More Then Lunch - Part 1: Torrie Wilson

More Then Lunch - Part 1: Torrie Wilson


One day I went out to check his mail and found an envelope from the
World Wrestling Federation. I opened it up and much to my surprise I had
apparently won lunch with the WWF superstar of my choice. I guess I had
filled out the contest application on the internet in passing or something
but didn't really remember. I thought about who I could go have lunch with
and then it hit, why go have lunch with a big overgrown wrestler when I
could have lunch with say ... Torrie Wilson? I called up the number on the
letter and told them of my choice. They set things up for the next weekend
in Miami, Florida where apparently Torrie lived. She had a day off so
fly me out for the day to meet and have lunch with Torrie. That was the
longest week of my life as I just waited to be in the presence of one of the
world's hottest women. What do I say? How do I dress? How will she dress?
Will she like me? All these questions ran through my mind until it was
finally time. I headed out to Miami for the day. I was picked up in a limo
and driven to the outskirts of town to a rather small, out of the way,

I went inside and sat down at my table and waited for about fifteen
minutes until in walked Torrie Wilson. She was dressed in a little red
and light blue jeans. Her gigantic melons pressed through the little red
shirt and bounced a little as she walked over. I greeted her and she said
she was very flattered that out of everyone, I chose her. Torrie was really
down to earth and it made me a lot more comfortable and able to have a
conversation without oogling at her.

About twenty minutes into the conversation I mentioned that I heard she
was getting married to Billy Kidman. Torrie immediately became upset and
began to sob. I apoligized and asked her what was wrong. She said she
didn't want to talk about it in public but I was welcome to come back to her
house, have the lunch I won and she'll tell me about it there. So we headed
out to the limo which took us to Torrie Wilson's house. She must have been
making some real good money with the WWF because her house was good sized
looked really expensive and was right on the beach.

We headed inside and into her living room. We sat down on her couch, her
eyes were still a little wet from the crying. Torrie told me the reason she
got so upset was that Billy had called off their marriage. I asked her why
and her answer completely stunned me...

"He says that I'm too horny ... That I'm too kinky and that I keep him
from working out and being a better wrestler because all I want to do is
sex," Torrie explained.

"What the hell? Is he out of his friggin' mind? He's lucky enough that
he even got to be with you once but now he's complaining that he has to have
too much sex with you?" I said, my mind boggled at home there could ever be
such a problem as too much Torrie Wilson.

"I love sex ... I mean, I LOVE sex. That's the reason I go out there in
front of all those people in skimpy outfits, it just turns me on. It turns
me on when a man can get off just looking at me. That makes me so hot that
I can turn him on that much. But I can't have sex with everyone..." she

"No, not everyone," I responded.

"That's why I was so flattered when you chose me.." Torrie said looking
deep into my eyes and rubbing her hand through my hair. "You don't think
there's anything wrong with having a lot of sex, do you?" she asked biting
her lower lip.

"No, not with you..." I said.

"Well since you won a day with me and there's hours and hours until this
day is over ... how about you let me show you just how kinky I am and just
how much I love sex?" Torrie asked but without giving me a chance to agree
she leaned in and kissed me.

I began feeling her big breasts through her red shirt as we kissed.
Torrie then stood up and turned around letting me feel her up. Torrie
her shirt over her head then took off her whity lacy bra exposing her giant
breasts. She then slipped off her blue jeans with her beyond perfect ass
facing me. I stood up rubbing my hands up her firm stomach then over her
round melons. I continued to rub her breasts while Torrie reached back and
began rubbing my crotch through my jeans. Torrie turned around and I kissed
her neck while reaching down with both hands and groping her round buns. I
moved my mouth down and Torrie held her breasts together and I began to suck
her nipples getting them nice and hard. Torrie got down on her side on the
couch sticking her magnificant ass out. I knelt down and began kissing her
perfect tanned buttocks.

"Mmmm ... I love having my asshole licked." Torrie moaned.

Torrie then shifted onto her knees sticking her butt out. I spread apart
her round cheeks and began to lick her tight little asshole. Torrie reached
back and played with her clit while I licked her asshole. Soon I worked my
way up Torrie and kissed the back of her neck while feeling up her boobs

Torrie leaned back and said, "Let me return the favor..."

Torrie sat me down and unbuckled my belt. She zipped down the crotch of
my jeans while I pulled off my shirt. Torrie licked my nipples sending a
sensation through my body. Torrie then took her sexy lips and placed them
around the head of my cock. Her lips smacked as she gave me the blowjob of
a lifetime. Torrie took my cock deep into her mouth and held in there then
took it out and teased it with her tongue, licking up and down the shaft
then tickling the head. Torrie would soon get up and straddle me, working
her wet pussy down onto my cocky.

"Oh god," I moaned at the thought and feeling of my cock inside of Torrie

"Ooooh yeah baby I love to fuck," Torrie moaned as she began to bounce up
and down on my dick.

Torrie reached back with her hands and dug her fingers into the flesh of
her ass as she fucked me. Torrie arched her back sticking her chest out
my face. I caressed and suck on her tasty tits as she fucked me. Torrie
brought her hands around and rubbed my face then leaned in and tried to kiss
me between her moans. I took my hands off her boobs and moved them down
grabbing two handfuls of her sexy buns.

I then got an idea, "Grab onto my shoulders," I told Torrie.

I stood up with Torrie still on my cock. She wrapped her legs around me
as I supported her with my hands clenched on her ass. I bounced Torrie up
and down on my cock fucking her. The pleasure was too much for my legs,
feeling them getting a bit weak I rested Torrie down back first on the
Torrie massaged her tanned toned perfect body while I pounded her pussy
harder and harder.

"Harder! Harder!" Torrie demanded and harder I pounded, my balls
smacking against her ass.

"Ohh fuck Torrie!" I moaned as I thrusted deep inside her.

"Ooooh yeah! Let me get back on top!" Torrie said.

I sat back down and Torrie lowered herself with her ass facing me down
onto me cock. Torrie rode me up and down while I stared at her round butt
jiggled each time.

"Ohhhh .. oooohhh ... ahhhhh fuuuck ... hooohhhhh ... mmmooohhh yeah!
OHH! OHH!" Torrie moaned. "Do me from behind ... I want it from behind!"
Torrie again dictated.

She bent over the side of the couch, again sticking out that gorgeous
backside. I entered her pussy and started slow then put my hands down on
hips and bucked faster and faster into Torrie's pussy, smacking against her
ass each time.

"Ohh fuck yeah you feel so good," I moaned as I fucked Torrie from behind
and listened to her sexy moaning.

Torrie was moaning and playing with her jugs while I pounded her from
behind. "A oooohh little mmmmhhh more! MAKE ME CUM!" Torrie moaned.

I pounded harder and she moaned louder the screamed as she squirted out
hot cum. With her pussy down slick with cum, I couldn't hold out any
I pulled out of Torrie, she bent down infront of me and I came into her
mouth. Torrie licked up the drips of cum off her chin and off my cock,
cleaning us both dry.

We both sat on the couch for a few minutes, catching our breath until
Torrie turned to me and asked, "When do you think I'm the sexiest?"

"When you wear those skimpy bikinis.." I told her.

"Well then why don't you come upstairs with me and I'll give you a little
private fashion show?" Torrie said with a grin.

Torrie took me upstairs and into her bedroom. She sat me down on her
me resting against the headboard. Torrie went into her walk-in closet and
grabbed several different bikinis. Torrie first put on a little red bikini
on her tanned body. The top barely held in her heaving breasts. Torrie
walked around modeling it for me. She looked over and saw me starting to

"Stroke your cock for me, I love watching guys jerk off," she said.

I reached down and began playing with myself looking at the luscious
Torrie modeling her skimpy red bikini.

"Ok, next one." she said and took off the little red bikini.

As she went to drop her bottoms I cut in, "Hold on ... give those to me,"
I said. Torrie tossed her red bikini bottoms to me. I rubbed them against
my nose, taking in her scent. "You smell so good. I've always had a fetish
about bottoms." I explained.

"You're so kinky, I like that," Torrie giggled.

I continued taking in her red bikini bottoms while playing with myself.
Torrie picked out her next bikini. It was silver with black outlining.
one was a bit skimipier and the bright silver contrasted beautifully with
dark tanned skin. Torrie walked around modeling this one for me. She soon
took it off and tossed the bottoms. I rubbed the new ones in face while
rubbing the red ones against my dick. The next bikini was the best yet ...
a little white bikini with thong bottoms. I almost came as I watched Torrie
pull the little white thong up her round butt cheeks. Torrie bent over in
for me.

"How's it look?" she asked.

"Ahh ... Ahhh ... Amazing." I stuttered it looked so good.

Torrie looked down at her pussy and said, "You know I'd really need to
shave all the way to wear this." The bottom bulged out a bit because of her
small patch of pubic hair. Torrie took off the top then pulled the thong
between her sexy ass crack. She walked over to me and said, "Stick out your

I did.

She ran the thong against my tongue then hung it there. She smiled the
walked back, she only had two bikinis left. She put on a little black
plastic bikini, again with thong bottoms. Again her tits and ass looked
fantastic in this one.

Torrie crawled up the bed then whispered, "The thong's so tight in my
I need you to help me take it off ... with your teeth." Torrie then turned
around backing her ass into my face. "No hands.." she said.

She reached back and spread apart her cheeks. I went in and grabbed her
thong from between her buns with my teeth. Torrie crawled forward and I
pulled out her thong with my teeth. Damn she's as kinky as I am, I thought.
Torrie crawled off the bed, leaving me to taste her black thong. The last
bikini she put on was extremely sriking. It was bright yellow with black
white squares.

"When I wear this bikini it makes me feel like a fast car that just can't
wait to get off..." she said.

Torrie climbed forward and lowered her head on my hard cock. Torrie made
slurping noises as she sucked. She looked up at me with her sexy eyes as
sucked on my cock. She looked amazing in that bikini that barely held in
tits. Each time she lowered her head, I could see her ass being flossed by
the yellow thong. She kept slurping giving me a really wet blowjob. Torrie
then sat up on her knees, adjusting her thong, snapping it against her

"I'm ready for some fucking, now leave my bikini on.." she said.

Torrie bent over and I pulled the thong from between her ass cheeks and
placed it to the side as I slid my cock deep into her pussy. "Ooooh .. oooh
yeeah!" she moaned as I pounded her. "Ohh yeah, ohh yeah, unnnhhh, huhhh
huhh huuuh, mmmm" she moaned.

I then turned her over onto her back, spread her legs out and began to
fuck her. My cock slipped out from extremely wet pussy and she giggled
then bit her lower lip, licked her lips and said, "Told you I'm horny."

I thrusted in harder and harder, her butt bouncing off the bed with each
thrust. Her tits were packed into the bright yellow bikini. Torrie reached
around underneath and began playing with my balls as I fucked her.

"Mmmm oooohh ... give it to me ... mmmhh" she moaned. "That's the way ..
AHHHH YEEAH BABY!" she moaned.

I gave her a few more thrusts then felt myself ready to explode.

"Cum on my pussy!" Torrie moaned.

I pulled out and came onto her pussy.

"Mmmmm, I like that," she moaned rubbing the cum all over her freshly
fucked pussy.

"Bend me over ... fuck my ass ... my tight little asshole is yours ...
fuck it!" Torrie said handing me some lubricant. "I want you to ... I want
you to fuck my ass."

I bent Torrie over and lubed up her tight asshole and then squirted a
bunch on my cock. I eased my cock into her ass and she moaned, "ohhh
I began thrusting in and out slowly. "Ahhh that's nice..." she moaned.

"That's nice?" I said.

"Oooh yeah ... I like you fucking my ass with your hard cock ... OHHHH
YEAH! FUUUCK!" Torrie moaned.

I continued to pound her ass. Torrie reached underneath and began
with her pussy and moaning louder and louder. I dug my fingers into the
flesh of her round ass and began to pound harder and harder.

"Oohh yeah squeeze that tight ass on my cock!" I moaned.

Torrie clenched her asshole down on my cock. "You like that? Ahhh I like
it! Pound my ass! Fuuuck it harder, baby!" she moaned.

I pounded harder and harder smacking against the flesh of her round buns
each time. "Ohhh I'm gonna cum again."

"Ohh cum in my mouth baby!" Torrie bent down and I rested the tip of my
cock in her mouth and came all inside her. With one gulp it was all gone.
"Mmmhh ... I need my protein, you know!" Torrie giggled. "Did you like my
ass?" she asked.

"Oh yeah, its so round and tanned and firm and perfect ... I love it ...
I mean I really love it. I love your ass so much .. I could ... I could eat
from it! Thats how much I love it!" I said, not thinking.

"Eat out of it, eh? That gives me an idea, come down to the kitchen."
Torrie said.

Torrie slipped out of her bikini then brought me down to her kitchen.
Torrie opened the fridge and took out two bottles of whip cream, a bottle of
chocolate syrup, a bowl of cherries and a big jug of milk. She put all down
on the counter then laid down face first on the kitchen table.

"You wanted to eat out of my ass ... go right ahead, baby." Torrie said.

It had just been a figure of speech but she was serious about this and so
I got serious about it. I covered her sexy ass with chocolate syrup, wedged
a few cherries between her cheeks then sprayed whip cream up the crack of
her ass. I began to lick from the bottom of her butt crack, licking the
chocolate sauce and whipcream from between her cheeks. I came across a
cherry so I spread her cheeks apart and scooped up the cherry from her ass
with my tongue and ate it. I continued to lick up everything from between
those gorgeous round buns then began to clean her buns off with my tongue
until they were clean.

I got Torrie to stand up and grabbed the chocolate sauce and squirted a
ton all over her chest and midsection. I began to rub it into her with my
hands, massaging her stomach and her giant breasts. Torrie grabbed the
and squirted a ton on my chest and began rubbing it into me. We stood there
caressing each other, rubbing chocolate syrup into each other's bodies for a
few minutes while laughing.

I grabbed the whip cream and sprayed some on Torrie's mounds. She moaned
as I sucked the whip cream off her breasts. Torrie then grabbed a cherry
put in her mouth. Sexily she moved it around her mouth with her tongue then
took it out and rubbed it into her pussy then stuck it in my mouth and I ate
it. She did this a few more times until she told me to lie down on the

Torrie got ontop of me sitting on my face with her ass. Torrie grabbed
the whipcream and covered my cock. She bent forward putting us in a 69
position while she sucked my whipcream covered cock. She sucked it off then
turned around to me and said, "I think we need to take a shower and clean
off." I agreed, it was fun but we were all sticky and gooey.

We headed up to the shower. Torrie turned on the water and waited for it
to heat up then stepped in. She brought me and grabbed the shower head and
began to rinse me off. She took the soap and soaped me up massaging my body
and cleaning my off. I was clean but now it was my turn to wash her. I
rinsed her front then turned her around and ran the water against her back.
I took the soap into my hands and began washing her. I rubbed her shoulders
and down her toned arms. I then soaped up her breasts and spent quite a bit
of time rubbing them, making sure they were squeaky clean.

I continued to wash the rest of her front then she turned around and I
scrubbed her back. I moved down to her butt and soaped it up, getting it
nice and sparkly clean. I rubbed and down her thighs, cleaning her sexy
I gave her a final rinse with the shower head then placed it up in its
holder. I looked down and Torrie's wet ass then kissed her on the neck and
began nibbling her ear. I then worked my cock into her pussy from behind.

"Hhhoohhh! YEAH! Give me some more ... I want some more of your hard
cock in my pussy!" Torrie moaned.

I pulled on her hair, fucking her standing up in the shower, humping her
backside. The water was streaming down on Torrie's giant melons as I banged
her. I fucked her a little more from behind then she turned around. She
lifted herself up pressing both arms out against the walls. I grabbed her
midsection thrusted inside her. I pounded her then she grabbed a hold of my
neck with one hand and sat up, bouncing up and down on my cock.

Torrie then got down and stood sideways to me and lifted her leg way up
and placed it on my shoulder. I entered her from the side. This position
really did something for her as she moaned wildy and her pussy got wetter
and wetter. "AHHHH! YEEEAH! Fuuuucccck I'm cummming!" Torrie moaned as she
came in the shower.

"Me too!" I moaned.

I couldn't wait and I shot my load, most of it landing on Torrie's
stomach. She kissed me then cleaned it off with the water. We stood there
in the shower for a few minutes just kissing then got out and dried each
other off.

Torrie then brought me into her big walk-in closet where she had all the
hot ring outfits she wears. "I'm such a baaaaddd girl when I wear these
skimpy little outfits to the ring. I'm so naughty and you know what happens
when a girl is naughty?" Torrie said seductively.

"What's that?" I asked.

"She needs to get a spanking." Torrie said. "I'll put on some of the
different outfits I like to wear and if they're naughty you give me a
honey." Torrie said.

I sat down on the bed. Torrie came out first in a pair of skin tight
dark blue jeans and a little beige low cut top with weave at the front,
showing a ton of cleavage.

"I think this one's cute," Torrie said.

"I got hard when I saw you wear that ... its naughty." I said.

Torrie walked over and bent over showing me her ass in the jeans.
*SPANK* I spanked her butt twice through the jeans. Torrie returned to her
closet then came back out shortly wearing tight white plastic pants and a
shirt that said, "Cowboy" on the front. "This is what I wore at Invasion in
the Bra and Panties match," Torrie said.

"Definatly naughty!" I said.

Torrie bent over and braced herself .. *THWACK* I smacked her round butt
real hard. Torrie came out next in a pair of ultra tight black rubber
She was struggling to get the top on.

"Don't bother," I said and she let it fall to floor. "Come here and get
over my knee, young lady! Those pants are very, very, naughty!" I said.

Torrie bent over my knee and her butt stuck up through the rubber pants.
I rubbed it then lowered my hand...


Torrie giggled.


She giggled again.


I smacked her ass four times and she began to moan.

"Ohhh yeah baby spank my ass! I've been so naughty!"


"I'm a baaad girrl..."


"Spank my ass baby! Spank it!"

I pulled down her tight rubber pants just past her ass, it starting to
pink from all the spanking.


Her ass jiggled as my hand smacked down it.

"Ohhh that feels so good ... I'm such a bad girl! Spank my ass hard!


I gave her a real good hard spanking.

"Ohh shit Torrie, your ass is so fucking hot! You're perfect! Your ass
is so fucking perfect!"

I got up, putting Torrie down on the bed and just straddled her ass and
started smacking my hard cock against. I smacked my cock against one cheek
then spanked the other with my hand. I couldn't take it any more, I jumped
on top of her shoved my erect cock deep into her ass. Torrie cringed taking
it all in so quickly. I just laid ontop of her and humped her beautiful
I had to blow my load but didn't pull out, instead I shot it while I was
humping her ass.

"Hooohhhh my god!" Torrie moaned. "That ... that... ooohhh!" She
closing her eyes.

I pulled out and gave her buns a few kisses. "Perfect, absolutely
perfect." I said admiring her ass.

Torrie laid on the bed tired.

"Got any oil?" I asked her.

"What for you horny bastard?" she replied with a giggle.

"You look a bit tired, how about I give you a nice massage to cap off
amazing day?" I said.

"Sounds good to me, I'm all fucked out." Torrie replied.

Torrie went and got me the oils then laid down face first on her bed. I
squirted the oils all down her back and legs then began to rub it all in.
then massaged deep into her back and shoulders as Torrie moaned. I just
admired her perfect tanned body as I massaged her. I worked my way down and
kneeded my knuckles into the flesh of her ass. Afterall I'd given it quite
the workout. I turned Torrie over onto her back and squirted a bunch of oil
onto her front and began to rub it into her stomach and into her breasts. I
rubbed her nipples making her moan the moved down and began to massage her
muscular thighs. I looked and Torrie was rubbing her breasts.

She then said softly, "Come up here and fuck my tits. I need a good
titty fucking to make me relax."

I climbed up and straddled Torrie's huge chest. I squirted tons of lube
down onto her big breasts making them nice and slick. Torrie squeezed them
together as I slid my cock back and forth between her giant globes. Torrie
licked the tip of my cock with each thrust as I titty fucked the shit out of
her. After a few minutes of this heaven, with one final thrust I came onto
Torrie's face and chest. Torrie licked some of it up then rubbed the rest
into her body. Torrie gave me a kiss then we snuggled in the bed and soon
fell asleep after a hard day's work.


Part 2 is Stacy Keibler


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