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  • Nolwenn Leroy
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    Nolwenn Leroy

    born 28 September 1982

    in Saint-Renan, Finistère), is a French singer and songwriter, discovered by the French TV reality show Star Academy. She is best known for her two number one singles "Cassé" and "Nolwenn Ohwo!".

    Leroy's parents left Saint-Renan, with her, when she was four years old. After living in Paris, Lille, and Guingamp, her mother Murielle, Leroy, and her younger sister, settled with Leroy's grandparents' in St-Yorre. Her mother had been divorced from her professional footballer father, Jean-Luc Le Magueresse, in 1992.

    She studied at the "Collège des Célestins" in Vichy. When Leroy was 11 years old, her music teacher noticed her musical skills, and encouraged her to learn the violin. At the age of 13 she won the "Les écoles du désert", a contest sponsored by the Cora supermarket chain, consequently travelling with an humanitarian mission from Gao to Timbuktu, Mali; she later claimed this had a profound influence on her.

    In July 1998, she was awarded a scholarship by the Vichy Rotary Club for study in Cincinnati, Ohio, as an exchange student. While there, she also attended the performing arts Hamilton High School. Returning to France, and speaking fluent English, she began classical singing classes at the Vichy music conservatory. From 2001 she studied law at the University of Clermont Ferrand, for a potential alternative career to music.

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