DX 3

Billy and X-Pac both moan a bit loudly as their cocks press together in Trish's mouth.

"Damn... she's could probably suck three if Hunter's cock wasn't so fucking big..." X-Pac laughs a bit as Road Dogg pulls out of her pussy. He gently presses his cock against her asshole, then pushes it in hard, making her go down deep on both Billy and X-Pac.

Trish gags a bit on both cock her mouth and quickly picks her head up. X-Pac and Gunn's cocks are dripping in her saliva. Trish opens her mouth again and once again takes both of their saliva drenched cocks into her perfect mouth. Trish now moves both of her hands to their ballsacks and cup them in her gentle hands. She starts massaging their ballsacks as well as she takes their cocks deeper into her warm mouth.

Road Dogg spits down on Trish's ass crack, which drips down to coat his cock, lubricating his dick a bit to make it move in faster in and out of her ass. Road Dogg moves one hand between her legs and start to rub her pussy, just to see how see reacts. Billy and X-Pac pull their dicks out of her mouth and slap them against her cheeks before they both put them back into her mouth. Hunter leans back on the bed, "Keep it up Boys..."

Trish laps her lucious tonuge around their cocks while bobbing her head faster against X-Pac and Gunn's cocks. Trish begins pushing back again on Road Dogg's cock

Road Dogg starts to slow down his thrusts as he works his fingers agaisnt her pussy. Billy and X-Pac pat her headm telling her how good she is, but neither man notices that Trish's eyes are locked on Hunter's cock.

Trish lifts her head up slowly from X-Pac and Billy Gunn's cock. Trish licks her lips gazing and Hunter's cock "Pull...out..." She says to Road Dogg.

"Huh?" Road Dogg asks as he fucks her for a few more moments.

"She said pull out man..." Billy says with a smirk.

"Oh... ok..." Road Dogg laughs and gives Trish a few more thrusts before he pulls out.

Trish smirks at Hunter as she crawls to the leader of DX. Trish stands up and straddles Hunter as he sits on the chair. Trish takes Hunter's cock into her pussy and begins to rock back and forth on his large prick "Ohhh fuck yeah.." Trish moans gritting her teeth.

Hunter grins as the seductive diva tries to handle his cock in her pussy. "Can you handle it Trish?" Hunter asks with a bit of a cocky smirk as he places his hands on her firm ass, to give her a little extra lift.

Trish begins bouncing faster on Hunter's cock "You...bet...I....can..." Trish moans as she starts grinding her pussy adding to her bounces.

Hunter keeps a steady face on, not letting Trish know how good she's doing. He squeezes her ass slightly. The other three men stand behind Trish, staying out of her sight as they jerk off watching her.

"Ohhhh...fuck....yeah!" Trish moans, sweating heavily as she slams down on his cock extremely hard "Ohhhh!" Trish cries out.

Hunter smirks, "You don't have to over do it... but it helps..." Hunter wraps his arms around her and lifts her up and down on his cock faster and harder than she was going.

"Ohhhh shit..." Trish moans as drops of her sweat drip off of her forehead landing on Hunter's rock solid chest.

"Yeah... you like that don't you?" Hunter chuckles, as he stands up with Trish, still lifting her on his dick.

Trish wraps her legs around Hunter's waist as she starts bouncing again on his cock, trying to match his speed.

Hunter slows down and nods his head towards X-Pac who gets a big grin on his beared face. The smallest member of D-X quickly joins Hunter and Trish, gripping his cock and waits a bit before working it into her ass.

"Ohhhhh...fuck!" Trish moans as X-Pac's cock enters her tight asshole. Trish starts bouncing now with more momentum with X-Pac's cock in her ass now. Trish leans back a bit as she rocks on X-Pac's cock, while Hunter thrusts his cock deeper into her tight, wet pussy.

Hunter looks at X-Pac and nods his head towards the bed. X-pac smirks in response, understanding Hunter's intentions. The two men walk with Trish between them towards the bed. X-Pac lays down on the bed, with Trish on top of him, being pressed down by Hunter who starts to fuck Trish's tight pussy like a beast. He's fucking her so hard that X-Pac doesn't have the thrust into her ass because the force he's using causes Trish to bounce on Pac's dick.

"Ohhhh fuck...yeah...fuck that cunt!" Trish moans loudly as she tries pushing back, but her pushes aren't much use due to Hunter's speed and force.

"You bet I will..." Hunter says as sweat drips a bit from his forehead down onto her body. He looks to his right at the Outlaws, "Get your asses over here... she needs cocks in hands so she can get something in her mouth." Billy and Road Dogg smirk and get on the bed each on the side of Trish. They get as close to her face as they can. Hunter leans back a bit, continuing to plow his cock deeper and harder into her pussy. X-Pac starts to thrust up into her ass.

Trish moans "Ohhhh...fuck!" Trish grabs a hold of Road Dogg's cock and begins to pump his cock with her hand a bit and places his cock into her sweet mouth. Trish rocks her head in the motion sucking his cock, Trish places her free hand on Billy's ballsack and rubs his ballsack with a tight grip.

"Ahh fuck... this babe is cock hungry..." Road Dogg moans as he feels Trish's almost rip his cock from his body. Hunter ignore him and places his hands on Trish's hips and beings to go all out her pussy. He throws all of his strength into fucking her, causing X-Pac to constantly adjust his own dick to make sure it stays in her ass.

Trish picks her head up from Road Dogg's cock and flicks her tongue against the head of his cock a few times, before turning her head to Billy Gunn's cock. Trish lowers her mouth to his ballsack and takes his balls into her mouth. Inside her mouth to flicks her tongue against his sack while she sucks tightly on it.

Billy groans loudly as he touches one of Trish's breasts and flicks his thumb over the nipple. Road Dogg wraps a hand around Trish's hand in order to stroke his prick along with her. X-Pac wraps his arms around Trish's upper body to hold her a bit more still for himself and Hunter.

Trish manages to bounce a bit on X-Pac's cock while Hunter ravages her pussy. Trish turns her head to Road Dogg's cock, she removes her hand and licks down Road Dogg's shaft, her wet tongue runs down across his own hand. Trish reaches his ballsack and takes his balls into her mouth. She tightens her lips and his ballsack as she rocks her head abit, sucking his balls.

Hunter pulls out of Trish and lifts her off of X-Pac then drops her on the bed. He rolls her onto her side, lifts one leg, then kneels over her other in order to slide his cock in her pussy. Hunter rests the leg he's holding on his shoulder as he places his hands on her thight to pull himself harder into her pussy Billy lays behind Trish and works his cock into her ass, then immediatly starts to fuck her quickly. X-Pac gets near her face and taps her face with his swelled up cock. "Suck it!" he says before he shoves his cock into her mouth.

Trish starts right away twirling her tongue around his cock as she swiftly bobs her head on his prick. Trish's moans vibrate against X-Pac's shaft as she places her hands on his ass cheeks. Trish spreads X-Pac's ass cheeks apart and presses her thumb into his asshole,

X-Pac pulls a bit on Trish's hair, and pushes his cock further into her mouth, as Road Dogg Dogg kneels near Trish. He takes her hand and puts it on his cock so she can beat him off. Hunter slides along Trish's leg as his cock pumps in and out of her pussy. Billy thrusts steadily into her ass as he reaches over Trish with one hand to feel up her breast.

Trish bobs her head quicker on X-Pac's cock as she takes him deeper into her warm mouth. Trish removes her thumb from his asshole and places her hand on one of his ass cheeks. Trish starts pumping her other hand quickly against Road Dogg's long shaft. Trish's moans continue to be muffled by X-Pac's cock as she starts grinding against Hunter's cock in her pussy as she pushes back on Gunn's cock in her ass.

"Hey Pac... let's switch..." Road Dogg says as he frees his cock from her hand.

"Ok..." X-Pac says with a moan, then he and Road Dogg switch, Road Dogg slides his cock into Trish's mouth. X-Pac takes both of Trish's hands and puts them on his cock and balls

Trish begins pumping X-Pac's shaft quickly with her left hand, while she cups his ballsack with her right hand, massaging his balls as she jerks off his cock. Trish instantly tightens her pretty moist lips around Road Dogg's cock as she teasingly sucks slowly on his prick.

Hunter continues to drive his cock in and out of Trish's cunt, grunting like an animal with each thrust, forcing Billy to pull out of her ass. Hunter rolls Trish onto her back, taking completely control, drilling Trish as hard as he can.

Road Dogg's cock falls out of her mouth and Trish lets out a loud moan "Ohhhh yeah! Make me your DX SLUT!!!!!!" Trish grips onto Hunter's strong arms removing her hands from X-Pac's cock "I want...to...be ...your DX... Slut...I need...cock!"

Hunter grins, and looks at the other three men, "You... fucking heard her... make her out slut... mark her!" The other thrre men kneel around Trish as Hunter pounds her cunt into submission. The beat the hell out of their cocks until Trish grabs Road Dogg's and Billy's.

Trish starts moving her head back and forth between Road Dogg and Billy Gunn's cocks. Trish takes bobbing her head a few times on her cock, slobbering each cock up. Trish places Gunn's cock into her mouth and flicks her tongue against shaft, twisting mouth on his cock head. Trish picks her head up and takes Road Dogg's cock into her mouth. Trish begins sucking his cock a bit more freely as she bobs her head quickly, his cock falling in and out of her mouth.

Road Dogg groans a bit as Billy tilts his head back. Both Men start to blow their dick-spit over her face. Both men's loads are much larger than their previous efforts, as their cum splatters over her face like water splashing on the rocks.

"Ahhh yea... look at that face of her's..." Billy says with a smirk.

"She loves it..." Road Dogg laughs a bit."

Trish wipes the cum off her hand face with her hand. Trish then licks her hand clean of Gunn and Road Dogg's cum. Trish licks her lips and smiles "Mmmm...that tasted so good..." Trish then pulls Gunn's cock to her lips and kisses the head of his cock, she then does the same to Road Dogg's cock.

Billy and Road Dogg pat her head, then X-Pac hops onto her, and presses his cock down between Trish's breasts. "Push those mountains together..." X-Pac says with a smirk.

Trish smiles and pushes her tits together as X-Pac begins thrust his cock in between her two tits. Trish licks the tip of his cock every time it comes up between her chest.

As Hunter continues to assualt her pussy, X-Pac starts fucks Trish's Tit's raw. He can feel the heat of friction caused by his cock moving between her breasts and it only encourages him. X-Pac really starts moving for a while, then stops, He pulls his cock out of between Trish's breasts and jacks off until he cums all over her neck and upper parts of her chest.

Trish licks her lips as X-Pac slides cock through the cum on her chest and her neck. He places his cum covered cock into her mouth and Trish starts sucking the cum literally off of his cock.

X-Pac moans happily as Trish cleans his cock then he moves off her, leaving her to deal with Hunter. Hunter pulls out of Trish and slaps her thigh, "Turn over..."

Trish smiles at Hunter as she turns over on the bed now laying on her stomach. She looks over her shoulder to see what Hunter is about to do next.

Hunter slaps Trish's ass hard before he pushes his cock into her asshole. He can feel Trish's ass expand to accomodate his cock. After each thrust into her, Hunter slaps her ass, and as his pace increases so does the speed of his slaps. "Yeah... you like that don't you... cause... you're my DX slut..."

Trish moans as she starts pushing back on Hunter's cock "Ohhh...yeah...I'm... a dirty...D...X..Slut!"

"That you are... You're nothing but a slut... here... take my cock you whore..." Hunter says as he pulls out of her ass, grips her hips and rams his rod in her pussy so fast he starts to cum inside her.

"Ohhhh fuck!" Trish moans, Hunter can feel Trish's pussy tighten around his cock as its still remains in her pussy, she now too begins to cum. Trish wipes her forehead of sweat and tries catching her breath. She looks back at Hunter with a smirk "So...I..am..a...DX..slut?"

Hunter pulls out of Trish and taps his cock on her ass, "Yeah you are... and it's a good thing too... because you got a very... VERY bright future ahead of you..."

Trish turns around now facing Hunter sitting on her knees. She smiles excitedly "You really think I have a bright future here?"

"Of course you do..." Hunter stands up on the bed as does the rest of the DX member. "And that future of yours can be summed up in two words..." All four men give Trish a crotch chop, at at the same time say, "SUCK IT!"


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