Chyna the Domyna 4b

Chyna the Domyna 4 ____________________________ ***Warning: This story is for the entertainment of adults. It contains detailed descriptions of Female Domination, Non-Consensual sex, Fisting, Anal Penetration, Watersports and Bestiality. If you don't think you would enjoy that, then don't read it.*** ***This story features the Characters of Chyna, Miss Kitty, Midnight, Asya, Madusa and Spice. They are the characters as portrayed on TV and in no way represent Joanie Laurer, Stacy Carter, Ann-Marie Crooks, Christi Wolf, Deborah Ann Micelli or Melissa Anne Bellin.*** ____________________________ The WCW Girls-1B Chyna's Humiliation By Spring-Heeled Jack ____________________________ Madusa and Asya left the two securely bound lovebirds in the care of Midnight and Spice. The two blondes, one short and brawny and the other tall and busty, disappeared through the main doors to the stables where Chyna and her girlfriend Miss Kitty had suffered their humiliating abuses. The big black woman was whispering to the tiny redhead even before their co-conspirators were out of earshot. Spice had a dubious expression as Midnight spoke to her urgently, her comments seemingly quite forceful and accompanied by frequent glances to the helpless WWF Divas. Chyna still lay on the ground with her hands manacled behind her back by strong leather cuffs, her muscular body glistening with perspiration. There was an oversized baseball bat protruding obscenely from her smooth-shaven pussy. The bat had been thrust into Chyna's womb to the hilt but although her powerful abdominal muscles had pushed almost half of it back out it still stretched her walls painfully wide. Miss Kitty meanwhile had been hog-tied and had strap-on dildos stuffed into her pussy, ass and mouth. Midnight put her strong arm around Spice's slender waist and guided her closer to where Chyna lay. "Go on," Chyna heard her say, "I know you want to try it." "I couldn't . . ." Spice replied, but there was no conviction in her tone of voice. "Do it. You'll enjoy it." As the naked black woman spoke her hand slipped under the short plaid skirt that Spice still wore. The redhead gasped as strong fingers pressed into her dripping wet slit and kneaded her hot sex. "Go on, you'll never have a better chance. No one'll ever know. Neither one o' these bitches is going to be talkin' about what we done to them so they ain't gonna tell anyone." Spice still looked dubious but then Midnight twisted her wrist slightly and the last of the Nitro Girl's resistance seemed to melt from her eyes as the black amazon's fingers penetrated her pussy. Despite all of the orgasms she had had so far that day, none of them had involved penetration by anything longer than Chyna's tongue. Spice's knees trembled and her breaths came in short gasps as Midnight mauled and finger-fucked the Nitro Girl's hot little cunny. Then the tall amazon pulled her forceful fingers from the tightly gripping orifice causing Spice to moan with frustration. The redhead moved her right hand toward her crotch but Midnight caught her slender wrist. "Do it, and I'll finish you off while you do." The black woman said. Spice made a noise that could only be called a whine and looked up at Midnight with a pleading expression. Then she looked at Chyna spread-eagled on the ground and back to Midnight. She looked from one woman to the other again and her girlish expression slowly changed from that of a petulant and sulky child to a mischievous one. The redheaded Nitro Girl walked over to Chyna and knelt down between the bigger woman's spread-eagled legs. She rubbed her small hands against the hot sweaty skin of Chyna's inner thighs and ran her fingertips up over the powerful muscles until she reached the bound woman's crotch. Chyna's cunt was still impaled by the over-sized baseball bat and Spice traced her nail over one of the distended labia, sending a thrill through Chyna's tortured body and triggering her vaginal muscles to clamp down on the rigid and unyielding intruder within her. She gritted her teeth to endure the unwanted pleasure that she felt as Spice stroked her over-stretched and over-sensitive pussy-lips. Spice was leaning down, slowly bringing her face closer and closer to Chyna's ravaged sex until the Ninth Wonder of the World could feel hot breath on her exposed crotch. Midnight was kneeling behind Spice with both of her hands up under the tartan fabric of Spice short skirt and the action of her stiff fingers was making the little redhead moan and pant. Spice lowered her head so that her lips touched Chyna's wet flesh close to her tattoo. She kissed the bigger woman's skin and then moved further down, kissing her just above the clitoral hood. The Nitro Girl hesitated slightly before mustering the courage to take the next step. She stuck her tongue out from between her pretty little lips and licked across Chyna's swollen clit. The oversized baseball bat jerked as Chyna's pussy spasmed in response to the jolt of pleasure that shot through her. Inwardly the Ninth Wonder of the World cursed her powerful sexuality. Spice lowered her head again and licked along the line where thick wooden bat disappeared into Chyna's straining sex, tasting the unfamiliar flavor of another woman's juices. As she continued to lick, the redhead grasped the giant bat in one hand and tried to push it deeper into the bound amazon. Chyna's cunt was gripping it so tightly that the tiny woman's weak arms could not move the imbedded bat by even an inch so Spice had to settle for licking and sucking her way around the place where woman and wood joined. Chyna was surprised that she could be so aroused by the inexperienced licking of the WCW girl. Her ass still hurt like hell from the brutal and violent reaming that Midnight had given her and the big bat was uncomfortably rigid and unyielding within her, yet she knew that Spice's inept tongue-lashing could make her come should she choose to allow it. She chose not. Chyna closed her eyes and did her best to ignore the pleasure that Spice's mouth was giving her, but her pussy continued to spasm on the solid wooden bat and coat its smooth shaft with her lubricating juices. Spice continued to lap and suck at Chyna's hairlessly smooth and impaled pussy for several minutes until she suddenly arched her back and cried out as Midnight's probing fingers brought her to orgasm. Spice remained trembling on her hands and knees for more than a minute, mingled saliva and pussy juice dripping from her chin as her climax ran its course. The tiny redhead had lost count of the number of orgasms she had had already that day but this one felt different because it was the first one where she had had something inside her cunt. After all the pleasure she had received from Chyna and Kitty's tongues it was reassuring to know that she still enjoyed having something inside her, even if that something was a black amazon's powerful fingers. Midnight helped Spice climb back to her feet and then pulled her into an embrace. Spice looked up at her hugely muscled accomplice with a startled expression. Her eyes went even wider as Midnight kissed her passionately, her questing tongue plunging into the back of the little redhead's mouth and sampling the flavor of Chyna's pussy that she found there. Spice's hands slapped onto Midnight's muscular shoulders as the Nitro Girl tried to push her away. She wasn't a lesbian and kissing another girl was . . . 'icky'. Even as the thought went through her mind she realized how foolish it was. She had just licked another girl's pussy after all so why should she get worked up by a kiss? She relaxed and let Midnight continue without resisting. The black woman's hands started to roam up and down Spice's body, fondling her breasts and stroking her pussy-lips as she kissed the redhead passionately. Spice was surprised to feel a powerful tingle of arousal in her cunt as her tongue wrestled with Midnight's. The sense of doing something forbidden that had been with her throughout the abuse of Chyna and Miss Kitty was just as strong and just as arousing now. * * * Midnight broke off the kiss suddenly as they heard the sound of Asya and Madusa finally returning. Asya walked through the doorway first accompanied by two huge mastiff hounds and the big-breasted Madusa followed behind. The dogs were so large that it seemed impossible that the tiny Asya could actually restrain them on their leashes. Each of the animals' heads came almost up the small amazon's shoulders! The mastiffs' short fur was a rich brown color and it rippled with reflected light as the powerful muscles of these huge animals moved. Spice had not immediately noticed but Asya was now wearing a new outfit. It could not be called clothing however. It consisted of no more than a few studded leather straps linked together with silver rings in such a way as to mimic a bikini. The bra was simply a harness that encircled her surprisingly large breasts while her panties were just a belt with two straps running down between her legs and hugging tightly to her swollen pussy lips without concealing anything. Two further straps circled her strong arms just below the shoulders. The overall effect was to emphasize her superb musculature while simultaneously drawing the eye to her feminine charms; her generous breasts and the dark blonde delta of her bush above the smooth-shaven lips of her pussy. Madusa was as naked as before, her huge round breasts standing proudly on her chest. Her tall athletic form was extremely attractive for a woman of any age let alone one as mature and experienced as Madusa. She was carrying the camera in a bag over her shoulder along with a case of fresh memory cards to record the next stage of their plans for Chyna and Miss Kitty. The busty blonde crouched over the hogtied Miss Kitty and untied her hurriedly, but leaving her wrists manacled behind her back. From behind, Madusa's wide hips drew attention to her full and sexy butt and when she stood back up and turned around they focused interest on her furry pussy mound, that is, assuming that anyone could tear their eyes away from her gigantic tits. Spice suddenly wondered what her pussy would taste like. Would the hair make a difference to the flavor? What would it feel like on her face? The little redhead blushed as she become aware of what she was contemplating. Until today she had not understood just how innocent she really was. She had thought that she was a horny little slut but knew now that there was a whole world of sexualities and perversions that she had barely even been aware of. And another of those was about to be played out before her in just a few moments. Spice put her newfound lust for pussy to one side as Asya led the smaller of the two dogs so that it towered over their tiny captive. "Guess what happens now, bitch?" she snarled. Miss Kitty looked up at the blonde bodybuilder with a desperate expression that Asya thought was pleading for mercy but was in fact a lustful desire to get to the action. Miss Kitty was no stranger to the pleasures of dog-dick and seeing the size of the furry sheaths, one with the pointed scarlet tip poking from the end, she was obviously about to experience two prize specimens. "That's right, King and Prince here are going to make you a real bitch!" Madusa maneuvered the tiny woman between the two huge beasts. As Kitty was prepared for her latest humiliation Midnight rolled Chyna over onto her belly and then sat on the small of her back. Chyna oomphed as the black amazon's weight came down on her and she felt the hot sticky wetness of Midnight's smooth cunt press against her skin. The black woman twisted her fingers into Chyna's sweat-damp tresses and hauled her head up and back so that she was looking directly at her lover kneeling between the hounds. "I know we all gonna want a ringside seat for this." She ground her fleshy pussy-lips into Chyna's back as she spoke to emphasize the white wrestler's helplessness. The mastiffs were so incredibly big that each one of them probably outmassed Miss Kitty by several hundred pounds. They were so tall that the diminutive valet could have crawled underneath them with no difficulty as they stood. She was now so close to the animals that she could smell the faint tang of the smaller dog's sexual musk emanating from its pulsing crotch. Before her eyes the tip of the animal's phallus emerged from the furry sheath and a drop of an almost clear seminal fluid fell from it to the ground below. The slender valet licked her lips. Breathlessly she gaped at the size of the glistening scarlet shaft that was slowly growing from between the mastiff's powerful thighs. It was a long tapering spike that was almost 3-inches thick at its widest point and it still wasn't fully erect! The pointed tip dripped with the beast's excitement as it dangled and swayed in ever-growing hardness before the Miss Kitty's unbelieving eyes. She wished that her hands were free so that she could stroke the beautiful inhuman penis. Without her hands to use she didn't wait to be told what to do next. She stretched her neck forward and parted her lips to suck the throbbing dog-cock into her mouth. As she engulfed the animal's penis she flicked her talented little tongue over the dripping tip. Prince gave a sound that was close to a whimper and its legs buckled slightly as a spasm of pleasure shot through the beast's powerful body. Miss Kitty began to run her tongue in lewd little circles around the tip of the dog's now fully erect penis, sucking the pre-cum that drooled from the tip down into her belly with delight. The most important thing in Miss Kitty's life at that moment was to bring the animal off into her mouth. She craved the taste of doggie-cum. The WCW girls all crouched down to get a good view of the big dog's huge scarlet cock disappearing between Kitty's ruby-red lips. Madusa was so entranced by the sight that Asya had to nudge her to remind her to take pictures of Chyna's girlfriend eagerly sucking dog-dick. Chyna felt sickened as she listened to the wet slurping sounds of her lover enthusiastically sucking the animal's cock for the pleasure of these loser wannabes. So skilful was Kitty's lecherous mouth that the dog's legs began to tremble within minutes. Asya recognized the sign of the animal's orgasm imminent and grasped Miss Kitty by her dyed black hair. Kitty squealed as she resisted Asya's effort to pull her face off the big hound's cock and she sucked even more vigorously. Kitty did not have enough strength to prevent the blonde bodybuilder from hauling her back painfully but she was able to delay the inevitable for the short moment she needed to be rewarded by a pulsing shot of watery sperm. The first spurt of doggie-cum was thin and powerful and ran straight down her throat. The second squirt splattered over her cheek as Asya dragged her away from the dog and the third fell wasted onto the floor. The milky fluid dripped from Kitty's face and fell onto her breasts as Asya and Madusa pulled Miss Kitty across to the bench. The two wrestlers lay Kitty on the bench lengthways and bound her arms beneath the wooden surface. They took a length of rope and wrapped it across her hipbones and under the bench to tie her down and then grabbed her legs and pulled them up toward her head. More rope was attached to one of the ankle cuffs and then looped beneath the bench before being tied to the other one, ensuring that Kitty could not lower or close her legs to prevent access to her twitching quim. Madusa then took a couple of shots of Kitty lying on her back with her body bent double and her pussy completely defenseless and vulnerable. Prince was whimpering again with the frustration of having its orgasm interrupted. The mini-climax that it had experienced and Miss Kitty had tasted had done nothing to lessen the intensity of the dog's lust and the giant animal almost seemed to dance from foot to foot with the urgent need to release its cum-bloated balls as it sniffed at Kitty's crotch. The animal looked up at its mistress as though seeking permission. "Come on, Prince. Fuck the Kitty! Fuck the little Kat good and hard!" Spice urged, still enjoying the thrill of talking dirty. The huge dog ignored the little Nitro Girl and continued to look pleadingly at Asya. "Prince! Mount!" she commanded. With permission granted the eager mastiff needed no further prompting and reared up so that its front legs slipped between Kitty's thighs and slender waist and stood balanced on the edges of the wide bench. The massive animal dwarfed the tiny woman that was bound beneath it like some sacrificial offering. Miss Kitty gasped in illicit delight as she saw its huge bestial cock poised over her belly, its tapered tip only half an inch from her smooth and hotly gaping pussy. "Oh, please," moaned the bound valet, lost in a world of her own lusts and desires that took no account of the circumstances under which she was to experience this massive canine penis. "Please make him fuck me!" She moved her hips up lasciviously in an effort to position herself for the hard tip of the dog's cock. The trembling girl tried to look back down between her legs to watch Prince's cock enter her yearning cunt, but the furry body of the larger dog suddenly blocked her view. Asya positioned King above Miss Kitty so that the beast's huge dick dangled in her face. Being bound on her back on the bench, the short hair on the underside of the animal's belly also brushed across her creamy skin as the slimy dog-cock smeared pre-cum over her cheek. Once again Miss Kitty didn't wait for the order to open her lips and suck the hot red prick into her mouth. King's cock was by far the biggest real cock that Kitty had ever seen, let alone sucked! And Miss Kitty had sucked a lot of them. Cock-sucking was by far her favorite pastime, but nothing before compared to this 15-inch monster. It was almost too thick for Kitty to stretch her pretty little lips around and it filled her mouth utterly, the flavor of its bestial musk washing over her senses. The camera flashed once more as Madusa captured Kitty's oral submission for posterity, but Miss Kitty was long beyond caring. As she sucked, Miss Kitty could feel the first searing contact of the massive organ that would soon impale her as the tip pressed into her slit. She raised her buttocks as high as possible, at the same time spreading her legs as far as the rope would allow to give the dog total access to her aching pussy. "He's really going to fuck her!" Spice exclaimed. Despite their plans she had not really expected this to happen and her pussy oozed in anticipation of the sight she was about to witness. She had believed that she was a thoroughly depraved little minx but this really was beyond anything she had ever imagined! "Fuck the pussy-Kat, Prince. Make the Kitty your BITCH!" Spice shouted. Unable to contain her excitement she stepped forward and slapped Prince on the haunch, then jumped back with a startled cry as the giant dog twisted around and snapped at her. Asya laughed and reached under the rearing animal to take its prick and guide it back into Kitty's slit. Madusa blushed furiously and guiltily rubbed her palm as Asya's hand gripped the dog's thick shaft. When they had fetched the two dogs Asya had somehow managed to talk her into stroking one of the dogs to erection. Just in case they needed some help to get the idea. Madusa privately thought that the hounds seemed to have far too much of an idea of what to do for this to be the first time that they had fucked a human girl as Asya vehemently insisted. The memory of that hot thick cock in her hand was persistent. The muscle-bound blonde rubbed the twitching tip up and down Kitty's open groove, eliciting a whimper of pleasure from the submissive girl. Asya also seemed to have no problem with touching their cocks. Did she really think they would believe her protestations that she had never done anything like this before, Madusa pondered? Asya turned slightly to look up at Spice, "Don't worry about Prince girl, he won't bite and he knows what to do with a hot little slut like this one!" she said, and then chuckled, "Unless of course he takes a fancy to you. Then who knows what might happen!" The other WCW women laughed at the startled expression on the Nitro Girl's face as she confronted the idea of being in Miss Kitty's position of an animal's plaything. Her features reflected a wide variety of emotions in response. She felt an instinctive disgust and more than a bit frightened as she glanced at the big, red, pointed dick as it sought to penetrate the captive valet. But even as she pictured herself bound in Kitty's place and defenseless against the lustful beast she felt her pussy starting to spasm in anticipation. The big mastiff didn't care about Spice's confused longings, the audience around it or even the warm palm of it's mistress caressing it's cock; it just wanted to fuck its bitch! Feeling its mistress finally press its needle-tipped cock against the opening of Kitty's cunt, the dog instinctively rammed forward, burying its dripping shaft in one slithering rush deep into the bound girl's hot and receptive pussy. "AAAUUUUHHhhmmmmmm!!" Kitty's cried out, the sound of her mingled pain and rapturous pleasure at being impaled by hot dog-dick muffled by the even larger animal penis in her mouth. In true animal style, it never gave Chyna's lover a chance to become accustomed to its huge presence but began a fierce pumping of its powerful loins, thrusting 12-inches of its cock mercilessly again and again into the soft and yielding flesh. "Uuuuuunnnnhhh," Kitty grunted around King's hot cock in stunned surprise as Prince drove deep into her womb with each thrust. It wasn't the first time she had had dog-dick inside her pussy, but before she had been in the classic 'doggie-position', this time she was on her back and somehow it felt different this way. It certainly felt bigger and more intrusive as part of the dog's weight pressed down on her belly and the shaft contained within it. Recovered now from the shock of the dog snapping at her, Spice crouched down and stared wide-eyed all the while at the giant scarlet penis flashing in and out of Miss Kitty's juicy cunt. Fascinated, the spell-bound Nitro girl watched Prince's cock pull the inner lips of Kitty's pink pussy-flesh out with it on the out-stroke and ram them back up inside as the big animal crashed its hips forward for stroke after stroke, slamming its swollen knot against her straining lips. Opposite her Madusa was kneeling down and taking photographs of Chyna's girlfriend's vagina opening wider and wider, whorishly trying to swallow every inch of that mighty animal shaft, giant knot and all, right down to the hairy balls that were so large that they slapped with machine-like regularity against her tight buns even though the penis was not fully penetrating the bitch-slut. Slowly but surely, the massive knot started to disappear inside Miss Kitty's tiny body. It was much bigger than the previous dogs' she had experienced and greater in diameter than even the giant black dildo that Midnight had raped her with earlier. Not even Chyna's fist was as massive a violation and never before in her whole life had Kitty been so stretched. It felt for a moment as if something would have to tear open inside her to make room for that immense invading spike, but the young slut's experienced vaginal muscles soon became accustomed to the jackhammer-fast intrusions and brutal distension as the totality of the animal's mighty penis plundered her utterly. It began to feel good, very good, seemingly the culmination of the long night of abuse that had wracked her slender body with orgasm after orgasm and she surrendered herself to her humiliation. Chyna averted her eyes as her lover began panting and moaning around the muffling presence of King's massive maleness in her mouth. The slim valet bucked and twisted in her bonds as her body spasmed in orgasm. Chyna had seen her girlfriend cum on dog-dick before, she had even taken pleasure in being the one commanding that she do so, but this was different. Before, Kitty's obedience had been evidence of her devotion to her mistress but here it was only proof of the true depth of her submissiveness. Prince had already had one orgasm that day, the memory of which had Madusa stroking her palm guiltily, but this was King's first chance at a bitch in quite a while. The unusual sensations of Miss Kitty's skilled mouth and tongue on its throbbing cock had the huge mastiff trembling with imminent orgasm. Kitty began sucking harder as she felt the telltale twitching of the scarlet spear in her mouth and was rewarded moments later by powerful blasts the dog's ejaculation. She practically purred as the watery doggie-cum spurted in an almost never-ending torrent down her throat and into her belly. Even with her frantic gulping, desperate to swallow every drop, there was still too much erupting too quickly for her to take it all. Her pretty little cheeks bulged and spunk squirted around the tight seal of her lips on the canine penis. Madusa caught a magnificent shot of the backwash spurting out of Kitty's mouth to fall onto her already slimy face. Madusa's sadistic desire for revenge upon these WWF superstars had her practically crowing with delight and she could not wait for it to be Chyna's turn. She pressed her thighs tightly together and rocked her hips ever so slightly, just enough to give herself a warm pleasurable sensation in her pussy as her clit was gently stimulated. Having shot its load King dropped down from the bench and the animal felt vaguely disappointed as its cock fell free of the warm wetness of Kitty's mouth. The mastiff had known that it was unable to tie with that pleasure-giving orifice but it was hopeful that it may yet get another chance. Perhaps with one of the other bitches that its mistress had brought with her? The mastiff looked up at Asya to find out what was expected of him, although the dog was so massive that it stood almost eye-to-eye with the diminutive bodybuilder. "How about that BITCH?" Midnight sneered at Chyna as she continued to rub her pussy up and down the raven-haired amazon's spine. "Your little slut girlfriend just sucked off a dog an' she fuckin' loves it!" It was true. Between moans Miss Kitty extended her versatile tongue to lick the animal semen from her lips and around her mouth for as far as she could reach. "And just look how much she LOVES getting fucked by an animal!" Asya chimed in. "she's practically cumming already!" Kitty was panting and moaning, writhing in her bonds as she tried to thrust herself up onto the plundering penis. "That's one little bitch that knows what she really is. A hot slave-slut made to be fucked!" Midnight growled. "An' by the time we done wi' you, you gonna be just like her! You'll be beggin' us to let you serve us. You'll be beggin' us to let you serve those DOGS! 'Cause you'll understand that you ain't nothin' but a dirty little ho that don't deserve to be anythin' but our fuck-slave!" Chyna could do nothing but choke back her rage and watch as Prince was now deep into the fast vicious thrusts, signifying that the beast was ready to shoot its load into her girlfriend's clenching pussy. It was fucking its girl-bitch with all the power of its great body as it drove itself toward the orgasmic release into Kitty's cunt that Asya had denied Kitty's mouth. And as Prince approached its long-building climax, so too did Miss Kitty. The moaning girl thrust her buttocks up hard from the bench so that she could get the full benefit of the animal's huge spike. The wildly excited girl could feel that rock-hard knot smashing into her G-spot with every thrust of the animal's cock into her womb. The wild spasmodic grip of Kitty's vagina was too much for the passionately aroused mastiff and its hot animal cum suddenly began to jet up into the little woman's womb. The gasping girl had one split second to savor the sensation of the geyser-like eruption inside her womb, one long hot squirt that seemed to drill a hole right through her quivering insides, and then Miss Kitty's mind exploded with the power of her orgasm. "OOOOOOoooooaaaaaaaaahhhh GhhaauuddDDD!!!" Kitty's hips jerked and writhed on the impaling dog-dick as all her muscles contracted at once in shudders of wild delight. Her buttocks flexed and hollowed as her climaxing pussy pulled wildly on Prince's erupting cock. "YES!!! Ugh! Aaaahhh! OH YES!!!" The great hound kept thrusting and thrusting into Kitty's shaking body, filling her with so much sperm that it washed back out of her cunt, squirting past the huge cock-knot to spray across the end of the bench. "UUAaahh! Ooh! Aahh! . . . ugh . . . oh . . . uh . . ." Miss Kitty's bucking faded along with her cries as the dog-dick drove her to orgasm upon orgasm and her mind reeled in shock. She almost fainted from the overwhelming power of the experience and was left mumbling incoherently as Prince shuddered through the last few thrusts of its orgasm. "Wow." That was Spice, wide-eyed and flushed with excitement at what she had just witnessed. "If you think that was good you'll love what happens next!" smirked Asya. * * * What happened immediately was that Prince tried to dismount and turn tail-to-tail to its human bitch. However, Kitty's formerly tight-gripping pussy had relaxed and with the added lubrication of the dog's spunk, and having already been stretched beyond all measure even before the beast had been allowed to plunder her further, Miss Kitty's cunt could not retain even a knot as large as Prince possessed. It pulled from her body with a wet, squelching pop and the animal's semen poured from Kitty's throbbing vagina as though the cock had been a cork in a bottle. The dog looked confused by the failure to tie with its bitch, but only for a moment before Asya grabbed its collar and said, "Come on, boy." The giant beast obediently followed its tiny, muscle-bound mistress around the bench, stepping over the wooden beam and moved awkwardly sideways so that its dripping phallus hung in Kitty's face. "Right you whore, clean Prince's cock like a good little dog-slut!" Miss Kitty was barely even conscious but cock-sucking was second nature to her and she sucked the beast's slimy penis into her warm mouth instinctively. Prince stood with its hind legs trembling as Kitty's expert tongue stimulated its cock, over-sensitive as it was in the aftermath of its orgasm. "Okay Chyna, now it's your turn." Asya grinned evilly as Chyna gritted her teeth. Madusa helped Midnight to pull Chyna's bound, muscular body up onto her knees. Spice grabbed the chain leash that was attached to the collar around Chyna's neck and tugged on it, making the raven-haired captive shuffle toward her violated lover. "Since Miss Kitty is cleaning her new boyfriend's cock," Spice sniggered at Asya calling Prince Kitty's boyfriend. "I think that her girlfriend ought to clean her pussy for her!" Chyna glared up at her tormentors with a sick feeling in her stomach. The thought of doing what they were demanding made her feel physically ill but she knew that this would not be the worst of it. "Get yo' tongue in there an' start drinkin' some doggie-spunk!" Midnight demanded, "This is all you gonna be good for you stuck-up bitch! Cleanin' up the mess the dogs' make o' yo girlfriend!" Chyna shuffled closer and bent her head down toward her lover's cum-sloppy crotch but before she reached that vile mixture of dog-spunk and girl-cum Midnight grabbed the back of her head and rammed her face first into the sticky morass. Chyna jerked her head back instinctively and long strands of spunk connected her face to Kitty's pussy for several moments until Midnight pushed her forward again. "Clean her up bitch! Suck that dog-cum right out o' her gapin' hole!" Miss Kitty's pussy was yawning wide open and the red interior showed up in violent contrast to the white spunk that drooled from it. Chyna stuck out her tongue and tasted the sticky white fluid that oozed so freely from Kitty's cunt, noting with disgust that the animal's watery semen had an almost metallic flavor that mingled strangely with the familiar sweetness of her lover's copious secretions. Miss Kitty moaned and her stomach moved in response to the pleasure from her mistress's touch. The movement caused her pussy to spasm and dump a thick wad of dog-cum onto Chyna's face. The debased amazon sucked the loathsome combination of girl-cum and doggie-spunk from Miss Kitty's reamed out pussy while Spice and Midnight taunted her. "How d'you like that bitch? You drinkin' second-hand doggie-cum from yo' whore's dirty cunt! You like that? You feelin' like you miss all high-an'-mighty now? Do ya?" "You're our little slave now. You have to do anything we tell you to do or we'll show everybody all the pictures we've taken of you today!" Spice proclaimed with glee. "Yeah," Midnight grinned, "You're ours now! You're gonna be our whore an' we gonna pimp you out to anyone that wants a turn at the Ninth Wonder o' the World! A dirty little cunt like you'll love it! From now on you're gonna be a real cum-slurping slut!" Spice was really getting into the spirit of talking dirty now. Because of her diminutive size she had never before had the opportunity to enjoy this sort of power to insult and denigrate another woman to her face and it was going to her head. "I bet that with all the cocks you're going to be sucking, why you won't even need to eat any more 'cuz your belly will always be full of nourishing goodness!" Chyna snarled with powerless fury at their comments and the continuous flashes from Madusa's camera. Then she flinched, distracted from her fantasies of violent revenge against the WCW girls as she felt a cold wet nose press against her upturned ass. One of the dogs sniffed at Chyna's moist pussy for a moment before its long tongue snaked out and stabbed between the well-stretched lips. Chyna gasped aloud in shock as the animal thrust its tongue deep into her hot furrow and lapped at the copious juices of her quim. Her pussy spasmed in response to its intimate stroke. "Aaaaahhh," the naked wrestler moaned into her lover's cum-sloppy cunt as the canine's pleasure-giving tongue cut straight through her resistance. Chyna's back arched automatically to make her sensitive pussy more accessible to the dog. For a long moment Chyna held herself rigid in that position, her magnificently muscular body curved like a drawn bow as the dog stroked its long tongue up her aching slit, until she was able to pull herself back together and press her thighs against one another in an effort to foil any further attempts by the animal. Madusa had been ready though and had caught Chyna's initial compliant reaction with the camera. Asya chuckled with glee at Chyna's response. It was far beyond anything she could have hoped for. Humiliating Chyna was going to be even more fun than she had thought. "Spread your thighs! And don't close your legs again bitch, let him lick you out! You know you want him too!" More degrading than the command to allow herself to be licked by an animal was the knowledge that Asya's comment was true, that some part of her did want the dog to finish what it had started. Its tongue was long and soft and the gentle caresses came as a pleasurable relief to Chyna's brutalized sex. The Ninth Wonder of the World's face burned red with her shame as she moaned over and over again, her hips beginning a slow revolving motion that she could not suppress, pushing up against the slavering dog's furiously licking tongue as her own tongue plunged deeper into Miss Kitty's gaping cunt to suck the dog-cum from her womb. For several moments Chyna found herself unable to think coherently as the flood of sensual bliss overwhelmed her senses. The amazon gasped as her belly jerked uncontrollably under the animal's eager tongue. The long and sinuous organ lapped hungrily over and through Chyna's swollen vaginal mound and she made no effort to prevent the burning tongue digging wetly between her pussy lips and into her oozing vagina. Just as she teetered on the edge of one of the wildest and most depraved orgasms she had ever experienced Asya barked a command to the dog. "King! Mount!" Chyna closed her eyes and offered a futile prayer against her fate, simultaneously loathing the very idea of an animal's cock in her pussy and desiring it to bring her the orgasm her body craved. She braced her strong legs to support the heavy weight of the huge mastiff as it mounted her and wrapped its forelegs around her trim waist. As Chyna was on her knees in what was basically the 'doggie-position' King didn't have the difficulty that Prince did in lining its monstrous dog-dick with its bitch's twitching pussy. "Come on, King!" Spice crowed like a cheerleader. The mighty Chyna was about to be raped by a dog and that really turned the redhead on. "Ram it in! Fuck her! Fuck your dog-cock right into Chyna!" King rammed forward with all the strength of its powerful hips. Mercilessly that huge pole of scarlet dog-flesh tore into the already well-reamed pussy before it, not stopping until the dog's massively engorged cock-knot crashed into her painfully stretched pussy-lips. The brutal thrust drove Chyna's face even deeper into her lover's sloppy hole and mixed doggie-cum and pussy juice was smeared completely across her face. But the Ninth Wonder of the World didn't notice. She was completely preoccupied by the sensation of a huge, hot, pulsing, living cock raping her cunt. Few men had been allowed to fuck Chyna and although all of them had possessed extremely large cocks the giant mastiff made every single one of them seem insignificant. She had dildos that were longer or thicker, but this was alive! It throbbed inside her and caused waves of pain-wracked pleasure to wash through her violated body. The huge hound reared back and hammered forward again, forcing Chyna's battered pussy to dilate further as the beast tried to compel her well-filled vagina to stretch further to accept its knot. Time after time the dog reared back and lunged into her, expanding her pussy with every stroke and driving its massive knot into her wet dripping hole. To Chyna it felt like a football was being forced into her. King slammed forward one more time and Chyna cried out as the beast's sperm-bloated balls hit her widely stretched pussy-lips and crushed up against her swollen clitty. The huge knot was completely buried in her hot cunt and it felt like it was splitting the Ninth Wonder in two, stretching her walls wider than anything she had ever known before. Now that the great animal had achieved complete penetration of the kneeling amazon it began to ram into her with relentless jackhammer thrusts, driving into her clenching pussy like a bestial rape-machine, as King animal-fucked the defenseless Chyna. The knot prevented the dog from withdrawing much of its cock from the raven-haired bitch it had been given but the small distance that the great beast could move was more than enough to cause Chyna to see stars before her eyes. It jerked back and forth within her so fast that its hips were a blur and the stables echoed with the sounds of its furry thighs slapping against Chyna's muscular butt. Miss Kitty gave a deep and satisfied moan as her mouth was filled with Prince's tasty spunk. She clamped her lips over the tip so that she could catch every drop of it and swallow it down. Gulp after gulp, the copious doggie-cum made its way into Kitty's appreciative belly, and when the animal's orgasm came to a twitching end she lathered her tongue up and down its great length again until the stimulation was too great for the huge mastiff and it jumped clear and walked shakily away from her. Despite her every effort at denial, Chyna could feel an orgasm of incredible power building up inside her with every passing moment. As the dog withdrew its knot to the very entrance of her pussy it pressed down through her flesh to stimulate her clit and then when it drove its length home it rubbed directly against her G-spot at the same time as the animal's furry balls hit her aroused clitoris. The great beast had her coming and going, and Chyna could not deny or suppress her pleasure even with the pain and humiliation of being raped by a dog. It was impossible for Chyna to continue sucking her lover's pussy. Even if she had not been consumed by the sensations emanating from her violated cunt the rapid and powerful impacts of the heavy animal was knocking her forward and the painfully swollen knot dragged her back. Not that that mattered to Miss Kitty. She was so turned on by this point that she was almost mindless in her need for more and more orgasms. She simply humped her hips up and down the small distance that she could and used Chyna's rocking face as a friction pad to bring herself off, all the while savoring the flavor of Prince's spunk in her mouth. Chyna was too engrossed in her own pleasurable ordeal to even notice when Miss Kitty climaxed and sprayed her face with yet more girl-cum. She continued to rock back and forth with her magnificent breasts, still tied nipple-to-nipple by the short silver chain, swinging heavily beneath her and moaning softly as she was raped. Desperately Chyna clamped down on her body's responses, hoping to be able to ride out the storm that currently engulfed her and escape this nightmare without being climaxed against her will. Never before had she lost control of herself as utterly as she had here, impaled and defiled by an animal's massive penis. The sudden tensing of the dog's muscles warned her of the imminent culmination of her humiliation. Seconds later she felt the hot gush of animal spunk shooting directly into her violated womb. "Ah! Ugh! OOOOoooaaagghh!" Chyna could not hold back her cries as the cumming cock inside her triggered her own orgasm. The pleasure almost overwhelmed her completely as she suffered her most glorious orgasm at the same time as the most humiliating and shameful experience of her life. The sensation of King's cock pumping spurt after spurt of animal seed into her cunt and flooding her womb brought wave after wave of indescribable pleasure to the bound amazon. Her body jerked and twitched like a puppet on strings as the tiny part of her mind that was still rational tried to lock her muscles in place so that her climax would not be recognized by her abusers. It was hard, so hard. But she need not have worried. The four women were all craning to get a good view of Chyna's reamed out pussy The dog just seemed to keep on cumming as though its balls were inexhaustible. The sperm had filled what little space there had been inside her with its first three powerful ejaculations, after that the tight seal of the cock-knot at the entrance to her pussy meant that the continuing deluge of spunk had nowhere to go and Chyna's belly began to expand to contain it all until she bulged like a woman several months pregnant. Eventually the internal pressure of the sperm inside her built up enough that the WCW girls were rewarded by the sight of little jets of doggie-cum spurting from Chyna's cum-packed and cock-stuffed cunt. * * * Chyna expected the dog to dismount then and attempt to withdraw its great swollen shaft from her abused pussy but instead it simply remained on top of her, its heavy furry body bearing down on her back. King remained that way for several minutes, its still hard penis twitching and throbbing inside Chyna's cum-packed quim as Madusa continued taking pictures. She had filled three large memory cards for the digital camera just with photos of the dogs and their human bitches, although by now the pictures were more than a little shaky as the busty blonde was taking them one-handed. The other hand was buried between her thighs and rubbing her creamy slit. The other three WCW women were also fingering themselves, all of them feeling incredibly turned on by watching Chyna get dog-raped. But despite its orgasm the dog still wasn't finished with Chyna. It had been too long for the great hound since it had last been able to relieve its sexual desires and the powerful scent of sex and female sweat in the stables along with the hard muscular power of Chyna's pussy kept King fully aroused. Her face buried where she had collapsed into Kitty's pussy, Chyna's eyes went wide with despair as the lusty beast began thrusting into her once more. The WCW girls were amazed to see the mastiff's hips start humping back and forth all over again. Slowly at first but gaining speed with every thrust, King renewed raping its human bitch. The massive cock drove in and out of Chyna with wet and loud squelching sounds as the cum was pistoned out of her sex. With each thrust forward spunk squirted around the sides of the 15-inch monster inside her and then as it withdrew the short distance that the massive cock-knot would allow more sperm was dragged from her slimy cunt. This second assault was too much. Not just for Chyna who moaned as she felt a second orgasm stirring within her abused body, but for the four women that had orchestrated this ordeal. Madusa, Asya, Spice and Midnight had all had so many orgasms on Chyna and Miss Kitty's tongues that they should have been not simply sated but completely exhausted. However they were all still horny and getting more and more so with every passing moment. Previously they had used their captives' faces to satisfy themselves but now those faces were covered with dog-spunk, they would have to be cleaned up before any of them would be willing to use those expert tongues again. All but one that is. But the one woman that did not have any problem with the idea of animal semen touching her skin or finding its way inside her pussy was not disposed to demonstrate that willingness. Asya felt that she had already given away more than enough as the other three women had to be suspicious of the ease with which the dogs had been coaxed into fucking two human women. Madusa and Spice knelt side by side, one tall and big-busted, the other small and girlish, and each of them fingered their pussies as they watched Chyna get fucked again. Midnight, her hard, sweaty black body shimmering in the light, had her big clit gripped between thumb and forefinger and she was twisting it vigorously and painfully as her other hand stroked her small breasts. The last of the four, the diminutive blonde amazon Asya, had picked up one of the 12-inch strap-ons that Madusa and Spice had used to rape the captive WWF women earlier and with one hand she was slowly pushing it a couple of inches in and out of her strongly gripping pussy while her other hand rubbed her swollen clitty. Spice tore her eyes away from the spectacle of Chyna's cunt spurting its load of dog-cum and turned to watch Madusa frigging herself beside her. She was fascinated by the older woman's pubic hair. Spice hardly needed to shave the thin wispy curls of red hair that grew on her mound but she had always done so as she knew that men liked the 'little girl look' down there, which meant that she had no personal experience of a full bush. Without any conscious decision the redhead's free hand moved toward the blonde's crotch. Madusa flinched as Spice made contact with her hip. The Nitro Girl stopped as Madusa stared at her in surprise, but then with a soft moan the big-breasted woman gave her consent. Spice slid her hand across Madusa's lower belly until her fingers became entangled in the blonde bush. She pushed down further, forcing Madusa's hand aside as her questing fingers thrust into the older woman's sopping slit. The little redhead moaned along with Madusa as she felt the hot wet flesh against her skin. The busty blonde dropped back onto her heels and spread her athletic thighs wide apart to allow Spice unfettered access to her dripping, furry cunt. The Nitro Girl turned so that she almost faced Madusa and slipped her hand down underneath her body to cup the blonde's mound in her palm. The pubic hair was wet and slippery with love-juice and the heat emanating from her excited pussy gave a pleasurable sensation to Spice's hand that sent a shiver up her spine. The little redhead pressed her fingers against her pussy and three of them penetrated her passage with almost no resistance, the blonde was so wet and turned on. She had seen Madusa naked before but she looked at her fit, huge-breasted body now and seemed to see it with new eyes, eyes aware of the attractive and sexual qualities of her assets and she wanted to lick her all over. It was as though a dam had been breached inside her. Spice had no experience of sapphic love before this day but she wanted to do it right. She bent down and kissed the upper swell of Madusa's massive mammaries and licked the salty sweat from her skin, trailing her way down to the bullet-hard nipples. She sucked each sweet teat into her mouth and circled them with her tongue between nipping them between her sharp teeth, something that she had enjoyed from a man once. Judging from Madusa's reaction her huge breasts were even more sensitive than the valet's little buds and Spice wondered if she might be able to make her climax just by sucking on her tits. Maybe she might get the chance to try someday but for the moment Spice still wanted to taste Madusa so she reluctantly moved on from erect nipples and continued down the older woman's fine figure. She nuzzled the underside of her breasts and licked along the outlines of her ribs as Madusa leaned back further. By the time that Spice's tongue had arrived at Madusa's belly button the tall blonde had laid her back to the floor and stretched her legs out to either side of the redhead. Her broad hips jerked as Spice thrust her tongue into her navel and swirled it around at the same time as she pushed the fourth finger into Madusa's sopping slit and began hand-fucking her. Spice's tongue grew more frenzied and urgent in Madusa's belly button as she practiced the dexterous oral movements she had experienced from Chyna and Miss Kitty's tongues. In Madusa's aroused state the sensation was electrifyingly intense and entirely sexual. Suddenly she moved on once more, plying her tongue up and down Madusa's lower abdomen from navel to the fringe of her pubic bush with firm strokes. Then she reached her goal, pushing her tongue through the glistening wet curls until she reached Madusa's scarlet slit. Eagerly she thrust between the furry lips and licked up and down the insides of her pink and swollen labia. She tongued at Madusa's gaping love-hole, probing alongside the fingers that were buried inside to the knuckles as she teased her bloated clit with nose and lip. Then she dragged her pussy-hungry mouth back up and latched onto Madusa's swollen clitoris and sucked it with a passion. Spice was a natural with her tongue, although she could not have had any better examples than Chyna and Miss Kitty to emulate. She struggled in the haze of her own lust to remember every little trick that their two captives had used to pleasure her earlier and did her best to use them on Madusa, whose body jerked and thrashed in response. It did not take long for Spice's inexperienced but enthusiastic tongue to drive Madusa over the edge and into a screaming orgasm that lasted more than a minute. Spice was momentarily shocked and flinched from the fine spray of girl-cum that struck her face but then she opened wide to catch and drink as much of it as she could, reveling in her perversity. Once the blonde's climax had passed Spice climbed up and spun around so that she was on her hands and knees above Madusa in the classic '69' position. She lowered herself down and began sucking at the hairy cunt as her hips came to rest on the older woman's gigantic tits. As the Nitro Girl had hoped, Madusa felt honor-bound to return the favor and Spice moaned with pleasure as she felt the busty blonde's tongue against her smooth, childlike pussy-lips. * * * Asya was leaning far forward on her knees, supporting her weight with one powerfully muscled arm as she craned her neck to get the best possible view of King's dog-dick splitting Chyna's cunny in two. Her other hand was working the thick strap-on in and out of her pussy as if it was a regular dildo. The blonde bodybuilder had made sure that the two great hounds had not had any sexual release for more than three weeks and the accumulation of lust and cum was very, very obvious. King was fucking its way to its second orgasm inside Chyna with no pause for rest or recovery and the animal spunk was almost pouring down Chyna's meaty thighs from the pistoning effect. Chyna was getting raped by a dog! By HER dog! It was already almost more than Asya could stand, and the best was yet to come! Asya's hand started pumping faster as her eyes drank in every detail of Chyna's humiliation, working the foot-long dildo all the way inside herself until the base pressed against her pussy-lips. Suddenly a large shadow fell across her. "How 'bout if I fuck you properly wi' that?" Midnight asked softly. Asya looked up at the big black woman with her hesitation obvious in her expression but before she could reply Midnight ripped the rubber strap-on from Asya's tightly gripping pussy. The sudden withdrawal made the buff blonde gasp in shock and loss. The ebon amazon smirked as she buckled the straps that ran around her waist and between her thighs with practiced ease and within moments Asya was looking up at a muscular black woman stroking her 12-inch black dick. "Okay babe, you ready for the ride o' your life?" Asya's answer was to smile and spread her thighs a little wider. Midnight dropped to her knees behind the blonde and pressed the smooth head of her fake cock into Asya's oozing slit. Her strong hands slid up Asya's muscle-bound back, stroked her brawny shoulders and then slid up to her neck before sliding back down to grip the blonde's traps tightly. The big black woman hauled her arms back with all her strength at the same moment that she hammered her rubber cock forward as hard as she could. Asya cried out as the head of the 12-inch dildo slammed home on that first stroke, pounding brutally through her cervix and into her womb. Midnight fucked Asya with all the power that her 200-pound physique could achieve, as Asya took it with all the resilience of her muscular frame. The sound of Midnight's hips crashing into Asya's ass was even louder than the sounds of King power-fucking Chyna. It was less lovemaking than war-making, sheer raw aggression expressed as sex. The big black woman and her even blacker cock pounded into the white-skinned blonde relentlessly and with a determination that could not be denied. Asya was grunting and groaning as her orgasm built rapidly within her. Midnight released her hold on the woman's shoulders and slid her hands around the muscular torso to grasp her firm tits in each hand. As large as Midnight's hands were Asya's breasts still made more than a handful. Throughout the brutal fucking Asya's eyes remained fixed on Chyna's impaled pussy, enjoying the knowledge of the Ninth Wonder's ordeal even more than the thick rubber cock in her cunt, and she enjoyed that a lot! "Oh, Agh, OOW! OOOOOAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!" Asya screamed her orgasm out loud, her back arching and her pussy clamping down as tightly as possible on the thick phallus in order to get the maximum possible pleasure out of the moment. Her thighs trembled and her hands slipped as Midnight slammed her strap-on in with all her strength. Asya fell forward and the tight clenching grip of her cunt on the rubber cock pulled the off-balance amazon after her. They collapsed into a heap of muscular limbs, light gleaming off their contrasting black and white sweat-coated bodies. The post-orgasmic blonde was just barely beginning to regain her senses when she felt her head being lifted in two hands from the floor. Before she could open her eyes she felt something hot, hard and wet press against her lips. She instinctively tried to turn her head away but the thing just pushed its way into her oral cavity and swamped her taste buds with a flavor both creamy and salty. With a start she realized that Midnight was fucking her face with the strap-on! It was still warm with the heat of her pussy and sticky with her juices. Asya was tasting her own cunt on the rubber cock. She opened her eyes and looked up the black amazon's hard body at the grinning face above her. "Suck my dick clean babe. Lick your juices from my big black cock!" Asya's startled expression changed into a grin of her own, a grin distorted by the thick dildo in her mouth but a grin nonetheless, and she did as she was bid. She slavered her tongue up and down the rubber shaft and sucked every drop of her love juice from it. She even swallowed the streaming rivulets that ran along the underside of the cock from Midnight's gushing sex. Once the dildo was clean Asya laid her head back with a smile. She reached up and ran her hands along the thick black thighs that straddled her head until she reached Midnight's hipbones. Then she started to unbuckle the big strap-on dildo. Midnight gave her a questioning look and Asya's smile grew even wider. "Now it's your turn!" she said. * * * While all this was going on Chyna raged with impotent fury. She had been forced to climax on King's huge cock once more but the giant beast was still fucking her relentlessly. This was the perfect opportunity for Chyna to escape, she had no doubt that she could take all four women out with all of them distracted by each other's bodies, but she was impaled and tied to a dog's dick with its heavy body holding her down. This was her best chance and there was nothing she could do to capitalize on it! All Chyna could do was endure the mastiff's relentless pounding, rocking back and forth with her magnificent tits bouncing from each impact of its furry thighs against her whip-marked ass. * * * Madusa and Spice had rolled over so that the older woman was on top. That way it was much easier for them to continue orally pleasuring one another as the taller woman could sit on Spice's face and only had to bend her head down to lick the smaller woman's slit. Midnight lay on her back and her hands were fondling the breasts of Asya as she rubbed the strap-on up and down the slick ebony lips. The black amazon wrapped her long legs around the blonde's waist and crossed her ankles in the small of her back. She tightened the embrace of her legs in wordless encouragement and Asya responded by driving the foot-long cock up to the hilt in Midnight's hot and hairless pussy. Asya slammed the strap-on in and out of the wet hole with all the strength she could muster and the sound of her thighs slapping Midnight's splayed limbs was as loud as Midnight's had been against Asya's gorgeous ass. The musclewomen fucked with all the power of their strong athletic bodies. The black woman's huge thighs scissored Asya with such strength that any lesser woman would have been snapped in two but the blonde bodybuilder just kept up the same unstoppable rhythm. Midnight reached up and pulled the shorter woman into an aggressively passionate kiss. Their breasts crushed together, two heaving, sweating bodies, one white and the other black, rolled across the floor as each sought to assert their dominance over the other. They were wrestling for position at the same time as they fucked. In the end though it didn't matter as Midnight was on her back when she could no longer hold back the tide of her orgasm. "Oh YES! Fuck YEEESSS!!! FUCK MEEEEEeeeee!!!" she screamed. Asya gradually slowed the gyrations of her hips as Midnight lay motionless beneath her but for the heaves of her panting chest. Her body was hot from the exertion and her skin tingled with their mingled sweat. Just as Asya withdrew the last of her dildo from Midnight's spasming embrace the black woman came alive again. She rolled Asya onto her back and before the blonde could react to that Midnight had wrapped her thick lips around the big black cock and was sucking her own pussy juice from the rubber phallus. Asya watched as the ebon amazon slurped her way up and down the fake cock, her long and sinuous tongue slipping out between lip and rubber to catch every drop of honey that she could. * * * TO BE CONTINUED ____________________________ If you have any comments or suggestions, then you can contact me at- [email protected] ____________________________

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