chyna to feel the effect of the ring in her cock as it rubbed against Chynas walls. It wasnt as intense as the studs on Chynas punishment dildos, but it was similar and more focused and it was driving Chyna wild. The amazon had difficulty maintaining her control. The she-males 10-inch cock was buried right up to the root, her hairless groin slapping against Chynas new piercings, while Stephanie was now playing with the rings through her slaves nipples, twisting and tugging on them, using them to pull her breasts forward and apart and then circling them around to squash them together. I think these are going to be very useful for a dirty little whore like you! Steph growled into Chynas ear as the freakish she-male continued to fuck the amazons clenching cunt. The black chauffeur watched the whole scene with confused lust. A shaven-headed tattooed she-male fucking a bound and gagged female bodybuilder while a busty brunette beauty twisted and contorted the victims pierced tits? Hed never seen or imagined anything like this in his life! He couldnt imagine something like the freakish dick-chick even in his worst nightmares, and he didnt know what to make of her, but he found it disturbing that as he watched her raping Chyna he felt the urge to ram his big black cock between her tattooed white buttcheeks. Suddenly he noticed that among the chairs many odd attachments, which presumably served purposes that he could not understand, there seemed to a couple of steps on either side of the reclined seat. He had no idea what they could be for, but they were almost perfectly placed so that if he stood on them he would be straddling Chyna, his crotch just about level with her head . . . The Ninth Wonder of the World had lost the battle with herself and surrendered to her lust. She jerked her hips up to meet every thrust of the she-males 10-inch cock and groaned in enjoyment as Stephanie abused her breasts. The bald woman reached down to hook her fingers into the rings through the bodybuilders pussylips and then pulled them away from her impaling shaft. At the same time Steph released Chynas tits and began slapping them instead. MMMMMMWwwaaahhhhmmmmmMMMMPPHHH!! Chyna arched her back, thrusting out her breasts to meet Stephs open-palmed slaps, as she moaned with orgasm! The she-male also moaned, fighting to hold back her own orgasm as Chynas cunt spasmed around her thick cock, the Divas girl-cum spraying out to bathe the tattooed length of pistoning chick-dick. Chyna lay still, gasping for breath through the ball-gag, as her climax subsided. The chair suddenly rocked, swaying to the right before steadying, and the Ninth Wonder opened her eyes just in time to see the thick black cock as it slapped down onto her face. The amazon instinctively turned her face away, but the black man just rubbed his cock over her face, smearing pre-cum from her forehead down across her cheek and then over the gag and her stretched lips. Whats the matter bitch? Stephanie demanded, Dont you want to suck his cock? The rich bitch unbuckled the ball-gag and pulled it out of Chynas mouth. Because I think thats just what you want, to suck his cock until he cums on your dirty whore-slut face! Steph slapped Chynas ample tits again as the black man pressed his drooling cock against Chynas closed lips. The amazon swallowed her disgust and opened her mouth for the fat phallus. From her viewpoint it was hard to judge the length, but it was very thick, nearly three inches across, and she had to strain her jaw to open wide enough. The black man grunted as he thrust into the warm cavity of Chynas mouth, pushing his bloated cockhead all the way to the back of her throat. Without pausing, the driver pulled back to her lips and then slammed forward hard, punching his cock into her neck. Again and again he rammed her face as hard as he could, deliberately aiming his cock so that it would hit the back of her throat instead of sliding easily down her gullet. His balls still throbbed from Chynas earlier kick, and he intended to hurt her back. Chyna fought the instinct to gag and cough, realising that it was what he wanted, but she couldnt stop the tears that formed automatically, and black mascara tear tracks once more rolled down her cheeks as the black man choke-fucked her with his massive cock. While Chyna suffered orally, Stephanie resumed tormenting her tits and the she-male continued fucking her cunt. For the dominant Chyna this was a hell of humiliation and degradation, but for that other Chyna, the secretly submissive Chyna, it was heavenly. The Ninth Wonder of the World came again, and as she tried to cry out the black man finally rammed the full length of his cock down her gullet and held it there, enjoying the vibrations. It throbbed in her throat and as he kept it there, suffocating her with his cock, she was intensely aware of every pulsing vein on its surface, the warmth of his heavy and bruised balls on her chin, and the musky fragrance of his sweat. Stars danced before her eyes and her muscles strained against her bonds as she became desperate for air, until he finally withdrew his evil manhood. Chyna coughed and gasped, saliva and pre-cum spraying from her lips to hang in glistening ropes as the chauffeur fisted his cock and shot his load of thick white spunk all over the debased Divas tear-streaked face. At almost the same moment the tattooed she-male groaned and the amazon felt her hot seed spray deep into her womb, a sensation that triggered a third, mind-blowing orgasm. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chyna regained consciousness slowly. The strength of her orgasm combined with her near suffocation had caused her to black out. She was still in the chair, and the gag was back in her mouth. The shaven-headed she-male was straddling Chynas chest, gliding her fat tattooed cock between the divas huge tits. Between her legs, the chauffeur was pumping his big black cock in and out of Chynas cum-sloppy cunt, fucking her as hard and as roughly as he could. For a moment Chyna wasnt sure where Stephanie was, but then caught sight of the rich bitch standing a few feet away, stripped down to her underwear with a video camera in her hand, recording Chynas humiliation for posterity. The amazon had no idea how long shed been out, but it must have been a while. There was a fresh wetness deep in her ass that told her shed been butt-fucked, and her tits and neck were sticky with spunk. Just in time, Sleeping Beauty! The she-male smiled her surprisingly pretty smile. A moment later her pistoning cock rose up from between the Ninth Wonders sticky breasts and she grasped it in her tattooed hand. Her fingers slid up the length of it and her index finger slipped into the prince-albert ring. She held her cock high and straightened her finger to pull the ring low, and a gush of thick white she-sperm spurted over Chynas face. However many times the she-male had cum while abusing Chynas unconscious body, it did not seem to have reduced the size of her load, as jet after jet of her slimy spunk splattered across the degraded Divas already cum-caked features. As the shaven-headed she-male climbed off the chair the Ninth Wonder grimaced in disgust as the slimy goo dripped from her forehead, nose, and chin, sliding over her cheeks and lips. All the while the black man kept up his punishing slam-fuck of Chynas pierced pussy. Now that it was inside her she could tell that it was good 10-inches long, just about the same size as the she-males impressive appendage, but while she was marginally longer, he was definitely thicker. Any normal girl would no doubt be squealing in pain, and no doubt that was what he wanted from Chyna, but to the bound amazon his dick was just nicely sized to pleasure her. She started humping up to meet his thrusts, which spurred him to try fucking her harder, but since the submissive side of Chyna liked it rough that just drove her toward another orgasm. MMMMMMmmmmwwaauuummmm!! She cried as she came, and a moment later her spasming pussy milked the black mans orgasm from his cock, filling her womb with more potent sperm. Fuckin bitch. He muttered as he pulled out, his heavy cock flopping down to swing between his muscular legs. However long shed been out, it seemed it had been long enough that both her big-dicked assailants seemed satiated for the moment. Both stood shining with sweat and breathing heavily, their cocks hanging limply. Stephanie put down the camera and stepped up beside Chyna. Youre mine bitch. Youre my whore, and these, She fingered the ring through Chynas clit, will ensure that you never forget it! The rich bitch moved around between Chynas splayed legs and ran her hands up and down her glistening muscular thighs. And you better get used to having your legs spread like this, cause this, Steph jammed two fingers into Chynas sloppy cunt and scooped out some spunk, is going to be how you end every night from now on! On your back and fucked like the whore you are! The Ninth Wonder wished shed stop talking, because it was turning her on again. The prospect of spending the rest of her days as a whore, with Steph as her pimp, both disgusted and excited her, and the hatred she felt for Stephanie only made the humiliation and the arousal so much stronger. Until she could regain control of her errant sexuality she was vulnerable, and would always be vulnerable even if she got out of her current predicament. And this, Stephanie held up a foot-long black strap-on will remind you that you are my bitch! Steph stepped back and started fastening the strap-on around her soft waist. She struggled with some of the fastenings, so the she-male helped her finish. Stephanie stroked the big rubber cockhead up and down Chynas slimy slit, using it to push the big metal rings around. Her hands came down on the amazons cum-caked tits and smeared the sticky fluid around, rubbing it into Chynas flawless skin, before hooking her fingers into the nipple-rings. With a sneering grin, Stephanie thrust her 12-inch strap-on into Chynas slick cunt and pulled on the nipple-rings for added leverage. MMMWWWAAAaauuugGGHHHHH!!! The amazon screamed into the gag as pain shot through her tortured teats. It was like a hot wire through her breasts, but the pain was washed away by the following wave of pleasure from her impaled pussy. The fat rubber cock slammed into her cervix with the first thrust, and breached it with the second. This pain had always been a joy for the adventurous Domyna, and the familiar pleasure transformed the pain in her breasts into a similarly satisfying sensation. Slut! Cock-sucker! Whore! Cum-dump! Slave! Bitch! Steph spat insults as she fucked Chyna hard, slamming her strap-on in and out with wild abandon and tugging hard on Chynas pierced nipples. The stimulating sights and sounds of the sex-crazed busty brunette fucking the bound amazon was not lost on the other two present, and both the black man and the she-male felt their cocks stiffening once more. The she-male was fully erect first, her tattooed ten inches pulsing with desire. Shed already had several turns with Chyna, but now there was another opportunity . . . Stephanie yelped as she was pushed hard between her shoulder blades. Her soft body fell forward onto Chyna, and because of her position and her shorter height, her head landed splat between Chynas cum-caked tits. Steph tried to push herself up, but the she-male pressed her down with one hand. The busty beauty tried to wriggle out, which was very pleasurable for Chyna, but the amazon clamped her vaginal muscles tight to hold the dildo inside her with a grip of steel. Stephanie squealed and flailed, whining that this wasnt part of the plan, and Chyna took great delight in the expression of fear on Stephs now cum-smeared face. The she-male freak seemed not to care, as she pulled aside the strap between Stephanies legs and drove her cock balls-deep into the rich-bitchs tight curvaceous ass! NO! OH GOD NOOO!!! Get OFF!! Stop! Dont! STOP! Oh God! YES! NO! Dont STOP!!! The tone of the Billion Dollar Princesss wails changed as the she-male pumped her impressive chick-dick in and out of the Stephs bowels. The bald woman angled her thrusts so that her large prince-albert piercing was stoking across Stephanies G-spot, transmitting the pressure through the thin membrane between ass and pussy. Chyna groaned in pleasure beneath the two women. Each thrust of the she-male drove Stephanie forward, which drove Stephs strap-on dildo deeper into Chyna. In effect, the tattooed freak was fucking two women simultaneously. Each thrust also issued a loud smack that echoed around the room, as the she-males hard, tattooed hips slammed into Stephs well-padded rump. The black man watched in confusion. He knew he should have acted to stop the she-male before she raped his boss, but hed been too turned on to even think of it, and now she seemed to be into it and he was watching three women bucking and fucking each other. He watched the she-males tattooed ass as it moved back and forth with an almost hypnotic rhythm. He still did not understand why the bizarre creature aroused him so, but his cock was as hard as it had ever been, his gaze still fixed on that shapely, decorated ass. It was the she-males turn to squeal as she was pushed forward, followed by a scream as the muscular chauffeur rammed his thick black cock between her tattooed buns, lubricated only by the remnants of Chynas pussy-juices. The black mans balls still ached from Chynas kick, and his confused lust for this big-dicked freak of a woman made him angry, angry enough that he wanted to punish her for the effect shed had on him. He power-fucked her ass like a jackhammer, pounding every inch of his mighty cock into her tight ass with such strength that his big black bruised balls swung forward to strike the she-males equally large and hairless testicles with painful force. But he didnt care, he just had to fuck her and fuck her and make her pay for making him want to fuck her. He wasnt entirely lucid at this time. That hardly mattered to the three women below him though, as each benefited from his crazed passion. The she-male was getting the hardest and best fuck of her life, and she thrust back to meet her rapists big black cock, and at the same time she was raping Stephanie McMahons plump, sexy ass while staring at Chynas gagged and cum-splattered face. Stephanie was a natural born slut, and all that mattered to her was the big meaty cock reaming out her ass and her rising orgasm. Chyna was enjoying the big dildo inside her; she was enjoying being the final receptacle for a human train; she was enjoying the humiliation; she was enjoying the expression of pain and humiliation and lust on Stephanies face; and she was enjoying the sensations that her new piercings caused, stoking her raging libido into a tornado of passion. Chynas orgasms seemed endless, and she lost all track of time as she rode from ecstatic peak to ecstatic peak. She was only vaguely aware of the tattooed she-male moaning and Stephanie groaning as the freakish dick-chick pumped her she-sperm deep into the rich bitchs bowels. She scarcely heard the guttural grunts of the black chauffeur as her ram-fucked the she-males tattooed ass, snarling crude insults at all three of the women below him. She just knew how good she felt, until she blacked out again. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Ninth Wonder of the World was still being fucked when she awoke, but the thing in her pussy was no dildo, but a hot and hard flesh and blood cock. She opened her eyes and looked up into the wildly bulging eyes of the black chauffeur. He had a rather startled and unhappy expression on his face, which might have been because of the ball-gag in his mouth, but was more probably because of the she-male that Chyna could see over his shoulder. And behind her was Stephanie, grinning maniacally. While she had been unconscious Chynas three abusers had reversed their sequence. Now Stephanie was fucking the she-males colourful ass, the she-male was fucking the handcuffed black mans ass, and the black man was fucking Chyna, even if he seemed miserable about his new position between a hard cock and a tight cunt. Although judging from the rampant solidity of his erection inside her, Chyna concluded that he wasnt quite as distressed about being ass-fucked as he might wish to believe. With as much of a smirk as her own gag would allow, Chyna looked mockingly into the black drivers wide-open eyes, and then, cruelly, she began fucking him back. She used every trick of her talented pussy to caress and stimulate the mans big cock, determined to make him cum with a she-males cock up his ass. His eyebrows shot up and he started sweating profusely as he sought to deny the pleasure evoked by Chynas clasping cunt and the she-males thrusting cock. Drool dribbled from around his gag and dripped onto Chynas breasts. He held out for almost a minute, but the end result was inevitable, and Chyna grinned as his eyes rolled up in his head and he groaned as he shot another creamy load into her cum-slimy womb. The bound diva wasnt about to let him off that easily though, and she continued to used her vaginal muscles to caress and stimulate his fat cock, forcing him to remain erect. The man grunted and whimpered his way through another four orgasms in the next fifteen minutes, until eventually his head lolled and his heavy body collapsed onto Chyna. The she-males staying power was much greater, and she carried on fucking the black mans ass for another ten minutes while his cock slowly deflated inside the amazons cum-sloppy cunt. Eventually she came in his unwilling ass and pulled out, then grabbed his shoulders and pulled him out of Chyna. The amazon had that disturbing sense of emptiness, a void that part of her wanted to be filled once again, but she was to be disappointed, and her yawning pussy was left vacant. Her assailants left her alone as Stephanie walked around the violated and degraded amazon, her camera recording every detail of Chynas humiliating position. Gagged, her face and body splattered with sperm, her stiff nipples and huge clitoris and plump pussylips all pierced with slave rings, her sex gaping and drooling sperm, she glowered up at the smirking Princess and hated. Hated Stephanie for raping and dominating her, and hated herself, for deriving so much pleasure from being raped and dominated. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next - Slave Training --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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