What's Really Behind The Music - Part 1: Behind The 2007 VMAs: Why Britney Sucked

Title: What's Really Behind The Music - Part 1: Behind The 2007 VMAs: Why Britney Sucked

Author: Tricksterson

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Celebrities: Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, Rihanna

Codes: FF, cons, inter, magic, mc, oral, vamp

Disclaimer: This is fiction, if you can't deal with that go away. I don't think any of the celebs act in the way portrayed and no disrespect is meant, I'm just having fun. To the best of my knowledge no organization like The Church of Fucking exists, unfortunately. I certainly don't believe Rihanna is a sexual vampire, I mean every one knows she's actually a wereleopard right? j/k

If anyone is thinking of plagerizing this story, don't. Victoria will ban you and I will put a spell on you so that you wake up the next morning as an aardvark.

Britney looked up as the door to her dressing room opened after a perfunctory knock. Her tears blurred her vision enough so that it took her a few seconds to recognize the cafe-au-lait features of Rihanna, her fellow performer at the VMas tonight..

"I heard you cryin' and thought I'd make sure you were alright," the other woman said in her lilting Barbadan accent.

"It's...I mean I'm not...I...it's...." said the blond popstar in a futile attempt to deny what had been going on.

"Shhh," said Rihanna soothingly as she stepped into the other singer's dressing room and closed the door behind her.

In truth the sultry singer hadn't just heard Britney's sobbing, she'd felt, and been drawn to it, all the way down the corridor because she was an empath.

She was also a vampire.

Oh, she didn't have fangs or drink blood and she slept in a bed, not a coffin, thank you very much, except once on a dare and also loved to sunbath. What she fed off of was other people's emotions. It was what had drawn her to showbiz ever since she was a child, the raw emotions and adoration of a crowd was like a banquet to her. But the tastiest treat of all was sexual energy and she could sense that underneath her pain and sadness the blond popstar was a sexual dynamo, a potential feast like nothing she had ever come across.

"So tell me what got you all up in tears?," she asked softly, walking behind Britney and putting her hands on her shoulders while sending a thread of her thoughts into the pretty blond's mind, urging her to trust this relative stranger in her room.

Under this urging Britney opened up like she hadn't even to her friends and family, all of it coming out in a gush. "It's...it's just that I can't do it! Everything has just been too much, Kevin and the kids and the drugs and the booze.... I don't think I'm ready yet, maybe I never will be. There are parts of the last six months I don't remember and I mean entire weeks. For instance, did I really shave my head?"

"Yah darlin' you did."


What neither woman knew was how truly strange Britney's very existance was, even stranger than that of a psychic vampire.

To start with Britney was not the daughter of the people she thought of as her parents, nor was she Jamie Lynn's sister even though they loved each other as only sisters belonging to the Church of Fucking could and would have been saddened to find out that their relationship wasn't technically incestuous. Their parents had never told them the truth, that Britney had been given to them by the Church to raise as their own. But even their parents didn't know why.


It had been the first, last and only time the CoF had worked together with it's archenemy CECO, the Council of Evil Capitalist Overlords, the SuperBimbo Project. CECO had done it in pursuit of profit, the Church in a misguided attempt to create a sexual messiah. Britney had been the first and, in the beginning, it seemed, a sucess but in the end proved too mentally and emotionally unstable, although even the Church didn't know that she had had help in that direction. The second attempt, Christina Aguilera had proved to be stable but, while hot, not possessed of the magical and psychic abilities the partners had hoped for. After Jessica Simpson, who had been physically perfect but a mental idiot and completely frigid, literally lacking a clitoris, the Church had given up.

If only CECO had also given up, things might not have wound up so badly. Instead they had continued, delving into dark magic and producing what the Church of Fucking would pronounce, the Twin Abominations, the transexual sorceress Paris and her brain damaged lackey Nicole.

Unknown to Britney, it was Paris who had been behind her downfall even though she had seemed to befriend her at first. It had been she who had conjured up the demon K'Feyd and given it a physical form, setting it out of jealousy to seduce and destroy her and, after she'd had the good sense to divorce him, lured her away from Madonna's Posse and driven her further into madness.

A sexorcism attempt had been only partialy successful, driving out K'Feyd's demonic influence on their children but leaving Britney herself only partially healed. Furthermore the backlash from the attempt had damaged Avril Lavigne severly, resulting in the travesty that was her latest album.


Of all this, the two women were ignorant but it would all play a part in what would soon occur. Right now Britney was focused on the skilled and surprisingly strong hands that were massaging her neck and shoulders and the lips that were kissing the place where her neck met her back, sipping the energy from her sixth chakra.

"Mmmm, niiice," she murmered.

'You don't know how nice baby girl,' thought Rihanna, drunk off the blond poptarts sexual energy. Thanks to Britney's genetically engineered cell structure the orgonic energy she was drinking had both the flavor of fifteen year old Scotch and the punch of month old moonshine.

Rihanna let her hands slip down under Britney's top to caress her creamy breasts, bringing another, louder moan from her. As a member in good standing of the CoF, lesbian sex was of course nothing new to her and she looked forward to what she was sure the Barbadan woman had in mind. She tipped her head back to meet the caramel seductress' open lips and their tongues teased and licked at each other before Rihanna broke it off to come around and sit in the blond songstress' lap, arms' draping around her neck and shoulders.

They shared another long slow kiss then Rihanna stood up, took Brit by the hands and pulled her over to the dressing room couch. Once there she pulled off the other woman's kerchief top and then her own belly shirt. Before she could go further, the blond pop sensation took the initiative covering Rihanna's dark chocolate nipple with her mouth and sucking vigorously."

"Oooh, that's how I like it," the Barbadan beauty cooed as her own hands came up to stroke and caress Britney's milky hued tits. Slowly she pushed the other woman down to the couch and, tilting the young MILF's mouth away from her breasts licked her way down her throat and between her tits while Brit's hands took up where her mouth had left off. At the same time Rihanna's hand crept between her lover-preys legs and under her short, fuschia skirt.

For once Britney was wearing underwear, but not much, just a leopard print thong that Rihanna pulled off and sniffed then licked at the wet spot. The blond smiled as her own hands moved from playing with the island girl's breasts and undid her black shorts and pulled them down. She then knelt between her partner's smooth bronze legs and pushed them apart before ducking her head between them.

"Oh! Oh baby yess!," Rihanna moaned as Brit's tongue licked first at her silky thighs then at her pussy lips. As her blond lover's fingers parted those lips and her tongue dove between them the R & B singer's fingers curled in among the other woman's pale locks, shocked at the intensity of both the energy flowing into her and the orgasm she could feel approaching.

For her own part Britney could feel part of her being sucked away but couldn't have stopped it if she wanted to, which she didn't.

As her tongue flicked across Rihanna's clit something strange happened. Normally of course only Rihanna felt her own orgasm but this time Britney felt it too, touching off a spontaneous orgasm of her own that literally knocked her on her ass.

"Whoa! what was that?" she asked dazedly. The succubus across from her didn't know but was consumed by a near mindless hunger for more. Slowly, wordlessly she sank down off the couch and crawled over to where Britney's legs were conveniently splayed open.

Both musical beauties were out of control with no finesse in their lovemaking, just raw hunger. Rihanna plunged her tongue deep into the other woman's pussy, her lips and teeth ravaging her clit, chewing and sucking on it as her clawed hands dug into her partners silky, firm buttcheeks.

For her part Britney felt every part of her draining into her sex partner and didn't care. If this was death then she welcomed it because it was the best thing she had ever felt.

Indeed the young songstress might have died if Rihanna hadn't over loaded on the sensations flowing into her and collapsed.

When she came to Britney was still lying there in a daze and drool was coming out of her mouth. For her part the young islander was buzzing like nothing she had ever felt before. It made the one time she had tried cocaine feel like decaffinated coffee. She felt like she could climb walls or benchpress cars. She eyed the blond on the floor and fought down a once more rising hunger. She knew that another session like the one they had just had might kill the other woman but part of her didn't care.

Fortunately whatever she might have done next was interrupted by a knock on the door. Britney raised and shook her head trying to clear it while Rihanna snarled, "What is it?," angry at the interruption of her feast, although a small part of her was also relieved.

The head that stuck itself through the door was not that of the expected stage flunky but was familiar to them both, their fellow performer, Alicia Keys. As soon as she saw a still dazed Britney lying on the floor she looked concerned.

"What happened?"

"I don't know," Rihanna lied. "I heard a noise and looked in and there she was." How she would explain that they were both were naked and their faces covered with girlcum if Alicia questioned her story she had no idea but her head wasn't much clearer than Britney's and she was grasping at straws.

"Help me get her on the couch."

As they helped her onto the couch Britney continued to blink her eyes and shake her head in an attempt to clear it. When they finally got her into a sitting position the succubus felt a touch on the back of her neck and heard a word muttered in a language she didn't recognize then felt her body seize up paralyzed.

"Listen, honey," Alicia said to the still woozy Britney, "You're on in a few, let me help you get dressed." The blonde pop diva nodded. They got her dressed and off to make up in time but she was still disoriented and shaky. Alicia feared for what was going to happen once she got on stage.

When Brit was gone she turned and glared at her captive who was looking at her with frightened and astonished eyes.. "What did you do to her?," then stroked her chin and jaw to enable her to talk

"I...I never meant to hurt her. That's never happened before." Rihanna's eyes narrowed. "Who *are* you anyway."

"Alicia Keys, ain't you ever heard of me bitch?"

"Okay, I mean *what* are you?"

"Someone you don't want to fuck with. Literally or figuratively. So I'm gonna release you now and you're going to go to your dressing room, and you're going to perform tonight and you are never, *ever* gonna mess with Brit or anyone else wearing the Star again, got it?"

In truth, Alicia was not as confident as she felt. Only recently, after an encounter with psychic twins Natalie and Nicole had her own latent abilities come to the surface. Shortly afterward she had been recruited into the Church's Sexorcism Squad but she was only a trainee, picked to fill in for the "A Team" of Amy Lee, Avril Lavigne and America Ferrara to keep and eye on Britney both because she was going to be a performer and because they, especially Avril, were still recovering from their previous attempt to cleanse her soul. Potentially she was very powerful, sharing both Avril's ability for psychic combat and America's for psychic healing, but, not knowing exactly what she was dealing with, she had no idea if she could handle it.

Fortunately the other woman bought her bluff. Rihanna was a lover with a side order of opportunist, not a fighter and in any case she had never really intended any harm things had just gotten...out of control.

"Okay, I promise. But...you'll keep my secret yes?"

Alicia smiled. "We all have secrets, don't we?" With that she released the psychic vampire, who slunk warily around her and out of the room.



It had been a disaster. Britney knew that, she'd known it even as it had been happening. She had tried her best and it hadn't been anywhere good enough. Right now she was curled up into a ball on her dressing room floor weeping and wondering if it might be better just to find something sharp and end it all rather than face the humiliation she knew was headed her way.

Then she heard the music, "No One" by Alicia Keys. She knew that Alica was performing at the moment but she couldn't possibly hear it from the dressing room, certainly not with the door closed because all the rooms were soundproofed. Besides this sounded as if it were inside her, not outside.

And then she heard Alicia's dulcet voice. "This is for you baby girl," and felt knots loosening in her body mind and soul as she let herself sink into the music which seemed to have, not merely an aural, but physical presence.

And found herself in a field of clouds, naked, facing Alicia, clad in the same skin tight, ebony leotard she was currently wearing on stage.

"Where am I?"

"*We* are in your mind, well part of it, the nicer part. You've got a lot of nasty shit in your soul baby and I'll admit I'm not up to cleaning it all out but I'm here to put a patch over the worst parts and to help strengthen you for the future." With that she stepped forward, took Britney's face between her hands and kissed her tenderly on the lips, lips that swiftly opened to admit her tongue. At the same time Alicia's clothes vanished, leaving her as naked as the other woman.

When the kiss broke off the blond asked breathily, "Are you my guardian angel?"

Alicia smiled. "I ain't no angel hon. An angel wouldn't want to do to you what I want to do. But am a guardian yes. I'm here to remind you that you are loved. By the Church, by your family and by your posse. Jamie Lynn needs you, Christina needs you, Madonna and Lourdes need you and right now I really need and want you." Her hands slid down from Britney's face to her full breasts, cupping them. "Is that okay?"

"Oh yes," the pop star whispered, her own arms going around the other womans waist and pulling her in closer for another soul kiss.

"Lie down and let Alicia take care of you." As she obeyed Britney found the clouds beneath her changing to peach colored silk sheets. Looking up she saw that her dark angel was now wearing a large strapon. She licked her lips and her eyes widened at the sight.

Her partner took the dildo in one hand and bobbed it up and down, smiling. "You want it? You want me to fuck you with this?"

The blond just nodded and said "Uhhuh," then, in case Alicia didn't get the message she got up on her knees took the artificial cock in hand and started lubricating it from tip to base with her tongue

What she didn't know was that due to this happening in dreamspace Alica felt her partner's tongue as if the dildo was a real cock. She closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure then gently pushed Brit down onto the silken "ground" they were making love on.

Once on her back the blond popstar spread her legs with a smile and this time guided the artificial cock into her wet cunt, letting out a groan as she did so. In the background "No One" segued into the George Michael song "Freedom" but still in Alicia's voice which Britney found odd but she also felt as if the anthemic lyrics were meant for her as her guardian thrust into her, sweat dripping from her forehead down onto Brit's lips.

"Ohhhh, yesss," Brit moaned, raising her head to lick at the smooth bronze flesh of her partner's tits as her legs wrapped around the other woman's back. Finally, as she came her hands clawed at Alicia's back while her teeth clamped down on one dark nipple, bringing a gasp of mingled pain and pleasure as they both orgasmed.


Brit awoke in a daze. Had she been dreaming, or was she dreaming now. Regardless, the self destructive urge was gone. For the moment at least, she knew that things, eventually, would be all right.

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