Emma Watson pleasing Her Dad Hard

Emma Watson Pleasing Her Dad Hard!!

Emma Watson masterminded a fail-safe plan tonight and that plan was to trick her father into banging her senseless. She had her advantages and her disadvantages being the sole blonde teenage bombshell daughter of Mr. Rick Watson. Her own disadvantages were the possibilities that her own father might not be interested in her like every other boys and men outside the house was, or the risk that this impending act might be so bad that it would blind him from her irresistible seduction.

She was a seamless, short girl of about fourteen years old, blessed with the deepest blue eyes one could ever ask for "killer eyes of a devil!" some of the townsfolk had exclaimed. Because this night was a special one, she had chose to wear a silk nightgown with nothing else underneath.

Standing behind a corner, she peeked at her father, who was slouched on a leather couch of the living room and watching the news on T.V., wanting so bad to have him, wanting so bad to please him. Her father was a handsome and successful Wall Street lawyer in his forties, dark-haired, toned with fine muscles, (he was also shirtless so you could his naked chest) and had the sexiest lawyer voice, too. Oo-la-la, what a papa to have. Unlike her father, Emma got her lavished blonde hair from her mother's side . . .

Ah, Mother, she thought, smiling sinfully, I almost forgot about you. It's a good thing you're out of state, visiting Grandma, or else I had to seduce and fuck Dad right in front of you. It's a very good thing you're not here.

She felt prepared tonight. Hornier than ever. Her hair was a rigorous, wild blonde with strands curling as far to her appealing buttocks. Sweats was starting to break out under her gown. She even felt a warm bead trickling down between her round breasts, trickling down to her naval. One more bead of sweat trickled down from the nape of her neck to the crack of her ass. She thought of her rear-end with infinite pride and wondered what Dad would do if she sat on his face. All the men in town could never resist ogling at the perfect shape of her ass, amazed at how those buns stretched in her usual taut jean short and how those toned thighs flexed as she bend over to tie her shoe.

Those were some of Emma Watson's advantages.

His presence here in their huge Georgian mansion was so rare that his firm seemed to be his second home. If Mother was here, she would be crawling all over him right now, jabbering and talking his head off about this and that and whatever other boring shit. But she wasn't here and inside this tremendous mansion, with the housekeeper off-shift, it was just father and daughter.

"Daddy?" she called out, stepping into the living room, like an innocent wanderer. "Hey, there you are. I thought you were already sleeping."

Her father looked at her with those suave eyes of his, momentarily sneaking a look at her gown, and greeted her with a charming smile. "No, just watching the news."

"Anything interesting."

"Hardly ever anything interesting on the news, babe."

Emma was appalled to hear what her father just said to her. She found this the perfect chance and time to initiate the plan. So she walked over and stopped in front of him, blocking his vision on the television screen and crossing her arms in a mischievous, seductive manner. "What did you just call me?"

His attention with the television faltered as his eyes fell on Emma. "Mmm?"

"Don't 'mmm' me, I know what you just called me." She lowered to her knees and crawled toward him, pausing right before his opened poise. "So you think I'm a babe? Tell me the truth, do you?"

"Of course I do, sweetie," he replied, smiling composedly. "Doesn't everyone?"

Hoisting her chest and pulling closer to his crotch, she flashed him a roguish, playful smile. "Yes, but isn't it a little naughty to flirt with your own daughter?"

Then Mr. Watson's smile dropped to what seemed to be subtle alarm. "Whoa, I don't think I was-"

"Oh, but you were. It was in your subconscious."

"Yeah, but it doesn't mean anything."

"It means everything without the conscious knowing. I think you want me and you don't even know it."

Her father chuckled, obviously embarrassed with the situation. Uncomfortable? Not at all. Emma even thought she caught a slight movement on his crotch area. She found this a good sign to move her plan to a higher level. This one was the final route where it either would take her to where she wanted, or it would be a just a devastating dead-end failure. But she was willing to do whatever it take just to have him tonight no matter what the risk. Everyone who knew Mr. Rick Watson knew him as a contender, a man who couldn't lose, a charismatic lover, and a man with a high ego.

Let's see just how high his ego was.

"Um, Daddy, there's a rumor going around that you had an affair with Mrs. Creed, my best friend's mother. Is this true?"

"What?" He chuckled again, rubbing the back of his neck with an uncertain smile. Obvious sign of a nervous liar. "There's lot of rumors going around that I'm having affair with everyone. Trust me, dear, it's all a bunch of bullshit."

"But I heard Mrs. Creed telling someone on the phone about this. Oh, I don't know. I'm not so sure but she also said something about you being a premature ejaculator."

That was when her father's eyes became wide with wounded confidence. "Emma, I'm sure whatever you heard was all just a stupid agenda to get back at me-"

"But are you a premature ejaculator?" she asked, putting on a disappointed childlike face. "Mrs. Creed also was saying something about how it explained your last name, Mr. Watson, and how well it suited you. Ouch. That would ruin your own self-image, wouldn't it?"

"I can assure you, sweetie, I'm not."

The biggest question of the night: "Can you prove it to me? Just between the both of us, Dad, can you prove it for me?"

The shocked expression was so great on his face that it was cute. "What? Prove it to you how?"

"Oh, I don't know," Emma murmured, tossing her hair back and biting the bottom mouth. "I was thinking more along the line of . . . giving you a handjob?"


"Well, if you can last more than a half-hour, then it shouldn't be a problem." She pretended to make a naive expression of a confused child. "Right?"

"Listen, I don't care what anyone think. I'm very good at sex. I can last all night keeping a pace without an orgasm and I'm sure a handjob or any other sex tricks isn't going to make me have a 'premature ejaculation' in less than a half an hour."

Then the magic ego-tempting question: "Do you want to bet?"

He looked at her for what seemed to be a long time before shaking his head. "I . . . I don't understand."

"Sure you do, Daddy-o." She placed a hand on his leg and leaned closer, both of her melon-sized jugs hanging loose under her gown. "The bet is that I can make you ejaculate in less than half an hour. And I think I can, no doubt."

This remark infuriated him. He grabbed the remote, turned off the T.V., and scolded her with a defiant, bothered look. "No, you can't. No matter what you'd do, no matter how beautiful and good you are, you wouldn't make me cum if you had all year."

As soon as this contradiction came out, Emma, being hurt at his comment, uttered a frustrated growl, clutched at his pajama pant, and jerked it down to his ankles. To her astonishment, a huge cock sprang in the air and, seeing the true size of his member, she gasped. It was an absolute 12-inched erection. Gorge of thick veins pulsed at his girth, like purple strains, and the helmet was a fat mushroom-shaped monster with a pair of huge nutshells hanging underneath. All in all, it was the most beautiful-looking cock she had ever seen.

"Oh, my God!" she exclaimed.

"You like it?"

"It's so fucking big. I've never seen anything like that. Well, except in porn movies. Doesn't it hurt Mom?"

"Every times. Think you can handle it?"

She heard the clock ticked to 10: 00 and somewhere in the back of her mind, a gunshot rang and the race began.

"The bet's starting now." And Emma wasted no time with the countdown. She grabbed his cock with both hands, feeling her heart skipping a beat at this sudden act, and began jacking him at a furious motion, grunting at each jerk she gave him. It was a long shaft and her palms, slick with sweats, glided smoothly up and down. Grasping his cock smoother and yanking in a slow, tentative stroke, Emma could even smell the impending sex in the atmosphere. She realized after looking at his face he showed no sign of giving in.

Fuck this.

She spat a huge line of saliva on his cock and began jacking him harder, with one hand whirling with his balls. Another large spit and the double-hand-jacking continued. "You like that, Daddy? Huh? You like it when your own daughter giving you a nice handjob, mm?"

His straight face faltered and tensed a little. Sweats was starting to come down his forehead.

"Yeah, I bet you do, Daddy," she cooed, massaging and polishing his cock with a long, tight stroke. "You're so big. Fuck. I bet you'd like to tear me a new asshole, huh? Fuck me with that unnatural dick and make me scream, huh? You wants me, huh? Admit it, chickenshit, you wanted to fuck your own daughter since I was thirteen, huh?"

He closed his eyes and moaned.

"Oh, Daddy likes it!" She buffed his pole with a sheen haul and kissed his crown, lingering her tongue at the head of the iceberg. Then she engulfed her entire mouth down on his monstrous flagpole, engulfing until half of his cock disappeared in her tight throat, and pulled it all out with a wet slurping smack. Mr. Watson groaned. Dribble of spit drooled down her chin as she smiled coquettishly. "Yeah, Daddy likes it a lot."

It was blowjob time.

She began licking his cock in a long, sloppy caress, going from the bottom of his shaft to the highest point of the mountain. She never had a cock this big, let alone had anyone ever manage to hold in longer than a blowjob. Sex wasn't her first time but having a cock over the average size was. This was going to be fun! She drowned his cock again, draining all of the life force being suppressed in his organ, and moaned as a head grazed beyond her gullet.

"Oh Emma!" Dad moaned, throwing an arm over his eyes. "You're fucking good at this!"

She kept at it for a while, with half of her father's hard branch impaled down to her pharynx, and then heaved it out of her slurping mouth. Five minutes had passed. His cock was now a yawning purplish red snake dripping saliva and pre-cum. Never dropping eye-contact, she released his cock and leaned back a little.

She removed her entire nightgown over her head, exposing her entire nakedness, and dropped it on the carpet. Dad made a quiet murmur of amusement. Her beautiful pair of breasts was the first thing her father noticed, its quarter-sized tits just begging to be suck on. Then his eyes fell on her well-developed stomach to her naval and, at last, to her private area. Something he hadn't seen since the changing of the Diaper Year. The smell of her inner desire was starting to become a noticeable element.

"Damn, you ARE a babe," he complimented, still breathing hard. His hardcore erection never seemed to wane.

"Awww, thank you." She grasped his cock once again, giggled, feeling it throb in her fists. Then she overwhelmed him with a startling tongue rubdown. It was like licking a warm soft but hard dowel. And she did this with a professional procedure, lapping his balls and sticking his shaft with hard, careless lick. Then, seeing how wet and exhausted his pee-pee was, she leaned further, cupped her breasts, and enclosed them over his thick monstrous cock. Her rack was so drenched in sweat that it almost as if it had been oiled down. So the tittie-fucking process was going to be nice and smooth.

Performing this act, grinding her father's pole between her breasts, Emma felt a taboo sense of realization at what she was doing to him. It was an irreversible act. She pulverized harder, pushing and squeezing her cleavages, a moan escaped her as she arched her back, blessing Dad with a tight rub. She heard him broke a muttering groan and relished the fact that she still had about twenty-three minutes. Despite his confidence, he wasn't going to last.

His cock soared through her jugs high enough to touch her chin and she returned his helmet with a malicious kiss.

"I'm gonna fuck your titties," Dad moaned. A quick stroke down and a sudden lurch surprised Emma with sexual delight. He bucked his hips again and grinded his cock between her ample breasts, which was being squeeze hard against it. It would have been a shocking scene to see a naked blonde girl on her knees and being breast-fucked by her own father's twelve-inched member.

"You gonna cum yet, Mr. Watson?" Emma teased, giggling.

"Fuck no."

"No?" She heaved a sigh and sashayed his dick to an oppressing graze. Extra sample of pre-cum was oozing out and she licked a spoonful of it, savoring its sweet brackish taste. She couldn't wait for an explosion of them to come out. And when it does, she's going to abolish him to the bone, eating and licking all of her father's seeds. "You're almost there, aren't you?"

He groaned as her tongue absorbed his shaft, licking all the primitive matters on the edge. "You got a long way to go, sweetheart."

"Awww, I'm a sweetheart? Well, does a sweetheart do this? " With his cock still etched between her globes, she inhaled and drove his helmet inside her mouth and forcing it beyond the point of the impossible, to the esophagus range. Groaning and pushing further, his entire member was being suck in until the nutsacks met her chin. He made a mistake by trying to hold his breath, then as his cock slowly came out, all of his breath exploded in a loud exhale. It was amazing to see he hadn't cum yet. He was doing a fine job trying not to come.

"You've done this before, haven't you?" he croaked.

"Twice but they never last longer than five minutes. Once I suck in their cock, they'll be shooting their load down into my belly. I'm surprised you're still with me. Didn't you want to cum?"

"Yes, but I'll cum when I feel like it."

"No, I'll make you cum. But can I do whatever I want?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I'm not going to give you a blowjob for a half-hour straight. I want to do something different. Something more challenging." She pouted and then formed a mischievous smile as a clever idea came in her head. She stood before her father, nude and beautiful as a teenage supermodel can ever be, and hoped to Hell he was seeing her well-shaved beaver. "Can I do whatever I want?"

"Sure." He swallowed, yet his cock still stood as high as Mt. Everest. "What do you have in mind?"

"You'll see."

The time was 10: 12. Eighteen more minutes until climax.

She leaned forward, gripping her hands on his broad shoulders, and straddled on Dad's stomach, allowing his cock rest not INSIDE her but against her buttock. Her ass could feel it dangling, like a large, wet, hot pole, giving her a rush of exhilarating vibe.

"So, Dad, you want to fuck me?"

He smiled a fatherly smile and kissed her on the lips. It was a soft, sensuous kiss in which became extreme when Emma returned her father a hotter kiss, involving her tongue. She started mouthing and sucking his mouth with a primitive moan, probing long and vicious with a bit of a French finale. A reminder occurred to her when his cock bounced on the crack of her ass.

"You ready?" she asked but she was really asking herself because this was one giant she hadn't experience yet.

"Let's do it."

"Yeah." Nervously biting the bottom of her mouth, she heaved herself high above his stomach, lifting her curvy buns twelve inches in the air, and then drifted over the waiting head of her father's grotesque manhood. She felt the head bopped between her thighs, tickling her pussyhair with thrill-like sensation, and dropped her weight a little. Although it was touching her vagina, the cranium hadn't even gone inside her at all yet.

"Careful, sweetheart."

"Thanks for the advise, Dad," she muttered sarcastically.

He heard her sarcasm. "But you don't have do this."

"But you don't understand, I want to do this. Not just for me, but for you. Because I know you want to do this, too."

Before a paternal protest could come from him, she pressed down and felt the hard-boiling wet edge of his cock pricked inside her rim. Dad tensed, and it seemed his cock tensed, therefore making it harder and bigger. She uttered a gasping moan, shuddered, feeling that head wedged through her wet ring, and held onto her father's shoulder as she delivered. More flesh grazed inside her vaginal hole and Emma, unable to bear such an overfullfilled stuffing, sunk her teeth onto her father's neck in such wave of pain. She cried louder as his member wrenched her cunt apart, pushing and thrusting down until she felt as if the WHOLE WOLRD was swallowed inside her.

"Oh, God, what a fucking rush!" she cried, breathing through a layer of sweat. Soft tears almost filled her eyes but she managed to hide it.

"Jesus, you're feel so hot and goddamned tight inside."

"That's because I have a hot for you, Daddy. That's me trying to tell you how much I love you."

He looked at her in the eyes and favored her with a passionate kiss. "I love you, too, darling," he said.

She almost forgot about the countdown. The clock was saying 10: 18.

What she did was as unbelievable as a Guinness World Record act. Blonde hair drooping over her face, she raised her weight in the air, drawing and skewering his cock through eleven inches of searing warm vagina and paused just when his head remained at the base of her red-lipped enclosure. Then she barraged her ass down, infringing her entire inner muscles and breaking the dam that once was, and screamed.

"OH SHIT!" Mr. Watson howled.

She managed to fuck him again in a twisted and long stroke, uplifting her ass high to the ceiling and then dropping like a bomb, bringing a dazzle of intense pleasure for the both of them.


"Oh, yeah, fuck me, you beautiful whore."

"Is that what I am now, Daddy? Your beautiful whore?"

"If your mother sees us like this, we're dead meat."

"Maybe, but isn't this worth the risk?" She wrenched her cunt and uttered a squeal of delight as his cock penetrated deeper inside her, bursting the wall beyond it. "OH, YES! YES! That's the spot! That's the spot!"

There was a look on her father's face that she hadn't quite seen before; it was in his fixed eyes. It was an expression of suppressed animal lust and insanity. Then she realized what she had done she created her own sex monster.

The time was 10: 23 when her father snapped.

He grabbed her from the hair, cock still jammed far in her womb, and spun her around against the mattress of the couch. She squealed, surprised as well as scared, and realized she was being pinned down face-to-face with her father hunger-driven face. Both of her legs were thrown eagle-spread wide, sticking out over his shoulders, and both of her arms were helplessly detained under his overpowering weight.

Then he gave her a fuck she could ever imagine.

Pumping in and out, out and in, keeping a stroke that was intense and rough, she began to pant vigorously, moaning his name as his oversized cock propelled into the deepest region of her vagina. She felt something ripped in there and yelled, "Oh, YOU FUCKING BASTAAAARRRRRD!"

"Say you're a fucking slut!" he shouted.

She looked at him, bewildered, yet turned on ever so more.

"Say you're a fucking slut!" He pushed further, screaming as he did this.

"Ahh! Yes, okay, I'm your fucking slut!" She narrowed her eyes at him and groaned. "You like fucking your little girl, huh, Daddy? You like to see me being raped by your ugly dick, you cocksucking bastard? Oh, yes, fuck your little girl, baby, fuck her GOOOOOOD!"

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