sex on the hogwarts express

Chapter 1: Sex on the Hogwarts Express (Harry/Ginny Ron/Luna Harry/Luna/Ron/Ginny) "Alright, does everyone have their stuff?" Molly asked as her four kids and adopted son shuffled around Platform 9 and 3/4, making sure they had the right book bags and waving goodbye to their mother as she doted on them one last time until Christmas came along. Finally they pulled away, meeting up with Luna Lovegood who stood waiting near the train for them. Fred and George went in one direction and the other three, now with a friend, went in the other, quickly finding an empty cabin to sit in. Harry and Ron sat on one side, Luna and Ginny on the other, all in muggle wear. Harry and Ron wore bland t-shirts and jeans; Ginny with a bit more decorative a shirt, a matching skirt that ran to her knees, and nylons; Luna wore a bland shirt also, but a skirt a bit shorter, and nothing underneath. And the boys took notice. About fifteen minutes into the train ride, while talking about their hopes someone would come along and replace Snape. Harry's eyes were drifting back from the window when he noticed Luna's legs in a position that granted him a view of her trimmed pussy. He nudged lightly at Ron, and Ron nudged back, indicating he noticed it. Another five or so minutes passed of the conversation and casual glances at Luna's pussy in all it's glory before ol' Loony Luna casually threw in an, "Is my vagina really that nice" The boys were, as they always were when Luna so casually mentioned something like that as if it were just an unimportant afterthought, speechless. They tried in vain to get a few words out, instead only failed attempts at speech escaping their twisted mouths. Ginny and Luna laughed. "Well, if you're so speechless, I guess we won't have sex with you" "We're not speechless! We want to have sex with you!" Ron yelled so loud he was afraid the whole train had heard it. His face turned a deep red as he pulled the curtain, obscuring the view in the cabin. "That's better, boys," Luna smirked as she yanked her shirt off. "I guess it's a little wierd for you and Ginny to fuck, Ron? Then I'll take you," she said as Ron nodded, still shocked by what was happening. Harry, however, was already in his element, and he was almost angered as someone he called a brother was pulling his sister's shirt off and kissing along her neck. But his thoughts soon faded as Luna sat in his lap, undoing her training bra to release her Bs, burying his face in her chest as he licked and sucked her small peaks. Meanwhile, Luna undid his jeans and poked around at his boxers until his dick sprung free, standing a nice five 1/2 inches. She stroked it lightly and played with his balls as his tongue continued servicing her small, pubescent mounds. On the other side of the cabin, Ginny played with Harry's balls like Luna did her brother's, but her shirt stayed on and Harry pumped his fingers in and out of her pussy. Here he was, finger-fucking a girl who was pratically his sister, in a train cabin. It was the craziest thing he'd ever done, and he loved every second of it. He continued his treatment, grinding his palm against her clit as her saliva-soaked hand jacked him off. Only a couple feet away, Luna slid herself into Ron's lap, his dick slowly sliding deeper and deeper into her pussy. The both sighed and moaned as her tight, warm cunt became a bit wet, signaling she was ready. Ron planted his hands firmly on her lower hips and ass and helped her gain a rhythm as she began pumping up and down against his meat. Harry and Ginny were almost too 'in' the moment. Her legs wrapped around Harry, she leaned against the side of the cabin as Harry thrust wildly, both moaning in a wild, dazed swirl of pleasure as they allowed each other what they'd wanted for so long. Still wearing all her clothes except her panties and nylons, she envied the treatment Luna's breasts got. But, it was balanced out by the passionate embrace she shared with Harry as they cried out in unison. His dick drove faster and faster into her warmth, hitting her in the right spot with every thrust as she shuddered and shook. "Ron! Faster, Ron, make me cum!" Luna screamed as she rode the red-head ferociously, driving her hips down forcefully as her orgasm neared. Faster and faster, like a piston, his dick pumped in and out of Loony Lovegood's sweet pussy, each time illiciting a moan from both of them. Finally, with a powerful thrust, Luna drove herself onto his dick as it twitched, loosing his seed inside her as she hit her orgasm the next moment, her sweet juices mixing with his sperm. She slowed her pace, finally coming to a halt as she sighed and collapsed on Ron. Harry and Ginny showed no signs of quitting, leaving Ron and Luna to only watch in awe as the two inexperienced teens showed amazing endurance. "Alright, you two, that's enough. We're not on this train forever, and I don't think you two will get off by the time we get to Hogwarts; you two need a change, so we're gonna have a foursome. Now, I want to make sure before we start this that you three all agree no matter how wierd I want things done, you'll do them. You guys agree?" They nodded. "Good. There should be enough space on the floor if I do this right..." she mumbled a moment, contemplating how they'd do this before coming to a conclusion it could work. "Ron, I want you to sit in that seat. Ginny, you're going to suck him off. Yes, I know it's awkward, but you'll enjoy it, trust me. I'll eat you out from underneath and Harry, you take my ass. You guys ready" They all nodded as they slid into place like a puzzle, starting from Ron and ending with Harry. Ginny certainly found it off, giving her twin brother a blow-job while her best friend ate her out, but she liked it. While what she shared with Harry was special, this was good for a quick orgasm, and the fact she felt so dirty doing what she was made it all the better. Her moans escape into her brother's loins as, despite lacking experience, she gave a decent blowjob, sucking and licking and constantly stroking his base. She could taste Luna's juices on his dick and wondered if Luna was enjoying her taste as much. And she was. Her tongue darting around in Ginny's tight slit, she savored every drop of Ginny as she went. Perfectly aligned, her nose tickled against Ginny's clit with each movement of her head, a trick she knew would get Ginny off. Also driving her were Harry's thrusts as he drove his four 1/2-inch dick, covered in Ginny's juices, into the eccentric girl's cute ass. Though only in there for a short time, it felt much better than Ginny's pussy and he felt his orgasm drawing near. Ron ran his hands through his sister's flowing red hair as he bucked his hips, driving his meat between her hungry lips. He didn't want it to feel good when Luna ordered it, but as soon as her tongue touched his tip all notions of it being wrong slipped from his mind as lust took over. Ginny felt the same as now all she cared about was her brother's cum, wanting to feel it on her face, move it around her mouth to see how it tasted, and have a bit to rub against her tits when she was alone at night. Luna continued the service to Ginny's swollen pussy lips, licking her lips and darting her tongue in and out and sucking her clit. Her part in this was simply to get Harry and Ginny off; she knew getting anal and eating Ginny out wouldn't yield much, but she was more than pleased from Ron's service earlier. By everyone's reactions, they were pretty close, Harry in particular. Ginny sucked her twin's dick harder, begging for him to cum as her technique improved. With Luna's tongue driving her forward, she intended to make Ron cum before she did, but when he screamed her name, she knew what was about to hit. Ron's dick twitched slightly as his orgasm hit, one stronger than what Luna gave him. Ginny pulled her head back at the right second, his cum hitting her face, some landing in her mouth and a couple drops falling on her shirt. She didn't have much time to savor it, though, as the cum turned her on so much she came, her pussy letting loose the flow into Luna's mouth as the strange girl eagerly licked it away. She sighed as Ron pulled away to get dressed. Harry was the last to go, pounding Luna's ass furiously as he continued before feeling his legs quiver. Knowing what was coming, he pulled out just as the sperm hit, blowing his load all over Luna's cute, firm ass cheeks. Eventually, all four found the energy to get dressed and clean up, and just sat in a daze until they reached Hogwarts. The girls went out first, then Harry and Ron, who grinned. It would be an awesome year.

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