Torrie Wilson and the Officer

Torrie Wilson and the Officer

It was Monday after the Raw show, Torrie and Candace Michelle was just traded from Smackdown to Raw. So as Torrie started driving home from the San Francisco show. She went on highway 101 to go to Oakland for a friend of hers lived there. She was driving a 04 BMW X-5 at 35 MPH. As she drove half way she was met by a Cop who saw a beautiful women driving in a BMW. He started his Sirens and pulled her over.

As Torrie drove on and saw the sirens, she pulled over and was scared half to death because one more driving citation and her licence would be revoked. As the officer came by and asked for her ID she was dripping wet with sweat pouring down her Black Leather Jacket wearing sweat pants. As the officer stopped and looked at the women his mind was going nuts with wild fantasies. As he told her to step out of her car he was looking at her tits for she was wearing a white bra.

When the officer asked for her ID, Torrie was searching in her purse while shaking really badly. Torrie didn’t know this but she took off her jacket and was wearing a see through White T shirt which was really see through because of her sweat. When the officer saw her his erection became real big because he haunt seen a women for a long time nor have had sex in a long time after his divorce. When Torrie finally got out her License the officer went to go check out the plate and license.

At the car the officer looked at the license and started thinking his shift is almost over why not bring the women to his apartment and decide what to do with her tomorrow. He went toward Torrie and asked her to bend over as he searched her, he was sure as hell horny watching this hot lady. He was feeling on her but Torrie didn’t notice because she was shaking really badly.

As the officer searched her car he took out some cocaine from his pocket which he confiscated earlier. He asked her what this was and she was frightened and started mumbling. As he handcuffed her she started pleading that it want hers but that was too late as she was put into the cop car.

As the officer drove to his apartment he started thinking of what to say to her when he gets home. When he got home the first thing he said was “I’ll take you to downtown tomorrow because its really late right now”. Torrie by now was thinking in her mind “Im gonna get fired for sure”. As the officer brought her into his apartment he was looking at her ass as he brought her up the stairs. He then led her into the guess room which was really small because well its an apartment. As he got undressed in the bathroom he decided that she wouldn’t be able to tell anyone because its her word against his and he was horny as hell still.

As he told her to undress and put on some night clothes she was happy to get into some pajamas because all her clothes was wet and stinky. What she didn’t know was that inside the bathroom the officer just planted a small little camera on the mirror and shower head. As he was watching her undress inside his bathroom his heart started beating faster and his erection was getting bigger as she took a shower and taking off her panties and bra.

When she was done she went to the couch and fell asleep. Little does she know the officer was putting on a condom waiting for her to sleep. As he saw her going to sleep he sneak outside to her and put a gag over her mouth as he undressed her. Torrie was still asleep not knowing anything happening to her. As he took off her bra and pantie he starting second thinking about this but he decided how often does a hot girl sleeping on his couch. As he put got on top of her, Torrie woke up and tried to scream but found a gag in her mouth. Her mind was going crazy by now, but she knew she couldn’t do anything. As he starting taking off the gag he said “if you scream things will just get worse and besides no one would believe you anyways” as he put his mouth on hers he started kissing her and pushing his tongue onto hers. Torrie at this time was accepting this thinking maybe he would let me go and not give me a ticket.

As the officers dick was at full length he started fingering her pussy and getting loose, but Torries pussy was tight as hell and he only got happier. As her pussy began getting wet he slip his 8" dick into her and started pumping slowly then at rapid speed every 2 minutes teasing the hell out of Torrie. Torrie was trying to enjoy this but she knew this was wrong but figured hell I need my job.

As he started pumping into her G-String she started moaning and started to talk but he slapped her trying to be the guy in control. Torrie now was starting to cum while he was still building on it he started pumping her faster and faster, he now got her legs over his shoulder and got her up facing a wall and started pumping and pumping faster and faster and he started to feel his balls tightening he unleashed a gigantic load of cum right into her blasting the condom to pieces.

As the officer got off her he told her to lick it clean. As Torrie was weakened from the assault she tried to get up and put her mouth around his dick cleaning the sweets from her and his cum. When he got erected again he decided to go for the ass because it was so big and juicy. Torrie has never taken it up the ass and was thinking its finally over. As her slammed her face down he started to line his dick up and ram it right into her ass giving no mercy making tears fly from her pretty face. He started doing the same thing as he did with her pussy giving no mercy to it and no time for Torrie to regroup with the excruciating pain from this ordeal.

When the officer finally shot his load into her he decided he hadn’t have a blow job in a long time and he rammed his dick into her mouth pulling her head up and down. Torrie by now has passed out from the relentless attacks. He then shot his load after ten minutes and saw that she was asleep. He got dressed and went to bed leaving Torrie naked on the floor.

The next morning Torrie woke up and remember what happened last night and decided to run for it but the door was locked and she was in the nude. When he heard the footsteps he rushed outside and pinned her down and started to fuck her in the pussy to teach her a lesson she wont forget. As he started to fuck her he saw the clock and said “o shit im late” he got cummed in her and got dressed and said “Ill be right back” When he came back 2 hours later he saw her sitting crying. He decided that she better go or else someone might put a missing person alert. He said “get dressed Ill let you go and Ill pretend this never happened and you wont remember this ok” Torrie said “yes sir thank you”. As she got up to find her clothes he undressed and decided hey farewell fuck time.

As she found her pantie on the floor she put it on but suddenly out of no where he flipped her over and started to fuck her again by now Torrie had figured out he is letting me go let him do whatever he wants god. As he spent 30 minutes fucking her pussy he flipped her over and started working on the ass. He finally finished up and then said you are free to go. She got dressed and started to go out the door when she forgot she left her purse inside and went inside to get it but the officer saw her coming back and said “you don’t want to leave?” she was frightened and said “no I left my purse in here” so he decided I just cant get enough of her tight hot pussy he pushed her down on his bed and took her off her pants and said “one more time ok Ms.Wilson” He started pumping again and inside his mind thinking last time pal better make it longer. Torrie was getting mad at herself for putting herself into this situation once again.

One hour later he finally came in her and said “bye Ms.Wilson” As she left she looked outside and saw an unfamiliar territory. She was a mess her hair was messy,make-up ruined and she could barely walk after the officers attack on her puss

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