Chyna the Domyna 4c

Chyna the Domyna 4 ____________________________ ***Warning: This story is for the entertainment of adults. It contains detailed descriptions of Female Domination, Non-Consensual sex, Fisting, Anal Penetration, Watersports and Bestiality. If you don't think you would enjoy that, then don't read it.*** ***This story features the Characters of Chyna, Miss Kitty, Midnight, Asya, Madusa and Spice. They are the characters as portrayed on TV and in no way represent Joanie Laurer, Stacy Carter, Ann-Marie Crooks, Christi Wolf, Deborah Ann Micelli or Melissa Anne Bellin.*** ____________________________ The WCW Girls-1C Chyna's Violation By Spring-Heeled Jack ____________________________ The after next time the giant mastiff King came the great beast dismounted and turned tail on its human bitch. Chyna's cunt was too stretched and too slick with cum to retain the dog's knot and the giant penis slid from her pussy with a sickening squelch and dog-cum poured in huge gobbets from her reamed out and gaping hole. The dog had been fucking Chyna for over half an hour and in that time it had driven her to repeated orgasms that the mighty amazon had been helpless to deny. She was almost in a state of shock at the fact that she could be forced to climax by an animal. Asya and Midnight had had time to recover from their brutal sex session and grabbed the well-fucked Chyna with their powerful arms. They pulled her face out of her girlfriend's sloppy cunt and she gasped for breath, sucking in huge lungfuls through her open mouth. The bodybuilders swung her around and dragged her across the floor. Before Chyna realized what was happening she felt fur brush against her face and then the hot sliminess of King's cock as it filled her mouth. Instinctively she tried to push it out with her tongue but her head was firmly held in place. "Suck his dick, bitch!" Asya demanded, "C'mon Chyna, clean up the mess you've made! Lick your dirty pussy-juice off his wonderful cock like a good little dog-slut!" Chyna didn't actually do anything but she didn't need to. Midnight had grabbed a handful of her sweat-dampened raven-black hair and used it to ram her face up and down the softening dog-cock. The Ninth Wonder didn't have any choice but to swallow the cum that still drooled from the pointed tip or choke. King's semen joined the bellyful of Prince's spunk that Chyna had sucked from Miss Kitty's raped cunt. King was totally spent for the time being and eventually its dick became too soft to for Chyna to suck properly. The large flaccid organ flopped from her mouth and dripped a mixture of saliva and sperm onto the floor. "Fuck!" yelled Midnight, "You really are a useless fucking cunt aren't you? You can't even keep a horny animal like that hard. Yo' gonna hafta learn better'n that bitch, 'cause you gonna be sucking a whole lot o' cocks from now on!" The black woman pushed Chyna to one side so that she landed on her whip-marked ass and sat with her legs curled beneath her. She glared up at Midnight with such a look of outrage and disgust that it gave the hard-bodied negress a warm feeling inside. "What's the matter Chyna? Don' you like the taste o' dog-cum in yo' mouth?" Midnight sneered. "You think you deserve better than animal-spunk? I guess maybe you do, since you been such an obedient little slut-bitch, so I'm gonna give you somethin' better, and it'll wash that nasty taste right out o' yo' mouth!" Chyna's face blanched slightly as she realized immediately what Midnight had in mind. The muscle-bound black woman reached down and grabbed a handful of Chyna's raven-black hair and twisted her victim's head back. She stepped forward arrogantly and planted her feet to either side of Chyna's kneeling body so that her hairless pussy was only inches away from the debased wrestler's face. "Open yo' mouth bitch!" she snarled. Chyna just glared up at her tormentress. "DO IT!" Midnight yelled as Asya brought her whip down across Chyna's ass-cheeks. The Ninth Wonder of the World had no choice but to comply. She knelt bound on the packed earth with a collar around her neck, her nipples tied together by a silver chain and dog-spunk dripping freely from her battered pussy, smeared over her face and splattered across her tits, and she opened her mouth widely and submissively before the towering ebony amazon. Midnight's grin broadened at Chyna's compliance. "Listen up bitch, 'cause I'm gonna wash that taste out o' yo' mouth wi' my PISS!" Chyna's face flushed red with anger although she had already realized Midnight's intentions. "I'm gonna take a long, hard whizz and you're catch it in yo mouth! An' then you goin' to swallow it all down, you fucking cunt! You jus' been our dog-slut an' now you gonna be my piss-slave, you got that, you little white ho?" Midnight's pussy twitched as she savored the repulsed expression on the face of the captive amazon. She slid her fingers into her slit and pushed the swollen lips apart by the simple expedient of spreading her fingers. She stepped forward so that her crotch was only a few inches away from Chyna's face. The black bodybuilder couldn't hold back for one more second and when she let loose she blasted a solid jet of piss straight into Chyna's open mouth. "Ghhaauuggglle!" Chyna gagged on the bitter fluid. "Keep yo' mouth open bitch!" Midnight demanded, "Keep it open an' catch my piss! Let it fill yo' mouth to the brim an' THEN you swallow it! You unnerstand, CUNT!!" All the time that Midnight was talking Chyna was coughing and choking on the black woman's golden stream, spraying the piss back out of her mouth so that it fell on her face and down onto her chained breasts. With an effort the humiliated wrestler managed to regain control of her gag reflex and turn her mouth into a receptacle for Midnight's urine. Her lips seemed to curl upward as though they were seeking to avoid any contact with golden fluid that was rapidly filling her mouth. Within moments Chyna's oral cavity was filled to overflowing and piss poured over her cheeks and down her body. The streaming piss cut channels through the splattered dog-cum that was drying on her skin. "Okay slut, swallow!" With a disgusted grimace Chyna gulped and the urine disappeared down her throat. She tried to ignore the salty taste and the way it seemed to burn its way down into her spunk-filled belly. It took only seconds for Midnight to fill her mouth again and Chyna swallowed it at the black woman's command. Time after time Midnight filled her mouth and Chyna swallowed pint after scalding pint of piss. Chyna knelt on the ground and drank Midnight's piss with a dog's spunk oozing from her battered pussy as Madusa took picture after picture of this latest humiliation. All the while that Midnight relieved herself into Chyna's open mouth she kept up a running litany of insults. "You like the taste o' my piss, bitch? Does it taste better than dog-cum? Do you like drinking a superior woman's piss? Who'd o' thought it? The great Chyna ain't nothin' more than a piss-drinkin' slave-slut dog-bitch! How does it feel to get what you deserve?" Chyna thought that she must have swallowed a gallon of Midnight's piss before the golden shower finally petered out with a few final spurts splashing against her forehead. Her belly churned with the foul combination of two dogs' spunk and a black woman's piss. "Oh yeah! You gonna be a good little slave from now aren't you bitch?" Midnight strode across the central aisle and picked up the ruined fabric of Chyna's panties. She used them to wipe the last few droplets of urine from her slit and then flung them at Chyna's piss-drenched face. The black amazon laughed as the Ninth Wonder instinctively flinched from the flimsy material. She closed her eyes with a sense of mortification for what these bitches had done to her. For what they had made her do. She didn't open her eyes when she felt another hot liquid stream hit her chest, she just bowed her head slightly and let the disgusting fluid bathe her shoulder. Then a second jet joined it, this one higher and striking her cheek. "You're supposed to be the Ninth Wonder of the World and we're pissing all over you! How about that?" crowed Spice as she and Madusa did exactly what she said. Chyna ignored them. Ignored their hot piss as it soaked her skin. She concentrated on everything she could possibly do to these women to gain revenge for what they had done to her. The dreadful agonies that she would put them through to teach these second-rate wannabes in their rightful place. She was so involved in her fantasies of rape and revenge that she hardly noticed the change from hot urine to cool water. When she did she opened her eyes and saw that Asya was holding a hose and spraying it all over her piss-covered body. The muscular blonde handed the end of the hose, a metal nozzle that had a trigger like a gun, to Madusa. "Hose the bitch down and clean her off. I'll be back in a couple of minutes." She beckoned to Spice to follow her, turned, and strode out of the stables as rapidly and purposely as her short legs would allow. * * * Chyna shivered slightly as the cool water dripped off her rinsed body. The hairs stood up all over her body and her nipples had swollen hard, the tight metal loops of the chain that tied them together cutting painfully into the sensitive flesh. Madusa and Midnight had made her stand while they hosed her down thoroughly all over. With one exception. They had made sure that they did nothing that might clean the dog-cum from Chyna's quim. She stood bound, cold and naked with spunk sliding down her wet thighs from her raped pussy when Asya returned. Chyna stared in disbelief. Surely she could mean to . . . The tiny blonde amazon carried her riding crop again and was leading two of the biggest horses that Chyna had ever seen! One of them was a thoroughbred stallion with a deep, rich brown coat and the other was an even larger draft-horse of a slightly sandy hue. Behind them came Spice leading another prize-winning stallion that was obviously of the same bloodline as the first. Asya hitched the two huge horses to the rails that ran in front of the stalls and then showed Spice how to do the same with her stallion. "What do you think Chyna? Aren't they just magnificent beasts?" Asya asked as she stroked the last horse's neck. Chyna didn't answer. There could not be a correct answer to that question and nothing she said would change whatever happened next. "Since you're such a horny slut I thought that I would find you something that can satisfy even the mighty Chyna! Do you think they'll get the job done?" The buff blonde smiled evilly. Chyna said nothing as Asya unhitched the second stallion, the one that Spice had brought into the building, and led it to stand in front of Chyna. The beast was so large that its shoulders were almost level with the Ninth Wonder's head. Asya reached under the huge animal and grasped its thick cock in her small hand. "Okay cunt, we know how good you are at licking pussy, so now you're really gonna show us what a good cock-sucker you can be! And this time you're going to do it right!" Asya gently stroked the equine penis to erection as Midnight forced Chyna down onto her knees, positioning her roughly so that the huge animal was standing over her with its massive black, semi-hard cock resting on her disgusted face. The smell of the sweaty stallion's maleness filled her nostrils "Go on bitch! Open yo' mouth and suck him off! Suck that horse's big dick you white slut!" The black woman yelled. Asya pressed the big pulpy mushroom-shaped head of the horse's penis between Chyna's lips. Chyna resisted, disgusted by the touch of the animal-cock, but Midnight grabbed the back of her head and held her in place as Asya pushed more forcefully. The humiliated wrestler had no choice but to reluctantly open her mouth. Her face twisted in repugnance for the strong musky taste of the horse's huge penis and Chyna almost gagged as Asya pushed the beast's semi-soft cock into her mouth. Her hands were still bound behind her so she twisted her head as she sucked on the enormous head of the stallion's thick brown cock, seeking to deny the awful, degrading act that she was being compelled to perform. Midnight reached down with her large black hand and slapped the kneeling woman hard on her reddened and whip-marked buttcheeks. As Chyna tasted the horse's cock Madusa and Spice released Miss Kitty from her bondage and hosed her down. She stood somewhat unsteadily, her limbs numb after all the time she had spent immobilized, but that didn't matter to the cold jet of water that found its way into every nook and cranny and sluiced clean every orifice. At Midnight's command, Chyna slid her tongue up and down the length of the giant ebony phallus, bathing the massive organ in her glistening saliva. When her slavering tongue reached the base of the stiffening horse-cock, Asya decreed that she should lick and suck on the stallion's balls too. Chyna grimaced with distaste, but she did as she had been ordered. She licked and sucked on them, but there was no way that she could possibly get either of the massive testicles inside her mouth. "Get back up here, bitch!" Midnight snarled, "I wanna see you deep-throat this big stud!" Chyna worked her way back up the massive animal-dick and paused when she reached the head. It was fully erect now and the bloated cockhead had to be about 4 to 4 1/2 inches in diameter! She was not even sure that she would be able to get such a monstrosity in her mouth, let alone take it down her throat. Chyna had little experience of deep-throating cocks. She considered fellatio to be a subservient act and Chyna was never submissive. The few times that she had done it before, she had been very rough, biting and torturing her victim with her mouth, but this was different. She had to orally service an animal, and she looked at the horse's pendulous organ with a good deal of fear and rage. Midnight grabbed Chyna's swollen clitoris and twisted it so painfully that Chyna's eyes watered. "Do it, slut!" Gasping with the pain in her clitty, Chyna opened her mouth wide and took the massive head of the stallion's huge cock into her mouth. She had to strain her jaw to get it inside, stretching her lips to their limits, and it filled her oral cavity completely. "All the way, you bitch." Midnight hissed. Chyna closed her eyes and tried to swallow more of the animal's hard penis but had to stop after only receiving about four inches. Chyna's eyes were watering and her mouth was open as wide as possible when the head of the horse-cock cock hit the back of her throat and she could take no more. She began to jerk her head back and forth to stimulate the giant beast. To her shame and disgust, she was trying to pleasure the animal's huge organ. "That isn't good enough, slave. Suck my stallion off! Make him cum in your mouth!" Asya cried. The short blonde reached down beneath Chyna and pinched one of her stiff and chained nipples, squeezing and twisting the teat painfully and with her other hand she flicked the whip against Chyna's already striped ass. The debased wrestler tried to spit the cock out of her mouth but Asya grabbed a handful of hair in her whip hand and tried to push her further onto the beast's phallus. "When I tell you to deep-throat horse-cock you'd better fuckin' swallow it all, you stupid white whore!" Midnight yelled. The negress grabbed Chyna's hips and lifted her to her feet so that she was bent-over with the huge dick still in her mouth. Midnight drew back her fist and punched it straight into the vulnerable and cum-slick pussy of Chyna. The shock and the pain of the brutal violation caused the Ninth Wonder to jerk forward, impaling herself orally on the huge horse-meat in her mouth! "GNNNAAAWWWMMMMMmmmppphhhh!!!" Chyna cried out, muffled by the massive cock piercing her throat. "Yeah! Choke on it, BITCH!" Midnight growled. Somewhere in another world, Chyna could hear her lover Miss Kitty screaming as Madusa and Spice started to double-fuck the diminutive blonde with huge studded strap-ons, but the raven-haired amazon had no sympathy to spare for her lover as she was overcome with panic as the massive cock speared her gullet. She began gagging and choking immediately, the tears streaming freely now from her wide-open eyes as her body spasmed and convulsed. Her natural gag reflex was squeezing and milking the giant phallus, creating pleasurable sensations for the stallion but doing nothing to dislodge the massive member that filled her throat. The horse began its own thrusting actions, eager now to experience the tight embrace of Chyna's gullet. The Ninth Wonder was rocked back and forth, relieving the brutal violation of her throat by thrusting herself back onto Midnight's arm, only to be pushed forward by the black woman's strength and forced to swallow the foul-tasting horse-cock all over again. "That's it slut! Fuck my arm! Suck that cock! Suck black horse-cock! How you like gettin' my fist up yo' sloppy white pussy, bitch? Does it hurt? I been waitin' a long time to do this to you, you arrogant cunt! You're nuthin'! You hear me? NOTHING!" Midnight yelled as she plunged her fist into Chyna's pussy all the way up to her biceps. The captive wrestler grimaced in pain as her cum-packed pussy was stretched by the black bitch's powerful forearm. Tears welled in her eyes as Midnight raked her fingers through the sperm that filled Chyna's womb to scratch her inner walls. Dog-cum squished out of her pussy as the big black amazon pumped her fist in and out of the Ninth Wonder's battered sex without any hint of mercy or gentleness. She just wanted to hurt Chyna, punching her forward onto the massive horse-cock raping her throat. * * * Asya left Midnight to supervise Chyna's humiliation and went over to the massive draft horse. The giant beast towered over the tiny bodybuilder and its stiff penis poked out of a sheath that was not much below head-height for the short blonde woman. Asya sighed lustily as she took the thick shaft in her hands. It was so big that the fingers of her two hands were more than an inch away from touching one another, unable to encircle the gigantic horse-cock. Unlike the stallion that Chyna was sucking, this animal's cock was not just one color. Instead it was a dark brown, almost black, for most of it's great length which then broke up into a pattern of freckles toward the end so that the last 7-inches were a bright pink color. Under Asya's expert touch, it didn't take long for the horse to stiffen to full erection, its monstrous freckled shaft a solid column of horse-meat more than two-feet long hanging heavily between its hind legs. The muscle-bound blonde held it up with one hand and, after checking that no one was watching her, she pressed the smallest finger of her free hand against the piss-slit. The rubbery head stretched to allow Asya's finger to penetrate the draft-horse's monstrous penis. The animal shifted its weight, its cock twitching powerfully as Asya finger-fucked its cock for a moment before withdrawing the probing digit and examining the glistening liquid that coated it. The tiny amazon raised her hand to her mouth and sucked the horse's pre-cum from her finger. Satisfied that the gigantic beast was ready, she unhitched the reigns and led the horse around so that it was standing behind the hunched over duo of Chyna and Midnight. * * * Chyna concentrated on trying to breathe around the huge cock in her mouth. The Ninth Wonder's phenomenal endurance was beginning to run out. Ever since she'd been awoken from her drugged state she had been raped and abused without any chance to rest at all, and the toll was beginning to tell. In fact she felt more exhausted than she ever had before. "That's it cunt!" Midnight growled as she punched her fist into Chyna's cervix, "Now you're getting' into it, ain't yo', slut! You think yo' better than us? Look at you, girl! You suckin' a horse's dick wi' my fist up yo' filthy cunt! You ain't nuthin' but a dirty little animal-whore!" The thought that these four WCW wannabe's might succeed in breaking her spirit frightened Chyna, more than she could even admit to herself. She would not, could not admit defeat, and she used her fury as a shield against the indignities she was made to endure. Suddenly there was a moment of respite as Midnight's forearm withdrew from her cunt and she was able to spit the equine phallus from her mouth. Drool and pre-cum connected her lips to the mushroom-shaped head for a moment as Chyna gulped in lungfuls of air. The giant cock twitched and slapped against her cheek, smearing saliva and pre-cum over her face. Chyna's relief was only momentary as the big black woman grabbed her sweat-dripping hair and forced her back onto the bestial penis. "What the fuck d'you think yo' doin', bitch! Did I tell you yo' could stop suckin' the cock! Did I? Suck it, slut! Make him cum in yo' belly you cock-sucking ho!" Chyna twisted her head, trying to get the foul penis out of her mouth but Midnight held her tight. "You like that, bitch? You want yo' belly filled wi' thick horse-spunk, huh?! You think it'll go well wi' all that dog-cum in there?! Think it'll go wi' my PISS?!" Tears were running down Chyna's cheeks again and it was all she could do to choke back the sobs of despair. Although with all the gagging the Ninth Wonder of the World was doing, none of the WCW Girls could have told the difference between a choke and a sob, and the slime on her face masked her tears. Then the draft-horse's monstrous cock bumped into Chyna's muscular thigh, sending a shiver of terror up her spine. "Get his dick up against her pussy!" Midnight cried as Asya guided the draft-horse's monumental cock to the puffy lips of Chyna's swollen and bruised pussy. That was all the beast was waiting for. With a brutal lunge the draft-horse thrust forward, hammering its mighty weapon against the delicious target of Chyna's sex. Chyna screamed as the enormous cock failed to penetrate, instead just crushing her soft pussy-lips with its brutal strike. The massive horse continued applying the pressure, crushing the massive, near 6-inch wide cockhead up against the groaning wrestler's pussy. After a moment when it seemed that the giant horse-cock would not be able to penetrate its intended victim, the head of the monstrous penis popped into the Ninth Wonder's pussy, causing her incredible pain as it stretched her tight pussy more widely than anything she had ever experienced, wider even than King's cock-knot. She screamed out in pure agony as the giant penis drove into her body. The horse lunged forward again, splitting the Ninth Wonder's cunt almost to the breaking point with its gigantic cock. "AAAUUUHHHhhmmpppggglle!!!" Chyna's screams were muffled by the stallion's cock in her mouth, and her massive chained breasts bounced heavily as her body thrashed in agony at this monstrous violation. Less than half the draft-horse's cock was inside the amazon's tight pussy. With her vagina well-lubricated by dog-sperm she could do nothing to prevent the horse as it lunged again and sank another 4-inches into the Ninth Wonder of the World. "NNNWWAaaaiiiggghhHH!!!" Chyna grunted in pain. The horse drove three-quarters of its cock up the woman's cunt, hammering through her cervix like a battering ram and hitting the roof of her cum-filled womb. "MYYAAEeeegghh!!! NGUUughh!! AAarrgghh!! Hhhuuyn!! Nnuaaahmmph!!" Chyna's chest heaved and her screams were broken as she began to hyperventilate. The struggle to breathe around the stallion's cock and the intense pain of the draft-horse's rape, in combination with her fatigue and humiliation were finally too much for Chyna and she broke down into sobs. The draft-horse paid no heed and drove the last of its huge dick into its filly, making her its own. Over 2-feet of thick dark horse-cock was buried in Chyna's tight hairless pussy, splitting her wide open! It was only thanks to the superb conditioning of the Ninth Wonder of the World's body that she managed to take the entire length of that incredible horse-cock up her pussy without being seriously injured. The draft-horse wasted no time in starting to fuck Chyna's defenseless sex, plowing its magnificent tool deep into her muscular body and she was rocked by the horse's powerful thrusts. Although she had not suffered any grievous wound as a result of her bestial violation, the pain was another matter. Chyna screamed in torment, her throat convulsing on the stallion's cock that was fucking her mouth. She thrashed her head from side to side and her whole body writhed in unbelievable agony as she was totally impaled on the massive horse-cocks. The draft horse snorted and hauled its dick almost all the way out and then lunged forward again with such power that the impact of its cockhead with her womb was audible to everyone in the stable. The unstoppable thrust drove Chyna onto the rock-hard penis in her mouth, transfixing her on half the great length. The throes of Chyna's body seemed to arouse and excite the lust-crazed draft-horse even further, and it pulled its dick back and slammed into her again! The power of the thrust shot Chyna up the stallion's cock and she had swallowed almost all of the 2-foot length. Her feet flailed in the air as she tried to free herself, but she did not fall. The two huge impaling cocks held her up off the ground as she kicked wildly and it looked like she had been skewered. The unbelievable pain almost caused the raven-haired amazon to faint. The sight both aroused and panicked the two amazons overseeing the humiliation, and it took both Asya and Midnight's strength combined with Asya's whip to get enough separation between the animals that Chyna would be able to breathe again. The huge dick that had plowed her gullet almost into her stomach itself was retracted slowly, and Chyna was almost unconscious before she was able to draw breath again. Midnight had taken charge of the camera and made sure to capture plenty of images as Chyna's equine double-ending continued for some time, but Chyna still had not regained her full senses when the giant cockhead in her mouth began to swell. Before she had realized what was happening it had swollen to almost twice its previous size! Her jaw was stretched so far that she thought that it would be dislocated by the ordeal and her cheeks were pressed outward from within. The inflamed head pressed against the back of her teeth and it was much too large for Chyna to spit out, so when mere moment's later the stallion orgasmed, Chyna was compelled to swallow every drop! She forced herself not to gag as the syrupy animal-sperm flooded her throat. It was a lot thicker than the dogs' semen, and thicker than human sperm as well. The horse's huge cock was erupting into her mouth much faster than she could swallow and the spunk began to spurt back out through the tight seal of her wide-stretched lips, spilling down her chin and dripping to the stable's floor below. Lights flashed before her eyes, both from the lack of air and Midnight's photography. While the stallion continued to unload its sperm-laden balls into Chyna's mouth the draft-horse was punching into her womb with ever faster and more violent thrusts. The painful blows of the huge cockhead into the roof of her womb were coming more and more frequently. The punishing strikes deep inside her body were so loud that Midnight and Asya could both hear them clearly. Asya was kneeling down beneath the giant draft-horse's thrusting body where she had a clear view of the massive horse-cock as it split Chyna's hairless pussy apart. She reached out with one hand and began to stroke the dark glistening shaft as it plowed into the Ninth Wonder's cunt. She stroked all the way up to Chyna's pussy and slipped her fingers over the tightly stretched lips. Then Asya craned her head up and kissed the tattoo that ran across Chyna's abdomen a few inches above her smooth shaven mound as she used her thumb to stimulate the amazon's clit while her fingers caressed the plunging shaft. The massive penis thrust in and out relentlessly and Asya could feel the huge swollen cockhead against her cheek as it bulged though Chyna's skin. At the other end of Chyna, Midnight put down the camera and gripped the stallion's cock. With her help, Chyna was finally able to spit the bestial penis out. The great cock was still spurting its immense load of horse-cum, and the semen splattered against her face, almost entirely obscuring her features as more and more spurts followed. Midnight laughed as she directed the horse's twitching cock so that it dowsed Chyna's entire face and shot in thick ropy strands over her raven-black hair. She lowered the head of the beast's penis so that she could aim the erupting sperm over Chyna's magnificent swinging breasts. Her meaty globes rocked with each impact of the massive animal raping her and the thick spunk flung wildly from the now slimy chain that still connected her nipples. The big black bodybuilder laughed again and crammed her free hand into her sopping wet pussy as the incredible sight of Chyna covered in horse spunk made her craving for orgasm even stronger. Midnight hauled the heavy horse-cock back up so that the last few spurts struck Chyna's face and the humiliated amazon coughed and spluttered, spitting gooey gobbets of animal cum from her mouth. "How do you like that bitch? D'you like the taste of horse-cum in yo' white whore belly?" The black woman mocked the cum-splattered wrestler. Chyna was grunting and her body was rocking back and forth with the powerful impacts of the draft-horse raping her pussy, but she managed to look up at Midnight and grimace with hatred and disgust for her muscular enemy. "Oh yeah bitch, I can see you love the taste of animal spunk! Here, let me help you get it all!" With that Midnight dragged her finger down one of Chyna's slimy cheeks and pushed it into the unwilling mouth. "Suck it clean, suck the horse-cum from my fingers bitch!" She had no choice but to obey and so she sucked the black woman's fingers clean. Midnight laughed again as she scooped more spunk off Chyna's face and smeared it over the humiliated amazon's lips. Obediently Chyna licked and sucked all the sperm that Midnight collected with her fingers, all the while grunting and moaning with the incredible violation of her sex. Once most of Chyna's face was cleaned of the horse's ejaculate, Midnight reached down to grasp the animal's limp cock. She squeezed and caressed it for a moment and was rewarded with a slow trickle of its sperm. She rubbed her dark-skinned hand against the even darker cockhead, smearing the thick white fluid over her fingers and palm before cupping her hand below it to catch the last few drops. Then she raised her rather large hand carefully and pushed all four tightly compressed fingers against Chyna's lips. "Okay you dirty white whore, I wan' you to drink this all down and then yo' gonna clean my hand for me. You got that bitch?!" With hatred burning in her eyes, the raven-haired amazon opened her mouth wide and took Midnight's entire hand into her mouth. The tips of the black woman's fingers pushed against the back of her throat, but Chyna was able to suppress the gag reflex. She sucked the animal seed from Midnight's hand and then proceeded to lick it clean, slavering her tongue over the strong woman's hand. Midnight began to twist her fingers, turning her hand inside Chyna's mouth as she enjoyed the strange sensation of the white woman orally servicing her open hand. There was a feeling very like pleasure for the black woman every time Chyna licked the palm and she began to fondle her swollen clitty with her free hand as she enjoyed the sight of Chyna's continuing rape. Miss Kitty's screams had been silenced by a ball-gag and with Chyna's moans effectively stifled the loudest sounds to be heard were the violent impacts of the horse's thrusts, still slamming mercilessly into Chyna's womb. The strength of the great draft-horse was tremendous and every ounce of it went into the punishing thrusts and jabs as it pounded away at the wrestler's pussy with its monstrously huge cock. Beneath the unnaturally copulating couple Asya had moved down from the tattooed mound and begun to lap at Chyna's clitoris, the terrible stretching of her sex forcing it out of its protective hood were it was defenseless against Asya's surprisingly skillful tongue. In fact, the muscular blonde's oral attentions were divided between the sensitive nub of flesh belonging to Chyna and the colossal shaft of cock-meat belonging to the equine beast. Asya worshipped the massive penis with her mouth as it plunged in and out of Chyna's hairless cunt, dragging her tongue along the length of it as the horse withdrew so that she could suckle at Chyna clit while the monstrous shaft drove deep into former Intercontinental Champion's aching womb once more. Then as it pulled back again she would lick the mingled fluids of Chyna's love-juice, equine pre-cum and canine spunk that lubricated the brutal violation. The tears were flowing freely down the Ninth Wonder's cheeks now as she was stretched further and deeper than she had ever been before. And worse, it was not enough that was she being raped but she was being raped by another animal! Chyna felt dazed and shocked by the torments she had suffered, her thoughts swirling as her consciousness reeled under the onslaught of the day's experiences. As the horse rammed in and out of her tight pussy and Asya continued to stimulate her clitty, the raven-haired amazon began to experience something not unlike pleasure. Behind the hurt and the humiliation, Chyna realized that her body was beginning to respond to the stimulation! Midnight finally took her hand from Chyna's mouth and the defiled wrestler began to cry out in mixed pain and pleasure. The draft-horse was pounding into her with rapid jabs that took Chyna's breath away, never withdrawing more than half of its great two-foot-plus length and Asya concentrated on licking Chyna's pussy as the horse-cock began to piston too fast for her to keep up. Chyna felt like she was going to explode at any moment, her painful ordeal rapidly now driving her toward an orgasm that she desperately wished to deny. She had cum on dog-dick already on this day, but she refused to be climaxed by another animal! She was not so fortunate, however, as the powerful beast simply slammed its massive cock up her pussy again and again, its furious thrusts and Asya's tongue driving her closer and closer toward orgasm. Chyna screamed over and over as she was being raped by the huge draft-horse, desperately trying to deny the pleasure that was building up inside her. "OOHHhhh . . . GHHAAAUD!! Stop! No GodddDDD NOOooo!! UHhhh!!! AAAUUHHhhh!! N-NOOO!! NNNNOOOOOoooooo!!!" After what seemed like an eternity of an ever-increasing spiral of pain and pleasure, the horse buried its dick up Chyna's pussy and held it there. She knew what was going to happen next and cried out in anguish and despair as the draft-horse's huge cock throbbed and pulsed inside her. She felt the first blast of viscous animal-cum squirt inside her womb, swiftly followed by another and another and another. As with King before, the powerful ejaculation of the beast inside her triggered her own climax and she screamed in combined orgasmic pleasure and self-loathing for her weakness. Her pussy clamped down tightly on the incredibly thick shaft inside her as she raged against her own inability to control her body's reaction. Never before had she been made to orgasm against her will, she was always in control, but the huge animal cocks seem to be able to cut through her resistance as though it wasn't even there. The horse was still climaxing and filling her with its spunk. It shot load after load of its gooey horse-cum up inside her, so much of it that her vagina and womb could not hold it all and the thick spunk spurted back out of the defiled amazon's hairless pussy. Below Chyna and the horse, Asya opened her mouth to catch and drink the spurting white fluid, savoring the strong flavor of the animal's gooey seed. Then, while still emptying its huge balls into Chyna's cum-packed womb, the draft-horse began to pump its cock back in and out of her reamed out, sperm-dripping pussy. The animal's massive cockhead had swollen up to an incredible size and Chyna shrieked in anguish as it moved inside her, forcing the walls of her brutalized sex even further apart. Even over her screams, everyone could still hear the loud squishing sound the giant horse's cock made as it went in and out of her cunt. Chyna sobbed as the horse raped her pussy with its squirting dick until he was out of cum, which seemed to take an age. But then, suddenly, it was over. The horse's climax had passed and with its lust sated it was no longer interested in her. There was no strength left in Chyna's legs and she was being held up by Midnight as the draft-horse stepped back. The raven-haired amazon sank to the ground as the monstrous cock was withdrawn, her legs too weak to support her in her post-orgasmic condition. Her arms were still manacled behind her back so she could not catch herself when she fell forward onto her breasts and she ended up kneeling with her face pressed down onto the floor. The gigantic cockhead popped out of her sloppy hole with an audible slurping noise and a thick stream of cum fountained from Chyna's pussy as it tried to close up in the wake of the monstrous intruder. The mighty amazon had been defeated, defiled and utterly humiliated. * * * From her degrading position Chyna could see her lover Miss Kitty with her tormentors. Madusa and Spice had found Chyna's special double-dong and rammed the knotted end of it into Kitty's slick pussy. The massive 18-inch end of the flesh-colored implement jutted out in front of her, making the tiny woman look like a freakishly endowed she-male. Madusa then lay on the floor so that the giant strap-on that she was wearing stood vertically from her crotch. Spice directed Miss Kitty to sit on the big black dildo, and with her pussy well-stuffed with rubber cock that meant that she had to take it in her ass. The strap-on was a good 15-inches in length and about 3- inches thick but Miss Kitty had taken larger before and accommodated it with only a little discomfort. She sank down onto it and winced when the rubber balls of the double-dong pressed against Madusa's crotch, causing the knotted shaft in her pussy to move painfully. The knots had been designed to fit Chyna's internal dimensions, a flared head that locked with her cervix and a bulging base like a dog's cock-knot to tie it inside her vagina's entrance, so that the double-dong would be held solidly in place while the other, longer half was used to fuck her lover or victim. They didn't fit properly in Miss Kitty's smaller, shorter love canal. The other half of the phallus was lying along Madusa's athletic body, resting in the deep valley between the older blonde's huge breasts and poking out above her collarbones. Madusa cupped her big tits in her hands and pressed them against the long shaft, squeezing and fondling her fleshy globes around it. Then she grinned and bent her neck upward so that she could lick at the tip of the rubber cockhead. "Okay slut, I want you to titty-fuck me while you screw yourself on my big black cock!" Madusa sneered, jerking her hips up to drive the black dildo a bit deeper into Kitty's ass. With her hands still cuffed behind her back Miss Kitty could not support her weight with her arms and so could not fully raise herself from the impaling dildo. She also had to titty-fuck Madusa so she used a rocking motion of her hips to thrust the end of the double-dong up between the older woman's breasts as she pulled herself off the dildo in her butt. It hurt terribly as the rubber cock in her ass pressed against the cruelly shaped dildo in her pussy through the thin membrane that separated her orifices and she began to whimper softly. At the same time the fullness in her vagina and the pressure that the base-knot applied to her clit from her inside gave Kitty an all too familiar sense of pleasure. Just as Chyna could see her so Miss Kitty could see her mistress's utterly fucked body caked in horse-spunk, and although she wished it otherwise the sight aroused her at least as much as it distressed her. Then the sight was blotted out by Spice's pussy as it pressed against her face. * * * The former Intercontinental Champion remained in her embarrassing pose, bent over with her ass in the air and drooling slightly from her lips even as the animal-cum drooled copiously from her visibly stretched out pussy. Her eyes were almost vacant as she watched her lover being raped and abused even more, trying to recover her senses in the aftermath of her shattering orgasm. She was startled out of her stunned daze by a vicious stroke of Asya's whip across her firm, cum-caked buttcheeks. "Get up, bitch! You still have one more horse to fuck!" Chyna just groaned as the muscular women dragged her back up to her feet and made her bend over once more. Midnight used her considerable strength to hold the raven-haired amazon up while Asya led the third horse, another dark chestnut stallion, behind Chyna's brutalized body. As it passed her, Chyna could see that the massive beast's cock was already engorged and the giant member hung heavily below its stomach. It was almost as long as the draft-horse's monstrosity, although not as thick, and the whole of it was the same near-black color as the first stallion that she had been made to suck off. The Ninth Wonder of the World closed her eyes and stood stoically, awaiting the imminent violation with a mixture of rage and frustration. She also felt a faint element of arousal in her anticipation, but she ground it down with her worn down willpower and hoped that her body would not betray her again. Midnight groped at Chyna's cum-slick cunt and pushed her fist easily into the wet hole. "Ain't fair that yo' givin' sloppy seconds to such a fine stallion," Midnight said, grinning broadly to Asya, "So how 'bout you give him a piece o' yo' tight ass!" Midnight laughed, "Hey, bitch, you think it hurt when I raped yo' ass just wait 'til you get this fucking monster up your tight white booty! Your really gonna be screaming now, you dirty ho! This stud's goin' to bust your butt good wi' his giant horse dick!" Chyna grimaced in futile defiance as Asya laughed at the black woman's insults. The tiny blonde had the huge cockhead in her hand and she rubbed it up and down Chyna's smooth slimy slit to lubricate it with the draft-horse's thick seed. Then she pressed it between the firm cheeks of Chyna's perfect, whip-marked ass and against the tight opening there. She struggled instinctively and vainly against her bonds, desperate to avoid this further degradation. With all her resolve she could not suppress the sobs of anguish and shame that welled from her chest. The massive horse-cock was slick and hot between her meaty round ass cheeks and pushed them far apart. "UUHHHNNHHH!!!" The Ninth Wonder groaned loudly, her white teeth clenched in agony as the huge horse-cock forced her anus wide open, stretching her further than anything before. Her breaths came in short ragged gasps as she hyperventilated from the pain. It seemed as though this anal assault would rip her apart. She screamed again as the stallion rammed his cock forward and plowed deep into her unlubricated rectum. The thoroughbred lunged again and again, driving its mighty phallus deeper and deeper into the resisting orifice, but with more than a ton of animal brawn behind each thrust not even Chyna's incredible strength could prevent that invading column of horse-meat from plundering her bowels. "NNHHHAAAAUUHHH!!! EEEAAHHHH!!! GGHHAAUHD NNNOOO!!! UUHHHH!!! IIIAAARRRRRGGHHHHH!!!" Chyna screamed fully and horrendously when the two-foot cock bottomed out inside her. Over three-quarters of the giant penis had disappeared into Chyna's magnificent body when it reached the limit of her rectum. The beast continued to press into her, hammering forward with power that could not be denied. Her screams suddenly stopped, her excruciating agony going beyond her ability to vocalize as the stallion drove through her inner sphincter and deep into her core. She gave a barely audible, high-pitched cry with every thrust of the animal, her eyes wide but sightless as she succumbed to shock. The horse didn't care about Chyna's state of mind however and just kept fucking its huge cock into the delectably tight filly beneath it until its entire erection was buried in Chyna's ass. Her butt cheeks bumped against the stallion's groin and its huge testicles slapped against her gaping slit but she wasn't aware of anything at that moment but the sudden numbness that seemed to cocoon her. Midnight and Asya watched with delight as the horse started fucking Chyna in earnest. Its huge cock slammed into her butt with a loud and rapid 'Wham! Wham! Wham!'. Chyna's muscular, cum-smeared body was as immobile as a statue during the monstrous rape of her ass, paralyzed by the intensity of the agony. Agony that was no less real even though Chyna could no longer consciously feel it. It was too much. At that moment the Ninth Wonder of the World was totally beaten and her spirit completely crushed. It seemed like she had been butt-fucked for an eternity before she felt the horse's cock finally spasm and jerk, and a moment later her rectum was being blasted full of thick stallion-seed. The horse's cum overflowed the wrestler's ass and squirted back out from the sides of her anus. The horse never stopped hammering into her, continuing to fuck her butt with its spurting cock for another five minutes after the orgasm began; five minutes that felt like a lifetime to the shattered wrestler. The horse finally pulled its cum-drooling dick out of Chyna's ass with an audible and sickening slurping noise. Midnight and Asya released their hold on Chyna and the abused amazon collapsed heavily onto her tits, lying barely conscious and motionless on the ground with horse-cum filling her every orifice. * * * Across the stable Miss Kitty was on her back, lying on top of Spice with the Nitro-Girl's strap-on buried in her ass. Madusa was squatting above her, feeding half the 18-inch monster of Chyna's special dildo into her slippery cunt. Miss Kitty was weeping with great rasping sobs, not for her own pain and humiliation but out of fear for her lover. The ear-splitting scream that Chyna had emitted during her equine ass-rape had terrified her but the shocking silence that followed had turned her heart to a leaden weight in her chest. The taunts that Midnight was casting at her mistress made the little woman's stomach turn with dread. "I think she finally beginnin' to understand. You ain't NUTHIN' slut! You don' do nuthin' less'n we tell you to or we'll give you to these studs an' they'll fuck you so hard an' stretch yo' cunt so much wi' their big horsy dicks that it'll only be good for a horse's cum-bucket! That what you want BITCH?! You wanna be a horsy cum-slut?! 'Cause that's what yo' gonna be fo' the next two days, WHORE!" Asya jerked Chyna's head up by her cum-streaked hair. "There's more than twenty horses in the other stable and you're going to suck and fuck every single one of them before we let you go!" Midnight continued, "An' then, if'n you don' do exactly what we tell you to, when we tell you an' with WHATEVER we tell you, then you'll be back here, screamin' an' creamin' on horse-cock an' wishin' that you'd been a good little slut-slave! You got that?!" Chyna didn't reply. Her eyes simply stared vacantly at the two women, her awareness retreated far inside and away from her ordeal. "Now show us what a good girl you gonna be an' suck this stud's big dick clean!" The broken amazon made no effort to resist when Midnight pressed her face up against the slimy phallus, but nor did she do anything to comply with the black woman's order. Midnight opened the Ninth Wonder's jaws with her long-fingered hand and forced it under the huge cum-dribbling cockhead. The thick cum dripped into her mouth and rolled down her raw throat but Chyna did not seem to notice. Midnight grasped the softening and slimy cock and guided it so that it was pressed right up against Chyna's lips and watched as the horse's drooling semen filled her mouth up to the brim. Chyna instinctively swallowed the mouthful that blocked her throat and the dripping cock began to refill it again, this time more slowly. While Midnight toyed with Chyna Asya wandered over to Miss Kitty and the others. "Don't you worry about being left out either, because you'll get your turn to taste some meaty horse-dick. We've all seen what a hot little slut you are!" She smirked and watched the three of them for a moment, Spice's hips still jerking rapidly to fuck Kitty's ass while Madusa bounced up and down on the big dick that sprouted from Kitty's pussy. "And besides using you for our own entertainment, Chyna needs to know that we'll hurt you for every time she doesn't obey us. We're going to keep on raping and abusing the two of you and photographing it all to keep you in line. And just in case Chyna still doesn't want to play nice, I've got a couple of bulls out back that are just pawing the ground for some hot pussy to fuck!" "NO!" Kitty screamed and tried to lunge for Asya. She was a natural submissive and had endured much, but she could not bear to think of her beloved mistress subjected to even more horrors so even though she was still bound and sandwiched between the girlish Spice and the big-titted Madusa she lashed out and tried to bite the muscular blonde. Asya jumped back instinctively even though there was no way that the diminutive valet could get close enough to actually injure her. Madusa tried to hold her down but Miss Kitty twisted and thrashed like a wildcat, hurting herself on the dildo in her ass and the double-dong that pierced both her and Madusa's pussies. Spice wrapped her arms around Kitty's slender body as the busty blonde slapped Chyna's lover across the face. Miss Kitty bounced back and sank her teeth into one of Madusa's huge fleshy tits. Madusa shrieked in pain and grabbed Kitty's head in both hands. With a powerful jerk on the smaller woman's black hair she pulled her mouth away from her breast and slammed her head backwards. Straight into Spice's face. The Nitro Girl cried out and let go of Miss Kitty as she raised her hands to rub her bruised forehead. Madusa pulled away from Kitty and reached down to pull the double-dong from her pussy. Miss Kitty tried to catch her with her legs and Madusa fell forward again as she succeeded in tying the two of them up below the waist. At that moment Asya stepped forward to thrust her powerful arms between the women in an effort to pull them apart. * * * Miss Kitty's cry of defiance and the sounds of the struggle which followed woke Chyna from the shocked daze she had fallen into. She was only marginally aware of where she was and what had happened to her for a moment but a shriek of pain from her girlfriend brought her to full alertness. Asya, Madusa and Spice were all busy trying to suppress Miss Kitty and Midnight was watching the struggle. Chyna had this one moment when the element of surprise might be on her side, her captor's all distracted and ignoring her in the belief that she had been safely broken to their will. On the other hand she was sat on her raped ass beneath a huge horse with her hands bound behind her back and her mouth full of spunk. She didn't have time to think it through, she simply reacted and rode the wave of adrenaline that suddenly surged through her veins and gave new strength to exhausted muscles. She twisted where she sat so as to get her feet under her and then launched herself shoulder first into Midnight's hip. The black woman reeled back and before she managed to regain her balance Chyna spat the mouthful of horse-sperm into her face. Midnight coughed and spluttered as the spunk flew into her open mouth, making her gag in disgust at the cloying taste, and splattered across her long-lashed eyes, temporarily blinding her. Chyna followed up by driving her shoulder into the ebony amazon's washboard stomach, driving the air from her lungs in an explosive gasp that spat the spunk from her mouth so that it hung in ropy strands from her thick lips. She propelled Midnight back into one of the wooden posts of the stables themselves and stepped back. Midnight staggered forward a step and doubled over in surprise more than pain. Chyna hooked one arm over the lowered head and tightened her grip so that her bicep and ribs squeezed each side of her neck and her forearm was braced under the black woman's jaw. Then she threw her own weight out from under her and drove Midnight's head into the ground with a DDT improvised by a woman with her hands cuffed behind her back. She kicked the motionless amazon off her and sweat and sperm flew from her skin as she rolled to her feet just moments before Asya caught her in a powerful bearhug. The little powerhouse could not get the leverage she needed on the much taller woman, especially with Chyna's bonds getting in the way. Not that it mattered whether she could have gotten it cinched in correctly as the knee that Chyna elevated into the blonde's cunt with such force that it launched the little woman several inches into the air would have broken any hold. Asya shrieked and clasped both hands to her crushed pussy as she fell to her knees. As she went down her forehead met Chyna's rising left knee and her body snapped back with the force of the impact. She landed on her back with an oomph. She was dazed but still conscious until Chyna jumped forward and stamped down on her head. Chyna's feet were wet with both perspiration and the slimy spunk that coated much of the floor where she had been raped and she slipped, falling straight down so that her pussy landed on the blonde's face with a splat. Spice had tried to hook her legs around Madusa to keep her from interfering but only managed to hold her long enough for Chyna to deal with Asya. The big-breasted blonde got to the Ninth Wonder before she could pull her cum-dripping cunt from Asya's unconscious face. She reached down to grab Chyna but before she could grasp her slippery body Chyna twisted and brought Madusa down with a leg-scissor takedown. The raven-haired amazon rolled up over the blonde's athletic body and wrapped her legs around the older woman's head in a leglock chokehold. Madusa's eyes went wide and she gave a gasp as Chyna's slimy pussy descended over her face. She tried to bite to break the chokehold but she couldn't get the angle she needed. Chyna's pubic bone was pressing down on her nose, grinding her clit on the cartilage and keeping Madusa's mouth away from the soft and vulnerable flesh of Chyna's sex. Madusa kicked and thrashed as Chyna squeezed the life out of her with powerful thighs, her hands slapping against the amazon's whip-marked buttcheeks until her struggles faded into nothing. The tight embrace of Chyna's thighs had clamped down on the main arteries, restricting the flow of blood to Madusa's brain and the busty blonde passed out. * * * Spice had managed to roll Kitty over so that she was lying on her tits and not pinning the Nitro Girl down with her weight but she had given up her frantic efforts to pull the big dildo out of Kitty's tightly clenched ass. Instead she was fumbling with the straps that fastened it to her groin. It wasn't easy to extract herself from the harness because of Miss Kitty's thrashing legs jostling the straps and pulling the buckles from her fingers, but eventually she was free. She began to rise and turn around but stopped before she was even halfway up. Standing over her was a figure of raw power and fury. At Spice's eye-level, sperm dripped from the huge heaving breasts, still decorated by a length of chain tying nipple to nipple. The redhead squealed in terror as she noticed the motionless figures of her co-conspirators behind the statuesque amazon and Miss Kitty grinned with delight despite her own suffering this day. Spice sank back down to her knees and began pleading for mercy. "I'm sorry! Please! Oh god please I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I'm sorry I'm sorry i'msorry 'msorry! Please don't hurt me!" Chyna stood trembling, partly with rage but mainly because of the adrenaline. Her body glistened with sweat and spunk, her arms manacled behind her back and a collar around her neck, her nipples still chained to one another and her belly swollen with the cum of dogs and horses and a black woman's piss, animal semen pouring down her thighs from her brutally raped pussy and ass and she glared down at the wretched and sobbing little redhead in disbelief. "Sorry? You're SORRY?! Oh don't worry cunt, by the time I'm done with you you'll ALL definitely be sorry! And you better believe it'll hurt. Payback's gonna be a BITCH!" * * * TO BE CONTINUED ____________________________ If you have any comments or suggestions, then you can contact me at- [email protected] ____________________________

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